Lost Creek Wives’ Club Pt. 12

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The following is obviously a continuation of the Lost Creek Wives’ Club (LCWC) series, and as always, I highly recommend reading the prior chapter first as an introduction. And as mentioned before, this is my first fictional erotic story. Everyone depicted is purely fictitious, as well as the story line except for yours truly, which I took the liberty to use myself in an imaginary role based on my own experiences and fantasies. And it’s a long story with multiple parts in varying lengths, so please bear with it.

And I like to apologize for the long time it took to publish this latest installment, but it couldn’t be helped.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive. Thank you.


The next morning I woke up early as usual in spite of a sexually exhausting afternoon and evening with Julie. It was everything we both could have hoped for. More so Julie, with it being her first time with another woman. Not that I didn’t enjoy her pretty face between my legs with her beautiful auburn hair draped over my pubic mound as she sucked my clit. It was the proverbial; “A picture paints a thousand words.”

But unlike my relationship with Maureen, I found myself in control of most everything. Not that I was autocratic. I pretty much “dictated” things, but not in a domineering or controlling way. Mainly because some guidance was necessary with Julie being unsure of herself, and not sure what I’d enjoy. The same as with Maureen and I initially, but the roles reversed.

The biggest difference with Julie was us being the same age, whereas Maureen is much younger. I felt more comfortable with Julie because of it since she and I have the same “flaws” at our age. Maureen is close to perfection in my eyes, and I can’t help but feel self conscious at times about the differences between us. Not that it ever seemed to matter to her.

Two things stuck out in my mind the most with Julie. One was how amazed she was when I squirted from her all but devouring my long clit, which was another thing she was amazed with. How big my love nob is in comparison to her little love bean. As for me squirting, I couldn’t believe how thrilled she was when she made me cum in such an “explosive” way. Something she knew women did, but never experienced it first hand. And when I did, she all but gloated like she won the Mega-Millions lottery.

The other was when she performed anilingus on me. Having done it to her earlier for the first time, she was determined to perform it on me after I mentioned how much I enjoy it. She gave my bumhole the best tonguing ever while in a doggie position. Damn near peed myself when I orgasmed.

There was one other thing that proved to be a pleasant surprise. It was when I couldn’t help myself in the heat of the moment when close to an orgasm I started talking dirty to her. But being worried it might offend her, I quickly stopped. Sensing I did because I wasn’t sure of her reaction to it, she encouraged me to continue, and I gladly did. And the sluttier I got, the more it motivated her.

Finally as I was getting dressed to leave, we decided to do something I thought was odd. Not sure whose idea it was, Julie’s I think, but we exchanged panties since both were soaked with our respective juices. Strange as it seemed at the time, I’m glad we did. I stayed in bed longer than usual replaying in my mind every detail of the great sex we had while sniffing her panties as I masturbated. I brought myself to the most intense orgasm ever when masturbating alone.

While still breathing heavily from my orgasm, I got a call on my cell phone. It was Maureen.

“Good morning sweetheart, and how come you didn’t call me last night?”

“Good…morning…Maureen, and…it’s…a…long…story.”

“You sound out of breath. You okay?”

After I paused until I was breathing more normally…”I’m fine Maureen.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure, but if you have to know, I orgasmed just before you called.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No need to be unless you had called two minutes earlier. But I probably wouldn’t have answered if you did.”

“Was it with anyone I know?”

“Now you’re being nosy. Or trying to be funny. It was with my reliable left hand at this hour in the morning.”

“Now you’re being funny. Speaking of masturbating, I’m rubbing my pussy as we speak.”

“And here I thought I was insatiable.”

“You only have yourself to blame. I can’t help it if all I think about is you between my legs. Talk dirty to me until I cum.”

“I think we’re a bit old for phone sex Maureen. Not that I believe you’re actually masturbating.”

“I’m not, but I might have to if I don’t get to see you soon. Now what do you have on your agenda for today?”

“I don’t have anything planned.”

“Since it’s going to be hot, why don’t you come over to use the pool. Then we can relax as I tell you about a very interesting day I had yesterday.”

“Are you going to give me a hint, or keep me in suspense?”

