Make a Wish!

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Author’s note: An entry for the Halloween 2019 contest.

This is a fictional tale. All characters engaging in any sexual acts are over the age of eighteen years.

Synopsis: A Djinn changes the life of a young man. But everything comes at a price and he has to decide if it’s worth paying for.

Edited version.

Steve stood in front of a mirror; his fingers pinched his face tightly while he checked for any cracks that may have appeared in the past few hours. His eyes were attentive with his mind focused, while he went through each and every pore on his light bronze skin to notice if the little purple dots had somehow multiplied in numbers. He remained in that same pose for a good fifteen minutes, observing himself, inch by inch, all over his body.

The dots were a sign of the time that was left. He had to fulfill his task before midnight or else…

The floor felt cold and hard as he fell down on his butt and sighed in relief at the halt in their numbers. Their increasing numbers were slowly driving him towards the crazy actions he had to undertake in order to stop them. The momentary pause left him enough room to breathe and rethink his course of action.

To calm his panicky mood, he did the one thing that had never failed to bring joy to his soul for the past two months; he took his tool in his hand and stroked it to an erection. A proud smile floated across his pale face at its huge proportion. But this momentary bliss passed much too soon. Instead, his soul became muddy by the feelings of impending fall, and fearful of the shameful retreat into the obscure confines of relative anonymity.

“Do I really have to do it?” he asked his reflection in the mirror. His voice sounded timid and very much unlike the dominating figure staring back at him.

The words of the Djinn rang loud in his mind like a blaring alarm would in a plant full of explosives. They kept reminding him of the task yet to be accomplished and the glory, the adoration, the power, which was on the line.

Listlessly, he picked himself up and took a look at the costume hanging on the left side of his cluttered wardrobe. His face darkened at the sight of it, the stark reminder of his previous shortcomings. Disgust bubbled inside his heart when he touched the fabric.

It was a Robin, the one he loathed to wear, the one which had fit perfectly on him, the one he settled to love, and the one he was set to wear two months ago. Afraid that he would get scalded if he held it for too long, he flinched back from it.

He then looked to his right and smile came upon his bleak face. It was a Batman, the one he wished to wear, the one he had had tailored to his hunky frame, the one he loved, the one he was set to wear that evening. Smirking at the memory of how it came to realization, he took it in his hands and felt the smooth texture of the material between his fingers.

He was still reminiscing about that momentous day when the sudden knock at his door startled him awake from his reverie. He hurriedly dressed his naked self as he went to the door. The husky voice and the constant tapping told him of the intruder to his sanctuary. He opened the door fretfully, only to be greeted by an angry face of his obnoxious elder brother.

“Shit tard, how long does it take to answer your door.”

“I was-“

“We are leaving in fifteen. Don’t leave the front door unlocked like a stupid idiot!”

“I’m not a-“

“Who are you going as?”

“Must be that same fucking Robin thing you wear every year!”

“Fucking dweeb!”

Steve could only watch on with clenched teeth as his brother insulted him and then walked away arrogantly.

He seethed at the withdrawing figure of his brother. Same as every other time in his short life of eighteen years, he was left feeling like an extra in a movie starring his brother as if he was there just to make up the numbers, to help the protagonist blow off some steam.

He stomped towards his wardrobe and took out the Batman costume. The crushing snigger and the volleys of insults hurled at him took care of any vestiges of reluctance. He’d had enough of being a punching bag. Determined to go through with what would be a life-changing event for his family, he donned the costume.

“I’m going to do it! I don’t give a fuck anymore…”

He paused for a moment when the smiling face of his mother floated across his eyes. He thought about the damage he could end up doing in the end, one they might never recover from. But his misty eyes turned steely just as soon.

He knew there was no turning back from it. He had tasted the fruit that was popularity and fame, and he was determined to cling on to it until his last breath. Even if it meant going against everything and everyone he held dear.

“That Djinn better not be lying…”

Two months ago.

