Made A Man(In And)Out Of Me

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My life changing ordeal began last summer when my wife and I decided to attend a party thrown by the cfo of her company. My wife Kelly is a secretary, or executive assistant for one of the vice-presidents of the company and thought it would be good for us to acquaint ourselves with the administration types. I had no real interest in going but it meant a lot to her and I agreed to it.

The party was located in a gated community and I was nervous from the outset. We were not underdressed, thank god, and fit in with the other hundred or so guests. I can’t imagine the cost of catering and alcohol or whether or not the company inadvertently covered the costs but I did not care as I started with the first of many hard drinks. The dinner was served buffet style and we found a table where the host and his wife were sitting. I was introduced to the attractive couple and was soon caught up in meaningless conversation. Bradley was a financial wizard, or so I’d heard , but didn’t like to discuss work or even himself while entertaining. Instead, he asked a lot of questions – mostly mundane things but thankfully not work -related. I am a freelance technical writer who does not always have work. I’m not comfortable with my unsteady income and prefer talking about anything but my work. Bradley winked regularly and I found this quality a bit unusual – maybe even a little old fashioned. Except he stared right in my eyes and made me fidget a little. I gripped my wife’s hand for reassurance since she sat to my left and is left-handed. Our conversations went from polite to what I would consider risque as the drinks kept coming. Bradley’s wife looked awesome in her tightly wrapped top – a style which left little to the imagination. Her nipples were erect from the moment we sat down. I had to keep my eyes from staring in one particular direction to avoid seeming obvious. I could not stare at Bradley too long, either. His gaze was uncomfortably strong and I was more than willing to look away periodically.

I was about to get up for a cigarette when I felt a bare foot under the table rub my leg deliberately. I immediately looked to Bradley’s wife but she was speaking to the woman next to her. Bradley himself was reaching for his drink. My wife was in the middle of taking a bite and I was left wondering what had just happened. I was sure it was Bradley.

I decided to let it go and have a cigarette. I whispered to my wife to hand me a cigarette from her purse . She rifled through her bag only to come up empty handed.

“I don’t have them. I thought you would bring them,” she replied.

I looked bewildered for a moment. Then I remembered I had switched suit jackets at the last moment and now I needed to go buy them.

“Kelly, I’m going to run to the store and buy a pack. I’ll be return shortly,” I told her.

Just then, Bradley’s wife looked up.

“You’re going on a cigarette run? I’ll drive!

She had just bought a new car and was still giddy about driving it. Her description of the vehicle sparked enough interest in my wife and all three women volunteered to go for a quick trip in the new car.

So there I was.

The women up and left and I was left sitting with Bradley who was not uncomfortable sitting alone. I decided to bum a cigarette and go outside as soon as possible. I was feeling vulnerable or intimidated or something. I was unsure but needed my wife to accompany me soon. I didn’t know a soul.

After smoking on the mezzanine above the pool, I decided to use the bathroom. I chose the least used bathroom as a courtesy to others and found myself downstairs in the cabana room. There was no one down there and I I could take my time in solitude. I opened the door to the restroom only to see Bradley finishing up at the urinal. He turned sideways long enough to catch a glimpse of me before I had the chance to back out or excuse myself.

But something caught my attention like a deer in headlights.

Bradley’s flaccid cock hung halfway to his knee and I was entranced.

“Oh, I…I My apologies, sir.” I stammered.

I had stared way too long at his dick and it did not go unnoticed. I closed the door altyazı porno and was almost out of the cabana when he opened the door.

“Next!” he said disarmingly.

I nodded to him embarrassed and self conscious. He was still drying his hands as I passed him but I did not make eye contact.

I closed the door behind me and unzipped my slacks. I had not noticed I was, for some reason, semi-erect. I made every effort to ignore my cock and sat down on the toilet. A resounding image of Bradley’s enormous shaft would not go away. It was unusually long. I never made the habit of comparing my length with any other man’s but his was by far the longest I’d ever seen.

I could hear talking outside of the bathroom and I hurried to finished. I washed and dried my hands before leaving the restroom and noticed the chatter had stopped. I turned out the light and peaked out the door momentarily before exiting. Bradley was still the only one in the room and his back was turned to mine.

“Hello, again,” I said nervously.

Bradley did not say anything. Instead, he slowly turned around with his fly opened and gripping his cock. This time, he was erect and sliding his hand up and down the length. His hand seemed dwarfed by his long member and I stood aghast.

I swallowed hard before uttering, “It’s beautiful.”

