Love Thy Neighbor Ch. 02

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The day after Peter the bar owner came up with a wife swap suggestion, Jim explained to Peter that his wife Lily wasn’t the type of woman who would go for that. Peter was disappointed but shrugged it off.

Jim, 28 and a novelist, himself had fantasies, none of which he could perform with Lily who was traditional when it came to sexual preferences. And hence Peter’s wife Jane exposing her pussy and Peter suggesting wife swap aroused Jim beyond words.

While he could imagine the 30-year-old Jane and he making a hot pair in bed, the dull and staid Lily would be a damp squib for the 35-year-old Peter. Well, no use thinking of that as it would never take off the ground.

That morning, when Lily went out to buy some groceries, Jim began typing out on his laptop a few pages of his new novel. It was then that the neighbor’s window opened and he saw the hottie Jane standing there, dressed in a light blue skirt that came up to her knees. Since their houses were close, he could easily see her clearly. Jane smiled at him and picked up her phone and gestured she would give him her number. Then she held up her hands and indicated with her fingers her number one by one, which Jim typed into his phone and saved it as Peter.

Finished with giving her number, the neighbor’s wife lifted her skirt up slowly and let Jim see her shaven pussy. The temptress hardly seemed to wear panties, Jim thought. The steamy Jane brought her left hand down between her thighs, ran a finger up and down her puffed-up vertical slit and then turned around in slow motion, displaying both her holes, all the while using her fingers to open her tight rear hole and her much-used vagina.

Jim’s manhood twitched and throbbed inside his boxers at the daring display and he felt like stripping and masturbating. Suddenly, Jane straightened up and blew a kiss at him and left the room.

Wow! What a slutty woman, Jim thought as he went to the bathroom and nursed his swollen penis. He stroked himself a few times and tucked his erection into his boxers and returned to his bed. Lily never indulged in such raunchy titillation, and Jane’s sudden exhibition left Jim flabbergasted. This woman was far too gone into the world of carnal arousal.

In the coming days, Jim’s concentration went for a toss, leaving dry his usually brimming well of words. Whenever he tried to type a few paragraphs, the image of Jane’s shaven pussy appeared before him. He had sex with Lily, hoping it would offer relief, but the ritual only seemed to underline the dull sex life the couple led.

In the evening, when Lily went out for a walk, Jane called Jim up.

“How was my show, cute boy?” Jane’s low whisper came out sexy.

“It was hot. Where is Peter?” Jim asked wondering if the question was stupid.

“Oh! He is in the living room watching boxing or something. Did you get an erection when you saw me?” Jane persisted.

“Y… y…yes. I did,” Jim managed to say, not used to such explicit libidinous talk.

“We can forget wife swap, since your wife doesn’t want that. You can come over some night, you can see me from close, cute boy. I can show you my eatable goodies and let you feed on them,” Jane went on with her sensual account.

‘I have to think of that,” Jim said.

‘I will encourage you to come to me, will show you more and more of me,” she laughed and ended the call.

Though he was afraid of getting caught, Jim was totally aroused by now. There was always sleaze in any person and Jim was going through such a phase. When Lily was not around, he would peek at porn or read erotica but would feel guilty when his wife came back. Lily had that sanitizing effect on him, making him pure, removing all dirty thoughts and leading him towards greater things. Theirs being a mutually beneficial relationship, Jim needed Lily as an emotional and inspirational pivot, his muse and everything. But this Jane woman was too much of a horny character who catered to Jim’s cheap side which surfaced once in a while _ too often in the past two days _ and had to be fed now and then.

The writer tried to focus on his novel and discussed various situations with his wife, but all his efforts went in vain as Jane’s vaginal exposition popped up on his mind like a sleazy advertisement on a website that you wanted to avoid. Try as he may, he could hardly shake off the neighbor’s striptease. Trabzon Escort However high a man tried to fly, he had to come down low between the thighs of a woman, Jim thought.

Suddenly a thought struck him; why shouldn’t he use in his novel what was happening?

Yes, that might work. The writer told his wife the seduction part without Jane’s nudity and titillation and made it sound as if it was fiction and not something that happened to him. He had to portray the seduction in a more romantic, classy and casual way.

That night, Jim spent hours writing the part involving the neighbors’ meeting, the wife swap suggestion, refusal on the part of the new neighbors, the woman’s wooing of the man… and Jim felt drained and dozed off.

The next day, as Lily read what Jim had turned out, the writer had a nagging feeling: would Lily connect the fiction and the fact. Lily knew that Jim took their real-life experience and mixed it with imagination, so.. . why was he feeling guilty?

“Aren’t the characters too real, Jim dear. I mean Peter and Jane? Why don’t we give them some other background and let it happen in a big city,” Lily went on.

Jim heaved a sigh of relief. It was all his imagination, spurred by his guilt, that made him fear his wife would somehow dig out the fact that he was ogling the nudity-loving Jane.

The couple discussed the novel some more and Jim said he wanted to go out for a walk.

