Making Paris Hilton My Bitch


Jason smiled from behind the bar as he watch Paris Hilton enter the night club followed by her body guard. Everything was going to plan for his night of punishment.

The rich heiress followed in the path made by her bulky muscle bond protector to the bar, swaying her hips trying to catch the eyes of several younger men watching her every move. She wore a simple Playboy shirt and jeans, the top of her breasts looking extremely inviting. Once she reached the bar she ordered a screaming orgasm, how ironic thought Jason. “A complementary drink for your friend Miss Hilton” asked Jason handing the drinks out.

She peered at Jason obviously finding him unattractive with his fake beard and dyed black hair, “every drink should be complementary for me, this club should be paying to get me in here”. “I’ll look into it for you miss Hilton” replied Jason savouring the torment this bitch would experience before the night was over, neither of them noticed the pills dissolving into their drinks.

“Incidentally Miss Hilton, Mister Timberlake heard you were coming and asked if you would join him in the new VIP room it’s just down the corridor” said Jason, he nearly thought she wouldn’t fall for such a stupid story. “Really, oh I can’t wait to see him, he is so cute” breathed the excited bimbo, practically running through the door her bodyguard following her.

“Well I met her, I’m off” Jason said to the club owner, he had explained he was Miss Hilton’s biggest fan and just wanted an excuse to talk to her. He payed the owner two hundred bucks and followed the pair out into the alley were they sprawled unconscious on the ground.

“Stupid bitch” thought Jason as he lifted her into the back of his car and covered her with a blanket. He drove for half an hour to the river, transferred the bitch into another car and rolled the first car down the bank into the black murk. That should buy him a few hours from police. He drove back into the city stopping outside an old apartment building. He carried her still wrapped in the blanket to the basement he had rented and refurbished for this one night.

She started wake up as Jason set her down on the bed and tied her hands to headboard. He locked the door and typed the lock code into the keypad. He then set up the camera so it had a full view of the bed and the table with his toys. Jason then put his mask on and turned to look at the now fully conscious and struggling Paris Hilton. “Ah Miss Hilton so glad your awake are your ready for our session”, “what the hell do you want from me, let me go, I’ll give you money”. “Alas all the money in the world could not stop what is about the happen, as for what I want, I want to give you, and the world a night they will never forget”

He turned to the computer attached to the camera and initiated the program, it had cost him a large amount of money to buy this program, but it was worth it. The program sent a video feed to another computer by the web, however this one sent a video to every running item of technology attached to the internet with video capabilities with subtitles translating it into the language of country the item was in.

Once the program finished he focused the camera onto Paris Hiltons face, making sure she could clearly be seen. “Ladies and gentlemen I am sorry to interrupt your time but I have something I think you would like to watch. Before me is the most famous bitch in the world, the blond bimbo Paris Hilton, while many of you may be thinking this is a hoax or a fake I assure you it is not. A short time ago I kidnapped Miss Hilton from a L.A. Nightclub, I’m sure the police are already heading there now”.

“Many of you may be wandering what I plan to do with Miss Hilton, what I am going to do is what many of you want to do, I want to humiliate her, show the world what a little bitch she is, and then I am going to make her scream and make her my little bitch, lets begin”

Jason zoomed the camera back so it showed the bed and the nearby table and sat down next to the struggling blonde. Jason wasn’t worried about being recognised his mask was specially designed to stop and facial recognition software and covered his eyes.

“First let us see those famous tits of hers” he took a knife off the table and cut her down the front of her shirt and through aside the remains. “Wow would you look at this, the bitch is wearing a black lacy bra, it’s almost as if she knew she was going to get fucked tonight”. Jason tore the bra off to reveal her tits, the 4 c tits resting seductively on her stomach, her nipples already hard.

“Now these are nice” said Jason gripping one in each hand squeezing the melons like fruit. He began to flick the light brown nipples resulting in a slight groan from the bond bimbo, “how many men have squeezed these Miss Hilton?” he asked. Paris just sat there trying to avoid his touch “let me go” she moaned as he rubbed around the bud of the nipple, expertly rubbing, squeezing and flicking.

“Wrong answer” said Jason, “you get one warning, answer my questions and do what I tell you and the whole world doesn’t get to see what punishments I have in stall for you”.

Letting Paris’ tits drop back to her chest Jason reached down to her jeans and pulled them off, ignoring the kicks of the enraged heiress who was now only wearing lacy black panties. “Feisty little bitch isn’t she” he said to the world. Jason pulled her panties off and sniffed them and then showed the insides to the camera, “ladies and Sex hikayeleri gentlemen it appears that Miss Hilton is as excited about this night as I am, she has already soaked these. Jason then placed the panties on a table, “these will be available of E-bay soon, bids start at $100,000.

