Lost in a Back-Country Road

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Chapter One

I had just landed a new client who had recently purchased an old farm house located about one hour from my town.

They, husband and wife were hiring me to design a new kitchen and bathroom.

I welcomed this opportunity as there was extensive renovation work to be done on this old and charming country house.

Ted gave me broad instructions on how to get to their place. “I am sure you will find our place without any problem were Ted’s words.”

I was booked for the coming weekend, a Saturday. I thought of this as a great opportunity to drive out into the country, fill my nostrils full of fresh air and see new sights, a welcome change for me from the urban sprawl. Got up bright and early on Saturday morning, raring to go. Decided to pack a lunch, sandwiches, cookies, an orange and an apple in case I did not find a restaurant. I was so looking forward to getting out of town.

Alas, I was on my way on the open road cruising along comfortably taking in the sights. It was May and the lilac bushes on either side of the country road were in full bloom. I had the windows open wide, me breathing in fresh air filled with the smell of lilac perfume wafting about for miles on end. What a treat.

I followed the directions Ted gave me and found myself turning down one road then another and yet another dirt road. Things were looking more and more remote. I was not supposed to be on a dirt road. Here I was in the middle of a forest This did not bode well at all. I thought it best to stay on the road I was on and see where it would take me. The area was quite wild looking and here I was driving into on a lonely back road in a dense forest.

Finally, after driving for quite some time I came across a farmstead. It looked somewhat dilapidated as though worn by time. I spotted a few cows in the field adjacent to the old house. I figured the best thing to do was to see if anybody was home and if so, ask for help. It was already 4 in the afternoon and before long it was going to be dark outside.

Slowly I drove up to the house, parked my car and hesitantly got out. Took a deep breath and walked up onto the porch and knocked on the door. I thought I heard shuffling around inside the house as I stood there waiting to see if someone was going to answer any time soon.

At long last, the door opened and there before me stood an old guy who looked to be in his 80’s for sure dressed in overalls over his long wool underwear, fly wide open and sporting a wide toothless grin.

“Howdy son, what can do for you?” With that he invited me inside and offered to make tea which I certainly welcomed.

We sat at the old oak kitchen table, looked like circa 1920 style. The place was untouched, clean and well organized and filled with antiques and artwork.

He served up a hot pot of steaming tea and told me to call him Red.

I introduced myself. “My name is William; my friends call me Bill.”

“Good, I will call you Bill if that works for you son. What brings you to this neck of the woods?”

I went on to explain how I got lost, that I was on my way to meet new clients.

He laughed at my situation good heartedly. “Well, you sure got lost. They, your clients would be located in the opposite direction. Your actually quite some ways from where they are. I doubt if you can make it there before sundown and driving at night on these roads can be quite tricky and dangerous. Your welcome to stay overnight, share a humble meal with me.”

I quickly mulled over his offer, asked if he had a telephone because I knew my cellphone would not work in this area. Sure enough, he had one. I asked if I could call my clients and let them know what had happened.

No problem. I got busy, spoke with Ted. He thought the situation was funny and we decided it was best to rebook for the following Saturday. This way I was under no pressure to get to their place and I had time to look up a map and find my own way instead of relying on Ted’s directions.

I let Red know it was ok to stay overnight and that I gladly appreciated his hospitality.

“Mighty glad you can stay over son and share a meal with me. I don’t mind the company as it gets lonely out here sometimes.” He told me to make myself comfortable.

I was wearing a pair of jeans, an polo shirt, cowboy boots. In the car, I had a spare sweater and a light windbreaker.

I could see Red sizing me up carefully. He was a shrewed old timer. There was something about him I liked. I felt safe and secure with him. Supper time rolled around soon and Red got busy reheating some of his homemade rabbit stew. He served up some of the bread he baked and to my surprise the meal was delicious…good wholesome country cooking. I made sure to compliment him on the meal.

“Well, I learnt to cook when I was young. My folks sent me to work in the lumber camp north of here in the winters so as to help out. I was the cook at the camp and that meant feeding approximately 30 mouths. şişli escort bayan I learned a lot of things quickly up there…grew up in no time. Knowing how to cook made me independent and self-reliant. I have a great vegetable garden, a few fruit trees and some hens for eggs, three cows which gives me milk and butter and cheese. I make all my own food. Rarely buy provisions except for tea, coffee, sugar and salt and pepper, that kind of thing.”