Steve Harper was walking down the street, his backpack fastened to his back and his hands holding the straps running down his shoulders. He looked a little haggard and his hairs escort bayan bursa were a bit ruffled. This was not an unusual sight, for he followed the same path from his school to his home, and he looked the same troubled kid in all of his days as a high school student.

Every day for the past two years and counting, he would say his goodbyes to his three friends at the front gate of their school and then watch them take the bus or ride their bikes home while he had to walk in the opposite direction. He would walk the same route to and from his house to the school despite the few misgivings he had to encounter on a daily basis.

Every day when he was confronted by the bullies in the neighborhood he would silently pass by them because he didn’t want to invite any more trouble. But it wasn’t as bad as it could have been with his thin and short frame, given that the Harpers were well known in their relatively small city and his brother was Shawn Harper, not someone you want to be on the bad side of.

After the little humiliating affair with the bullies, he would quietly disentangle himself from them and then he would walk steadily towards a place only he was privy to. That was his haven, his safe place.

It was a deserted pond, so he didn’t have to worry about having to contend with anyone about the right to relax on its bank while gazing at the peaceful scenery. He loved to spend hours of his time sitting there in the quiet of nature, away from the judging eyes of his father. And away from the constant ribbing from his elder brother, a place he had all to himself.

He would leave only when it would get a little darker. He would then walk back the little path he came from and trudge on the way to his home.

At his home, his only respite was his mother. She was a loving woman and kept his brother in check whenever she was home. Sadly for him, it was a rare thing for her to spend much of her evenings at home with her family. Being a councilwoman, she spent most of her evenings in her office and was usually late when she got in. For most of the past year or two, only had enough time to kiss him goodnight before he went to bed.

So it was just like any other day for him when he reached the small pond. But today he felt a little chagrined at the way his life was going. He had yet to go on a date this year and he knew that chances were slim that the situation would change anytime soon. He observed his reflection in the clear water and sighed ruefully at the pathetic sight that greeted him.

“Fuck! Why!?”

He cursed at the unfairness of life. Both his father and brother were handsome and tall men but only he turned out to be a short and scrawny thing. His confidence was shot due to it, and it especially hurt when his brother’s fiancée gave him pitying looks.

He rained down curses upon everything and everyone while throwing pebbles in the pond. It was the first time that he had done this with such vicious and cruel intent as it was not in his nature to act in an outrageous manner.

Suddenly, a strange mound of dirt caught his eye. So in his flared state he ran up to it and kicked it hard. He kept kicking it until he ran out of energy, protesting about the way the world treated him. The dust made him cough violently and he wheezed for a few good seconds as he sat down on the grass.

It was then that a loud noise echoed in the peaceful surrounding.

His eardrums nearly burst and his vision turned dark. He tried to move away from the source of the noise, the weird mound, but his limbs refused to listen to him. He felt suffocated and shackled, unable to do anything but watch helplessly as the cloud of dust slowly gathered into a blurry figure. His face turned white due to fear when that blurry figure took a solid form.

He shut his eyes in hopes that it would disappear, but no matter how many seconds passed he still felt the ominous presence breathing down on him. He was moments away from passing out when the figure spoke to him.

“Tell me your wish!”


He opened his eyes with a start. The figure was floating in front of him and he gulped in a breath as he gazed upon the dark, creepy being. He was seldom scared of anything and never had believed in ghosts or spirits but he had no other explanation of the weird phenomenon that was happening to him.

Fearfully he asked it in a quivering voice, “Are you a Djinn?”


The Djinn grinned at him, its sharp, yellow, teeth coming to the fore. Steve would have been scared silly if not for the strangely melodious and enchanting voice. When the Djinn spoke to him, he felt calm despite the outlandish scenario.

He was still afraid of it but much less than before. And when the Djinn had confirmed his guess, he felt much better. His shaking also slowed down considerably. He composed himself and raised his eyes to take it in its entirety.

It was huge and creepy to look at, with only the torso of a human being and a long ponytail attached to the back of its head bursa sinirsiz eskort which circled around under it. Its skin was pitch black and its eye sockets were empty and it was grinning wildly with its purple tongue sticking out the from between the cracks in its teeth.