He turned to look at Paris’ exposed pussy and ass and closed in for an inspection. “Well there is a sight that many have seen” breathed Jason looking at her slit already moist from the earlier nipple play to her clit, swollen and round just below her landing strip of blond pubes. Jason traced his finger down her cunt to her asshole and poking his finger up her poo shoot, “hmmm tighter then I expected, don’t worry it will be pretty lose when I’m finished with it”

He started to slowly rub and flick her clit, bring her close to an orgasm when he stopped. “Please” panted Paris, “let me come, just fuck me and let me go”. “Wow you really are a little self-centred little slut, you have been kidnapped and all you can think about is your own sexual desires, you never even spared a though towards your body guard did you”.

He stuck a finger into her love tunnel and then a second, “you sure are loose” pressing a third finger in then a fourth, “can you even feel that little bitch”. Paris was writhing under the intrusion. “Now tell me how many guys have you fucked in your pathetic little life, speak up so everyone can hear”. “Go to hell you pervert” she yelled, “wrong answer” said Jason closing his hand into a fist and showing forward. Paris screamed “noooooooohhh”, her cunt was in agony; Jason slowly twisted his hand back and forth back and forth, pushing further into her warm embrace. The slop slop of her cunt juices and the grunts from the struggling blond filled the room, her pants and groans increased in frequency “ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. Her cunt contracted around Jason’s hands her juices spurting along his wrist “nooooooooooooooohhhhh” she panted before collapsing back on the bed.

“Miss Hilton, the whole world just saw you cum whilst being fisted, now if you want them to see you cum whilst your ass is being fisted tell them all how many people you have fucked in your life”. “I don’t know, I don’t know”, “very well” said Jason moving his hand out of her cunt with a “phaccck” noise and moving it towards her shitter. Paris her eyes wide screamed and tried to move her ass away from Jason’s hand “Wait, wait, I’ve fucked hundreds of guys, please don’t, I seriously can’t remember how many guys I’ve fucked, don’t fist my ass”. Jason backed off with a smile, “hundreds, so many she doesn’t even remember, what a slut”

“Now miss Hilton you get your reward for being an honest slut, lets play a little game”, Jason untied her hands and watched her jump towards the door trying to beat it down. Don’t bother that’s a solid steel door, this whole room is sound proof, you can’t get out unless I let you. Jason walked towards the table turning his back to his prisoner and picked something up, “I’m going to give you a chance to walk free” said Jason.

He picked up the toy that he wanted, it was a monster of a dildo, 12 inches long and 4 inches wide, it was covered in raised bumps and had veins running along its length. “Lie down on your back and show your nice pussy and ass to camera, it’s the only way to leave this room alive, I will kill you if you piss me off”. Seeing no other choice Paris lay down on the bed, spread her legs and exposed her pussy and ass to the world. Jason turned round the dildo in his hands, Paris’ eyes followed it, wide in terror, “this is what is going to happen, you get 15 seconds, if you can shove this to the hilt down your ass before the time is up I let you go, if you can’t you stay a little longer receive one punishment and get a black mark. You can only get rid of the black mark if you pass one of the games, if you win a game without any black marks you can go, its so simple even you can understand, probably”.

He threw the dildo to Paris who caught it and stared at it, “its too big, I can’t do it”, “if you don’t try you die” replied Jason, “your time starts now”. Paris stared at the dildo for a second and then desperately shoved the dildo up her hole. The first 3 inches got in with ease before hitting resistance, she shoved harder forcing another inch, then another, “it’s too big, its too big” she kept muttering. “Come on push harder you little slut, you know you like the pain” encouraged Jason, the dildo went up another 2 inches. “Five seconds, I would hurry if I was you” she kept pushing managing another 2 inches “it’s too big” she cried, “Times up” said Jason, “that’s a black mark and one punishment”.

He moved forward and yanked the dildo from Paris’ ass resulting in another scream. “That wasn’t fair, it was to big” she moaned, “it’s the right size” said Jason, I’ll prove it during the next game, but for now its punishment time”.

He seized her wrists and tied them to the head board again and secured her feet to the other end of the bed, ignoring her protests and picked up another toy from the table. It was a hose attached to two plastic tubes with a funnel to regulate where the water flowed to. Before she could say anything he fed one tube into her mouth the other was shoved up her ass. “Swallow this or you drown, it’s shitting time”.