Ten minutes into his stroll, Jim’s phone rang. He took it out expecting it to be Lily wanting him to buy something on the way back, but Peter’s name flashed. Gosh! It was Jane, whose number he had stored in the name of Peter.

“Hi cute boy,” Jane’s seductive voice filled his ear.

“Hi. What’s up?” Jim asked.

“I saw you go out and thought you could talk freely. Did you think of my bald, wet pussy?” Jane cooed.

“Yes I did,” Jim said.

“Yes. Wanna see it some more or you wanna grab my goodies. See, your wife is not for swap. But you can have me, and Peter needn’t know. That’s the deal,” Jane repeated her proposal.

“Sounds like cheating,” Jim said.

“Oh god! Cheating. I like you… I like you even more now. Well, most people reach for any extra pussy in sight whenever they got a chance, and here is you! Am I not hot enough for you?” Jane drawled teasingly.

“It’s not like that.,.” Jim hesitated.

“Think it over, Mr. nice guy. Peter is away at night, you know that, bye cute boy,” she said and ended the call.

The thought of being disloyal to Lily never crossed his mind before. But had he been tempted before, in this manner, by a stripper next door? Women had paid him compliments on his good looks and flirted with him, that too in front of Lily. His wife had just laughed it off… that was the type of trust she had on him. He couldn’t break the trust, couldn’t let her down. Jim was quiet sure he didn’t want to sleep with Jane, and the next time she called him he would tell her that.

The solution to this problem was to get out of here, but what reason could he give Lily for moving out of the house so soon?

He imagined that continuing to watch Jane and talk to her could get him into trouble. What if she decided to blackmail him? What if she threatened to tell Lily that it was Jim who began flirting with her. Jeez, his imagination was running wild; Lily knew him so well and would never believe any tale Jane told. And anyway, what wrong had he done? He had just seen a woman showing her hot stuff, and how the hell was that his mistake?

Blackmail? well, well, here the plot for his novel was taking shape. Was that convincing? Make it convincing, Jim boy, that’s your job, he told himself as he mentally wrote the scene and decided to discuss it with his wife.

“The young couple reject the swap offer but the woman neighbor continues to seduce the guy by leaving the window open and letting him see her while she changes clothes. She gets the guy to compliment her on her sexy appearance and then threatens to tell his wife if he did not have sex with her. The husband of the neighbor is the dominant partner and doesn’t like his wife to indulge with any guy without his knowledge,” Jim elaborated.

“Hmm … ok. So the seduction continues. The young wife already suspects that her man is a flirt and is capable of fooling around… that would add more Trabzon Escort Bayan drama,” Lily added.

“Yes, now we introduce a new character, a friend of the sexy woman neighbor who seeks money in exchange for their silence. If they told the young man’s wife of his flirting and watching the neighbor strip, it would rock their marriage… does that sound good?” Jim wanted to know.

“Yes, you have to make the young wife rich as that would make the guy fear exposure and losing her,” Lily said.

Days went by and the writer and wife were together always, not giving Jane the chance to expose herself or call Jim. Well, that was one way of avoiding Jane, Jim thought, realizing that nowadays he seldom thought of the frivolous neighbor sexually when he was with Lily.

Though primal sexual thoughts did control him initially, the writer in him had now taken over so much so that now he saw Jane as a character in his novel and pondered as to what would happen next.

Next day when Lily was away on her morning shopping-cum-stroll, Jane appeared at the window and waved at him. This time the seductress stripped and sat on a chair and propped up her legs on to the arms of the chair. She took a dildo and inserted it into her stretched pussy and began sliding it in and out… taking it out and sucking it and again inserting it… she was at her lusty best today. Circling her clitoris with her left hand, she dipped the toy into her rear entrance and then into her vagina and again into her gaping rose bud, repeating this for five more minutes. Jim was completely aroused no doubt; any man would be, Jim justified his drooling gawk.

Jane finished her enticing act by rubbing both her holes with her hand for a few more minutes, dressed and called him on his phone.

“Hi, cute boy. Do you wanna replace that toy with your hard meat. You can see both my holes are much used and can take you easily?” Jane laughed.

“Jane, let me tell you one thing… I don’t plan to sleep with you, I love my wife too much,” Jim got it off his chest.

“Oooh. That is cool, many men who cheat on their wives love them much. I am not asking you to come live with me. It’s just a one night thing. Like ordering food from outside, changing the plate you eat from or the cup you usually drink from. I am not asking you to dispose the table or dismantle the kitchen; such a small thing. Why do you make such a big scene out of something so small,” Jane tried to coax him into seeing her point of view.

The more he spoke to her the more he was inspired to write the scenes of his novel but he heard Lily coming back and so bid Jane goodbye and ended the call.

Phew, that was close. That woman was trouble.

That night when Jim and Lily made love in their traditional missionary position, the image of Jane sitting on the chair with her thighs spread and using a dildo on her twin portals flashed in his mind. Jim realized, all said and done, Jane’s seductive pose did pep up his performance with Lily in bed.

