Made To Love

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He approached her from behind. She had no idea he was home, let alone in her kitchen.

Tip-toeing up to her, he caught her completely off-guard as he slipped one hand over her mouth and the other round her waist. Pulling her back against him, he allowed her to twist round and look at him. Her eyes turned instantly from fear and shock to relief and love at the sight of her son.

“Jack you silly bugger!” she yelled, “You frightened me to death.”

They laughed and hugged. The hug was quite prolonged. It had been nearly a year since he’d last been home and Marie had missed her only son as much as he had missed her.

She stepped back to look at him. He had filled out and grown even taller. At 6’5” he towered over her and she had noted the moment they hugged that he was solid and much more muscular than she remembered.

She made tea and they gossiped and caught up with each other’s lives before he announced that she had just an hour to get ready. He had booked a table at a top restaurant and she was his date for the night.

She felt like a teenager again, instead of a 39-year old widow, as she swiftly showered and changed.

As she walked back into the lounge, she gasped in genuine admiration at the handsome young man in front her, now in turn changed into a designer suit with open-neck button down Oxford shirt. He was now wearing his hair in a ruffled, deliberately unkempt style and it certainly suited him.

For his part, he let out a low wolf whistle as he took in the shapely silhouette in the low-cut black cocktail dress. It finished a couple of inches above the knee, higher than most bursa eskort women her age would dare attempt but with her legs, still as fabulous as ever, she got away with it easily. The black patent “fuck me” heels were higher than he expected too, but again they were not out of place on his mother’s feet. She just looked a million dollars and he knew he would be the envy of every man in the room.

The meal was delicious, the chauffeur driven limo an unnecessary expense, but they both laughed at the decadence and they were still laughing when they got back home.

With their meal they had enjoyed fine wines – a different one with each course – and superb champagne and they were both, consequently, very relaxed. In the lounge at home, he poured them two large brandies and they toasted each other and their future.

After the toast he took her drink from her and put both glasses down. Pushing a button in the hi-fi, he moved back towards her as Sinatra sang slowly: “Moonlight Becomes You”, and he took her in his arms and led her into a smoochy dance.

Their bodies pressed and moved together. After a few minutes, without stopping the dance, he cupped her chin in his hand and gently pulled her face towards him. Their eyes met and he kissed her lips. Not a son to mum kiss, but something much more intimate. She responded perfectly naturally, forgetting for a moment, who he was.

Then she felt his manhood stir against her and it was if she’d had smelling salts passed under her nose.

“No!” she almost screamed at him.

“Yes”, he whispered, resisting her attempts to wrestle free of his bursa escort bayan embrace.

He kissed her again, strong and firm this time, ignoring her efforts to turn her face away from him. He pushed her down onto the sofa, and still restraining her body, lay across her.

Her eyes flashed wildly as she looked up at him. He just smiled coolly back and managed to somehow pin her down and hold her head still at the same time. He kissed her again, this time pushing his tongue deep into her mouth and kept up the pressure until he felt her respond.

In spite of herself she kissed him back but began to panic again, when she realised that he had worked her legs apart and had opened his fly. She felt the heat and hardness of his cock against her thigh, but try as she might she just couldn’t find a way to stop him.

He was far too strong for her and he seemed to have hands everywhere.

In a moment, she felt the gusset of her panties being pulled to one side, and she felt the tears welling up inside her as her son pushed his hard, long penis into her vagina.

He filled her quickly and she felt her body react, her pussy walls melting and contracting with him, with every thrust he made. She knew she wanted sex so badly and she knew that what he was doing to her felt so good, but she knew it was wrong.

Nothing she could do would make him stop. Nothing she could say seemed to get through to him.

She looked in his eyes again. Sheer lust was concentrated in them, but as he saw her look at her so he started to smile. She smiled back, her tear-stained face, görükle escort relaxing now as she felt him working against her to bring her to full arousal too.

God, he was good. She so wanted to be fucked and this may not have been how she wanted it to be, but if felt so good. She let her body move with him, until the base of his cock rubbed against her spot. She felt her nipples harden under her dress and knew that she wanted it and she wanted him.

He felt the change in her body, that now she was with him, as he had always known she would be. He eased the pressure that he had applied to restrain her and opened the front of her dress.

Pushing her bra aside, he bent his face to her and his mouth closed over a hard erect nipple. Sucking and licking he heard her moan with the sheer pleasure and ecstasy of the moment.

He increased his rhythm slightly and fucked her harder. Her breathing became faster and more shallow. She didn’t want him to stop, his cock filled her and felt so good inside her, but she knew she was about to cum. She started to tremble and shout, louder and louder until she shook uncontrollably yelling at the top of her voice as wave after wave coursed through her body.

Then it was his turn, thrusting in faster and faster, deeper and deeper, until he, too, knew he was about to blow. She almost came again as she felt him pumping hot sperm deep into her, shooting it up inside her.

They lay as they were for some time afterwards, and later, shared the same bed. They fucked again twice more before morning, when he told her of his plans for her to move back to the States with him where they would live as husband and wife, and raise the child he had just given her.

She didn’t argue. She knew she should, but it was now too late for that. She had never met a man like him, and she was at one and the same time proud that she had raised him and was now his chosen lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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