Love with Call Girl! Pt. 01

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This is a complete fiction. All characters are 18+.

The lights of the vehicles in road is getting dimmed, road is getting like cleaned floor with some pamphlets flying and one or two, after work, rushing to their homes to be pleased with some cuddling with their love. And, yet, I am here, in platform, like a piece of shit, not cared by anyone. Sometimes, passing of vehicles swiftly caused a gentle breeze and induced some sleep but it was in vain every time due to the thoughts of her. I don’t know what to feel, whether anger and anguish or give me myself some self pity.

Like everyday, this day had started with bloody hell hangover aftermath, after falling off from bed with a freaking dreams. Like every engineering graduate, who had other thoughts of work, I wanted to be painter not a wall painter but someone like a Michael Angelo. So, the search led me down to city and ended up in this Harry Potter’s room under staircase like place with all my works and paints with some stenches around always and tiny cot to make out this sleep. Since arrived to city, only thing that happened that good was her. We met at art fair and had some commons and fell directly off to love like something and it was going good, until today.

Every relationship gets cracked after heated conversations. Before today, we had lot of heated up conversations like this when it comes to work. She preferred me with job but I never felt bound to it. Like that, but today it got much worse and ended up breaking up with me. I don’t know what to say. And came to this platform, watching vehicles passing just like my dreams with time.

I was immersed in thoughts of all this and at that güvenilir bahis mid time at hazy night with wind blows, I felt a hand in my shoulder and rose up.

When I got up, I am just blessed with watching some kinda girl of twenties in crop top and short skirt with some hitting makeup in her face with handbag. Then only, I came to thought and recognised it was a call girl. I have seen her few times around my block.

I asked her “What is it?”

She said, “looks like you are in need of holes to fill your cry juice”.

I was about to understand.

She said,” 2000 for night and it’s only for you and the time is too late to find someone. What do you say?”

I was already in some broken part. I thought may be if she can get over this then I can too and what’s more going to if some cream split one night.

Then, looked around my pockets and found some crushed money and after adding it up I found the sum as 2000 and I felt like end of world is here and what more am I going to do and gave her money.

Then, she asked, “Where shall we go?”

Actually, I haven’t had more money, so I asked, “How about your place?”

She gave it some thoughts and then said ok. Then, we walked in the pavement after 5 mins we ended up in the apartment where I stay.

She said, “Let’s go. This is where I stay.”

I am bit astonished. Then, when she opened the doors of her room and I am shocked to find that it was opposite to my place. We went in .

She went to restroom and I had some alcohol and drank it. I am generally a teetotaller but break up made me drunken. It was my first time. I was just feeling light and anger came out. She came güvenilir bahis siteleri out. I looked at her. She was just like Lena Paul had some huge asserts. She came near me and grabbed my cock inside jeans and took me to the room. I began to rush. Hugged her tightly, like crushing her and when her huge boobs pressed over my chest, I felt more aroused and grabbed her hair and took her face, looked at her and without saying anything i was kissing her and then smooching her.

I think she had some mouth freshner and it made her saliva taste sweet and we both began to play with ?? and saliva are altered and tasted. We were standing and hugging tightly. I removed her top and searched zip to unzip her skirt. Now, there is only bra between my chest and her boobs. I felt her nipples and unhooked her bra. Then took my hand to her ass and grabbed it tightly and weighed with both hands and then gave a hit. She was like “csshhhchh”. All the time, her hand was unzipping my pant and took my cock under trunk in hand and played with it and it began to get erected.

I broke the kiss. And pushed her to bed. She fell hard. I went near her and kissed her forehead and slowly moved to nose and to lips came neck. Kissed her neck around and then slowly raised her hand and went to her armpit and licked it smoothly. I could feel that she was getting tickled. Moved to her boobs. She was dusky and her nipples were brownish. I took two boobs in hands and pressed it hard and inched her nipples and she was squealing. And gave work to mouth, sucked the nipples hard enough that if she was a Milf maybe I could have got some milk. When mouths sucking, put my hands to underground iddaa siteleri work. Rubbed her pussy. I can say that she was around 25. And her pussy was so good. After sucking I took concern to stomach and licked it completely.

When moved down, I found that she shaved her pussy cleanly. I played with her clit and she was jumping up and began to rub it hard and licked her pussy. She was so professional I think her pussy was good smelled erotic and sucked till juice came out. Finally, got up from her. She looked at me and I looked at my cock and she understood and took it in like pro. It was some eternal pleasure in her mouth. Every part is aroused. Blood got pumped hard. It was slow and erotic. She played her tongue over the head of my penis and I was squealing. I felt she was taking revenge. It’s too hot in her mouth. Suddenly, she began sucking it hard and I was too hard to get ejaculate and at time of that I took it from her mouth and then pushed her to bed.

Jumped over, and inserted dick inside with slight push it went in and it was too wet outside and too hot inside and for grip grabbed her Lena Paul’s boobs. I began throbbing her like it was the last day. Then after sometime moved near wall took her and placed her in wall pushed dick inside and i was kneeling on bed. Hit her like hammer and forced my weight over her. So, after few minutes, she felt exhausted so I took her in hand placed her in bed and raised her one leg and pushed dick inside again and crushed her pussy with some horsepower s for not more than 10 seconds. At that time only, I found that in heat both forgot about condom. Swiftly took my cock out exactly when cumming. It created a white line bisecting her body. I was too exhausted and fell to sleep. The next day, I woke and found she was still asleep so went to door and found milk and took it to the kitchen and made a coffee and went near her…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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