Loving Mandy


 “You dancing?”It was mouthed above the ear blasting noise from the disco and I nodded in reply. We sashayed towards each other, each of us using the brief period to check out the other.Like most teenage girls nowadays, she wore the absolute minimum, a short black micro mini skirt with a tiny white tee shirt which left her midriff naked. The only difference between us was that my skirt was possibly a little bit shorter than hers!”Hi,” she mouthed over the noise as she began swaying with me, “I’m Mandy.””Hi, Mandy,” I had to put my lips to her ear, “I’m Annie.”We didn’t speak for the next few minutes as we writhed and swayed with each other. Like me, she was obviously bra-less and as the disc jockey announced a break, she grabbed my hand and we ran to the bar arriving just before the crowd.Once we’d been served we found ourselves pressed together in the corner of the bar. She told me she was sixteen and living with her parents not far from the club.”Have you got any brothers or sisters?” I asked her and she shook her head.”What about you, tell me about yourself?”I told her all about my life with mum and dad and how sad I’d been when they were killed in a car crash when I was eleven.”Aw, Annie,” I felt her hand taking mine and squeezing it, “That’s awful.””The orphanage wasn’t too bad though.””An orphanage?””Yes,” I smiled at her. “Well I don’t have any other relatives.””Oh my God, Annie, you got a boyfriend?”I shook my head and grinned, “No chance, yuk!””Me neither,” Escort Beşevler she laughed. “All that beery breath and whiskers? Yuk!””What about a girlfriend?” I asked. “Have you got one of them?””Not yet,” she said and smiled shyly at me. “What about you?””Not yet,” I laughed and squeezed her hand, “But I think I might have met someone.””Me too,” she said softly and then just as the DJ started again with a slow one, she led me back onto the dance floor. At first we were both a little bit shy, but as I put my head next to hers, I inhaled her perfume and I couldn’t resist kissing her neck.”You smell like a dream, Mandy,” I whispered and felt her hand on the small of my back. I kissed her again and whispered that my little flat was in the very next street.”Oh yes please,” she whispered, “But I’ve never been with a girl yet.””Neither have I, Mandy.”She giggled and kissed me quickly on the lips. “Let’s go then.”It only took us about three minutes to reach the narrow stairway leading up to the flat above a shop. I was halfway up when I realised that she wasn’t behind me and when I stopped to look, she was standing at the bottom looking up beneath my skirt.”That’s beautiful Annie,” she said softly. “I love girly underwear.””That’s number two then,” I said as she rejoined me.”Number two?””Yes,” I giggled. “One, we both like girls and two, we both love girly underwear.””Number three,” she said as we got inside the flat and closed the Çankaya escort door behind us, “We both want to kiss each other.”It was my first grown-up kiss and even now when I think of it, I get a lovely warm tingly feeling in my pussy. I leaned back against the door and drew her into my arms, her lips were as soft as I knew they would be. They parted willingly for my tongue and I felt a warm glow as I tasted her tongue and from her reaction, she felt the same.We shared the same breath for the next few minutes as we explored each other’s mouth. Even her saliva was sweet. Her hands on my breasts beneath my tee shirt felt just right, as if they belonged there. The way she clutched at my buttocks as I sucked each nipple was perfect and the way she convulsed in a powerful orgasm as she felt my fingers on the front of her lacy little g-string almost made me cry.Somehow we found ourselves lying on my bed, both of us naked except for our panties, she was kneeling above me, phoning her parents whilst I gently licked and sucked at the soaking wet vee of her panties above my face.”I can stay,” she said softly and turned around so that she could press her lips to the front of my gauzy little panties.I can’t remember how or when we took each other’s knickers off, but I know that when we finally fell asleep in each other’s arms, we were both naked and very much in love!It was ridiculous, I was just sixteen, there was no way that I was going to Cebeci escort bayan fall hopelessly in love with someone at that age, but when I awoke in the morning, it was to find her propped up on one elbow looking at me.”You know you’re beautiful don’t you Annie?” she said and lowered her head to kiss me. It became a mutual admiration society as I told her the same thing, but she wasn’t really listening as she kissed her way down my naked body.Her tongue left a wet trail over each breast and around each nipple, she whirled it around in my navel and then lay her head below my stomach as she grinned up at me and sniffed.”You smell gorgeous,” she said and I thought I’d die with pleasure as she licked the whole length of my slit, right from my clitoris down to the little puckered hole of my anus.I was a quivering wreck as she used both hands to hold my lips open and lap at the moisture between them. I felt it lapping at the minuscule hole of my urethra and unwittingly I pushed my hips up to her mouth.”That’s where I pee Mandy,” I gasped, but she just nodded and tried to push her tongue in.”I know,” was all she said. “If it’s yours, I want it.” and that was when I came!She insisted that I went home with her to meet her parents, so reluctantly I agreed and dressed as I normally would for work in tight jeans and a thin sweater, but with her panties on underneath. “So I can feel you’re part of me,” I told her and she blushed prettily.Her parents were lovely people and made me feel really welcome, we had dinner there and went into town shopping after with her mum. I watched with some embarrassment as she bought us both some pretty little knickers and stockings.”I know what you young girls like,” she laughed.”And besides I know you want to look nice for each other.”