Louise Bellman’s Clinic Ch. 03


Part 3: An Incontinent Lady

Louise saw more male than female clients, but there were plenty of women as well. Mostly the female clients had more serious physical problems, whereas the men’s problems were often psychological.

After she had been running her clinic for a few weeks, she was visited by a strikingly handsome lady in her mid-thirties. As usual she dressed conservatively to see someone for the first time. Her client was of slightly above average height, blonde, slim at he waist and highly athletic in physique. She looked to be in good health, lean, had a fine tan and figure of someone who leads a very active life and spends much of her time outdoors.

She introduced herself as Paula, and had a confident, almost brusque manner that was absent in all of her other visitors. Her file said little except that she suffered from extreme incontinence and no medical treatment had so far been successful. It was a surprise, then, considering her appearance and manner. Louise asked her for her medical background.

Paula was uncertain whether the therapist would be mature enough to understand, she certainly looked rather young and straight-laced. After a little reflection she decided to be open.

“I don’t know what details you have been given, but I am anally incontinent and the condition is quite severe I have almost no control of bowel movements. I normally defecate a couple of times a day, and at any time, though this depends on my recent diet, and what I am doing. Basically my sphincter muscle no longer functions properly. I am aware of the sensations but cannot control them. This obviously imposes limitations on what I can do in public.”

Louise asked how she coped with the problem.

“When necessary, I can suppress the opening of my bowels by wearing an anal plug. I have it attached to a harness and the plug is held in my arse, blocking the excretion. You need not worry that I will mess in this room. I am wearing it now.”

“It’s not painful, though a bit uncomfortable, especially if I do any sport – cycling is impossible with it and I obviously can’t wear a bathing suit. Also if I keep it in for long then my colon becomes uncomfortable. Then, when I remove it I immediately defecate… copiously and messily. I also think it worsens the weakness of the sphincter. So, unless it is important to prevent any bowel motion I wear plastic pants that contain my waste.”

“I would think this is very unpleasant, and embarrassing.”

“A bit embarrassing. But I actually enjoy the feeling of my bowel opening and the stuff sloshing around in my pants. I like it that I can be walking down the street and do it just like that without having to look for a toilet. I’ve had enough practice that I can carry on as normal and nobody knows. But it is impossible in polite company, and indoors it is not possible to hide the smell. But outdoors… well in the street it adds to the spice of life to know that I am doing it in my knickers while others are around. Are you shocked at my words?”

“Surprised, perhaps, by your candour. Few of my clients as honest… with themselves as you are. Are you saying that your incontinence is not such a serious problem?”

“For daily routine I can manage. I am resigned to it now. But there are many things I cannot do. I would like to join clubs – I used to be an aerobics instructor, I like swimming but now I can only do that in the sea or a river, away from others. In wet weather I can go mountain biking or jogging where it is wet and muddy, though. Getting covered in mud conceals it well. But really I miss the sense of belonging with others – I cannot be accepted. And I cannot have an intimate relationship.”

“Are you sure about that, Paula? You’d be surprised what some people can accept… Do you know what caused it?”

“Oh yes. I used to be a body-builder, I competed seriously. I trained and dieted intensively, too intensively I now realise. Eventually the burden of the special diet and regime was too much for my colonic system. Some of the supplements I took, needed to dehydrate and hence sharpen my definition, made my stool very hard. The sphincter could not cope with the stresses and became over-strained. At times the pain was unbearable. That has gone now, but the legacy is that it no longer works properly.”

Louise reflected for a few moments.

“I am not sure if any treatment I can give will improve the condition. I can help alleviate some of the effects – by means of regular enemas or colonic irrigation your bowels will be kept nearly empty. And your stool will be lighter and less aromatic. Irrigation is more effective but difficult perform that yourself without the equipment. But you can self-administer enemas. I can show you how to do it. Most people don’t like the idea but they can be enjoyable if you can be open-minded and they are performed in the right way.”

Paula thought for a few moments.

