Love in the Family Pt. 02

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Hank enjoyed being around his mom. He always had, but ever since Christmas Eve there was an extra layer to being around her; a shared secret which never failed to bring a smile to his face. When she saw him smiling, she smiled back.

At first his heart had beat faster just being close to her, and his dick would harden as he imagined her tits in his palms, or her kneeling in his lap. Lately he’d managed to calm his reaction down, but he still regularly jerked off to the memory of losing his virginity to her.

It was late February. Hank had taken her words to heart about it not being easy to make Christmas happen again, and was content to wait. He still took every chance he could to help her, and to spend time with her. Just the smell of her perfume was enough to brighten his day.

Come one Saturday morning, Hank was surprised to come out of his room and find the house empty. It was unusual in a family of four; there was always someone around. His mom tended to be a homebody, not really going anywhere unless someone else made plans. To have all three gone at once set alarm bells going in Hank’s head.

To be sure, he checked every room in the place, and found it to be true. Where were they all? Deciding to not look a gift horse in the mouth, he took the chance to relax and enjoy himself. He went back to his room, prepping to really ‘relax’. He put on some music and brought up his favourite Literotica author on his phone.

Naked on his bed, happy to know he could take his time, Hank read one of the longer stories, stroking his cock now and then. Precum appeared at his slit, a tantalizing little bead of lube. He rubbed it over his sensitive cock, enjoying the enhanced sensation. He never jerked off with lube, preferring his natural cream. When it dried up, he read on, letting the precum evaporate before starting over again.

Mid-stroke, nearing the climax of the story, Hank stopped to listen, thinking he’d heard a noise outside his room. His family weren’t fans of knocking.

Not hearing any more noises, Hank returned to his cock and his story. It was getting really good now, and his cock was harder than ever.

His door opened. “Hank, get up, we’re going -” the sound of his mom’s voice was halted mid-sentence.

Despite her having handled it, sucked on it, and had it inside of her, Hank was still shocked at being found naked and stroking one out. He covered himself with his hands, rolling to the wall.

“Mom!” he yelled.

“Sorry for interrupting.” Her voice was calm. “When you’re done, get dressed, we’re going out.”

Her barging in on him was like a bucket of cold water. “I’m done,” he muttered, sitting up while still hiding his junk.

His mom watched him roll around and smirked. “I’ve seen it before, you know. Intimately.”

Hank stopped his acrobatics and huffed a laugh. He exposed himself to her, still feeling awkward, and stood up from his bed.

She watched him do it, her eyes fixed on his dick with interest. “You do have a nice cock, Hank. Not as thick as your dad’s, but it has a good length.”

“Um, thanks,” Hank said, as he searched for clean clothes. “Probably TMI, but thanks.”

“By the way, Happy Birthday.”

His fucking birthday. How had he forgotten? He was 20 now. The last week of college had really done a number on his tracking of dates. “Is that why we’re going out? My birthday?”

“Yep. Abby and your dad are meeting us there and will be waiting.”


“You remember the indoor fun park that opened up down the way? With the mini golf and batting cage and stuff?”

“Oh, nice! That’ll be fun.” Being alone with her made him bold. “Maybe not as fun as something else I could think of.”

She grinned and walked over to him. Reaching out, she gave him a slow stroke up his cock, causing it to resurge in length. “Maybe it’s better you didn’t finish. I could see a use for this. I’ve been feeling…flirty.”

Boldness gone, he swallowed. “You can use it however you want.”

She gave him a squeeze and a pull, causing a bead of precum to appear. She used a finger to gather it up and popped it in her mouth. “Mmmmmm, I might do that.”

“Might?” he croaked at her retreating back. Her lilting laughter echoed through the house.

Hank quickly got dressed, joining her in the kitchen where she was looking at her phone. Walking up behind her, he hugged her close, pressing his still mostly hard dick into her butt. Throwing caution to the wind, he lifted his hands to her tits, cupping them.

His mom gave a push back against him with her rear, saying absently, “You’re going to have to work on your timing. Let’s go, we’re on a schedule.”

She turned and stepped out of his embrace easily, and left the house. Hank followed, encouraged she hadn’t entirely brushed him off.

In the car, he said, “I can’t think of any time in the last two months where the right time has cropped up. There’s always someone around, or one of us is busy.” Not that he would have initiated if he’d found the right time.

