Making New Friends

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I was blindfolded. I never thought I would enjoy being blindfolded, but here I was, sitting in the middle of the bed, blindfolded, clad only in a pair of lacy panties and equally sexy bra. I felt the bed shift as both men-one was my husband, the other a friend-moved toward me. I turned in the direction of the slight sound of sheets moving, but it was a futile movement; the blindfold kept me in the dark.

I felt the brush of fingertips on my wrist before a hand gently gripped it and brought my hand to a pair of lips, kissing my palm. Another hand slid over the bare skin on my thigh as lips brushed my shoulder. I felt teeth scrape my shoulder lightly as they took hold of my bra strap, pulling it down my arm. The clasp of the bra suddenly opened, and I felt the bra being pulled away from me, baring my breasts to the view and touch of both men. It wasn’t long before I felt a mouth on each breast, kissing and licking around the areola before fastening on the nipple. Involuntarily, I arched, a moan escaping from my lips. I reached out, attempting to touch them, but each man gently restrained an arm, pushing me back onto the bed. My instinct was to fight, and I tensed briefly, but immediately melted as a pair of warm lips found their way to the sensitive spot on my neck. As the talented mouth and tongue worked its way over my neck and shoulder, I felt hands sliding down my body to my legs. They were warm on my thighs, gentle on my knees, and I felt them reach my feet, lips sliding over my ankle as the hands pushed my legs open. As I felt the hands slide up my leg with a tongue following it, the other mouth was back on my breast—kissing, licking, nibbling around the nipple and the sensitive underside of my breast while fingers caressed my other breast.

The sensations were almost overwhelming. The mouth travelling up my leg stopped at my panty covered pussy, and I felt fingers slide lightly down the material, teasing me. The bed shifted a bit as the man sucking on my breast shifted to work his tongue and mouth over my other breast, repeating the same wonderful teasing on my nipple as his hand rested on the breast he’d just been teasing. The man between my legs pulled my panties to one side and teasingly ran a finger down one side—and then the other—of my cleanly shaven lips. I bucked my hips, indicating I wanted more, but all I received was continued teasing of fingertips lightly stroking the skin of my outer labia. I groaned in frustration as the hand pulled away, and I could tell by the shifting of the bed that the man between my legs has moved away. But it was only Ankara escort for a moment, as he moved my legs together and my panties were pulled off of me. My legs were quickly pushed apart and a hot, hungry mouth descended upon my pussy, tongue immediately seeking out the clit as the feeling of one, then two fingers filled me. I cried out and my fingers clenched around the sheets and pillows that my hands were resting on as the fingers worked in and out of me, mouth sucking on my clit, tongue flicking it mercilessly, and another finger pushed up against my asshole then pushed in.

I felt the man who had been sucking on my breasts move away and a moment later, I felt the smooth head of a large cock gently push against my mouth. I opened my lips wide to suck the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, before sucking it down as far as I could go. I attempted to lift my hand again to wrap it around the shaft of his cock, but as before, I was stopped by gentle pressure on my wrist. I increased my sucking, pulling his hardness into my mouth before letting it slide almost completely out of my mouth, flicking my tongue on the underside of the head before sucking him back into my mouth. I felt a warm hand rest on my head.

The mouth working on my clit suddenly picked up speed as the fingers fucked two of my holes. I moaned around the cock in my mouth as the orgasm overtook me. As the orgasm subsided, the fingers filling me pulled away, but the tongue gently continued taking long licks over my labia, dipping inside me occasionally, and avoiding the clit to allow me to recover.

There must have been some sort of communication between the two men, because I felt both of them pull away and hands pull me up to my knees and arranged me so that I was on all fours. My lips curved into a smile, and I opened my mouth to comment as a cock was against my lips again. Greedily, I sucked it back into my mouth, working my tongue over the head as I sucked it down as far as I could go before releasing it slightly, still keeping the suction going.

I felt fingers stroking the skin on the back of my thighs, working their way to my labia, before dipping inside me. I groaned around the cock in my mouth and pushed back on the fingers, wanting to be fucked. While the fingers played and prodded slowly, it was far too gentle for what I wanted, and I dislodged my mouth for a moment.