“Really, I do not expect a remedy. But what you Escort Bayan propose would help, and I think I would enjoy it. To begin with I want to be treated by you, or someone like you, who understands my situation and can cope with it. I want to be touched, tended, by someone who doesn’t mind my mess. In fact to accept it as part of me rather than ignore it. Do you think you could deal with that?” Paula said, in a challenging tone.

Louise was impressed by the matter-of-factness of this handsome woman, indeed, respected her greatly that she was able to accept her condition and yet recognise and admit that her real problem was being accepted. “I can accept you,” she thought. Aloud she said that she would treat her but would need a day to prepare. Keep the plug in till then, at night too. Eat plenty of fibre and do not open your bowels till then. Tomorrow at 3 pm OK?”

“3 pm, tomorrow.”

They agreed a time which she was to meet promptly.

Paula was not sure if the young lady therapist would really be able to cope when she saw how messy she was going to be. She looked very proper in her blouse, jacket and skirt. But she was impressed at her calm and assured manner, and that she knew how to listen and to ask the right questions. Yes, she seemed to know her business. In a way she welcome the extra day. It would be uncomfortable to wear her device – normally she took it out at night. But it meant that she would be extra messy the next day; it would be impossible for the person treating her to remain clean… she wondered how the fresh-looking young therapist would cope, and if she was going to get messed up…

When she returned the next day she found a note on the door telling her to go straight in and lock the door. On the table there was another note instructing her to go through into the treatment room, strip completely and hang up her clothes in the closet, then lie face down on the examination table. She should keep the plug in place. The bottom end of the table had been adjusted so that it was necessary to spread her legs wide, though her fitness regime meant that caused no difficulty and she was fairly comfortable in that position. But the position exposed her starkly and her plug was very evident. She realized how vulnerable she looked, and she felt it too. A surge of anxiety, like before a contest. Her feelings were heightened by the fullness of her bowels and the urge to expel. But the plug kept all her stool imprisoned within her.

Louise watched as the woman entered, saw her indecision and then the realisation. She was pleased that Paula looked nervous as she stripped down and lay on the table. But she was impressed by the physique of this woman; despite no longer in serious training, the muscles were finely sculpted and defined. She obviously still kept fit.

After a several minutes the door opened and Louise, she supposed, entered. However, she did not recognise the person as the same as interviewed her the day before. Louise now wore a long PVC dress, in shiny emerald green with hood and high neck. The dress hugged her body closely, covering her to mid thigh but leaving her arms bare. Underneath she was naked. Her hands and arms were clad in long gloves, of green latex, which extended to above the elbow. There was a transparent panel in the front revealing the wearer’s pelvic region, in particular the crotch and the lower belly and extending down to the hem. She looked like a priestess of some weird cult, dedicated to bizarre sex rituals.

Louise’ face was painstakingly and thickly made up with green eye shadow which trailed wide and offset with black lining. Her lips were painted green lipstick and cheeks “blushed” green. Her lashes were heavily mascaraed. Her underarms had not been shaved but trimmed and cropped short, almost to stubble, and died green to match the outfit.

Approaching the top of the table she stood right in front of Paula face, displaying her pelvic area from navel downward, clearly visible through the thin plastic. The hair on her pubic mound was similarly cropped short, trimmed and died green in a neat triangle, like a lawn. She was depilated immediately adjacent to her sex. Her outer labia were made up with the same green lipstick, and shadow of a similar colour had been applied to her navel, and the crevices of her groin. Fleetingly, she touched herself with the tips of her fingers.

“I am going to unfasten the harness but leave the plug in position. That will ease the pressure inside your bowel and you will pass some wind and release a little excrement. I expect this will be embarrassing for you to experience while I am here but please do not try to resist. I am not offended by the dirt or the smell.”

Before Paula could react she turned away again and took from a peg a white cotton bib apron, starched and pressed smooth, which she tied round her neck and waist. Louise approached the table and carefully unfastened the harness that was holding Bayan Escort the plug tight in her rear opening, thus loosening it. Paula felt the plug being moved, and then a slight hiss of gas escaping from her colon and a squirt of brown fluid that she felt trickle between her legs. The relief of pressure permitted the device to resettle in place, temporarily arresting the flow.