“Now güvenilir bahis you know what it’s like to be a parent. You and your sister cockblocked your dad and I for years.” She smirked at him and started the car, heading to the fun park.

“Did you just not do it, or did you find a way?”

“Ehh, a bit of both. We got better at arranging alone time. Sometimes it was as easy as making sure you were both distracted.”


“Yeah, occupied for long enough for us to do our thing. Early days we could just give you both ice cream and send you outside, but when you got old enough, we sent you out to the movies together or something.”

“Ooohhh.” Hank thought of all the times when he and Abby had suddenly found themselves out of the house. “Can we get some ice cream on the way home for Abby and Dad?” he asked.

She giggled. “I don’t think it’ll work on your dad, but Abby would bite…even in the middle of winter.” They drove in silence for a bit and then she continued, “I’ll tell you what: I have been feeling a certain itch the last couple days, and I saw the perfect tool to scratch it in your room. You come up with a way to distract them and I’ll come to your room.”

“Deal,” he said, his cock surging to life at the thought, even though he wasn’t sure how he was going to get the other half of the family to leave them alone.

The rest of the ride, and the entire outing to the fun park, was spent wracking his brain trying to think of a way to ensure his mom could visit him in his room without risk of discovery. He was so distracted; he didn’t even notice when his dad showed him up in the batting cage. What he did notice was his sister’s reaction.

It had been going on for a while now, since before Christmas, but today it was almost painfully obvious. She was flirting with their dad. Hanging off his arm, cheering his prowess in the cage, urging him to win her stuffed prizes in the carnival area. Hank looked at his mom while this was going on, but she didn’t seem to notice or care.

Throwing away the weird feeling Abby’s behaviour gave him, Hank smelled an opportunity. Could he convince his sister to take their dad out of the house? Occupy him somehow? Send them on an errand, like the cranberries at Christmas?

As they were headed to the cars after the fun park was done, Hank said, “Hey, Abby, doesn’t that new movie open this weekend? The one about a daughter who goes on a road trip with her dad?”

“Yes!” she said, twirling around to talk to Hank while holding dad’s hand. “I want to see that! Oh, we should go, it looks so good!” She looked between their parents, a pleading expression on her face. “Pleeeaaase!”

Sometimes Abby forgot she had breasts worthy of the name because she was bouncing on her toes causing her chest to move in tandem. Her bra wasn’t quite up to the task, Hank noted.

“Abby, decorum,” their mom barked.

Abby glanced at her and stopped bouncing, but continued the pleading expression.

Greg shrugged, and said, “I have no plans.”

“Ohhhh, yes. Thank you, Daddy.”

Hank noticed that upon securing her dad’s inclusion, Abby didn’t follow up with Hank or their mom. He glanced at his mom, and she nodded back at him, a tiny smile playing around her mouth.

Dinner was a normal Jenkins affair, with laughter and teasing. The others produced a few gifts for Hank to open, and a dessert was brought, along with singing by the restaurant staff. It was a good end to a birthday outing, but it wasn’t the end of his birthday yet.

After dinner, Abby and Greg left in their car to head to the movie, while Hank and his mom went home. The ride back was quiet, but there was a tension in the air which increased the closer they got to their destination.

Once home, Hank was practically bursting to be naked with his mom. His dick was half hard with anticipation. For some infuriating reason she did everything she could to stall them when they only had a two-hour window! After the third instance of her finding something silly to pay attention to, such as straightening a picture on the wall, or spraying water on some flowers, he clued in.

Taking her by the hand, he pulled her after him.

“Oh!” she gasped. “Can I help you with something?”

“Mom,” he warned, still pulling her to his room. She laughed but went with him, even closing his door and locking it behind her. Hank’s heart was crammed in his throat as he looked at the lovely woman waiting for him to make the first move.

He wanted to tear her clothes off, but something about the look on his mom’s face made him pause. He forced himself to slow down. Walking up to her, he stood close, almost touching. Her words from the car came back to him. “You said you’ve been having an itch lately?”

She nodded.

“Any other symptoms?” he asked, running his hand along her arm. She was wearing jeans and a sweater which enhanced her femininity instead of hiding it. Reaching for her middle, he gripped her jeans button and popped it open.

A smile played around güvenilir bahis siteleri her mouth and she said, “My breasts have been really sensitive.”