Whatever bonus veren siteler she wanted to tell me, had to be important. At least to her since she didn’t ask about me meeting Julie for coffee. Not that I wanted to discuss it for Julie’s sake, but I knew she’d eventually quiz me about it.

“Keep you in suspense as a way to lure you here.”

“How does one o’clock sound?”

“Make it noon, and bring the sexy bikini you bought recently.”

“And here I thought we wouldn’t need bathing suits with just you and me.”

“It’s just in case, otherwise we don’t. See you at noon.”

Soon as the call ended, I got another call…this time it was Julie. The last thing I expected was a call from her so soon. But being her first time having sex with another woman, I’m sure she thought about nothing but ever since. But her calling first thing in the morning couldn’t be a good sign. I figured for sure she was having the morning after buyer’s remorse.

Dreading the worst…”Good morning Julie, and I’m surprised to hear from you. Not that I’m not pleased. Just surprised. Being the first day of your work week I figured with your business you’d have more important things on your mind.”

“Good morning Lacey, and while the first day of the week is usually more hectic than the others, I wanted to thank you again for yesterday.”

I let loose with a big sigh of relief.

“What was the sigh for Lacey?”

“I thought for sure after you had time to think about yesterday you called to tell me you regretted it. Or felt it was a big mistake.”

“God no! Just the opposite. It’s to thank you again for what was an amazing time together. And how amazing you were. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Thank me enough?”

“For opening up a whole new world to me. I know, I thanked you already, but after giving more thought to how patient and understanding you were, I needed to thank you again and didn’t want to wait until the next time I saw you.”

“It’s sweet of you Julie, but it isn’t necessary. You thanked me already, and in more ways than one. In spite of it not being my first time, it was still very special for me too. And so you’ll know, I even masturbated this morning thinking about it. And I’m not saying that just to be nice.”

“And here I thought it was just me who thought it was special.”

“It was for both of us, but I can appreciate it being more so for you. For me…the special part was you.”

“Now you’re being sweet Lacey, and I hope it means it won’t be a one time thing.”

“Not unless you want it to be.”

“It’s what I was hoping to hear. Now I have to finish getting ready for work. Hopefully you’ll stop by one day soon, I’d love to see you.”

“You can count on it Julie.”

After the call ended, I also had to get myself ready. I planned to take a bike ride first, which would end at Maureen’s where I could jump in the pool as soon as I got there to cool off if need be.


When I arrived at Maureen’s house, I waved at the security camera since I knew she’d be viewing one of the monitors inside as the security system would have alerted her someone approached the house. After pointing at myself while going through the motion like I was swimming, I pointed towards the back yard.

I grabbed a small bag I packed off the bike and headed through the back gate straight for the pool. By the time I reached it I stripped naked and dove in. Soon as I surfaced, Maureen came through the sliding glass door from the kitchen dressed in a beach robe.

When she reached the pool…”You didn’t waste any time getting in the pool.” Then after eyeing me through the clear water…”And you took an awful chance assuming I was home alone.”

“I didn’t realize how hot it already was when I decided to take a bike ride this morning. Was sweating like a race horse by the time I arrived and since there were no cars in the driveway I assumed you were and didn’t want to bother to put on my bathing suit.”

“Don’t think I’m complaining, and do you mind if I join you?”

“It’s your pool, and I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.”

She then removed her robe, and a bit slowly it seemed for my benefit. When it finally fell to the ground I couldn’t help but admire her as she stood there briefly before diving in. There isn’t anything about her I don’t find perfect. From her beautiful shoulder length chocolate brown hair to her pretty feet, and everything in between. Just looking at her made my pussy tingle and had my juices flowing.

After she dived in the pool, she swam underwater before surfacing directly in front of me. Soon as she did, we wrapped our arms around each other and kissed very affectionately. Both our nipples were hard as rocks from the relatively cold water and hers felt like bullets pressing into me.

Once our kiss ended, but with our arms still around each other…”That’s one of the nicest greetings you ever gave me Maureen.”

“Couldn’t help myself with you naked in the pool no more than fifteen seconds bedava bahis after you arrived. By the way, the security camera recorded you as you stripped naked. I’m sure it captured very nicely you discarding your clothes as you made your way to the pool. I’ll have to make sure John sees it tonight.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Of course I would. It’s not as though he hasn’t seen you naked before.”