The novel was coming out well; Jim churned out page after page and Lily kept reading them.

One day, Jim said he wanted to relax and went out on a long walk, he left his phone behind and walked for an hour, maybe. Now and then he sat on a stone under a tree and thought about his novel and everything else that happened after they came here. He let his mind wander free, that was what he wanted.

When he came back home it was dark. There was no lights at his house. Where was Lily, he wondered. The days of writing and the long walk had left him exhausted and he plopped down on the bed and was soon asleep thinking Lily had stepped out to buy something, after all it was only 8.

When he woke up and looked around it was still dark. Lily had not returned. He managed to see the wrist watch which said 11… Oh! god 11… he began to panic. Where was his wife?

In the quiet night, he heard giggling coming from next door. Maybe Lily was with Jane. He decided to check out for himself and stepped out. But the lights were out. Why the hell were they giggling in the dark? Was it Lily after all. Or.. or was it Peter and Lily. Where was Jane if so, or was it a threesome. Oh! he was thinking like he was nuts. He mentally apologized to Lily for thinking she would be with Peter. Jeez, what a perverse thought! It was the writer in him churning Escort Trabzon out various options, not the husband, he calmed himself.

His phone … where was it? He went inside his house and found it on the table in the bedroom where he had left it. It was dead. He connected it to his charger and waited for it to switch on. Lily was bound to have sent him a message. Come on, come on, show some life… he told the phone. Yes, when the phone glowed, he found a message from his wife.

“Aunt passed away. Have gone to her funeral. Will be back tomorrow evening,” read the message and went on to say what food was in the fridge and a set of instructions.

He began breathing easy. Then a thought struck him. What was the giggling all about? He could hardly imagine Peter and Jane giggling like a newly-married couple. And Peter would be at the bar now. The writer in him wanted to find out what was happening, and so he went out and approached the bedroom window. It was quiet now and he peeped inside and saw a woman, Jane, lying on bed and a head was working between her thighs.

The man straightened up and offered his cock to Jane who began sucking it. Jim still couldn’t make out who the man was. Jane was now on her fours and the man took her doggy style, holding her hips, yanking her hair and slapping her luscious ass. Phew what a woman … nymphomaniac… slut that was what she was.

Not wanting to be caught snooping, Jim went back to his house. But curiosity got the better of him and he wanted to see who the man was. Well, he hardly knew anyone in town and how would he recognize who it was? Anyway he had time to kill. So with beer in hand, he waited on the porch for the man to come out. Finally, after half an hour a figure emerged. It was… in the dim light he could make out who it was yes… hmm… the guy who helped Peter at the bar. Jim almost laughed loudly. The man helped Peter at the bar when Peter was away and also ‘helped’ his wife at home when Peter was away.

That sounded funny, he thought and went inside and finished the beer. Did Peter know about Jane and the bar guy? Was Peter screwing the other guy’s wife, like, was it a wife swap or something? What if Peter was jealous? Did he allow only guys he approved to be with Jane or could Jane select partners on her own, like she tried to seduce him? Looked like Jane could share her pie with her own set of lovers and Peter knew nothing about her activities.

The plethora of permutations and combinations and the anxiety about Lily’s whereabouts had tired him out and he fell asleep.

The next evening when Lily came back Jim had his novel’s climax ready.

He narrated it to her: “The woman neighbor is carrying on with another guy without her the knowledge of her husband who is in the dominant partner in their swap. So, one night the two blackmailers make love and the man steps out of the house and is hit by a speeding truck. One blackmailer out of the way, the seductress has to explain to her suspicious husband what that dead guy, a common friend, was doing there at that time of the night. Did that hold water? Lily and Jim began debating the climax again and again, trying to make it more plausible.

The story’s end was in the box; one blackmailer dead and the other in a soup. The task before them was to make the entire thing work.

And Jane. What about the real life vamp? She could strip and masturbate all she wanted to woo Jim, but he preferred to stick to his Lily, a few porn movies and erotic novels on the sly.

The novel progressed well in the coming months and the neighbors kept to them mostly except for a casual hello now and then, after they realized the younger couple were not interested in anything hanky-panky.

That did not keep the raunchy Jane from displaying her nude body to Jim, and he watched without guilt as if it were porn, no attachment please. Thank god, Jane stuck to razzing him and never approached him. After all, she had the bar guy and, maybe, many more and, hence, hardly needed the reluctant novelist.

When the novel finally ended, Jim and Lily went over to meet Peter and Jane and say goodbye. After chatting for a few minutes and promising to stay in touch, they drove away.

As Lily drove the car, Jim mentally thanked Jane for the ‘inspiration’ without which he couldn’t have finished the novel.Just then his phone vibrated and a message popped up. It was from Jane: “Peter’s bar is open for you always and so are my thighs, cute boy.”

Jim smiled inwardly and deleted the flirty message. Let me delete the number too, he thought. Or should he? Well, men will be men.


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