Making Friends has Perks Pt. 01

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It was my son’s first day of pre k at the local school. They make all the parents come the first day to meet the teacher and make sure the kids are ok. We walk in the classroom and they have seats picked out for us, so we sit down and I start filling out all his paperwork. After 15 mins or so the teacher starts talking. Looking around I see that I’m the only dad in the room. There are a few grandmothers but the rest of the kids are all there with mom. We go through all the rules and guidelines as she explains how she runs her class. They give us a tour of the building and we are done for the day.

Later that week I see a mom dropping her daughter off in my son’s room. I don’t remember seeing her during orientation. On the drive home I stop to get gas. As I’m leaving the pump, I see the same mom is walking by up the street towards where I live. It’s a small town so the school is a little less than half a mile from the edge of town. I go home park the car and go about my day.

Shortly after heading inside the house there is a knock at the door. As I open the door I see it’s the fedex driver. I sign for my package and turn to go back inside. At the end of the block is see the mystery mom crossing the street. I hang out on checking the mail box so I can see where she lives without looking like a creeper. She heads inside a house half way up the next block. The rest of the week is more of the same. She’d drop her daughter off then walk home. At pick up she would get daughter at the door and walk home.

Monday rolls around and it’s time to go to school. It’s raining lightly when we leave. I drop my son off and as I’m walking out the door the mystery mom is walking in. My son called me to get another hug so I quickly went back in to give him one. I asked what he wanted for dinner trying to kill a few moments so I could walk out with the unknown woman. It works. As we leave the classroom I hold the door open for her and she quickly scampers into the hallway. I again held the main door for her to head outside.

“Would you like a ride home? I think you live on the same side of town as I do.”

“No thank you. I don’t want to be a pain” she replies sheepishly.

“You aren’t a pain. I know what a boring walk it is plus it’s raining heavier now. Please let me give you a ride.”

“Ok fine but only because it’s raining.” She tells me.

She quickly gets in the car. I extend my hand telling her my name. Surprised at first she looks at my hand extends hers and tells me her name is Taffy.

“Ohh I love eating saltwater taffy” I say winking at her.

She smiled and called me lame. I ask where she lives and let her point out the direction. We get to her block and I turn around dropping her off at the door. I give her my cell number and tell her to text me anytime she wants or needs a ride to school. She thanks me again and heads towards Samsun Escort her house.

Taffy and I text a few times back and forth. Mainly when I see the weather isn’t going to be all that good and ask if she wants a ride. She never refuses and we end up taking the kids to school together everyday. A lot of small talk waiting for the kids to get out of school reveals that she is new to the area, a single mom and looking for both a job and a car. She finds a job within a few weeks and I help her out with rides whenever I can.

A few months into the school year I have elbow surgery. I live in a split house and even though my ex is staying in one half she refuses to take my son to school. I ask Taffy if she can take my son to school for a few days until I’m cleared to drive.

One night a couple days after surgery I’m up due to pain. I grab my meds and jump on social media waiting for them to kick in. I get a text from Taffy asking if I’m awake. I joke that she is peeking through my window and hoping I go to sleep so she could sneak in and have her way with me. She laughs and proceeds to tell me if I want that I just have to walk up the street. We go back and forth for a few mins before she tells me she is getting a shower since she just got home from work. I tell her to leave the door open and I’ll be waiting for her to get out. She doesn’t believe me so I dare her to leave the door front door unlocked. A few seconds later I have a text saying “the doors open but you don’t have it in you to show up”.

Not to disappoint her or miss out on whatever Taffy has in mind, I decide to make the walk up the street. I walk up to the door and reach for the knob. It is indeed unlocked. I let myself in. She has all lights off so as I try to make my way through her house all I have is the light from the street lamps. Not waiting to use my flash light in my phone in case someone would call the cops. I found the couch and sit right in the middle of it. I see Taffy’s phone sitting in the table. I know she will definitely be coming back into the living room after her shower. I sit and play on my phone, waiting for her to come see me sitting there.

A few minutes go by and I hear footsteps. I have no idea who it is so I turn my screen down and push it against my leg. Taffy comes walking into the living room. She has on a pair of panties and a tank top. As she walks closer to the table I say “told you I’d show up.” Taffy jumps as I caught her off guard, scaring the holy hell out if her. She reaches to try and smack me. I caught her arm and pull her to the sofa.

As soon as Taffy hits the cushion my hand slides between her legs. My hand runs between her thighs until it hits her panty covered pussy. I tease her at first- rubbing all over her pussy through her panties. Taffy’s body is aching for attention. She is breathing hard and rocking her Samsun Escort Bayan hips trying to get my fingers inside of her. She gets sick if my teasing reaching down and pulling her panties to the side. Her pussy is shaved bare. Smooth a silk. I can tell she just shaved in the shower with hope I’d show up.

