Man Of The House Ch. 03

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She woke along side her son, in his bed. Her naked body ached from an entire day of sexual activity, and she smelled and tasted of semen. Karen was thoroughly confused and more than alittle aroused. She tried to stretch and contort her lithe form to ease the soreness, yet still wallow in the feeling of sexual languor.

Her son Michael, woke easily. He looked well-rested and contented. He reached between her legs and casually began to tease and tickle her pussy lips, flicking his fingers over her clit.

“I like the way your nipples perk-up when I touch you, the more you squirm, the harder my cock gets.”

Karen had to admit that her small, brown nipples were indeed hard, like diamonds on her chest. And the moaning and heavy breathing that filled the room was coming from deep inside of her. How, she wondered, could her body betray her this way? Her own son had raped her and forced her to perform oral-sex, swallowing his load. Then compounded the indignities by calling her a whore and a slut. Yet she had orgasmed more times than she could count. Was this filthy taboo a turn-on and even a hidden fantasy? Her mind was spinning out of her control!

Something akin to Stockholm Syndrome had settled into her psyche. Her son Mike had taken direction of her sensations and was at this moment able to use and adjust her desires to suit his pleasure. Always a lonely woman, Karen had also been losing her own identity. This man, Michael, was able to bring her back to the young, attractive, sexy persona she had abandoned so many years ago.

It was incest technically, it was rape if she persued it. It was also violently passionate and strangely seductive. Mike had awakened senses in her that had been locked-up in a lifetime past. He wanted to have a maddening feast of her body. She wanted the rules, needed the rules. Leave the domination and decisions to another. Tell her what to do, command her, and she was willing to obey. The act of sex was exciting again. The nasty names were oddly arousing. His forcefulness and degradation helped play to her feeling of subjugation. And it all amounted to the best sex and strongest orgasms she could ever remember or imagine.

Karen tried to delve into her inner reaches, to set a name to this emotion creeping tantalizingly into her. She wanted to call it shame or atleast coercion. She knew really, though, it was liberation.

This time when Mike snapped his fingers and motioned towards his cock, there was no hesitation or complaint. She sucked it in greedily, now happy with the notion that she could take his huge hard-on in her mouth. She also realized that having swallowed so much sperm, she was used to the flavor and texture. And more than a little proud that she could make him cum so fast.

After she downed this next load, she asked the obvious question. To this Mike replied, “You’re mine now, You’ll suck me every morning and night. Your body belongs to me, and you will make it your duty to please me. I want your body available to me at my leisure. There will be no more bras and undies worn in this house. And when I come home, you will be waiting at the door, on your knees, offering yourself to me. I will continue to support you and pay all the bills. The house, cars, credit-cards, jewelry and all will be my gift aslong as you follow the rules here.” Karen dutifully nodded at every word. “And tell me again,” he said, “what are the rules?”

“I’m your bitch”, was her zombie-like answer, “and I’ll please you in any way you desire…just aslong as Jenny never finds out.” She absent-mindedly began stroking his big cock and watched with growing desire as it sprang to life. Her nipples were achingly hard and the warm flow started in her vagina. Her breasts heaved as Mike teased her nipples with the slightest pressure and he eased her hungry lips onto his swollen pecker. “Make it feel good, bitch. And we’ll discuss my dear sister, later.”

It had finally sunk in. Karen, a divorcee and mother of two grown kids had been broken of spirit. Her life had been spent pleasing bosses that didn’t know she existed; a husband that used her as housekeeper and breeder; a daughter who used her for dinners and fancy clothes, on her way out to that rich-girl college; and now, her twenty-two year-old son had openly declared that he wanted and expected her to be his sex-slave or “cum-dumpster”, as he sometimes put it.

What happened? How and why?