He turned the tap and water flowed into her down the tube into her ass, a “glug glug” sound followed and water began to pour out of the hose down into the waiting shitter. Sikiş hikayeleri He waited a minute and turned it off leaving Paris groaning with litres of water in her gut. “When I turn this tap, all that water will flow out of your ass and into your mouth, the whole world gets to see you swallow your shit water, isn’t that fun”. Paris looked at him, her eyes blank and crossed, she tried begging but no words escaped the tube.

“Enjoy” said Jason, turning the tap, the water slowly poured from her ass towards her mouth. The water was brown with small chunks of shit floating in it. It slowly moved towards her head, Paris tried to spit out the tube to roll off, her screams were muffled by the tube. The water reached her mouth filling it making the cheeks bulge. Her eyes widened, she tried to scream but couldn’t, in the end she swallowed. “Look at the little shit eater go, I think she is enjoying this, I know I am, I know a lot of our viewers are, finally seeing the bitch taken down a peg. Paris continued to struggle but was forced to drink the putrid shit water until it stopped flowing, when he was sure she had swallowed it all he took the tubes out and untied her, she rolled over and threw up. “You sick bastard” she gasped, “that’s the point, on to the next game”.

“Lie down on your front” said Jason, Paris meekly obeyed, he positioned her so her ass was facing towards the camera. He picked up the recently discarded giant dildo and poked the head and inch into her ass so the base pointed to the ceiling. “This game is to show you that the dildo wasn’t to big for your ass, imagine if you had tried harder; the whole world wouldn’t have seen you drink your own shit”. He took a mallet and held it above the base of the dildo, “I’m going to hammer the whole dildo into your ass, and you have to resist screaming, if I hear a single sound it’s another black mark and another punishment”.

“Ready” he asked lifting the mallet; Paris closed her eyes and clenched her jaw. The hammer swung forcing the whole 12 inches into her ass. Her whole body jerked, her knuckles clenched the wooden bed head and a slight gasp escaped her, her ass was on fire, she had never known pain like this, she hated anal and only let a few of her smaller lovers do it, but never anything this big. “See you could have done it, you could be gone by now but you love pain and humiliation so much you decided to stay”.

“I didn’t make a noise get to the next game, please just let me go”, “I would gladly do that, but a thought I heard a slight gasp when the dildo entered you”. “No no I swear I made no sound” begged Paris her hands trying to grab at the base of the dildo trying to pull it out, “leave it in, for now” said Jason. “If you insist you didn’t make a noise then who am I to argue”, Paris breathed a sigh of relief she was almost out of here. “I guess I’ll just have to go to our video referees”, Jason turned to the camera, “everyone watching now has a choice of pressing a yes and no button, if you press yes Paris did make a noise and gets another punishment, a worse one for lying, if your press no she is one step closer to getting free, back to fucking all the guys she wants”. Paris rolled over, the dildo wedged up her ass paining her, “please press no, get me out of here” she said begging the camera.

A bell chimed, “the results are in” Jason looked at the computer screen and let out a low whistle, “people really don’t like you do they”. “86% of people said yes, which means you lied to me, which means another black mark and another punishment”. “What is it going to be, what can I do to you”.

Jason turned to the table and looked at the tools left on the table, “I think this will do”. It was a deflated ball with a pump attached. For those of you who don’t know, this deflated ball will be shoved into her pussy, I will then inflate it until its about the size of a baby, this combined with the dildo still stuck in her ass should make her quite uncomfortable.

He slowly shoved the deflated ball into her pussy; she grunted and groaned but made no effort to resist him. Once it was fully in place he pumped it until it was about the size of a baby and stopped. She just sat there groaning, the ball had expanded her entire vaginal canal and she could part of it pushing the wall onto the dildo.

“Now part 2 of the punishment”, he flipped her over and lay her down, she barely cared any more, “this is what you get for trying to lie to me” he said as he picked up a mallet and a chisel. He placed the chisel onto the base of the dildo and swung, the first one moved the dildo up her anal canal another few inches and she screamed and she screamed. The second swing moved the dildo forward again but it jammed after a few inches, her screaming stopped and a slight gurgling came out of her mouth. “I think I was lucky enough damage her lower intestine, by the way that stays in there the rest of the night, besides I doubt I could get it out again”

Jason looked at a small television screen in the corner, it was connected to a video camera on the outside wall of the building he was in, it showed the street out side, a police car drove past and started fllowing the streets around the building.

“Now Miss Hilton, I’m going to do you a small favour, I’m going to take out the ball and remove all of your strikes if you are willing to undergo one last humiliating act, and then you can go”. She stared up at him and nodded, her eyes blank, her face pale and tear streaked, Erotik hikaye I’ve done it, thought Jason, I broke her. He leant down and whispered into her ear, isn’t it amazing what you can do with a little pain and humiliation, get someone to do anything, confess to anything, remember that”.

