Mantis Ch. 01: The Prey


[Author’s Note: Anything in () dictates a characters thoughts. Please Enjoy.]

Arthur tugged on his tie nervously. He was sitting in an uncomfortable chair waiting for an interview with one of the countries’ largest art distributers. His curly brown hair fell around his clean-shaven face as he looked from side to side. The blond woman at the desk seemed content to ignore him now instead focusing on the task at her computer. Arthur’s eyes looked around the black marble designs covering the entrance way and eventually settled on the newspaper someone had left to his right.

The headlines had been raging with the city’s new masked vigilante as the media called her. Not much was known about her other than the fact that she left a trail of dead, corrupt business men and criminals alike. Interestingly, she only killed one person each time she struck, the victim was always naked and possessed a questionable history. He picked up the worn paper giving it a look over.

“Mantis Strikes Again!”

(Great! They got a name for her now.) He thought sarcastically as he skimmed the article. A local land lord who had been rumored to be unlocking tenant’s doors for thieves was found nude and dead with a knife through his heart. The only evidence they had was video surveillance of a slim woman in black leather disappearing into the night. Arthur sighed. The whole thing seemed terribly surreal to him. Who had time to go around avenging these wrongs? It was like living in a comic book. His thoughts were put on hold when the secretary called his name. “Arthur Reiner. The interviewer will see you now.”

He took a deep breath as he stood up gathering his portfolio in his arms. He had been blessed with a strong and stocky build, wide shoulders and a lot of natural inbuilt strength. While he was moderately in shape, he wasn’t well defined or muscled and hoped that his suit would hide that part of him. He began to walk into the building when the front desk rang. Normally he wouldn’t have given it a passing glance but the secretary waved for him to stop.

“Yes Ma’am?… Arthur? He’s right here. I was just about to send him… yes, I see. I shall let him know.” She put down the phone and looked to Arthur. “I’m sorry sir but there has been a change of plans.”

His heart sank. (Denied… before I even get in the door.) “It’s alright.” He said crestfallen. “I’ll get going. Thank you for your time.”

The cute blond shook her head. “No! You have it all wrong! You’re going upstairs to talk with Ms. Hunter herself. She has taken a particular interest in you.”

Arthur was sure his heart just stopped. (Ms. Hunter… as in Evalyn Hunter. The CEO… WHAT?!)

“Take the second elevator on the right and select the top floor. Do hurry though, Ms. Hunter does not like to be kept waiting.”

It took a moment for the information to process. Once it clicked into place Arthur gasped and booked his way to the elevator, nearly dropping his portfolio on the way there. As he rode up in the elevator he tried to smooth out his clothes and his hair. His portfolio felt pitifully weak in his arms. (There is no way my stuff is that good. I’m an ok artist… I might be able to be of some use in commercial support. Why does she want to see me?) Anxiety ran rampant through his gut causing an uneasy sense to overcome him.

The elevator opened to a beautiful white tiled floor and a large black marble desk at the end of the hallway. Sitting behind the desk was a lanky young man with black hair cut in a modern style to match his thick black rimmed glasses. His suit was a stark white by contrast. He stood up and bowed. “Mr. Reinhelm. Ms. Hunter is waiting for you. Please head right in.”

“T-thank you!” Arthur stuttered. The young man smiled and held the door open. Inside the room opened to a massive art gallery. A beautifully ornate wooden desk sat near the wall of windows that overlooked the city. Around the room was a hanging gallery of art by famous modern artists. With all the beauty in the room, his eyes were only drawn to one thing.

Seated in a black chair, her body turned to the side and her gaze cast across the city, was Ms. Hunter. From this view, he could see her short blond hair framing her face, her high cheekbones holding her elegant nose aloft in the silhouette. Her thin neck led down to an impressive bosom that rose and fell with each breath. Her arms were well defined but not overly muscular, and still carried that hint of elegance she seemed to ooze from every part of her body. At the sound of the door she turned and smiled, her maroon suit clinging tightly to her body. She stood and waved him in.

Arthur took a moment to regather his thoughts, after having them obliterated by the sight of this beautiful woman. He scrambled to catch his portfolio in midair as it slipped from his hand. Mrs. Hunter laughed and it sounded like an angel’s song to him.

“Come in, come in! I was looking forward to meeting you.” She smiled as she moved around the desk. She took a seat on the ornate top facing Starzbet him. Her skirt wrapped tightly around her legs giving Arthur a view to remember. He scrambled over and bowed, unsure of what else to do.

“Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. I’m sure you are a very busy woman.” She smiled sweetly. “You have no idea.”

Arthur gulped and reached into his portfolio. “I uh… I’m sure you saw my application. I have been interested in the work you guys do here for several years and I would really like to be a part of your team.”

“Oh, are you now?” She raised a delicate eyebrow. The corner of her lip turned up in amusement. Her arms crossed pushing her bountiful breasts to the front of Arthur’s mind.

His eyes flicked across her body and then turned back to his artwork in embarrassment. Everything she did unsettled his confidence. With his hands shaking, he reached into his portfolio and brought out his first piece of artwork. “Yes, I uh, have prepared several pieces of work to show case what I can do like this one…” He held the art aloft for her.

Ms. Hunter looked over the piece with a sigh. There was a distinct lack of interest in her face that made Arthur sweat. Her eyes only ever lingered on his work for a few seconds before drifting back to him.

Shivering he drew his next piece. “And I made this for a client in Cuba, he was particularly happy with it.”

She raised an eyebrow. “I can’t see why…” Her voice blunt and uninterested. Arthur gulped and quickly moved on to his last piece.

“And here is a cover of a book I was commissioned to do and…” He looked to Ms. Hunter and saw that she wasn’t even looking at the piece. “And… you don’t want me here for my artwork, do you?”

A sly smile and a wicked laugh escaped her lips. “So, there is a brain behind that cute face.”

Crestfallen Arthur and sat down in the nearby chair letting his work fall to the floor unceremoniously. “You were never going to hire me… were you?”

Ms. Hunter slid from the desk and stood before him. Her impressive figure akin to a goddess towering over him. “Don’t get me wrong, your art is of good quality. But not to the level of those working here. I took interest in you for… other reasons. Originally, I was going to simply pass up your resume like every other but for some miraculous reason I decided to dig deeper.”

She placed her hands on the back of his chair, leaning over him. Her face mere inches from his and giving him a clear view down her blouse. Her large breasts swaying as she stared into his eyes. Arthur found it hard to return her gaze. “I found you interesting, I can’t explain why in the slightest but something about you intrigued me. So, I wanted to see for myself. You present yourself as someone who cares a lot about others and little for yourself.”

“I uh… try.” His voice shaky as his eyes flicked down to her cleavage and then back to her eyes.

A smirk danced across her face. “And yet you had the courage to come up here and meet with me. Knowing your work wasn’t of quality and to even admit it to my face. And now, you have the gall to stare at my breasts when I am looking you in the eyes.”

“I’m sorry!” he stuttered. Panic gripped his heart.

His jaw dropped as her sender hand cupped her own breast, pressing it against her chest. “Do you like what you see?”

(What?) His mind blanked and Arthur just nodded.

Mrs. Hunter straddled him, sitting in his lap. He could feel her rubbing against his already growing erection. She bit the corner of her lip as she watched his reaction. “Suitable size too. Not the biggest but proportionate.” She exhaled loudly. “Now…I have a proposition for you Arthur.”

Arthur opened his mouth but didn’t speak. He didn’t know what to say.

“A date.” Her words like silk across his skin. “As you know you’re not getting the job. But I have a much better offer. I want you to take me on a date. Make me feel like a real woman again. What do you say?”

He nodded, afraid if he spoke that his voice would betray him. Already his member strained against the cloth of his pants. Her skirt had ridden up and he could see the white lace of her panties, his bulge pressed against the thin fabric. She ground against him with a sly smile. “Good. I’m glad to see your courage holds.”

Suddenly she stood up and returned to her desk, adjusting her clothing to be more presentable. “I will see you at seven. Try to pick somewhere classy for us to go. Jacob will pick you up. You will find clothes waiting for you at your apartment.”

Arthur took a moment to realize this was his que to leave. He stood and bowed gathering up his artwork. “I uh… Thank you for meeting with me.”

She gave a warm smile in return. “And hopefully I will be thanking you after tonight. Oh and Arthur…”


“Don’t cut your hair. You look much cuter with those long curls rather than a short cut.”

He nodded his throat dry. “Uh, will do Ma’am.”

“And call me Evalyn, please.”

As Starzbet Giriş the door closed Arthur was feeling like he had been run over by a truck. A very sexy… busty truck. It took him a moment to gather his thoughts outside her office only to realize the secretary was sitting there patiently watching him with a smile.