(I could not believe I had just said this let alone thought this. It just came out and I was mortified at my lack of judgment)

I looked away and scanned the room in case any one else might’ve heard my stupid commentary.

“You’re good,” said Bradley.

I thought for a moment.


Bradley stared at me with a half-grin.

“You almost had me. What with that beautiful wife of yours. We’re the same, aren’t we?”

I still did not know where he was going with this dialog but I was uncomfortable. I began to head toward the door. The moment I passed I heard him say, “ You’re dying to touch it, aren’t you?”

I stopped to make a final attempt to set the record straight but once again melted when I looked him in the eye.

“Tell me to my face: You don’t want to at least feel it,” he said as he continued to slowly slide his hand up and down.

I glanced at his cock and then past his gaze before reminding him he was out of line and most likely drunk.

“I’m not drunk, Sally. And whether or not you decide to stay, I know. I know more about you than you know of yourself,” he asserted.

I could almost see my pulse as my heart pounded. I was not angry or afraid. I was aching to deny what he had just said but could not. I had an undying urge to grapple his veined cock. I wanted to know if I could even get my hand around it. I was so ashamed, but why?

“Sir, I really have to be with my wife,” I said as I reached for the door.

Bradley let out a sigh.

“Oh, so you can reassure yourself you’re a man? I bet you’re not man enough to touch this trophy. Besides, you’re wife’s with mine. Believe me, they won’t be back for an hour at the earliest.”

I was left without a reasonable defense. I did not need one to simply walk out the door but there was a deep-seated need to remain in the room and see where this would go. I hated myself for not walking out and be unaffected by his proposition. My face was burning hot as a slowly walked back to catch a fleeting glimpse of his menacing cock before I made one last attempt to leave. This time, Bradley grabbed my wrist with heart stopping speed.

I clenched my fist as he pulled my arm close to his chest. His grip was tight and the burden of choice had now left the room along with my conscience. I was free to open my palm and slowly close my hand around his shaft. My fingertips barely touched each other as his thickness pulsated. My hand slid up and down as I watched in disbelief. His cock was real and it took much more effort to go from one end to the other. This was a cock completely foreign to mine. I would only ever want to masturbate if this is the cock I pulled from my slacks every time. It truly was a beautiful organ by anyone’s standards.

“I only said to touch it but amatör porno you seem to know what you want,” Bradley remarked.

I could say nothing as his words rung true. My natural response was to service his member as he had been doing.

After a moment or two his voice struck hard.

“Kiss it.”

I froze before he repeated himself.

There was no fluid yet on the smooth head and I rationalized how I could get away with touching my lips to the fleshy tip without too much shame. I could not believe myself as a bent over and aimed the shaft toward my approaching lips. It did not take much bending as his member rose to meet me.

I smelled his fragrance of choice and then held my breath. My lips made momentary contact and I quickly stood up. I began to make my way out of the room consumed in guilt. But Bradley was quick and he grabbed my arm.

“Hey! You can’t leave now!! You just kissed another guy’s cock. You can’t turn back now!”

He was right. I stopped in my tracks. I had crossed the line I had always hoped would not present itself.

I did not have time to say or do anything before Bradley took charge.

“Now get back here and let’s do it right. Get on your knees, Bitch!”

I quickly took my place in front of him as he backed me towards a coffee table. I instinctively knelt down on it as he positioned himself. I did not need prompting as I once again took his cock in my hand. Bradley pulled his briefs to the side and released his heavy balls from their confines. The golf-ball size jewels were consistent with the rest of his anatomy as they swayed in the tight sack.

There was no turning back, like he said.

I wanted this but was overcome with years of repression. I had hoped for and feared for so long this moment -and the likelihood I would enjoy it to no end – was now literally at hand.

I was resting on my heals Bradley beckoned me forward so that I was on both my hands and knees. I was now within six inches of his cock and I noticed there was now some liquid resting on the tip.

He was ready. In five seconds he would either move forward or grasp the back of my head for introduction. I closed my eyes and soon felt his firm grip move the nape of my neck towards him. I complied and parted my lips. The head of his cock was now resting against my teeth and soon was pressed against my tongue. Tears had welled in my eyes and were dripping down my cheeks. I cannot say exactly why I began to cry but I told myself it was sadness. Sadness for all the years I resisted this and sadness to mask the raw naughtiness I felt was underway.

Both of the hands were clasped behind my head and the cock was testing my resistance. I instinctively turned off my gag reflexes and found the member sliding in and out at an increased pace. I didn’t have to do anything but be a receptacle for the next few minutes until it was over.

But I would have to wait longer.