Jason turned her around and tied her to the head board and tied her legs to the end of the bed. He put a metal collar on her and attached a chain to it. “Every good bitch deserves a collar, and you are truly my little bitch now”. Jason tied the chain to the head board so she couldn’t move her head. He pumped the ball up some more before pulling it out with one sharp jerk, she screamed in agony again before slumping down.

Jason went into the next room before coming back leading a large horse. “This is Boris, he is a very lucky for two reasons, firstly he gets to fuck you with the whole world watching and secondly because he has a cock which is considered large compared to other horses, even that toy lodged in your shitter is a pencil compared to Boris’ dick”. Even in her shocked state this was too much for Paris, she screamed and bucked and strained but she couldn’t get free of the bed. “No do more games, give me more marks more punishments, I deserve them, I deserve to be punished, I’m a little slut, just don’t let that horse fuck me”.

Jason looked at her and then looked at the horse, “as tempting as that is and as good as that little outburst is for your image, I would hate to disappoint Boris”. “You sick bastard” she screamed, flailing on her bonds trying to break free, “if I ever find you, when you get caught I will hurt you”.

Jason pulled Boris until he was just behind her, “you know that tone just makes me want to stop”. He got Boris to position his front legs onto the bed and moved them forward until they were in front of her shoulders and the bulk of the horse was resting on top of her. She had stopped swearing now but was screaming for help at the top of her voice.

He took a hold of the horses huge dick and positioned it at the position of her slit. “No please don’t do this, please”. Jason ignored her and kept moving more of the dick into her hole. He then stood up and moved behind the horse and slapped it on the rump. “Nooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” screamed Paris as the horse pulled back and thrust as hard as it could into her. The horse pulled back and thrust again and again, with each thrust another inch disappeared into her hole. Again and again it thrust in, “ooooooooooooooooooooooohmmyyyyyyyyygoddddddddddd, its to big, its to big, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Jason looked on enjoying the sight, “I think Boris is having fun, that’s the most important thing”.

Boris continued to thrust in and out, Paris now whimpered and moaned with every thrust, the horse only able to get half his cock into her. Jason stepped forward and slapped the horse’s backside causing him increase his pace. Paris was shoved into the bed with each thrust the springs creaking violently. Paris groaned, she had never had anything this big inside her, she felt herself getting close to another orgasm. “oooooooooooooooohhhnooooooooooooooooooooooooo” she was panting now, “fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, oh shit ooooooooooooooooh shit”. She orgasmed and ay sill panting, the horse still fucking her for all she was worth.

After 10 minutes he stopped thrusting and came deep inside her. The horse then pulled out of her, his limp dick covered with traces of blood from where he had torn her. “Did you enjoy that” asked Jason, “I know you did and the whole world saw you”. Paris looked at him, pure hatred in her eyes “I’ll kill you, you dickless worm” cried the heiress.

Jason stood up and walked towards the door “well I have to go now, enjoy the rest of your night, I hope you folks at home had fun”. “Wait, you said I could go after the horse had fucked me” she cried after him, “you can’t leave me like this”. Jason turned around, “your right, I can’t leave you like this, its too cruel”.

Jason walked back to Paris, Boris’ was still standing over her panting. He reached down to the table and picked up a syringe with a yellow drug in it, he turned and plunged it into a vein in Boris’ neck. “I just injected Boris with a mixture of adrenaline, sex hormones and Viagra” explained Jason as he pushed Boris’ cock back into Paris’ bleeding cunt. “He is now a ton of energy, his dick will be as hard as a rock for hours and he is going to be super horny for ages, and you’re the only source of release”. “He will fuck you for hours before collapsing, and if none finds you by then, and I see no reason why anyone will find you, he will still be horny and will keep fucking you, for days even”.

As Boris started up again behind him and Paris began screaming insults and pleading to be let go Jason lent down to the camera. “I really hope someone finds her in the next few days, Boris will probably get thirsty, good night”. Jason then turned off the camera, picked up the discarded panties and walked out the door locking it behind him.

After taking off his mask he bumped into the landlord, “did you see that thing with Paris Hilton, that bitch is finally getting what she deserves” “Yep, it sure was something”. “I wish I new were she was so I could have a go at her” the landlord continued. Jason smiled and looked at him “I moved most of my stuff out but I might have left a couple of things behind”. “When my lease is over at the end of the week you can have first dibs on anything that’s left”. The Landlord beamed, “thanks man, you’re a real friend” as he toddled off to his room, “you have no idea” muttered Jason as he walked out the door.