Madam Renee


He could hear the sound of her boots as she walked down the hall, then silence, the suspense built for a moment, and then he heard it, a knock at the door. It sent a quiver down his back and to his loins. She was here – he was nervous. He walked over to the door and opened it with anticipation.

The door opened slowly as he was so nervous to see her. When he did the blood rushed to his legs and his member began to throb even harder than it was before. He slowly looked at her body from the bottom up and was becoming more and more aroused as he observed more of her luscious body. She was wearing black knee high boots, black panties and a lace bra, her hair tied back in a tight ponytail. To his surprise she was holding a crop and a whip. The lady looked devourable.

Eventually his eyes arrived at the top and met her eyes. The woman had a devious look in her eyes. Slap! She slapped him across the face and said, “don’t you dare look at my sweet body without my permission you little perv.”

Immediately he submitted and said, “I’m sorry miss, but you just look so sexy.”

“You can call me madam, mistress, or Lady Renee. If you call me anything else you will be spanked, hard, until you know how to speak to me correctly,” she said

“Of course, my lady, you have my word,” he said.

“Would you like to come in Mistress Renee?” He asked with a begging expectation.

“I can for a little while perv,” she said, “where shall I sit?”

“On the bed over there,” he gestured she sit down on the end of the bed, “how can I make you comfortable?” he asked.

“I don’t need to be comfortable, I need to be horny and wet you perv, how can you make me wet?”

He said a little more firmly, “get on the bed miss, I’ll make you wet.”

“What did you call me?” she asked, “I didn’t say you could call me miss! Bend over, you deserve a spank.” He complied and the lady spanked him.

Lady Renee then moved into the room, sat down on the end of the bed and saw something on the television that caught her eye, there as erotic films playing in the background, the mound between her legs began to soften and become tingly already.

As she sat down on the bed he climbed up next to her, grabbing her soft breasts and hard nipples, licking her breasts through the lingerie, kissing her neck. She tasted and felt so good his cock stiffened with every flick of his tongue on her skin. He massaged her body, grabbing her tits and squeezing her nipples, they felt so nice and hard between his fingers. His hands then travelled south and began to rub her pussy on the outside of her panties, he could hear her start to moan a little as she liked it. He continued to rub her pussy and continued to kiss her neck, he could feel her black panties start to moisten. He stuck his fingers down the top of her panties and rubbed her clit, it was swollen and she was liking it. He began to stick his finger down further to touch the sweet juices that were coming out of her pussy, then she pulled his hand away and stood up.

“I didn’t say you could finger my pussy, but as you have made my panties all wet, you need to take them off for me now,” she said.

“Sorry miss.” He said

“What did you call me? I didn’t say you can call me miss! Bend over so you can be taught another lesson.” She demanded.

He complied and bent over the bed, awaiting his punishment. Slap! Slap! Slap! The lady spanked him with the crop so he would not make that mistake again.

She repeated herself, “Will you take my panties off for me now?”

“Yes mistress I will,” he obeyed and began to reach with his hands to take the panties off. She resisted and said, “Not with your hands perv, take them off with your mouth.”

“Yes my lady, as you command,” he said

She moved closer, and he went down on his hands and knees and crawled over to the sweet smell coming from between her legs. He could see the wetness of her pussy glistening Bostancı escort through the black panties. He moved his mouth closer, and began to lick the inside of her thigh, slowly working his way up to the base of her pussy. As he knelt there beneath her, worshiping the heat coming from between her legs, she opened them slightly and he moved her panties to the side, allowing his tongue to flicker across the bottom of her lips, tasting the sweet juices that were starting to drip down. He continued to lick and poke with his tongue for a while and then began to pull off her panties with his teeth.

When he eventually got the panties to the ground mistress Renee was standing over him, her pussy exposed in all its glory. He moved his mouth up to her pussy and began to lick and suck on her lips that were sitting there like leaves on a pink wet rose. It tasted so good and he didn’t want to stop. The lady eventually turned around and put her hands on the wall, allowing her to stick her round butt out a little, allow the little perv to be able to worship her ass and rim her perfect little asshole with his tongue. When her ass and pussy were wet with her juice and his, he stood up and got ready to take her from behind against the wall.