I loved listening to Red talk about his life. I knew he had a great deal of experience to share with me if I was ready to listen.

After supper, we enjoyed homemade apple pie and

another pot of freshly brewed tea.

Red had electricity yet he was not quick to turn on many lamps. He took me upstairs to show me where I was going to sleep. He had three bedrooms on the second floor and a bathroom. The place was quaint yet very nicely put together and comfortable.

I was in the last bedroom at the other end of the bathroom.

Red told me he kept a tiny hall lamp on at night so as not to trip and one of those small wall lights in the bathroom. This was to save on electricity. Red’s only income was his old age pension.

By 9 pm I was bushed and Red was ready for bed. So, he locked the doors, turned off the light and up stairs we went. After wishing me a good sleep he urged me not to be shy and ask if I needed anything.

I thanked him and headed for my bedroom. I got undressed and realized I wanted to piss badly. I was in my white briefs and decided head to the bathroom without getting dressed again. After all there was only Red and I in the house.

I quietly walked down the hall to the bathroom, closed the door. My eyes had to adjust to the very dim lighting that made the room all shadowy. It was a very small space. To my right was a small bathtub, between the tub and the wall stood the toilet and a small sink to the right of the toilet next to the bathroom door. I pulled out my cock gave it a good scratch and rubbing and started to unload a hot stream of piss that seemed to go on forever.

As I pissed I thought I heard a shuffling sound to the right of the toilet. The bare wall next to the sink was about 3 feet wide and it looked like there was a hole in the wall a little higher than the toilet. It was a dark hole about 10 inches’ diameter. I could swear someone was looking at me pissing. I finished, pulled on my cock slowly and stood there for a few minutes…my 7 1/2-inch-thick cock was getting excited for some reason. After a minute or so, I tucked my cock back into my underwear and returned to the bedroom, got into bed and was out like a light.

The next morning, I woke up to the smell of coffee and headed downstairs in my socks, white briefs and open shirt. I thought it ok to not put my jeans on.

There was Red in the kitchen making porridge for us. “Good morning son, how did you sleep last night.”

“Slept like a log Red, I did not realize how bushed I was.”

“How about some coffee, I am making porridge, toast and molasses for breakfast, that will put more hair on your chest and bush.” With that he smiled and winked and served up some delicious coffee and food.

During breakfast, he asked if I wanted to stay for a few days with him that he could use some help getting the garden in shape and doing some chores around the farm.

After a moment’s thought I realized I had no urgent commitments back home and no clients to see until the following Saturday. I let Red know it would be a pleasure to stay for a few days and give him a hand.

He lit up when I agreed to stay over.

After we cleaned up in the kitchen, we headed out to the barn.

The cows needed looking after and Red was anxious to show me his garden. He explained how the soil needed to be turned over and that he did this by hand, so we got working.

It was getting hot outside what with working the earth and all. So, I asked Red if it was ok to work in my briefs only.

“No problem Bill, its just the two of us men out here. Actually, I am going to take off my overalls and hang out in my underwear.” He got the overall’s off, rolled up his sleeves and rolled up the legs of the long underwear up to his knees. He was hanging big in them underwear, showing a huge hefty bulge that was somewhat unreal.

I noticed how he eyed my bulge which was quite substantial and damp from all the sweating happening giving it a real heavy look. Once in awhile I would catch him staring at my bulge and licking his lips. Looked like he had no teeth at all. Casually I asked him if he wore dentures.

“I have dentures yet don’t like to wear them at all here on the farm. I am more comfortable without them somehow I can chew and swallow better without them.” With that he gave me a sly smile, winked and continued to work the hoe.