“I can’t argue with that, but just make sure you delete it afterwards.”

“I will, but even if I forget, the system automatically deletes anything it records after a set amount of time. Now do you want to hear about my day yesterday?”

“That’s why I’m here, plus to use the pool.”

“Let’s get out first, and I’ll fill you in while we have an iced mocha frappuccino on the patio. I made some earlier and it should be chilled enough by now so the ice won’t melt too quickly.”

After we dried ourselves off with towels Maureen got from the cabana, I gathered up my clothes scattered across the yard. As I headed to the patio I made sure to wave at the security camera for John, since I was still naked. Once at the patio, I put on a beach robe Maureen handed me and we sat at one of her two Nantucket tables with the umbrella open to block the blazing sun.

“Now what was so interesting you had to tell me in person?”

“I could have on the phone, but I figured it would’ve been too long of a conversation on the phone.”

After she took a long sip of her frappuccino…”If you remember when I ended our phone call yesterday morning, it was because I thought Carol was on the other line. Well she was, and to make plans for us to get together like I promised, which ended up being yesterday.”

“She didn’t waste any time after you finally agreed to spend some intimate time with her.”

“No she didn’t. And since it isn’t unusual for her to visit with me, we decided to get together here.”


“And it proved to be a very interesting day.”

“Interesting? I’d thought for sure you’d describe it more as a very ‘hot’ day versus interesting.”

“It was that too, but still interesting.”

“I’m all ears, but don’t feel you need to share any of the intimate details, just why it was ‘interesting’ as you put it.”

“Let me start by saying you don’t need me to tell you how attractive Carol is. And she’s just as attractive naked. More than you’d expect for someone her age. She’s a lot like you in that she has the body of someone ten years younger. And her tits put mine to shame.”

“I doubt that, big and full as yours are.”

“Hers are the same as far as size, and just as full, but it’s her areola and nipples that are to die for. Incredibly long nipples when aroused and a pleasure to suck, which she couldn’t seem to get enough. And the harder the better.”

“So far she sounds a lot like you.”

“Lovely pussy too. Being a blonde like you, she had very fine silky hair covering her pubic mound. And like you, not much of it. And before you ask, she has an incredible anus. About as pretty as yours, and like you again, she loves it being tongued.”

“Sounds like she was everything you could have hoped for, maybe more.”

“All I’ll say is I wasn’t disappointed.”

“One last thing before you get to the ‘interesting’ part, was she good in bed? And you don’t need to elaborate. Just a simple yes or no will do.”

“Yes, and very much so. To put it simply, she was wonderful in bed and I hope we get to do it again.”

“I’m willing to bet you’re already planning on it. Now onto the ‘interesting’ part.”

“Two things I found interesting. She’s definitely into the dom/sub thing with her being the dominant one. While she never overtly tried to control things, there were a couple of instances where she unconsciously did. When she realized she was, she stopped and apologized, which gave me the impression her relationship with Louise might be one of her being the dom and Louise the submissive. Put another way, Carol prefers to be on top versus the bottom, but I could always be wrong.”

After I thought about it…”It might explain why Louise seems so ‘differential’ when with Carol. I thought it was just a case of Louise simply being in awe of her, but the dom/sub roles might explain it. But the few times I’ve been with Louise without Carol around, I found her to be very outgoing and extremely friendly. Not someone who can be intimidated or controlled. It was almost like she was a different person.”

“I’ll be curious how you and Louise interact, or how she acts, when you have your little get-together on Thursday. Be interesting if she takes on a passive role as it’s possible it’s what she prefers. Being on the bottom, or dominated.”

“Once again, you’re expecting us to get intimate, while I’m not. At least I’m not planning on it.”

“I think you can count on it, which brings me to the second ‘interesting’ thing. After we had sex and were chatting here on the back patio while having some wine the subject of you and Louise came up.”

“In what way?”

“Out of the blue she mentioned deneme bonus you and her were going to get together later this week, and was curious how I felt about it, or if I even knew about it. When I acknowledged I did, she casually mentioned how smitten Louise was with you. After I told her it was obvious she was, and you and I talked about it, she inquired if you were as attracted to Louise as she is with you.”