He pulled his cock out of the opening in his shorts and the tip was dripping with cum, he slowly started rubbing the head of his cock against her asshole and her fruity vulva, their two juices becoming one. Slowly he worked his stiff member closer to the inside of her pussy. But just when he was about to enter her, mistress Renee pushed him away with her butt and told him he couldn’t.

“Don’t think you can fuck me that easy my little perv,” and she slapped him again, and then moved in and kissed him deeply on the mouth. Lady Renee continued to kiss him deeply, and as she did she stroked his cock, throbbing now from being so close to her glistening rose.

Just as he was about to come she pulled away and said, “How am I supposed to fuck you when I need to pee? Need to pee first, where would you like me to do it?” She asked and looked at him up and down with a deep desire in her eyes.

“You can use me Lady Renee, I’m your little perv and you can use me however you want.”

“I know and I will, but before I do I need to suck on that hard cock of yours, I want a taste.” Madam Renee then got down on her knees, slid his boxer shorts off him, and began to suck. She took his shaft into her mouth and tasted the cum that was dripping out the end. Rubbing her tongue around the top of his cock, bringing him closer and closer to climax

After she had had a good taste, she commanded him to lie down on the floor under her. The little perv then lay down on the floor waiting for his mistress.

She stood over him, rubbing her clit, waiting for the nectar to start flowing. He lay there beneath her, rubbing his hard cock in anticipation for the golden shower, sitting up every now and then to lick the juice off her lips. And then it came, flowing out of her pussy like golden nectar, the warmth covering his cock and his torso, the sensation almost bringing him to climax. The water gushed over him and he continued to rub his cock, loving the sensation of her warm juice covering his body.

When all the warmth had stopped flowing, the mistress walked up to the top of his head so her pussy was right above his face, looking down at him like a vision of delight. She turned around and squatted down and commanded him, “Lick my pussy and worship my asshole again you perv, while I stroke your cock,” and he did, his tongue worshiped her pussy and ass and gave her a wonderful sensation.

The mistress slowly jerked his shaft as she milked the cum to the top of his knob. Slowly, slowly, more and more cum came to the top, tickling his ass and balls as she stroked. He was still licking and poking her ass with his tongue when she stood up and moved down to his cock and squat Anadolu Yakası Escort down again. As if her pussy was calling for it, she rubbed the lips of her sweetness along the top of his throbbing cock to add even more wetness into the cocktail of eroticism that was their combined lubricant, mixing together to excite with nether regions. She slowly moved the tip of his cock around the outside of her cunny, using all the moisture they had created together.

“That’s enough,” she said suddenly, and stood up, again he did not get to move his cock all the way up into her pussy, but each time he had been edging closer and closer to total satisfaction.

Lady Renee got up and commanded her little perv to take off her boots one at a time, as he did his face was close to the warmth between her legs and he didn’t miss the chance to gently lick her already tingling lips. One at a time he removed the lady’s boots. Once he was done he was ordered to stand up and remove the lingerie that was still covering her breasts, he could see how aroused she was as her hard nipples were almost poking through, he moved behind her to undo the straps, as he did his hard cock slid against her thigh and butt cheeks, the sensations making him more aroused.

He was behind her, and began to kiss the back of her neck, his penis straddling between her ass cheeks, resting there on her warm skin. He kept kissing the back of her neck as he slowly undid her bow behind her back, the straps fell loose and he grabbed onto her breasts, squeezing them tight, as removed the lace covering her soft bosoms.

Finally she was completely naked and before him, he could not believe how lucky he was in the presence of this goddess. He took a moment to commit it to memory, a mental image he could recall on later, over and over.

“The fun is only about to begin,” the goddess said as she walked away from him and climbed onto the bed. Slowly and seductively she’s positioned herself on all fours with her beautiful ass pointing back at him, “now I want you to put a little silver jewel in my ass, and we can start to have a little more fun.”

She wiggled her ass in front of him and gestured to the butt plug with pink jewel in it over on the side board, “stick it in me slowly,” she said, and licked her lips with a flicker of her tongue and a naughty glint in her eye.

He picked up the silver toy and walked over to her with desire in his eyes, her perfect butt was waiting there for him. The silver was cold to touch be he warmed it with is hands as he slowly licked around the silky skin where it was going to be inserted.

He lubricated the outside just enough and began to slowly insert the plug, in and out with the tip, getting deeper and deeper each time, until it slid into its resting place. The mistress gave a moan as it came to rest.

