Lucifer leads me blindfolded down the curved stone steps, my arms extended to steady my gait against the damp and slick walls. She stops me and I then hear a door creak open. As she removes the blindfold, she purrs, “Welcome, Michael! To a new world. Lucifer’s world. Leave your doubts here, at the threshold.” She steps through and offers her hand to me. “Turn back to the mundane, or…be changed forever!”

Icy-cold blood courses through my veins, my brain afire with my thoughts and my lust. “She is paradise and pleasure and pain,” I think, know, want. I step through and am suddenly overwhelmed as my blood turns hot as lava pouring from earth’s core. The room is hot. The walls seem to glow with an internal fire. I may have entered hell.

Lucifer takes me into her arms and kisses me. Not a kiss I have ever been given. A dark kiss that clouds my mind yet soothes it and is incredibly pleasurable, sensual, the kiss of an angel, fallen.

“Would you be surprised to know, Michael, that God does not abhor the Dark?” Lucifer whispers, her eyes deeply probing my soul. “What he abhors are those of us who seek the Dark as though it is the Light, enjoy its acid taste, savor its musk aroma, drink of its roiling waters, disappear within its ample bosom!”

She leads me to the center of the room, beneath the stark light. She unbuttons my shirt and moves to my back, quickly pulling it off in one swift movement. Beads of sweat glisten on my chest, now beginning to heave. She kneels before me.

“Do you seek the Dark, Michael?” she asks, unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. “Do you wish its acid taste to tingle your lips and tongue?”

She takes off my shoes and pants. “Does the incense of musk singe your nostrils and make you rabid with lust?” She blows on my cock and balls, inside my thighs. “Will your thirst be quenched by its steaming, sulfur waters?”

She stands before me, elegant, regal, potent, her skin glimmering white, pure. I reach for her and I feel my hands tingle as though singed. I pull them back in fear, “Do you wish to disappear into Dark’s soul?”

I pull her to me and clasp her, kiss her deeply, with an aching passion, her tongue darting into my mouth, farther, farther, against my throat, farther, farther, impaled on the serpent of paradise. My cock twitches against her and she pulls me tighter to her. I see only neurons exploding, bright sparks of voltage crossing synapses, criss-crossing each other in bursts of cerise, magenta, turquoise, lime, sapphire. Misfiring, they trick me—I smell cardamom, vanilla, saffron, frankincense. I taste quinine and orange peel on her lush lips. I hear cathedral bells, a waterfall, the rumble of distant thunder, felt more than heard.

She pushes me from her and seeks an answer. Precious jewels on her face glisten. “Yes,” I stammer. “I crave the Dark!”

Though she is the Princess of Darkness, she is dressed completely in white. Lucifer wears white, up-to-the-crotch Starzbet latex boots with spike heels. She also wears a white latex bra that lifts her full breasts but does not cover them. Her nipples stand out as glass marbles. She wears white leather gloves that just reach her elbow and a white leather choke collar, studded with silver. Lucifer also sports a white leather headband, decorated with stars and a bolt of lightning. Sequins and rhinestones randomly adorn her body. She literally glitters and lures!

Lucifer smiles and caresses my face, kisses my cheek lightly. She walks away from me, her boots clicking like castanets on the stone.

“Then, let my dance begin!”


She reaches for a leather crop from the wall. Her scarlet lips smiling at the thought of me at her command to be submissive.

One lonely spotlight centers its attention on me. She walks to a charcoal wall with a giant spoked wheel, and she turns it clockwise. From above, clinking chains descend with handcuffs attached to them.

“You’ve been praying for this, I think, Michael,” Lucifer says. “Be careful what you prayed for. It is going to happen.”

She takes each of my wrists and cuffs it, lightly but tightly. I can never escape from this. Though it does not hurt, her whip commands me to not resist but to obey. She then turns the wheel counterclockwise, and I am lifted a few inches from the stone floor. I feel my weight in my shoulders, but as I grunt, Lucifer slaps me with her crop and tells me to be silent and obey.

She turns another wheel, and more chains descend from the ceiling, these too with handcuffs.

She attaches each one to my ankles and then turns that wheel even more. Now I am spreadeagled before her. She lightly slaps my ass with her whip.

“You are nearing the dark you crave. You will soon be in the lustful oasis for men with a lust for passion. Are you ready for some relentless ecstasy?”

She opens a case that sits on a table. That’s when I notice the harnesses, cuffs, feathers, whips, chains, and other items which strike me with fear and anticipation.

“Do you want relentless ecstasy, Michael? Do you trust me? Do you trust that I won’t hurt you—too much?” Lucifer growls. She rubs my chest and nipples and then sucks the sweat from them, moving her hands to my crotch, rubbing my hardness. She kneels in front of my cock and holds it at the base. With her eyes open, she blows on it from different angles. It twitches several times in her light touch. I think it’s just going to explode. I hear her make a sinister chuckle.

“Do you like that I am a cocktease, part of the Darkness you crave? Are you yet feeling ecstasy?”

She walks to the table and picks up two long, brightly colored feathers. She caresses my neck and face with one and brings the other through my crotch, stimulating my balls. This is the beginning of Lucifer’s dance.

