Male Order Ch. 01


This all happened when I’d just moved to a new town and been single for a bout six months, so I wasn’t really getting as much action as I might have liked.

It was my first time living in a flat on my own and being a bit of a used panty addict was a bit of a problem for me. I’d always been used to getting my hands on nice, smelly, worn, panties, whether they belong to friends, girls friends and I’ve even had the occasional wank while sniffing my sister panties. Suddenly though, I had found my self in a new town with no female friends around, no laundry baskets to raid at home and no girlfriend.

So, I turned to the internet to try to feed my addiction. I searched for used panties for sale and eventually found a website advertising used knickers at a pretty reasonable price.

I look through the gallery, a range of varying panties, some simple cotton white a black knickers, some very sexy lacy thongs, French knickers and some cute little patterned panties.

All had be worn for a day and were guaranteed to smell fresh when delivered… Bostancı escort I had to do it, I put an order in for a little white thong. I got an email back from Kate, the girl who’s worn panties are up for sell, her email said “I’m really sorry but PayPal have changed their terms and conditions and I can no longer sell my panties, but if you are up for it, may be we could arrange some other form of payment… if you are interested, send me your postal address”.

So, I replied to the mysterious email and waited, two days later a package arrived. Feeling the padded envelope I could tell that it was Kate’s panties. As I excitedly ripped the top of the package open, my cock started to stiffen with excitement.

I reached inside the envelope and pulled out the cute little white knickers, wrapped in an air tight bag to preserve their scent. With the panties was a note saying “I’m glad you agreed to my terms, your cock now belongs to me and whenever I want to see it you have to send me a photo where ever you are or what ever you are Anadolu Yakası Escort doing”.

Her words were driving me crazy, her claim over my cock made me even harder, reading on, Kate’s note said “…I hope you like your new panties, I wore them all day today thinking about you and what I was going to do to you once I took ownership of your cock. First things first, you better try them on, see if they fit and I want a photo!”

I pulled the thong out of it’s bag, unfolded it and held it up in front of my face, it looked amazing, very sexy, I wish I had seen Kate wearing it. Looking inside, they had clearly been worn, her dried juices almost making a solid mould of Kate’s pussy in the fabric.

By this point my hands were shaking in anticipation of the rush as I moved the gusset of Kate’s panties to my nose, I closed my eyes, I inhaled, my body shook as my head filled with the incredible smell of Kate’s cunt.

My cock reacted, twitching and squirming involuntarily in my jeans, needing to release my self, I unbuttoned Kadıköy Escort my jeans and throw them off. Obeying Kate’s command, I stepped in to her kickers and pulled them up my legs.

My cock was dripping pre-cum as the soft fabric, which just hours ago, was clinging to Kate’s pussy, cupped my balls – it felt great. There was no way my rock hard cock was going to fit in to these tiny little panties, so I pulled them up as much as I could, leaving the top of my cock sticking out of the top.

I grabbed my camera phone and obediently sent a photo to Kate as she had asked. No one had ever seen me in panties before, knowing that Kate, a girl I had ever met, was looking at a photo my hard cock in her panties was too much for me, I had to cum.

Pulling the panties I off, I started wanking, as I moved the gusset of Kate’s white thong to my nose again. I inhaled heavily as I stroked my aching dick, my hips thrusting my cock harder in to my fist. It didn’t take long for me to cum, I shot wads of thick cum across the room while under my breath letting out the words “oh… thanks… Kate… uhhhh…”

So, that was day one under Kate’s control over but something told me the fun was just beginning, I knew that at any time, the next command would be text through and where ever I was I would have to perform for Kate.