“What did you tell her?”

“You were, but weren’t expecting anything more than a friendly visit to get to know each other better personally.”

“What was her reaction?”

“Same as mine, in that you’re being naive if you think the only reason Louise wants to spend time with you alone is to get to know you better personally.”

“Why is that?”

“Apparently Louise has talked about you a lot lately with Carol…and in a very flattering way. It’s Carol’s opinion that Louise is at the stage where she’d like to explore her bisexuality with others, and like me with you, Carol encouraged her not to hesitate.”

“Almost sounds like you and Carol are in cahoots with each other. You’re both acting like it’s time to kick the fledglings out of the nest to spread their wings on their own.”

“I think it’s more than that with Carol. After we dropped the subject of you two and chatted about other things for a while, out of the blue again she asked if I ever had sex with more than one woman, as with three or four together. After I explained how I did in college, she told me about some of her experiences and indicated she’d like to again. Not that I blame her.”

“Why’s that?”

“If you think the foursome we had with John and Jim was something, it pales in comparison with an all girl one.”


“Very much so from my experience. But back to the point I was trying to make about Carol asking. No doubt in my mind she’s hoping at some point for the four of us to have a foursome. I wouldn’t be surprised if after you and Louise are intimate she suggests it the first opportunity she gets.”

“You’re assuming an awful lot Maureen. First, you’re assuming Louise and I will be intimate, and now the four of us will have a foursome at some point.”

“Maybe I am, but you need to be thinking about it. As for you and Louise, it’s easy to see how smitten you are with each other, and it’s only a matter of time before you two get intimate.”

“Once again, you’re assuming an awful lot, and don’t be surprised if Louise and I just have a friendly get-together this Thursday.”

Just then my cell phone chirped twice indicating I received a couple of text messages. The first one was from my husband Jim, letting me know he was back in town at work, and would be home later than usual due to the need to catch up on a few things. The other message was from Louise, reminding me about Thursday, and how much she was looking forward to our time together. And she signed it with a bunch of X’s and O’s.

When I showed it to Maureen, she smiled…”See, I’m not the only one who’s assuming things. Now enough talk about Carol and Louise. In case you forgot, the last time we were together I went down on you until you had two incredible orgasms. Unfortunately you weren’t able to reciprocate because John was due home any minute and I had to take a rain check. With that in mind I was…”

I never let her finish…”Let me guess, you’re wondering if you can cash in your rain check? The answer is of course you can. Now where would you like me to do this dastardly deed?”


Thursday rolled around quickly, and since I hadn’t heard from Louise again, I assumed she’d be visiting as planned unless she cancelled at the last minute. With the weather a bit cooler than it had been, I took a longer bike ride than usual before showering and getting dressed.

After I put my make-up on, which didn’t amount to much, I opted for a pair of Eddie Bauer claret red marina utility shorts with a short 3.5 inch inseam and a simple red and white striped short-sleeve jersey along with a pair of Jack Purcell sneakers.

After I checked the house to ensure it looked presentable for a first time visitor, I was using the toilet when the doorbell rang. It had to be Louise, but if it was, she was early.

I made my way to the front door as quickly as I could while pulling up my panties and shorts. As soon as I opened it…”I know I’m early, and I hope I didn’t catch you in the middle of something?”

“Not unless using the bathroom is considered in the middle of something.”

She laughed…”I’m sorry.” Then handed me a bottle of Lambrusco and a big bouquet of summer flowers…”Hopefully this will make up for my poorly timed arrival. I noticed it’s what you always drink at our socials, and the flowers are from my garden.”

“How nice of you Louise, thank you, but it wasn’t necessary.”

Once in the kitchen, and after I put the flowers in a vase, Louise gave me a big warm hug. I hugged her back, but we didn’t kiss. Not even on the cheeks. Although we hugged longer than you normally would when greeting someone it was obvious we both were a bit nervous. In spite of it, her heavenly scent and how she felt in my arms made me shudder internally. And even though it surprised me, I couldn’t help but hope I had the same effect on her.

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