All parts Starzbet Giriş of my body are touched, repeatedly yet differently.

“Lucifer, oh, my God, Lucifer, oh, Jesus, Lucifer, Stop! Don’t stop! Stop! Don’t stop!” I repeat over and over, my cock twitching every few seconds as the feather tickles my scrotum. She occasionally blows on me, her warm breath puckering my skin. She puts one of the feathers back and kneels in front of my cock. She blows on my inner thighs, and my skin twitches. She blows on my scrotum, and the skin puckers, she blows on my cock, and it jumps. I look down and wonder whose cock that is—it must be at least an inch longer and thicker than I’ve ever seen. I am going to explode in this Darkness, this absence of Light.

Without any other touch, Lucifer opens her mouth and moves her head until I am halfway inside her. She then closes her lips and sucks in the rest. She does this several times, allowing me to penetrate her mouth, then her clamping down and sucking back.

She releases me and caresses my balls with the feather again. I am writhing in sheer pleasure with the need to explode inside her.

“I want to feel the power of your beautiful cock erupt in me and fill me. Will you? Will you cum in me so I may taste the essence of you, Michael?” To taste the Darkness that is beginning to take root in your human soul?”

She reaches around and grabs my ass, pulls my hips and cock to her face. Lucifer pulls on me hard and shoves me down her throat. In less than a minute, every muscle in me tenses, pulling against each chain. I seem to feel my cum building like a lake behind a sea wall.

I explode in her. All I see are colors and starbursts as my body pumps my seed into her. I writhe in my chains, my body jerking in sexual joy and ecstasy. Lucifer sucks and swallows frantically, moaning as I shoot more and more. She releases me after swallowing the last drop, but my orgasm hasn’t stopped. I continue thrusting into the air, nerves throughout my body shooting pulses from neuron to neuron. It’s a fireworks show. My cock is still rock hard!

Lucifer’s dance continues. She fits me into a cock harness. One strap goes around my cock and under my balls. Another strap separates each ball to either side. She hitches the straps tight, like you might cinch a horse. She places a clip attached to another by a thin chain on each of my nipples. As she places each one, my now-purple cock bumps into her crotch.

“Doing okay, Michael?” Lucifer giggles. “Are you enjoying the Dark? I’m moving on to Act 2. Fasten your seat belts!”

She takes a small cat o’ nine tails from the table. It is black leather, studded with silver stars along its shaft. She gently slaps the tails against my left ball and then against the right. Back and forth, just enough so I am aware. She then licks each one, as if cooling them off, and then whips them again. She slaps each of my tits with the whip, Starzbet Güncel Giriş each time a little harder. It stings and feels good at the same time. I am ready for more of her charms.

Lucifer retreats to the table and puts her hand in a small bucket.

“Is your body hot, Michael? What about the Dark side of your soul? I have something to cool you off,” she growls. And she rubs me all over with blue cubes of ice—my nipples and especially my ball-sack, I cringe at the suddenness of the heat and icy jolt she can create.

Lucifer moves to my ass. She whips each cheek several times, each time a little harder, a little more pain. My thighs are next and then my calves. Heat and pain from all over my body radiate and yet comingle in my crotch. I look down again and think my cock appears yet even larger! Yet I still crave the Darkness.

Lucifer kneels before me and examines the result of her work.

“Are you ready for more relentless ecstasy, Michael? It looks like you are! I love how your sack stretches so tight on your balls. They shine in the light and are so tasty-looking. You don’t mind if I taste them, do you?”

She places her tongue underneath each and flicks at them, sucks them, licks them, surrounds each and pulls with her teeth. I feel another wave building inside me.

Lucifer gives my cock a nice suck and then stands.

“You know, Michael,” she growls. “To fully enter the kingdom of Darkness, you must obey my every command. The time for making love will come later, but for now, it is the time for fucking like the animals that we all are.”

She sensually rubs my still-hard cock with oil, I think jasmine. Lucifer turns around and bends over, her ass raised high by her stiletto heels. Her hole glistens with dew. She reaches around and guides my cock to it. Though limited by the chains, I can thrust a little and I pop my engorged purple head into her. Lucifer gasps, and then leans back. All I feel is my cock twitching inside her. Then she grinds herself on me, up and down, back and forth, in and out. She leans forward until I see the head beginning to pop out and then she thrusts back hard and buries her pussy on me.

I get a rhythm going. Lucifer works to my rhythm and I prepare to erupt again. She shoves her ass back at just the right moment and holds me inside her, tensing her muscles and squeezing, over and over, milking me. Fireworks, again! Starbursts and firecrackers erupting in my brain. My sack tightens and my muscles squeeze more my seed out of me. Lucifer leans and rests on her elbows and knees. Her hole is incredibly stretched, gaping, and I see the lake of my cum inside her.

She stands and removes the cuffs from my ankles, the nipple clips, and the cock harness. Then she struts to the wall, turns the crank, and I am lowered. She releases my wrists as well. I sort of fall forward into her arms and she catches me before I fall to the floor.

“Have you seen enough of the Dark, Michael? Has your soul been turned to the Dark side? Do you believe that the Dark is really Light? If you do, then your fragile human soul will be damned forever. But if you see the Light within the Dark, then you may begin to play another day.