In this position any relief from the pressure of waste built up in her bowels would come bit-by-bit and over a period of time, like intermittent diarrhea. This was much more traumatic, much more embarrassing than a sudden discharge that would be indescribably messy but over in seconds. Paula would be in a state of tension as she would have no control, or any idea of when some release would occur. She now understood the reason for the apron.

Louise stood in the gap formed by the V of the bed, almost in contact with her charge. She placed her hands on Paula’s body and began to stroke with long, firm but flowing movements – soles of feet to the outside of the buttocks, up to her shoulders, then in and down alongside her spine, over her buttocks and along the inner thighs. Louise pressed her fingertips gently into the trained, supple muscles of Paula’s calves, thighs and buttocks, sufficient to feel the tonus but hard enough to cause discomfort. From time to time she adjusted the device. Each time the plug was moved there was a slight escape of wind and ooze of waste. Never had Paula felt so exposed, as all her most personal bodily functions were under the control of this remarkable woman. As Louise began to stroke along the length of her back she leaned forward, making no attempt to avoid contact between her buttocks. Again, the change of position provoked a slight eruption of excreta, soiling the previously pristine garment. Paula could not quite suppress a little gasp each time.

The experience was disturbing but amazingly erotic. She felt completely exposed and vulnerable, and her inability to overcome her incontinence in her usual way heightened that feeling. Gradually the massage reduced her stress, leaving her relaxed and calm and she began to experience a physical pleasure from each eruption from her anus, no longer trying to resist. She felt humiliated and gratified at the same time, and inside she was excited with being at the mercy of the therapist.

For more than thirty minutes this continued, without a word, the strokes always smooth but varying constantly in range and location… and gradually becoming gentler more intimate, closer and closer to her crotch, and eventually caressing her in all her crevices. At the end of this soothing massage she moved up again, showing her how much the apron was dirtied.

“See my nice apron has already become soiled with your excrement, but I do not mind at all. And you mustn’t feel bad or embarrassed about making a mess on it. I am going to remove your plug now, and you wont be able to control yourself. I have to watch as you expel your waste, so it is bound to go all over my apron. Don’t worry about it being ruined, I always use these aprons for dirty jobs like this. Just relax and let it happen.”

Louise slowly eased the plug from Paula’s anus. Even so, the expulsion was dramatic and, though warned, Paula was unprepared for the explosion. She let out an involuntary scream as the semi-liquid waste jetted from her orifice and splattered on Louise’s apron. Several times she thought she was empty but there was still more. After more than a minute the expulsion ended, though Paula’s bowels were still gurgling and churning. She was panting for breath too as the involuntary effort had left her sweating and breathing hard. Louise’s apron was almost completely covered in brown patches and runny trails, and more was running down onto the floor.

“Now that you have evacuated most of the contents of your bowels, I am going to clean you completely. But first look at my outfit and tell me if it embarrasses you to see it in this state. I want you to be comfortable with seeing my uniform so totally messed up with your shit. But if you prefer I will remove my apron and clean my tunic.”

Paula felt a mixture of shame at having soiled Louise’s outfit and guilt that she was enjoying the sight. It even gave her a sexual thrill that she had done something so dirty. She blushed with embarrassment at these thoughts but said to stay like that. “I want to see you with your apron all messed.”

Louise took something from a tray and Paula next felt a tube, with a little collar being inserted into her rear hole, followed by a jet of warm water. She was being filled again, slowly but inexorably. After a couple of minutes she was again bursting to open her bowels, but the filling continued. She asked if the flow would stop, but Louise told her just to relax.