“I take it went well. From the look on your face I’d say you have a lot to look forward to with Mistress Hunter.” The man said as if it were a normal everyday conversation. He stood up and adjusted his glasses before offering his hand. “Jacob, Sir. Pleasure to meet you. I’m glad she took a liking to you. I wonder how you will fare.”

“uh what?” Arthur blinked.

Jacob waved his hand dismissively. “Never mind. I will be at your place at 6:30 exactly. Your clothes for the evening are already under way. I’ve booked your meal under your name. Do try your best to show some confidence my boy. She despises a man who can’t hold a conversation with her.” He adjusted Arthur’s suit and dusted him off before leading him to the elevator. “Have a pleasant day!”

Arthur adjusted his new tie of the impeccably crafted suit. It seemed tailored to fit his every shape and form. The suit hugged in all the right places, made his shoulders broader. He was amazed that he could even look this good. “Clothes Maketh the man, I suppose.” He looked down to check his smart watch. 6:25. (Well better head out. Wouldn’t want to keep her waiting.)

He stepped outside of his dirty apartment complex and checked his watch again. 6:27. He began to fret that maybe she was leading him on as he didn’t see any sort of vehicle outside. He was just about to turn back inside to check and see if his watch was off when he heard the screech of tires. He turned back towards the street to see a very expensive looking limo now parked in front of him. It looked ridiculous to see anything so fancy in this part of town. Nervously he approached and opened the door with shaking hands. It was unlocked. He took a deep breath and hopped inside.

“Punctual and good with instructions. That is two marks in your favor.” Jacob’s voice came in over the speakers. Inside the LED lights burned bright illuminating the extended interior. There were some glasses and a bottle of wine chilling in a bucket of ice. Arthur didn’t dare look fearing how expensive it might be.

“uh, thanks.” He said. He took a deep breath to try and steady his nerves. The rumble of the engine as the car sped off helped as he closed his eyes. Soft relaxing music played across the car speakers. It took him a moment to realize he had heard it before. Odd. He thought.

“Now when meeting with the Mistress, she doesn’t like to be told no. Keep this in mind. She can be very convincing.” Jacobs voice came through again. “Engage in conversation, seem knowledgeable but allow her time to speak. Make eye contact as you listen. When you respond, be sure to make direct mention of what she was talking about. The more you engage her the better your chances. Be sure to be honest, but not to tell her everything. She does love a good mystery.”

Arthur nodded as if Jacob could see him. “I will keep that in mind, thank you.” His nerves starting to fray and he hadn’t even seen her yet. He noticed the second song was also familiar. He raised his eyebrow. “Jacob?”

“yes sir?”

“Um. I don’t mean to be rude, but how did you know I like these songs?”

“It’s your Spotify calming playlist, Sir. I thought it might help ease your nerves so you are ready for your dance with Mistress Hunter.”

Arthur cringed. “You… found my music?” he recoiled inwardly.

“I found much more than your music selection, Sir. Mistress may follow her impulses, but I ensure her safety through thorough research.”

“So, you stalked me?” Arthur gasped.


Arthur stopped. He wasn’t expecting Jacob to admit it.

“I surveyed your social media, your video game accounts, bank and of course browser search history.”

“Whoa!” Arthur flailed his arms. “I can explain…”

“No need sir. Your searches are well within normal deviance ranges. In fact, you tend to avoid violence and other such categories that might be concerning.”

His gut wormed uncomfortably. “That is invasive! You can’t just do that! That’s private! And why the hell are you telling me all this.”

“Because I have found you to be well suited for the task at hand and know that you offer no threat in return.”

Arthur sunk into the seat feeling utterly powerless. (What did I get myself into?)

“Do cheer up, Sir. The Mistress is quite lovely and if you are pure of heart she will treat you as you have never experienced before.”

(Pure of heart? The fuck?) Before he could respond the vehicle came to a stop.

Jacob had the door held open for him faster than he could object. Stepping outside he blinked at the bright lights of the restaurant. A knot formed in his throat. It was one of the most expensive restaurants Starzbet Güncel Giriş in town. La Fête Royale. He was far to stunned at the thought of eating inside that he didn’t notice Evalyn slip her arm around his.