For the first time in two days, Mike permitted her to walk around the home without supervision. She felt relieved. He told her to shower escort bursa and apply make-up, when she returned he had laid-out an outfit for her. A pair of cute shorts; red and satiny, cut high. And a long loose mans white tank-top, and low heels. Mike was not in the room but she donned the clothes with no second thought. Before she left the bedroom, her reflection in the mirror caught her eye. Her jet-black hair hung softly down the middle of her back and just to the top of her well-formed 36C tits. Her olive skin was fit and trim though obviously showing signs of having birthed two children. Her butt looked firm and round in the clingy material of the shorts and thanks to all the biking, her long legs were well-muscled. Karen believed her legs to be her best feature, so she stood on her toes once or twice, to flex her calves and tighten her thighs. She noticed her curvy ass give a pleasing jiggle, too. Her boobs looked full and heavy under the cotton tee and her dark nipples showed through the flimsy shirt. Karen realized that for the first time in years, she liked her appearance. And someone else,(as sick as it sounds,) finds her attractive and wants to open-up her sexuality.

Is it possible that this was what she wanted? What she needed and desired? “You know, if today goes okay, I can make this work. I know he’s my son. No one else has to know. We’re not getting married, it’s just sex! And WOW!, do I orgasm. Besides, nobody else was knocking on my door.” Satisfied with her reasoning, she actually smiled brightly and ran her long fingers through her silky, black hair. As she started toward the kitchen, one final thought nagged at her, “am I about to act like a slut or have I become one?”

Mike was lounging at the kitchen table, coffee in hand, as Karen strolled past on her way to the stove. She felt a rather affectionate slap on her ass as she passed. And when Mike asked to see her tits, she playfully hoisted her shirt for a quick flash. She caught the sudden smile on his face and momentarily flushed. She enjoyed that she could please him like this. As she poured her coffee, she could feel that tremendous boner rub against her ass cheeks. Then his big, warm hands snaked their way under her shirt and cupped her bouncy breasts.

“My God, Michael. Are you mainlining Viagra? Give me a chance. My ass still has marks from the spankings. There are big, blue bruises on my chest. And my pussy is so sore, I can only sit on cushioned chairs.”

“Is your mouth sore, too?” He smirked.

With that, he cracked a big smile. Karen laughed harder than she had, in years. And she decided to drop to her knees and engulf his massive prick. She wanted him to see how completely now, she enjoyed her new sex life. She sucked greedily on that wonderful cock and slurped until her lipstick was smeared across her pretty face. He was pleased with her response and lifted her gently on to his lap. He brushed his fingers through her dark locks and kissed her nape down to her lower back.

“The problem Mom…er Karen, is that you have been with too many old men.” He laughed, “I’m young, stiff and horny. And now you get to enjoy it all!”

She thought to herself, “the problem is…there haven’t been any men at all. Now this stud, I know he’s my son. But I also know he’ll keep this secret, keep me safe and provide all the sex I can handle. And oh yeah, I can get used to orgasms 10-15 times a day!”

They were both laughing while he thrust his raging hard-on at her backside and squeezed her soft fleshy mounds. He whispered hoarsely in her ear, “I’m gonna fuck you all day long and fill you with my cum.”

She was in ecstasy with her legs spread and her delicate hands pumping furiously on his stiff rod. She believed that they were now a team and this was how she wanted it to continue. It wasn’t long until his spunk shot straight up on to her chest and neck and they both laughed as the semen splashed on her boobs and face. Mike scraped it off her tits and she hungrily devoured his sticky fingers. He could have been serving her champagne and strawberries, the way she lapped it up. Mike pinched her ass and Karen joked that his penis had finally gone limp. For the first time all week, the mood was light-hearted. Mike acted spent and exhausted. Karen tugged her shirt back down over her sticky breasts. She just wobbled to her feet when they saw Jenny in the doorway.

Jen was nineteen. And like her mother, had dark black hair and soft brown eyes. She was athletically built with smooth skin the color of milk chocolate. bursa merkez eskort Her hair was shag-cut and tied with a deep blue bandana. She wore a matching blue sports-bra and crisp white shorts. Jenny was a sun-goddess and today had been jogging and playing volleyball on the beach. At home, she was often oblivious to family situations and today was no different. To see her mother and brother nervously laughing and tickling each other, did not seem out of the ordinary. She said a pithy, “hello to all”, grabbed a sports-drink and headed to her room.