“Fuck me,” I commanded, hoarsely. “I need to feel a cock inside me.” I felt the fingers pull away and a head push against me. I tried to push back against it, but the man pulled away, Ankara escort bayan teasing me. I groaned in frustration. A hand gently guided my head back to the waiting cock. I licked around the head, teasing the sensitive underside with my tongue before taking long licks up the shaft. As I teased the cock in front of me with my tongue, the cock behind me teased me gently rubbing the head up and down my labia, sliding it between my lips to rub it over my sensitive clit, causing me to jump a little with every contact.

Slowly, I worked my mouth around the head and down the shaft. Equally as slowly, I felt the head of the other cock slide into my pussy. I realized that the man who was fucking me was trying to time his movements with mine. (He was fucking with me, so to speak.)

I sped up my ministrations, sucking harder and moving faster. I could feel the tension in the body and hands of the man I was sucking, and I knew he was enjoying it. The man behind me thrust his whole (large) length inside me, causing me to gasp—not the easiest thing to do with a large cock in one’s mouth—and I felt his hands tighten on my hips as he withdrew and thrust his hardness back into me. Almost involuntarily, I pushed back against him.

I lost the control I had while giving the blowjob and my mouth was slowly being fucked as I was being fucked from behind, my large breasts swinging free. The man I was blowing reached down to cup a breast as he continued to fuck my mouth as the man behind me reached around to play with my clit as he increased the pace of his thrusts.

It didn’t take long for an orgasm to overtake me, and I was moaning and shouting in bliss around a cock, the only thing keeping me somewhat upright was a cock in at either end. Another orgasm ripped through me, and this time, I sagged onto the bed, both men pulling away. Rolling onto my side, I pushed the blindfold up and off and looked up at their grinning faces.

“Are you going to live?” My husband asked.

I nodded. “Don’t tell me we’re done, yet.”

“Oh, we’re just giving you a break,” our friend said.

“So, which one of you was where?” I asked.

The guys exchanged grins before my husband looked back at me and shook his head. “That’s going to be our little secret.” He leaned down and gave me a gentle kiss. “What would you like next, darlin’?”

I hesitated for a moment before smiling shyly. “I think I’d like to try a DP.” This was kind of a big deal for me. I’d never even had anal sex and both of these cocks were much larger than average. I was nervous, but Escort Ankara so horny at the thought of both of those dicks in me, filling me up.

“Are you sure?” My husband asked, gently.”

I nodded. “If it gets to be too much, I’ll tell you guys, but yeah…I want to try this.”

My husband lay down on his back and I straddled him, sliding down around his hardness. I was so wet, he slid in easily. I inhaled sharply as he made his cock throb for a moment, feeling it fill me up. He moved his hips, thrusting up into me as I moved my hips, grinding him into me.

I heard our friend move and retrieve the bottle of lube from the nightstand a moment before I felt his finger probing at my ass. I slowed my movements as my husband continued to thrust up into me and our friend slid one, then two fingers inside my ass, slowly pumping in at out as he leaned against me and started kissing and nibbling on my neck. I forced myself to relax, rolling my head back to rest against our friend’s shoulder as my husband continued to thrust smoothly and slowly in and out of my pussy as one of his hands fondled a breast. A moment later, the friend’s fingers pulled away and a few moments later, I felt the large head of his cock pushing up against the opening to my ass. My husband stopped thrusting for a moment to allow him to enter my ass, but reached down to play with my clit. The head popped into my ass, and he allowed me a moment to adjust to the size. The initial discomfort was quickly tempered by how turned on I was, and I felt the beginnings of another orgasm start as my husband continued his rubbing on my clit. I started to cum again, and our friend took the opportunity to slide his length completely inside me, filling me up.

I screamed when the orgasm hit, turning into nothing but a mass of over-excited, quivering nerve endings as both men moved. As one would fill my pussy, the other would be pulling out of my ass and vice versa, my clit being stimulated the entire time. Eventually the orgasms didn’t even take a break and flowed one right into another. They held me up, keeping me in place as they used my body, and I could only let them.

I’m not sure which one of them came first, but the thrusting increased shortly before one, then the other cried out, filling me with their cum. As we all untangled ourselves and spread out onto the bed to catch our collective breath, I smiled first at our friend and then my husband.

“You ok?” My husband asked, trying to catch his breath.

I nodded and stretched. “Yes, I am.” I grinned, “I guess my mom was right.”

“Your mom? What does she have to do with this?”

“She always told me it was good to make new friends,” I replied, reaching out to take my husband’s hand in mine as I reached for our friend’s hand. “I’d say I have to agree.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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