Before long, it was lunchtime, so we headed back to the house to have lunch. While Red prepared lunch I went up to have a piss. There was escort mecidiyeköy a window above the tub giving off good light in the little space. I could really see what it looked like. Remembered the hole next to the toilet…checked it out. It was about 10 inches’ diameter like I guessed it to be and situated at crotch height. It looked inside it but could not see a thing as it was dark inside, no natural light in that space. Again, for some reason I was getting hard looking at that hole, my curiosity peaked. I thought it looked like a glory hole. I headed back downstairs.

Red asked if I felt better after having a good piss.

“Sure do, I answered, what a feeling unloading a good hot piss stream, feels lighter.”

“At your age, it sounds like a horse taking a piss, ah to be young again.” I could tell he liked what I was saying. “I enjoy watching and hearing a young man like you piss. It’s masculine and virile, hope you don’t mind me saying that Bill?”

“No not all Red…your welcome to watch me piss if you like. Why not, were two guys here, just doing man to man stuff…its all natural, right?”

“Sure is Bill. Good to have another man around the place and very agreeable to have company.”

We headed back to the garden after lunch.

During the afternoon, I had to take a leak so I asked Red where I could piss. Just out of the garden area he said pointing to a tree. I walked over pulled my cock out so he could see me piss and let a good hot stream of piss out.

Red watched me with wide open eyes and mouth and took it all in. He was loving the sight.

Slowly I shook my cock before slipping it back into my briefs letting him get a good look at my cock. I had never done this before yet somehow with Red I wanted to please him as I knew he would enjoy this exhibitionist stuff.

“Hope you don’t mind me saying Bill but you sure pack a good hefty piece there.”

“Thanks Red, I appreciate the compliment.”

Time flew by and we accomplished a good amount of work. It was time to head back to the house and get supper on the stove.

Red was baking fresh chicken for supper, mashed potatoes and canned peas. Gravy. Yummy.

I was hungry after working outside and in the sun.

We both ate with good appetite and shared stories about our lives.

Before long it was bedtime and not too soon. I was amazed that I could go to sleep so early yet there were no distractions out here and working outdoors tilling the soil made for a good night’s sleep. Once again, I had to go piss before getting in bed. Headed for the bathroom quietly in my briefs only and closed the door once I was in.

Red had forgotten to turn on the little wall light so it was pitch black inside the bathroom. From memory, I found the toilet, pulled my cock out and aimed at it and started to piss. Yet again, I heard some light shuffling sounds and my guess was that it was coming from the direction of the hole. Felt like someone was watching even though it was dark. There was a little bit of light coming in from the window. I finished pissing and stood there pulling on my cock, it was getting hard…I had not cum in over ten days so I was hot and horny.

I don’t know what got me to do it but I moved over to the wall and with my right hand I found the hole and then I felt prompted to slip my erect cock through the hole and low and behold my cock was entering a warm wet hole and it was such a good feeling. Then I felt a pair of hot lips wrap themselves around my big cock and begin to suck on it nice and slow. What a feeling, it was just what I needed.

I could hear slurping and sucking sounds from the other side of the hole. My cock was being expertly sucked and savoured and I could tell someone was really enjoying themselves and I was loving every minute of it. I loved getting my cock sucked. It was my favourite. I lifted my arms to grab onto something I could hold while getting sucked and I found a pair of handles that had been installed just for that. I was leaning into the hole with my throbbing cock getting sucked beautifully while my briefs were at my ankles. I did not want the sucking to stop.

I must have been there for at least 40 minutes before I was ready to unload. I did not want to say a word so I just let stream my generous hot load of cum into my cocksuckers’ mouth. I gave him a humongous load to feast on and from the sounds of it he took it all. I noticed he carefully licked my hairy balls over and over again then put my shaft back in his mouth and held it quietly for some time. When I was soft I pulled off, pulled my briefs up and left the bathroom and returned to the bedroom. I got in bed and went to sleep quickly.

Around 3pm I woke up having to piss again. I had had to much tea to drink probably in the evening. Anyhow, I carefully made my way to the bathroom. Pulled my cock out and pissed in the dark. There was that shuffling sound again. Hearing that sound got my cock rock hard. Alas, I could not merter escort resist, I found the hole and inserted my big bone through it and sure enough there was that wonderful warm welcoming wet hole. I gladly let my cock in and felt those hot lips wrap around my happy cock and the sucking started all over again.