He saw a brief opportunity to make sure she felt the pleasure, her pussy was so wet, and he slid his throbbing member into her welcoming honeypot, thrust a few times, and she moaned in satisfaction, and then he pulled out, further delaying the final gratification.

The mistress approved, she got up off the bed and kissed him deeply, squeezing his cock and balls erotically. They were both still naked, except now with a little jewel being the only piece of clothing. That was until mistress Renee picked up another pair of panties.

“Now it’s time for me to have some fun with your ass perv.” She picked up some panties that had a red rubber shaft attached to them. Immediately he knew what was about to happen, and his cock got a little harder at the thought of it.

“Hop on the bed and get on all fours,” the lady commanded with authority, and he obeyed.

As he hopped on the bed the mistress put on the panties, he looked at her and became more aroused. She teased him with her red member, stroking it in anticipation for the pleasure she was about to give him. Asking, Kadıköy Escort “tell me how much you want this?”

He answered, “I want it all from you.”

She bent over his ass and gently started licking around the rim, prodding with her tongue, and caressing his cock and balls, milking some cum and rubbing it with her finger. He moaned with pleasure and she continued.

Once she was done, the mistress stood up and began to apply silky lubricant to the red shaft of her panties.

She slowly stroked her red member in front of her perv and said, “Do you want this?”

To which he replied, “Yes miss.”

“I didn’t say you co of call me miss!” She said firmly, and picked up her crop and gave her perv a few swift smacks in the ass.

Then, ever so slowly she began to insert her red cock into his ass, thrusting deeper and deeper each time, letting him moan with pleasure, stroking his cock and balls every so often to keep him hard. She could feel the butt plug moving around in her ass with each thrust and the pleasure kept her pussy wet with anticipation of what was to come.

She turned her perv over and hopped on the bed with him. She applied some more silk and entered him again, looking deep in his eyes. He looked at her, craving the feel of her deep inside him, he grabbed her soft bosoms and hard nipples and felt so aroused at the feeling. She gently stroked his cock, willing him to come to the edge, then she would let go and let him feel at the peak. Ever so rhythmically she thrust her red member into him, rubbing against his g-spot, almost making him cum unassisted. Lady Renee thrust some more letting her perv enjoy the sensation of her inside of him.

After a while she stopped. She slid out the red member and removed her panties. Her pussy was so wet.

“Lick my pussy you dirty perv, lick it well,” she commanded. He complied and used his tongue to pleasure her and suck on her juicy lips, enjoying every moment of it.

Giving themselves a rest from the pleasure. The both of them looked at each other adoringly and began to kiss, deeply, touching each other’s body, every inch and curve. Their attention then turned toward the television where erotic pictures were still playing. The rested and watched other pleasuring each other and themselves on the television. As they watched they slowly caressed each other’s body, every now and then bringing the other to the edge of climax, but holding back at the end to prolong the ultimate pleasure. This went on for a pleasurable while.

Once they both could not hold back any more they decided to bring each other to the ultimate climax. The mistress came first of course. Her perv began rubbing her g-spot and sucking her nipples as she watched the images on TV. Slowly and slowly she began to reach her peak, when she was almost there she began rubbing her clit with another silver bullet that vibrated, her clit was so sensitive and swollen it was about to burst. Lady Renee then came with so much vigour that she squirted all over the bed, unleashing such an overwhelming orgasm that her back buckled and her legs cramped, her pussy unleashing and becoming so moist and wet that her perv couldn’t believe the sight.

It was his turn now. He almost came just watching lady Renee squirt all over the bed. He quickly licked the madam’s pussy the taste of her cum felt sweet on his tongue. The mistress began to stroke him faster and faster, he was moving closer and closer to climax when she squeezed his nipples, and his member went off like a cannon, spraying his cum over her at last, the feeling of satisfaction was so sweet. Just to make sure that he was finally finished, the madam sucked the end of his cock and rubbed her tongue under the head, making him quiver with sensitivity and satisfaction.

They both felt so exhausted, and jumped in the shower to bring an end to their intimate session together. He washed the lady Renee with her soaps and suds, caressed her back, her creases and nooks, leaving none of her body unwashed. They hopped out of the shower and fell back into bed, cuddling up together under the sheets, his caressing the lady’s back in appreciation of the evening. And then as if in sync…sleep.