I rotate my thumb around her clit, barely letting my finger touch her. She again starts bucking her hips. Pushing her pussy towards me as if begging me to enter her. I enjoy teasing her so much. I slowly slide my thumb down the length of her slit between her pussy lips. Her body moving with anticipation as my finger closes in on her entrance. Her hips stop moving as if frozen in place- pushing towards my hand. Just as my thumb begins to enter her I slide my hand back to her clit. “Oh you bastard” she growls at me. This time I press my thumb on her clit pushing on it as I rotate. Her hips being bucking wildly. She moans while biting her lip. Her hand grabs my wrist as she begins to squeeze my wrist. I work my thumb as fast as I can. With a deep moan Taffy throws her head to the back of the couch and releases my wrist. “1-0. I’m winning” I say with an evil smirk on my face.

Taffy pushes me off the couch and lays down quickly. “Shut up and fuck me already” she demands. Her shorts are still pulled to the side as I pull my shirt and shorts off quickly. As I crawl into the couch between Taffy’s legs she says to wait. She picks up her phone and under it lays a condom. “I’m not on the pill” she says in a disappointed voice. I open the condom slipping it on my hard cock. “Go slow. I haven’t been with anyone since my kids dad. I left him 3 years go”

I lower myself between Taffy’s legs and grab my dick. I push up against her and re-align my cock. As I push my cock into her she lets out a soft moan. I pull back just a little and rock back and forth into her. My cock sliding deeper and deeper with each trust. Her pussy is so tight around my cock I’m not sure it’s all going to fit. As I pull out she lifts her hips, pulling her panties down. I move and rip them off the rest of the way. Taffy lays back down this time spreading her legs as wide as she can. I again line my cock up and push. This time I push much harder. Forcing half my cock into her tight little pussy. Taffy lets out a moan that of pain and pleasure. Her pussy begins to adjust to my cock as I continue to thrust into her. I pull out to the point where only the head of my cock is still inside her pussy.

I push back into her with full force. Driving my entire cock deep inside her wet tight pussy. She moans loud as my balls smack off her ass. I continue to pull all but the head out and slam back into her. Fucking her hard and deep into the sofa. Taffy reaches up grabbing the back of my head pulling me down into her. We are cheek too cheek as I pound her like no one else Escort Samsun ever has. My cock hammering fast in and out if her. Her pussy juices run down her ass and gather in a puddle on the couch.

“Fuck me please! Please keep going! God I’m going to cum. I need your cock inside me. Please don’t stop! Please god get me off!” Taffy moans in my ear. A few more thrusts and Taffy’s body bucks and her back arches.

I continue to fuck her pussy as she cums harder than anytime in her life. Her back still arched as her hips begin to wiggle as if trying to fit more of me inside her. She tells me to stop and I do, leaving my hard cock smashed deep inside her pussy. “We need to switch positions”. She says as she pulls her legs from around me. I sit on the couch next to the puddle of juices she left and pull the condom off. I push her to her knees in front of me. Looking up at me she grabs my cock at the base.

“I’ve never swallows before” slips from her mouth just before she locks her lips around my cock. She didn’t have much experience with big cocks and it shows as she struggles to fit my cock in her mouth. She tried to keep things moving by stroking my shaft and her tongue working the head of my cock. As she works up more saliva it starts running down my shaft. Her hand still stroking my cock, she picks up pace as her spit covers my shaft and her fingers. I move my hand to the back of her head and push. Forcing my cock into her mouth. Not wanting to gag her, I only push a little. The head of my cock disappears into her mouth followed by some of my shaft. I pull her head off and start pumping her face up and down on my cock.

As Taffy gets used to having a big dick in her mouth she takes over moving her head up and down. The sound of extra saliva escaping between her lips and my cock fill the room. She is drooling all over my cock. My shaft and balls are covered as she continues to take more and more of my cock with her eager mouth. Bobbing her head up and down as fast as she can without my cock slipping from her mouth. I grab her head again. This time she locks her mouth around around my cock as I begin pumping her face up and down my shaft.

As I face fuck Taffy her hand keeps her from gagging. With me working her head she focuses her efforts on her tongue- pushing it against my shaft, rubbing it along it and the underside of my head as I fuck her mouth. I let her know I’m going to cum. She moves her hand from my shaft and I push her head down all the way. Bumping against the back of her throat she gags on my cock her mouth watering even more. I keep my hand in her head working my cock in her mouth. As I get ready to unload I pull her head up leaving just the tip of my cock in her mouth. I let out a groan as I begin to cum in her mouth. She tries hard to swallow it all some leaking from between her lips. I let go of her head. My cock still In her mouth. Her hand grabs my shaft again as she begins stroking my cock trying to push out every bit of cum inside me.

Taffy finishes sucking my cock and let it slip from her mouth. “You coming back again next time you are up late?” She asks. I tell her to text me and find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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