Taking the hint, he cupped one wool-covered tit, squeezing it ever-so-gently, a complete 180 to how she demanded he touch them the last time. He could feel a lump under her sweater and bra, rubbing it with his thumb. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply at his touch. With his other hand he pulled her jean zipper down, letting the two flaps of denim peel away from her belly.

“Anything else?” he asked, toying with the now revealed waistband of her pink panties.

“Certain things taste really good.”

“Like what?”

“Like the little treat your cock made for me earlier. I’d like to have that again.”

Being close to his mom while she talked about his cock was driving him crazy. “Is that all?” he croaked.

“There’s one more symptom, but it’s hard to detect. Do you know what it means when a woman is feeling the way I am?”

“Um, she’s turned on?”

His mom shook her head, her hair stirring with the motion. “No, well, yes, I am turned on, but those symptoms mean I’m ovulating. Right at this moment -” She took hold of Hank’s hand where it was tracing her panties and held it as she moved it left. “- an egg is making itself available inside me right here. My body is ready to have a baby. If someone were to put sperm in here -” Now she moved his hand into her panties, pulling him down until both hands met wet, warm plump lips. She dug into her slit, breathing deeply at their combined touch. “- I would get pregnant.”

Hank felt faint. He’d never been as turned on in his life as he was right then. He could feel his cock primed with a hair trigger, and was afraid he’d blow if his mom even brushed against him.

She continued. “Unfortunately, we won’t be able to use your impressive equipment to scratch my itch. The risk is too great. But I can help decrease your swelling.”

Hank’s sex-crazy brain took a few moments to catch on he wasn’t going to be allowed to have sex with his mom. His initial disappointment dissipated when she led him to his bed and started to undress him. Watching his sexy mother kneel down to strip his pants and underwear off drove off any lingering sense of loss. His cock sprang into the air in front of her and she smiled.

His mom leaned forward, licking a dollop of precum off his throbbing cock, working the liquid around her mouth. “Mmmmm.”

With that, she flipped her hair over her shoulder and leaned forward to put his cock in her mouth, one hand gripping his shaft, and the other his balls. Hank was lost in the feel of his mother’s hot mouth and active tongue on him. It was a poor second to being in her pussy, but he’d take it.

He watched as she started to slowly bob her head up and down his shaft, hand in a tight ring around his base. Hank groaned as he felt his orgasm, already close, build faster. Expecting her to shift gears or take a break, he was surprised when she kept going. His muscles tensed up further. Her pace continuously cranked him up without letting him rest.

It wasn’t fair. He wanted it to take longer, to enjoy it, but in no time he was ready to blow. “Mom,” he warned. Once again, she handled it like a pro, each blast of semen drawn into her throat. It felt like she was draining him of his vitality as well as his semen. Each pulse of his dick was followed by a quick ripple of her throat as she sent his seed to her stomach.

She continued to suck at his glans even after no more of him was left. When she was done, she gave him a last lick and stood up. They still had an hour and fifty-eight minutes, he thought wryly.

She said, “Lay down, I want to cuddle.” He did, and she lay next to him, putting her head on his shoulder. Hank felt worn out, wanting to sleep, but he put his arm around her.

They stayed like this for some time as Hank recovered from his lethargy. When his mind started working again, he asked, “Did you mean it? About being fertile?”

“Yes. The app shows I’m ovulating right now, which matches my body’s signals.”

“You never intended to have sex tonight. What was that talk about needing an itch scratched?”

“That’s just what we call pillow talk, baby. I was getting you interested.”

He laughed. “It wasn’t necessary. How do you scratch the itch then, if you can’t have sex?”

“There are other ways to satisfy a woman besides penetration,” she said pointedly.

The declaration hovered in the air until Hank got it. Realizing how selfish he’d been, he sat up, pulling his arm from under her. She lay there, looking up at him, her hair spread around her head like a dark angel. He couldn’t fuck her, but he could see her naked. Pulling at the sides of her jeans, he yanked them down her hips.

It took some work to get the tight pants off of her legs, but when he did, he went right back for her panties. She sat up long enough to take her sweater off, exposing her bra. Hank’s mouth went dry at the sight, and he watched iddaa siteleri carefully as she reached behind her to undo the clasp. Hunching her shoulders, she let the supporting garment drop away, her breasts settling onto her chest.