Karen however, was embarrassed and abit scared. “You don’t think she saw us , do you? We have to be careful when she’s home. Maybe we should stick to the bedroom or wait until she goes back to class.” Karen had unwittingly become a co-conspirator. She believed that she had arrived as a complimentary figure to this sexual equation. Her transformation was complete. She was a sex-slave and a willing participant to

incest. Mike could call her a slut and she would purr. He could point to the floor and she would drop to her knees and begin to fellate him. He could degrade her in many ways as long as he made her cum. And God, did she cum. It seemed that she found what she wanted, atlast.

Mike had different ideas entirely. He hardly noticed that his own mother had given in to his wildest fantasies. She was his slave and subject, but not nearly his equal. Not in this situation. He went after her and she ceded all control. From his point of view, he won and who-cares about anyone else. He only saw that one training program was going well and another one was about to commence.

By noon they had switched rooms. Jenny was in the kitchen. She had a quick bite and left a note for her mother. As usual, she was going to the beach and would not be home until dark so they should keep her supper warm.

Karen and Mike were back in his bed. Mike was stretched-out, his hands propped behind his head and wore a big, shit-eating grin. Karen was riding his cock like a rodeo cowboy. Bucking and bouncing to another orgasm totally lost in this new-found sensation. Mike started to knead her bouncing boobs. Her head lulled back and her sweaty hair flew all about her head. Her eyes were shut tight as the passion rose to another climax. Moaning and hollering, she shook until he had to grab her. After release, she continued to shake as she lay on his chest. Her juices streamed down her thighs and her matted hair lay heavy on her shoulders.

“Finally”, she thought, “a man thinks I’m hot and sexy. It’s dirty and naughty but there is such a thrill to it. A lot of women have rape fantasies or incest fantasies. This is only a game. We enjoy it. There’s no harm.” She went on, trying always to convince herself. “He calls me a whore or bitch. He spanks me. He has leather harnesses that we haven’t even explored yet. And I’m getting good at blowjobs and taking that thick meat whenever or wherever. Why not just have sex and have fun?”

“But, we have to be careful about Jenny,” she blurted out. “If you have any good ideas, I’m game.”

Mike mistook her comment, as he was barely listening to her, anyway. But it didn’t really matter because he did have a really good idea. “You’re gonna have to talk to her and tell her the rules.”

“What rules? What are you talking about? Have you lost your mind?” Her resolve temporarily, shaken. “Michael, this is only between you and I, isn’t it?” Fear or something like it, rising in her voice.

“Tell her that she has to get with the program.” He had been working on this decision all day. “She has twenty-four hours to come to me or she can move-the-hell out. As far as I’m concerned she’s just a stuck-up little bitch and dead-weight around my neck. If she wants to sleep on a feather-bed in silk pajamas, not to mention that university I’m paying for, she is going to start pleasing me non-stop. I want that tight little pussy well-trained and obedient! Tell her tonight, it’s put-out or get-out!” His power-trip was hitting full stride. It worked so well once, why not one more time.

Karen was stunned. His ego-trip was on overdrive and she was having trouble fitting all the pieces together. “Michael, that’s your kid-sister your talking about. She mustn’t know. And what if she would say something?” A hint of trepidation entered her mind. Was she upset?…or jealous? Is it possible she was feeling threatened by Jen. Was it the shame of Jenny finding out or was it the off-chance she may have to share her newly-found bursa sınırsız escort sex-machine with her younger, prettier daughter?” Her world was spinning out of control. Three days ago, Karen was a lonely, bored housewife and mother. Now she is an incestuous slut. And tonight she is supposed to be a procurer for her son’s sexual domination of her nineteen year old baby girl.

