Mallin Prepares Ashira Ch. 02

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Ashira knew she was trapped. None would come for her even if her screams were heard. If any did come, they would merely shrug it off as a future groom sampling his future bride. Mallin had her exactly where he wanted her. Even though she was frightened with every fiber in her body, Ashira couldn’t deny how hotly her own body had reacted when Mallin had forced his lips upon hers. Even now Ashira could feel the silken wetness between her thighs. How she hated herself at this moment, how she hated him even more.

Ashira had long known it was Mallin who would be her mate. The son of the famous War General, Maphus, Mallin had been groomed from an early age to be Ashira’s mate and future king of this planet. Unfortunately for her, Mallin had tormented her relentlessly. Cornering her every chance he could get when he knew no one was watching, he would find any excuse to press his body against hers, slipping his hands between her thighs and squeezing, the dark looks on his face promising Ashira the torments of their future together. He meant to break her, Mallin would settle for nothing less, and Ashira wanted nothing such as that.

So caught up in her panic, Ashira had failed to notice that Mallin nearly had her to the large bed that was predominantly placed in the middle of her chambers. Her breathing becoming frantic, she knew she must do something to save herself now.

Willing herself into action, Ashira ran a lone finger over a single lock of Mallin’s long silver hair.

“Mallin, please, it would be more proper to wait until the ceremony was over. Then I would be most willing to give myself to you, as your wife,” Ashira’s words were soft and breathy even to her own ears.

Mallin threw back his head and laughed.

“Pretty words from a pretty princess, Ashira, but I think your false efforts are wasted this time.”

She started to fight him then, her small body twisting in his arms, her mouth biting at his arm, at last finding her target. His cry of outrage as her teeth drew blood echoed in the stone chamber and Ashira did scream then, but for naught, as her small frame went flying across the room to land heavily on the soft mattress atop her bed.

Ashira Samsun Escort scrambled frantically away, but Mallin’s large arms hauled her back to him, and she closed her eyes tightly not wanting to see his face, with her eyes shut she could concentrate on the sounds in the room, the thudding of her own heart, and his heavy breathing in her ear. She winced as his tongue slid across her cheek and up to her ear.

“Now, Ashira, it’s time,” he whispered softly in her ear.

She screamed again as the silken gown was ripped into two large pieces from her body. Ashira frantically tried to cover her breasts from his gaze, but Mallin grabbed both her wrists easily and held them above her head.

Still her eyes were closed until two harsh fingers pinched her left nipple painfully.

“Open your eyes, Ashira,” Mallin growled above her. Ashira clenched them tighter, and again those fingers twisted her nipple so roughly she screamed out from the pain.

“Open your eyes, Ashira!!”

She choked back a sob and forced herself to open her eyes. She met his eyes forcefully, hoping the hate she felt for him showed. He kissed her again hard. His long tongue forcing, and sliding downward to the back of her throat. Ashira wanted to choke, but Mallin skillfully flickered his tongue in and out of her mouth. The fingers that had tortured that nipple before were softly playing around it, gently pulling and tugging, caressing, and Ashira was horrified as her nipples responded and jutted out towards that hand… seeking its attention.

She tried to turn her head, to escape from his mouth, but Mallin merely turned his head with hers. She bit back a moan as he nipped at her lower lip with his teeth and then her upper lip, alternating constantly between the two, until things began to blur and Ashira felt confused… and wanting something desperately, but knowing not what it was. She had ceased to fight him, and instead began meeting his kisses with hot ones of her own. Her hands still pinned by his own large one, Ashira began to writhe against his body; she was so hot, so weightless. Ashira could smell him all over her, his hair falling like a sheer curtain around her face, Samsun Escort Bayan his penetrating silver eyes boring into her own as he kissed her.

One word escaped her mouth in a breathless gasp and it shocked her as it shocked him.


He growled low in his throat and held her still with the one hand while he removed his leggings with the other. Ashira merely watched him, her own body still writhing beyond her control. What was happening to her? Was it possible she wanted Mallin?

She cried out in shock upon finally seeing what was revealed by the removal of his leggings. She would be killed! His cock protruded far from his body, unbelievably long, and so thick. It seemed to be a living, breathing thing of its own, and she was terrified. She had seen some of the stable boys bathing naked before, but none were endowed such as Mallin. He stretched his body along hers and she inhaled sharply as she felt how hot his cock was against her body. It pulsed as a heart beat would, and Ashira began to struggle again.

Mallin scowled and pinned her tighter against him.

“Stop fighting me, Ashira; it will do you no good.”

“I won’t let you kill me,” she gasped frantically.

He laughed in her face.

“I’m flattered you think I’m so well endowed, but being the ignorant little girl that you are, I ensure you I’m no larger than most men,”

She spit in his face and he slapped her hard with his free hand.

“Don’t ever, EVER, do that again, Ashira, I’m being kind for now, don’t test my patience,” his voice stressing each word against her ear forcefully, Ashira had no doubt he would hurt her as he promised.

Ashira couldn’t help herself, she argued with him further.

“I am no girl, Mallin, I am future Queen, and you would do well to remember that,” she spat back at him.

He merely chuckled and lowered his head down to take one of her dainty pink nipples hard into his mouth. Ashira’s head went flying back and she couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped her as his warm, wet mouth sucked on her. She had never been touched like this. His tongue flickered rapidly over one nipple, and he would blow Escort Samsun softly on it until she shivered, then he would administer the same affection on the other nipple. Ashira cried out brokenly as his mouth left her nipple and made a slow wet trail down her abdomen, delving in and out of her navel, until Mallin’s head hovered directly between her thighs.

He finally let her hands go and she forcefully grabbed his hair as that hot, long tongue, licked slowly down, back and forth from one thigh to the other, until finally she thought she would stop breathing. And then his mouth sucked her clit hard into his mouth. Ashira sobbed, her head thrashing back and forth as he worked his tongue faster and faster. His head going down even lower as he began licking her slowly up and down from her clit into that warm, wet, hole between her legs. He shoved his tongue into her then, and she began to shake uncontrollably. He was merciless with his mouth and she felt lost when it left her body, but she gasped again as one of Mallin’s long fingers entered her slowly. He worked his finger like a snake, slowly weaving its way up her tight pussy as if he was trying to stretch it to his liking. His lips wrapped themselves around her clit again and he withdrew his finger and replaced it with two. He began to wiggle those two fingers back and forth, withdrawing them and inserting them faster and faster while he sucked more forcefully on her clit. Ashira’s nails raked through his hair, pushing his face against her pussy tighter and tighter, she couldn’t breathe or think, and when he forced a third finger into her tight hole, she threw her head back and screamed as she lost control over her body. She bucked against him and sobbed as wave after wave of unimaginable pleasure washed over her body. Her limbs went limp and Ashira could not think as Mallin slid up her body, his hot mouth devouring her as he worked his way up.

His tongue slid into her mouth again and she didn’t even try to fight him. She knew it was her own juices she was tasting on his mouth, she knew it was Mallin who had caused them to flow from her body, and Gods help her she wanted more. She met him kiss for kiss and sighed in ecstasy when he forced her legs farther apart.

He bit at her neck causing her to cry out softly.

“I have waited so very long for this, Ashira, so long,” he whispered against her ear.

Ashira met his eyes, and suddenly realized…. She had too…..

To be continued:

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