She lay down, and Hank drank in the sight of her. Her tits, peaks of white cream topped with red berries almost broke his brain. Her torso narrowed to her waist before the swell of her hips took over. They turned into long, graceful legs demurely pressed together. Between them was silky black hair framing her labia.

“You are so beautiful,” he said. He gently took her ankles in hand, pulling to spread them apart. He watched as her pussy was exposed, her lips spreading slightly. Settling between her thighs, Hank looked up at his mom’s face to see her watching him, her bottom lip in her teeth.

He’d never done this before, of course, but he’d read stuff. He thought he could give it a good try, and hopefully make her come. Start simple. He ran his hands along her legs, feeling her smooth skin, coming close to her pussy but not touching it. She sighed loudly, which he took for a good sign.

Leaning over, he took time to admire her pink, perfect labia, shining with arousal. Despite having come recently, his cock was already hard again. He ran a finger lightly down her furrow, seeing her twitch as he did. His finger was immediately wet. He did it again, tracing her inner lips. Another deep sigh.

Hank knew about the clitoris. Knew enough to know some men couldn’t find it, but he quickly saw it wouldn’t be an issue with his mom. A pink, glistening nub of flesh was perched at the top of her vulva. He blew on it and was amazed as a trickle of liquid slowly seeped from the opening below. He gathered it on his fingers, bringing it to his mouth. It was tangy but not at all unpleasant.

“Jesus, Hank, touch me,” his mom said.

When he went to repeat the light touch, she reached for his hand and placed it on her clit.

“Rub here, back and forth.”

He pulled his hand away. This was his show. He said, “When you come, I want to hear it. Scream for me, Mom.”

“Fuck,” she exhaled.

Taking a slightly more aggressive tack, Hank ran both fingers along her wet labia from bottom to her clit, ending with a slight pinch.


A good sign. He did it again a few times, before daring to put his finger into her entrance. Her wet vagina sucked at his finger as he drove it deep. She was so wet. He leaned in and for the first time put his tongue on her, his tip on her clit.

“Oh! Oh! That’s it! That’s the itch!” she cried.

She hunched her hips, trying to press them against his tongue, so he stayed in place and let her. When she let up, he moved his tongue around, exploring her vulva. When he returned to her clit she pushed again. He fucked her with his finger, and combined with his tongue, Hank was soon rewarded with the sound of his mother coming. She let the empty house know she was having an orgasm, and her sweet cries were music to Hank’s ears.

When she calmed down, he crawled up to lay next to her.

“Thank you, baby. I needed that,” she said, cuddling into his chest. They lay together, skin on skin.

“Is the itch scratched?”

She nodded.

“I’m glad. I still want to be able to scratch your itch the other way. Can we arrange something?”

“Mmmm, we can try. The timing has to be right.”

Hank’s cock was sticking up from his middle, still aroused from making his mom come on his tongue and finger. When it didn’t go away, his mom chuckled and made her way down his chest until her head was on his stomach. He couldn’t see, but felt her take him into her mouth again.

The second blowjob was slower, with more time taken to explore and play. Hank endured the delicious torture with poise and dignity, all the way until he exploded in her mouth for the second time that night.

She returned to her cuddling spot and they lay like together, until they heard the sound of Abby and Greg pulling up to the house. Hank watched as his mom jumped up and grabbed her panties and jeans to run to her room.

He thought about washing up, but decided to wait until everyone was in bed, so he didn’t run into the movie-goers. He went to sleep still covered in his mom’s saliva and juices.


Abby knew she was a horrible flirt, in that she wasn’t any good at it. She was too over the top, too obvious, but she didn’t know how to be subtle about it. When she was around her dad, she couldn’t help wanting to be close to him, touch him, hug him, hold him. He didn’t react to it, treating her as he always had.

That was normal.

What wasn’t normal was her mom. She was a smart woman, and was quick to call Abby out when she was being unladylike, but she hadn’t said a word about the horrible flirting. Hank would roll his eyes now and then, but her mom just ignored it all. A week after the Christmas motel visit, she purposely walked in on her parents watching TV and curled up in her dad’s lap.

He didn’t do anything except make room for her, while still watching the TV. She hadn’t sat on his lap in years, and needed extra room, but found it surprisingly comfy. Abby waited for her mom to tell her to move, but nothing. What was wrong with her?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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