Love In An Elevator


Author’s Note: I have enjoyed the feedback and I would love to hear from anyone who enjoys my stories. I write these in what I call “phone sex” voice, so that they can be read aloud to a favorite female partner. Enjoy and let me know if any readings lead to exciting times.


Your heart skipped a beat.

It always does when you are alone with a man on an elevator – and today Is no exception. As I entered the intimate environment of the elevator, you could feel my eyes appraising your tight-fitting dress and plunging neckline. You could smell my husky cologne, and you could see by my gait that I am a man who is sure of myself. As I reach around you, and brush up against your arm, I push my floor button and I briefly pause to enjoy our closeness.

As you feel my hot breathe on your neck, you sense that I am again staring at your lovely breasts, and your body goes flush with excitement as my looking lingers on. You can start to feel your nipples harden with excitement, and the tingling between your legs tells you that soon you will be wet with desire.

I slowly straighten up behind you, and you again feel my eyes upon your body. As your pussy grows ever hotter, you can almost feel my eyes upon your shapely ass and your exposed legs. Your breathing grows shallower and faster, and you feel your pussy gush with pleasure as you hear a very faint comment from behind you.

“…you are beautiful..” are the words, and they run through you like knife. You feel yourself overwhelmed by intense feelings of desire, and your body begins to ache with need and want.

You are embarrassed by your need, for you are a married woman. And although you have fantasized about making love to someone else besides your husband, you have never been this close to giving in to your darkest desires. You take a few deep breaths, and you decide to stop this before the situation gets any Tekirdağ Escort farther. You tell yourself to calm down, and you try to find something to distract yourself from the fire that is burning between your legs.

And that is when it happens. With a sudden jolt, the elevator comes to a jarring stop. Both you and I are thrown together – with me hugging your back and ass. The lights go dim, and only our quick breathing can be heard.

After a few seconds, your senses return and you realize that my arms are rapped around your body – and you feel the distinct pressure on my hard cock against your ass. My hands are tight against your stiffened nipples, and again you feel my hot breath on your neck.

At first you are shocked and appalled that you are being felt up by me – a perfect stranger. But that feeling is quickly replaced when your feel your face go flush and your pussy begins to throb. And as I recover my senses and my hands and body begin to retreat from you, your body begins to panic that the wonderful sensations will soon end.

So, without really thinking about it, you grab my retreating hand, and you place it softly back on to your swelling breast. A soft moan escapes my lips, and the feeling of my caressing hand on your breast is wonderful.

You feel me begin to grind my cock into your soft ass, and your body instinctively begins to respond back. You slowly sway your ass against my throbbing cock, and you reach back above your head and draw my face to your neck. And as you feel my hand snake into your blouse and pry under your bra to better caress your breasts, you feel my other hand begin to raise your skirt as I continue to ground against your hot ass.

You are now completely taken over by the overwhelming need of your sex. Your pussy is completely wet with want, and your need for pleasure causes you to begin to unbutton your Tekirdağ Escort Bayan blouse. And soon your shirt is wide open, your bra is unhooked from the front, and my hungry hand is groping at your perfect mounds.

By this time, your skirt is now up around your waist, and my hand is poised to enter the tops of your panties. I hesitate for a second – making you squirm with need of my touch, but with a quick move my hand finds its way into your slick, wet lips. And as I continue to massage your breasts and kiss your neck, you begin to hump my slick fingers – wanting to feel something penetrate your pleasure hole.

But again, your need takes over, and you spin around to face me. You press on my chest to stop my advance, and you begin to caress my throbbing cock through my slacks. Thrilled at the size of the pleasure tool that is in your hand, you quickly unbuckle my pants, shove my boxers to my ankles, and swiftly engulf my hot and tasty cock deep into your mouth.

You feel your mouth and lips go wide as my thick and throbbing tool works its way in and out of your hungry and talented mouth. You attack my cock with abandon – causing many groans to escape my lips and some hot seed to leak from my throbbing tool.

And again, your need takes you over, for you look me in the eye as your lips are stretched wide with my girth, and you tell me in your most slutty way…

“I need you to fuck me now. Bend me over and ram your big cock into me hard.”

And with that, you feel my hand quickly lift your chin to my mouth. We share a deep and consuming kiss, and then I swiftly spin you around. I then roughly bend you over and grab the back of your hair. You grab onto the railing to steady yourself, and with my other hand I guide me slick cock to the entrance of your hot and steaming pussy.

And with one quick thrust, you feel yourself explode Escort Tekirdağ with pleasure as my wide and throbbing cock enters deep into your body. You grip the railing hard – overwhelmed by the intense feeling of my wide cock as it begins to pump in and out of you.

The effect is electric. You start to cum almost immediately, and your pussy begins to pulse to orgasmic pleasure as my big cock continues to drive in and out of you. With weak knees you try to meet my thrusts as you rock back against my penetrating organ. As your orgasm continues, you pleasure grows even greater as you feel my pace sharply quicken, and you know that soon my large cock will cum for you.

And as I pull on your hair and begin to gyrate with uncontrollable spasms, you feel my cock begin to shoot load after sweet load of hot cum deep inside you. This triggers a more intense orgasm deep inside you, and as your pussy floods with my hot seed you are transported to a world of pure pleasure.

For what seems like an eternity, you feel like you are floating in a warm sea of pleasure.

It is not until the elevator starts up again that you come back to the world. And after a brief second to squeeze the last ounce of pleasure from our time, we quickly disengage and re-arrange our clothes. We are soon dressed – with your skirt and blouse put back into their place. And just as you coax your hair back into place, the elevator doors open.

And much to your surprise, there is your husband. You quickly step off the elevator, and with a blushed face you walk toward your destination. You can see that your nipples are still erect, and you can feel my cum running down your thigh. But instead of being ashamed, you are again turned on by the situation.

So, impulsively, you grab your husband’s hand and you drag him into a hallway closet. You begin to tell him what just happened, and to your great pleasure you see that he is very excited. You make love again in that closet – sharing your passions with your husband.

Feeling his warm cock in your mouth, feeling his hot tongue inside your cum-drenched pussy, and you feel him add his own cum to my own.

All in all, it was a nice elevator ride.