‘This isn’t what a Djinn should look like!’

He kept this thought to himself in fear of making it angry. He took a quick peek at the dirt mound but there was no lamp in sight. This worried him a little bit. In every story that he had read or heard, there was always a lamp.

“There is no lamp?!”

The Djinn flew up in the air and circled around the pond a few times before it came back to float in front of him. Its grin broadened as it repeated the earlier words in the same honeyed tone.

“Tell me your wish!”

“Only one?!”

“Tell me your wish!”

It repeated the same words but Steve felt that somehow the tone carried a little menace which was absent before. He didn’t dare to ask it again and thought hard about what he should wish for. The first thought was money, he rejected it instantly. There was no shortage of things in his life and he was confident in his ability to earn for himself after he completed his studies. The second thought was world peace; he rejected it as well but only after a moment’s thought. There were far more pressing issues in his situation than thinking about the problems of the world.

Finally, after wracking his brains he settled on what he thought would serve him well for the rest of his life, the one thing he absolutely abhorred about himself. He asked the Djinn to turn him into a tall, handsome, dashing man with an eight inch dick between his legs.

The Djinn seemed to snicker at his pedestrian wish but agreed to it nonetheless.

Steve was glad that Djinn agreed without any questions or conditions and didn’t dispute any of the various little tweaks he had asked for. He wanted to be turned into the best looking man he could think of and he had asked Djinn the same. He waited patiently, but his mood soured when nothing happened after a long while.

“Nothing’s happening?”

“All wishes take twelve hours to come true.”


Steve felt weird that it would take time before the wish came true but he didn’t mind it that much. He kept checking his body to see if he could notice anything different.

Suddenly, he realized that the Djinn had not disappeared as it should after granting his wish. He was overjoyed at the possibility that he had two more wishes left. But just when he was about to ask it for superpowers, the Djinn’s booming laugh echoed in the surrounding once more.

Steve cursed under his breath. In his excitement, he had completely forgotten about how odd the whole situation was. He had a bad feeling about making a wish to the creepy being. And it was just then…

“You have to pay the price!”


Steve cursed at his continued bad luck. He knew nothing ever came for free but in his moment of weakness, he fell for its trick. He wanted to run away, and yet he didn’t because he had a sinking feeling in his stomach that if he tried to go back on his words, then something terrible and beyond his wildest imagination would plague him for the rest of his life. He had no clue why he felt that way, but he was sure it would come true.

“What do you want?” he asked fearfully and devoid of the earlier enthusiasm.

The Djinn took its time before it opened its mouth.

“You will lose all that you wished for if before the Halloween night is over, and you still haven’t…”

‘This is it!’

“… mated with Amanda!”

“Yes!” Steve shouted his agreement as soon as the Djinn said Amanda’s name.

They both turned silent at Steve’s unusual reaction. The Djinn stopped its grinning. Steve felt as if he was being looked like an object of amusement. He knew he had fucked up. The Djinn obviously wanted to make him uncomfortable by asking him to fuck his brother’s wife to be. But Steve let out the secret in his relief of getting a task which while not being ideal was still doable.

Now they were both aware that this task was not much of a price to pay. In fact, it may happen to be something that Steve could very well enjoy. Steve nervously glanced at the Djinn, waiting for it to make its decision.

Suddenly the Djinn closed in on him, its face grinning from ear to ear. Its twisted nose crashed onto his and the noxious smell coming out of it made him dizzy.

“… and bedded your mother!”

It was the last thing he heard before he fainted from fear and shock.

When Steve woke up, the moon was up and visible. The scenery around him was picturesque. A pond illuminated in the moonlight with thick groves around it. But Steve was in no mood to appreciate the beautiful scenery around him. He crazily searched for the dirt mound yet he was unable to spot any sign of it.

“Was it all a dream?” He muttered to himself.