“Michael, what am I supposed to say? I can’t tell her that. Maybe we’ve gone too far. This was fun and exciting but I think we’ve hit a dangerous place, here. Please, Mike.” Unfortunately, Karen had still not seen how entirely Mike had changed, and the ultimate thrill he was experiencing from this sadistic streak.

“Listen bitch, you can take your ass out of here ,too. You and dear Jenny can get an apartment of your own. Buy your own clothes, pay your own bills and, oh yeah, Get jobs!…24 hours and the clock is ticking!”

“Michael”, she pleaded, “I’m alright with all of this, I can handle it. I’ll do whatever you say. But, let’s leave Jen out of this. We can keep things quiet for awhile. And it will take Jen a couple months to find a place and move all of her stuff.”

“What stuff?!” Michael fumed. “I bought her car, I bought all her clothes and furniture. And the tab for her tuition is nearing a quarter of a million dollars.” His anger was starting to collide with his new vanity. “This is my house. I own everything in it, including you and little miss sweet-pussy down the hall. I’ll have sex if I want in every room, and your little twat is mine, too. Tell her, to come to me tonight as my slave or get the hell out!” He was feeling a rush and would not permit dissent. “Now suck me off and don’t waste a drop. From now on ,your on a high-protein diet. Your pussy, mouth and ass are gonna get filled, daily. Get to work.”

With a great handful of her hair and a sharp slap on her ass, she was on her knees and in a trance. His overpowering force acted like an aphrodisiac on her. Her slurping was immediate and intense. She worked his cock in and out of her mouth like a piston firing in a sports car. The drool ran down her chin as his saliva-soaked rod pumped far down her throat. Karen jacked his cock down to the roots and cupped his ball as she had been taught. He loved the feeling and was gorged and well-lubed. So why waste the opportunity. When he repositioned her, she eagerly anticipated another steamy fuck session. Her eyes grew wide and wild though, when she felt that monster tool pushing to the brink of her asshole. Mike forced her head down into the pillow and held her bottom up with a firm grip on her hips. His enormous cock was a couple inches deep when she let out her first yelp. “I’m gonna be easy on you, but make no mistake, I’m gonna fuck your tight little ass, mother.”

Just saying that phrase put him over the top. For Karen, the sin, shame and eroticism were overwhelming. She lost herself in a forbidden fantasy and Mike plowed eight inches of manhood into her anus. It took only a minute for a rhythm to develop and soon she was pushing back on each upstroke. Karen slipped her right hand between her legs to grind her palm on her clit. Mike worked her big, wobbly tits like they were the joysticks on his new video game. The pounding picked up steam.

“Fuck me baby. This is the one. I feel your meat inside me and I’m ready to burst.” She shuddered. She began to rock so violently, Mike had to hold on to protect himself. Neither of them had ever had anal sex, but the situation was a perfect storm. Karen screamed and swore. Mike moaned and let out an animal-roar. He yanked on her tits and pulled her hair taught. Karen Tightened her abs and squeezed her vagina. The fluids poured out of them by the gallon. He pumped she, quivered maniacally. Then just as suddenly it ended. He wanted to stay in but her wild gyrations bucked him off. They both lay spent and heaving on the linens.

The entire room smelled of sweat and sex. The sheets were soaked and their bodies glistened. After a few hours of recovery time they heard Jenny downstairs. Karen showered and dressed. Mike gave her some last instructions. She worked up her courage and headed for the door. A very strange sexual conversation with her daughter was in the offing and she was both frantically terrified and floating on a post-sexual high. “Karen, take your shirt off,” Mike ordered.

She froze for a second as she reached for the hem of her shirt. She supposed for a moment that he abandoned the “Jenny Plan”, and wanted more sex. So she tugged the skin-tight jersey over head, mussing her beautiful hair and exposing her sweet boobs. “I thought you wanted me to talk to Jen.” She may have over-played her hand.

“I do, but do it topless so that you are both very clear about the message. Now go tell that little bitch about the new house-rules!”

…end of chapter 3.

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