I was thrilled. My cock was being serviced by a non-apologetic hungry cocksucker, wow! I was getting sucked so good, it was incredible. This went on for quite some time until I was ready to give another hot load to my new-found buddy. Without a word, I started oozing out a huge hot load of man sauce.

I could hear my cocksucker slurping and lapping up all the goodies I was giving him and with great pleasure, making sure he was well fed. He obviously was a cum hungry man who appreciated a good healthy load of man juice. He cleaned me up really well, I pulled my briefs up and back to bed.

I slept soundly until I woke up in the morning to the comforting smell of fresh coffee brewing. I wondered what it was going to be like after last nights’ events. I headed to the kitchen and found Red all bright eyed, energized and smiling ear to ear.

“Well, how did you sleep last night son?” “Wow! I slept really well Red. It was just what I needed.”

“Glad to hear that, nothing like letting go and resting well. You sure look fit and rested this morning son.”

Nothing was said about what transpired during the night. We both pretended like nothing ever happened.

Red asked if I wanted to have a bath before going out to do a few chores around the farm…no gardening stuff today.

Something told me to take him up on the offer. “Sure thing Red, wouldn’t mind a little soak before going outdoors…freshen up, you know.”

“Let’s eat and you can take a bath after breakfast.”

I headed upstairs to go bathe while he cleaned up the kitchen. I was in the tub splashing around when I heard that shuffling sound again and right away I got good and hard. I stood up in the tub on purpose to show off my virile body and huge hard cock. I carefully glanced over towards the hole and saw some movement there. I knew a hot mouth was waiting to suck my cock, I got out of tub, dried myself and casually headed for the hole and then slipped my throbbing bone through the hole into that hot mouth I so needed to have around my cock. I was not disappointed.

I knew it was Red, of course and loved his toothless mouth sucking away nice and easy and with such dedication, respect and appreciation. He was making love to my cock and doing an A plus job of it…what a cocksucker. I considered myself very lucky to be getting this kind of service and all so unexpected, of all places and of all people. I let Red eat my cock at his own pace. It was nice and slow and felt so good, again, I did not want it to stop. I could get sucked like this several times a day. I let Red suck me for a good hour until I could not hold it in any longer. My cock began oozing his treat into his hungry mouth and it was a huge load. I was amazed at how much I was cumming.

It was the build-up and the excitement at how Red sucked me that made me give him a big load and I could tell he loved it just by the way he slurped it up and not waste a drop of my precious nectar. The man cleaned my balls and shaft licking them all up nicely. I pulled out, put my briefs on and went to get dressed. When I got downstairs, there was Red in the kitchen carrying on like nothing had happened.

“Did it feel good taking a bath son?”

“Wow, sure did Red. Thanks for suggesting it. I really appreciated that and I sure need to relax and let go. Feels so good to release the tension and all.”

“Your welcome to use the bathroom as much as you want son…don’t be shy, its my pleasure to make sure my guest is comfortable and happy.”

“Gee Red, thanks for looking after me, I am really enjoying my stay with you.”

“And I am sure glad to have you onboard son. I truly appreciate having you around.”

We were obviously bonding nicely. I was enjoying sharing my manhood with Red. He probably didn’t get to suck cock often. Although he told me his sisters’ oldest son came up to visit often staying over weekends and on holidays like long weekends and usually all summer.

He said he was a lot like me, loved his time in the bathroom. From that I knew Red was sucking his cock and getting his fill and I was glad to hear that.

That day we did our chores and got a considerable amount of work done like repairing the steps on the front veranda, fixing the back-kitchen window so it would close properly. Small repair jobs that in the end were important. I am good at carpentry so I could be of help to Red. I could see him glancing at me at times looking at me admiringly and proudly. His young buck friend strutting around the farm in white briefs letting my bulge hang out for him to enjoy.

He may be in his 80’s but the man was one hell of a hungry cocksucker and I loved that he did not tire easy. He could suck I figured for up to two hours non-stop because he knew how to pace himself.

For supper Red made a chicken fricassee with the leftover chicken from the previous day. For desert, more of that wonderful apple pie, it was sure good.

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