After a few escort bayan minutes passed and there were no changes to the surroundings, Steve gave up. He couldn’t make sense of the situation. Though he was grateful to be rid of the creepy entity, there was an obvious disappointment. But the nightmarish smile of the Djinn as it jumped on him, right before he passed out, was still fresh in his mind, and it was a big deterrent to any feelings of regret.

He picked up his backpack and gave a long look at the tranquil pond. The same pond he had always loved and cherished seemed a lot lonelier all of sudden like it had lost its charm. He walked a full circle around the water body and when nothing seemed to happen, he skeptically walked away.

On the way home he entered the first store he laid his eyes on. He went into the restroom and washed his face vigorously. Looking in the mirror, he chuckled at himself for being so foolish to believe in such a fantastical thing.

“You all right man?” The store clerk asked him when he left the restroom.


“Okay… you should buy some new clothes.”

He gave the clerk a confused look. He had never talked to that person before in his life and it seemed weird to listen to a stranger’s fashion advice.

“Those look short on you!” The man chuckled good-humouredly.

Steve gasped in shock as he checked himself in front of a mirror. The clerk’s words were true that his clothes did look a lot short on him. He was baffled because moments ago everything was normal but now he had to deal with this new problem, and the sudden change rocked him to his core. He quickly took his leave from there and bought some new clothes. These were much bigger than his actual size.

‘It just may come true!’

It was what he thought when he made his choice and in turn also bought some other things like shaving kit, underwear, condoms, all in preparation for a miracle that could happen the next day.

While he was doing all this, he felt as if he was forgetting something important, something which was crucial in deciding how he lived for the next two months. He felt like he should not forget it as he knew it by heart, yet it evaded him. No matter how he tried to remember it he just couldn’t quite get a hold of it and every time he did so, the Djinn’s grinning face would appear in front of him, haunting him.

A little later when he reached his house, he found that only his father’s car was parked in the garage. Grateful that he wouldn’t have to explain anything to his mother and wouldn’t have to deal with his brother, he slipped in without making a peep and went straight to his room. He got naked in a hurry and studied himself in his mirror. His muscles seemed more pronounced and he felt as if he was an inch taller than the last time he measured his height.

With relative difficulty, he reined in his excitement and decided to sleep in the nude just so that his clothes may not become an obstacle.

When he woke up the next morning he felt different. He felt better. He felt as if every cell and tissue in his body pulsed with life like he was structurally different from his previous self. He quickly checked his crotch and exclaimed in joy when he took his thick, erect member in his palms. It was what he had wished for, an eight-inch cock.


He spent a whole hour in front of his mirror trying to burn into his mind every little detail of his new and improved self. The first thing he noticed was that he had become tall, really tall, and no more was he that scrawny little thing. His frame had filled out, his pectoral muscles were well defined and his abs were prominent. He had more than a few extra pounds of muscle mass to support his core.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!”

He thanked the creepy Djinn for granting his wish. There was a sudden sinking feeling in his gut but he ignored it and concentrated on doing pushups. He was not much surprised when he easily reached a count of a hundred.


He became sure that everything was for real and not just an illusion. All of the changes to his body were not just there to make up an empty shell. Now if ever those bullies tried to make fun of him he could just wipe the floor with them.

He did a little more exercise and tried to work his muscles. Though he felt a little out of sorts, he very quickly got comfortable with his movements. He was delighted and found it hard to contain his happiness. He wanted to shout out of the rooftops but he knew that would only attract undue attraction towards him so he held himself back but only just.

After he freshened up, he dressed in the clothes he had bought the previous evening. Thankfully they fit and didn’t make him look like a clown. He took a little time to admire himself and style his hair before he left his room.

Suddenly, he felt nervous to face his family. He realized he can’t think of any excuse for his sudden overnight transformation. He very well couldn’t tell them that Djinn granted his wish, they would think he was crazy, anyone would. As he thought more about it he decided on denying everything, if anyone mentioned it, he would just brush it off as the opposite party not paying attention to him. For the first time in his life, he felt happy that only a few people were even aware of his existence.

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