“Well Well… This is a pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect you to pick something so nice. It’s a good thing I agreed to pay.” She said with a sly smile. She wore an elegant red sequin dress paired with a white shawl draped across her shoulders. It hugged her figure perfectly showing off her every curve and glittered in the light. Her golden hair held aloft in a bun as two beautiful bangs dipped across her cheeks. She looked positively radiant.

He opened his mouth to object but seeing Jacob shake his head, he instead smiled. “Of course, Only a restaurant without equal to match a woman of such caliber.” He could see Jacob do a fist pump out of the corner of his eye. It seemed her secretary was setting him up to succeed. With his confidence growing he placed his hand on the small of her back and lead her inside.

Red and gold greeted their eyes in immense finery. Even the waiters were fully clad in tuxedos. The first waiter approached. “Your name sir?” In a thick French accent.

“Arthur Reinhelm and Evalyn Hunter.” He looked down at the registry and then nodded with a smile. “Of course, sir, right this way.” The waiter led them through the crowded floor of wealthy looking socialites. Arthur kept expecting them to stop at one of the several open tables but they kept walking. Evalyn looked to him with a raised eyebrow.

“Arthur… what did you do?”

“You’ll see.” He bluffed. Hoping his nerves didn’t shake his voice too much. Sure enough, the waiter led them to a hidden staircase in the back of the room. The stairs lead up to an overhang he had not seen coming in. Inside the terrace was a single candle lit table set for two. His mouth opened in amazement. He quickly closed it to look at Evalyn. Her own eyes sparkled with wonder. Jacob, you are a god send.

“Oh my, Arthur. You really do know how to treat a lady.”

“I try.” He shrugged.

The waiter seated them at the tables and left them with their menus in the romantic candle light. Arthur frowned as he poured over the selection. Everything was in French and bore no translations.( … I have no idea what anything is.) He was attempting to decipher the menu when Evalyn’s voice broke his concentration.

“Have you been here before Arthur?”

He shook his head. “Not in my life. I don’t make this kind of pay grade.” The selection was in French, but the prices were not. He did his best to ignore how much of his monthly rent a single item would have cost him.

She lowered her menu. “Um. Do you by any chance speak french?”

“uh, no? I thought you did.” He blushed in embarrassment. (Well, I’m busted.)

“Spanish actually.” She sighed and shook her head with a chuckle. “And here I thought I was the only one who couldn’t read the menu.”

They laughed together, Arthur felt the tension flow from his body. Here was an incredibly powerful woman, but in the end, she was just as human as he was. He noted her shoulders lowered and she seemed more relaxed as well.

“We can ask the waiter. I’m sure this isn’t the first time.” Arthur suggested.

Evalyn raised her eyebrow, the corner of her lip turned up. “Or, I have another idea if you would like.”


“Are you a gambling man, Arthur?” She leaned down reaching into her purse. From within she withdrew a 20-sided die. “I’ve counted and there are twenty choices not including drinks. What do you say leaving our meals up to fate?”

Arthur leaned on the table looking her in the eye, he could the twinkle of excitement in her eyes. “Deal, but no rerolls. You get what you get.”

“Oh, you do like to live dangerously. Very well.” She rolled the little black die in her hands and then cast it across the table. It bounced twice and rolled to a stop at 18. She lifted her menu and counted the entries.

“Eighteen, Coq au vin. Lord only knows what that is. Alright, your turn.” She snatched up the die and tossed it to him.

He skillfully snatched the die out of the air with a single hand. He was rewarded with a small clap from Mrs. Evalyn. “Here goes nothing.” He smiled. Once again, the die was cast this time landing on three. He picked up the menu. “Three, Escargots A La Bourguignonne.” He said in his best accent, which he horribly butchered.

Evalyn whistled. “OH, and you said no rerolls.”

“I thought you said you don’t speak French.”

“You don’t need to speak French to know Escargot is snail.” She said with a private glee.

Arthur’s stomach churned. (Snail? Well… looks like I’m not eating tonight.) His mouth twisted in disgust at the thought, evoking laughter from his beautiful date.

“Going to back out?” She hinted at a challenge.

Shaking his head Arthur steeled his resolve. “Not in a life time!”

“Good. I enjoy a man who is worth his metal.” She smiled, he felt something brush the inside of his leg. A gentle caress. He resisted the urge to look drawing a wicked grin from her lips. Slowly the feeling rose higher and higher up his leg, reaching the inside of his thigh. Sweat was starting to build on the back of his neck.