“The water needs to penetrate into every location so as to cleanse you completely. It is an isotonic saline solution so as not to upset Escort your fluid or electrolyte balance, and much more comfortable than ordinary water. You feel full because all the liquid is in your rectum. Now I will reduce but continue the flow, and massage your belly to work it into your colon and that will relieve the fullness. Just raise yourself onto your elbows and knees so I can massage… That’s it, Paula, good, you’ve taken it all. Now I want you to retain it. I will keep massaging to make it more comfortable”

Louise stroked Paula’s lower belly, working the liquid into her colon. She knew this would be an erotic experience for her, as she worked from just above Paula’s shaven mound. She allowed her fingers to touch gently there as well, but stopping short of her vagina. Yet she noticed Paula begin to gyrate her hips, twitch and finally shudder. She kept this up for several minutes, with each stroke letting her fingers touch traveling ever deeper into Paula’s crotch and finally brushing against the lips of her vagina. From time to time reassuring, “is that better?… is the way I am massaging comfortable for you?… there, done now. I will just fetch something for you to evacuate into.”

Louise placed a large plastic bucket on the floor and instructed Paula to squat over it. She removed the tube and the liquid gushed out, along with any remaining contents of her bowels. It was disturbing yet arousing to expel into the bucket, in full view of the therapist, and she felt a deep longing to suffer this emotional domination, the removal of all her modesty coupled with the physical repulsiveness of such an act that would normally be performed in the strictest privacy.

“Now a second one to rinse you thoroughly. Would you like me to massage you again?… Yes, good.”

The enema was repeated, and this time Louise blatantly stroked along Paula’s labia and, meeting no resistance slipped along her wet furrow. She could feel the hard knob of Paula’s clitoris pressing through the folds and pushed gently as she circled it with the tip of her forefinger. Paula could no longer hide the signs of her arousal and gasped loud, “Oh!! Ahhhhhhh!! Mmmmmm!! Ohhhhhhh!! I’m cummmmmming… I’m cummmmmmming!! ” as she experienced a massive orgasm and copious trails of juice gushed down her inner thighs. She shuddered and spasmed again and again. Louise’s hand was covered.

“Come with me now to the shower and we’ll get you cleaned off.”

Louise discarded her apron and ran the warm shower over her PVC dress to rinse of the muck and then removed it, leaving her completed nude. Paula felt soft hands soaping and cleansing. Then she soaped herself and rubbed Paula all over with her breasts.

Loiuse left her for a few minutes to finish drying while she re-dressed, and then led her back to the examination room. She was not sure if she could withstand any more such invasion, but was anyway instructed to lie on her back, again with her legs spread. Instead of her rear opening it was now her sex that was on view. Despite herself, she was self conscious of this because her entire pubic area had been completely depilated, quite usual for women body-builders who wear very brief suits for posing. But she wondered what Louise thought, since she had, in contrast, deliberately cultivated her body hair in order to display it.

At last Louise spoke, “The purpose of the first part of your treatment has been to empty you completely, and I am sorry if it was embarrassing for you. What is to follow will be more profoundly personal, yet I think more pleasurable.”

Louise placed her fingertips to close her eyelids and then began to massage her forehead and face, slowly moving to the neck and shoulder. Whereas the stroking had before been strong and purposeful, though not brutal, it was now amazingly gentle, and loving. The stroking gradually travelled down, over her breasts, her belly, bet ended just shy of her sex. But although the therapist’s hands avoided touching her vagina or outer lips, she was again rapidly becoming highly aroused, and was aware of juice beginning to dribble from her cunt.

“Keep your eyes closed”

The hands moved down to her feet, now working upwards but again stopping tantalisingly close to the core of her desire. She trembled and found it hard to suppress the first slight grinding and bucking of her hips. Again the position shifted and Paula felt her left arm being lifted and her wrist tucked under Louise’s arm as the stroking now focussed on her own armpit. With a slight movement she would be able to feel the little thatch of hair. But she was shy, or perhaps hypnotised by the moment and refrained. Her right arm followed, and she heard Louise whisper, “Don’t you want to touch me? I like being touched in the place I am stroking you.”

At first Paula felt awkward, never having openly displayed any lesbian tendency, though in truth she had sometimes felt such stirrings. She was given ample opportunity now as she Louise leant forward over her and she felt herself kissed very softly on the lips, and the breasts, and a tongue caressing her navel.

“You are very wet. I can see the juice running out of your cunt and down the inside of your crotch. Lie still now.”