Another person had entered the pool room with no surprise to Bradley. This was all a part of his plan. The door locked and a man walked up and kissed Bradley on the mouth. I could not really see him as he walked around me except for his baggy linen pants – which was all he was wearing.

He did not even speak to me but had the audacity to unbutton my slacks and remove my belt. I felt his expert fingers remove my buttons and slide under my waist band. My eyes darted around wildly as Bradley continued pumping steadily.

The man had pulled my pants and underwear to my knees in one quick motion before I felt the breeze caress my bare skin. My cock had been hard for quite some time and the touching only served to stimulate me.

The distinct sound of scissors filled the otherwise silent room as the man swiftly cut the shirt from my back. The fabric fell down my arms and to the side. I was, for all intents and purposes, naked for the world to see.

Let it be known, I could’ve stood up and left the room at any time but chose to remain there as the next phase of my ordeal began.

My cock was grappled and pulled while another hand inspected my testicles. I felt little animasyon porno shame as his thumb inspected my most private part. I grunted as his finger pressed against my anus and felt the digit penetrate to the first joint. I gasped but Bradley playfully pinched my nose. There was a lot going on behind me as the man prepared for my initiation. He stopped stimulating my cock long enough to slather my entire backside with some sort of oil or lubricant. I could feel it drip down the insides of my legs and around my abdomen.

I began to squirm a bit when the thought occurred to me my clothes were ruined. And how would I explain this.

I didn’t dwell too long as Bradley was getting close. He began to breathe heavily and forcibly jam my head back and forth.

I wondered if he would pull out and deliver his semen on my face or elsewhere but soon discovered his intentions as he gripped my head with one hand and his balls with the other. In one final drive down my throat, he held still while his pulsating cock let loose a load. I did not taste it or even feel it except the warm trickle oozing down. I swallowed for closure.

He held still for a moment before stepping back. The moment he withdrew, two legs had straddled me on the table. I could feel a greasy hand in the center of my back before the other guided an erect cock between my cheeks. The cock felt cool in contrast to my body.

“Oh, yes!” I exclaimed.

The words came out unfiltered before I knew it. I was still embarrassed but couldn’t help it.

“You owe me one, Sally,” said Bradley as he wiped some semen from my chin.

I didn’t smile but nodded knowingly to him right before the head of the man’s cock entered my hole.

I gasped and panted heavily. A bead of sweat dripped from the tip of my nose and on to the table as the cock slowly descended into me.

I began to shout uncontrollably when Bradley offered a wadded towel to dampen the noise. I bit down hard and bellowed as the mystery cock increased its pace. I could feel his testicles pounding against me and I knew he was completely penetrating me. I could feel my cock bob whenever he would thrust and I needed release soon.

A knock on the door produced two more men who quickly approached with flies undone. I opened my mouth for another round while mystery man had finished and left with Bradley. I did not know when this would end but one of the men could not wait and mounted me from behind. He gave my testicles a hard squeeze and swiftly drove his cock in deep. The dull ache sent my body into an intense orgasm that continued as the man pumped. The cock I had serviced in my mouth was spiteful and let loose a load in my face. I remained in position until he was through and found myself still on all fours in the now empty room. I was covered in oil, semen and sweat. I wiped the fluid from my eyelash and licked it from my fingertip.

My shame and panic overwhelmed me at that moment.

I stood up straight and removed the shredded shirt and pants. There was a shower and I headed in to cleanse myself of the entire experience.

I took my time and rinsed out my mouth. My stomach hurt and I needed to tell my wife something before she found out. My mind was not at peace. But when I stepped from the shower, a neatly pressed suit was hanging for me and I was amazed it fit.

I rejoined the party and saw my wife just pulling into the driveway. The girls were laughing and it did not appear I was missed. Bradley greeted his wife and I quickly grabbed a cigarette from mine. I suggested we leave soon and as we were walking out, Bradley gave me his wink and told me everything was cool. I was relieved but had to make up a story for my wife to explain his comment. She hadn’t even noticed my wardrobe change.

I was feeling so strange on the ride home. Then Kelly volunteered that she and the other women were sidetracked on the way to buy cigarettes and wound up at a sex shop. She said they went a little nuts and bought some unconventional toys. She lifted her skirt to reveal a pair of latex panties.

“They unzip from front to back!” she shrieked.

I waited with baited breath as she removed an amenity from a bag.

A strap-on dildo.

“For me?” I asked incredulously.

Kelly smiled sheepishly.

“Would you let me try it out sometime? Please?!”

I stared at the lifelike features of the beast and smiled.

“How soon is now?”

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