male rape ?



At the age of forty and being overweight I find that even though I want sex often my wife off twenty two year’s is not interested anymore, once upon a time we were very active and experimented in all kinds of things, which is how I learned I liked my ass to be internally stimulated. Done right I could even cum without touching my dick. Tracey (my wife) used to like using a small strap-on cock and fucking me as I jerked off, but all this stopped about ten years back, these days I find I just sneak quick wank’s in the shower to relieve my stress tension and sexual urges. This all changed when I was prowling the internet while my wife was out shopping,
I came across web site advertising to full fill any and all my fantasies and best of all they were situated only thirty one miles from me. This coungered up images of a young sexy girl fucking my ass as I was jerked or sucked off by another. I E-mailed them and informed them of my fantasies and got an E-mail back saying they could full fill them no problem, i instantly made an appointment for the very next day. It was hard not jerking off in the shower that night as I could not get the thought of having my butt fucked again after all these years out of my mind.
The next day my cock was hard all morning and when I finally got to the address Sex hikayeleri given I was leaking pre-cum from my cock I was so excited. I knocked at the door and was welcomed in to what appeared to be a normal house but sat on the sofa were two very sexy looking girls of about twenty years of age, Kim was a tattooed slightly chubby girl with black hair and a small pair of tits, she was wearing a black lacy dress that flared out from the waist down and on her feet she wore black leather Doc martin boots, were as Shelly was a slim long hared redhead with pale milky white skin, she was dressed in a black t-shirt and black legging that showed her camel toe very well, her boob’s were big and pert and her nipples were clearly visible through her top .
After paying for their services I was taken down into the cellar which had been kitted out as a sex play room with a large bed in one corner and other items which I would guess were for bondage and sexual torture scattered around, I was ordered to strip which I did and the embarrassment of showing these pretty girls my flabby naked body was enough to make my cock go limp for the first time that morning. Shelly then got onto her knees and took my little soft cock into her mouth and as she sucked I once again became erect. I was then guide to the bed but Sikiş hikayeleri before I could lie down Kim pulled my hands behind my back and handcuffed then as I tried to complain I was gagged and blind folded, I tried to fight them off but was no match for the two of them and found myself face down bent over the bed with going by the lightness I would guess Shelly sat on my back and Kim lubricating my ass hole with some kind of oil. Moments later I felt the tip of what I presumed was a large strap-on cock being pushed into my arse and I actually started to enjoy myself, as the cock like toy was thrust in and out of my ass my dick was hard and banging into the side of the bed every time I was deeply penetrated. Then Shelly climbed of me and took hold of my cock and started to jerk me as good if not better than I could have jerked myself of, the pounding my arse was getting was amazing and I had never been penetrated by anything so big before in my life. I could feel the pressure building up in the base of my cock and new I was close to shooting off, then it happened and I erupted, my cum spat out of my cock in several powerful blasts and Shelly kept jerking me till I was completely drained, I heard Shelly telling Kim that I was properly milked but she didn’t stop right away and after what felt Erotik hikaye like hours of being ass fucked I felt something that I shouldn’t have, Kim was Cumming in my ass, I could feel her ejaculating inside me. My mind was frazzled with what had just happened but I have to admit it felt good being flooded with Kim’s cum and I thought it must be some kind of squirting sex toy.
The cock like toy was then removed from my ass and Shelly removed the ball gag and blindfold and sat me down on a towel she had put over the bed. When my eyes adjusted to the light stood in front of me was Kim, she was naked other than suspenders fish net stockings and the black doc martin boots and wear the strap-on was supposed to be was a very big wet looking semi-hard cock. Kim was a man, a transsexual but a man. I had been fucked and filled with sperm and even as I sat taking it all in my arse was still leaking his cum onto the towel.
I walked drove home baffled by my feelings and in shock. I had been raped in my opinion, yes I wanted my bum fucked but by a sex girl not a man. I was not gay, men did not turn me on and the thought of another man’s cock coming into contact with me was scary not a turn on. But a week later I made another appointment only this time I didn’t want the restraints. I wanted to be on my back with the sexy Shelly sucking on my hard cock as Kim or should I say Kev dressed in stockings and suspenders, fucking my arse again and filling me with his creamy cum as I fill Shelly’s mouth with mine..x