Mapping out her body

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He kissed her softly, Tenderly, Lovingly. And was planning on kissing his way toward a very special destination. A destination that ought to be forbidden. To him anyway. The most taboo of places. But he continued on kissing. Slowly making his way up slowly from her long, shapely legs, towards her inner thighs. Kissing, sucking, exploring. Switching from one thigh to another. His sweet little kisses slowly turned more lustful and feverish.

He wanted to rip the thin material out of the way and look upon her womanhood. To claim it as his own. But no, he wanted her to wait. He wanted to take his time with her. Savor her first before going in for the main course. He wanted to be in control of her. But most importantly, of himself. With that in mind, he moved away. Which shocked her and even himself a little. But his resolve was set and so, he made his way down.

He didn’t have a specific destination in mind. He just wanted to savor every morsel of her skin and flesh. His lips and tongue left a light trace of wetness behind on the surface of her skin as he went along. Exploring the skin behind the back of her knees and the toned calves of her legs.

His one hand was rubbing, caressing, and moving over her ribs and belly. Inching its way toward her breasts but not quite reaching them. The other one was making its way under the pillowy softness of her butt. Squeezing the flesh there and lifting her leg upwards, which made her let out a yelp of surprise.

He looked into her lustful, yet intrigued eyes and brought her elegant foot next to his face, moving his gaze toward her brightly colored, red painted toes, and looked back at her eyes while she looked on in anticipation. Having a very good idea of what would probably be happening next. He brought her big toe towards his lips, his eyes not wavering from her gaze for a single moment, and started sucking on it gently. Slowly switching from one toe to another while she looked on. Taking his free hand and cupping it over her panty covered crotch and held it there. Just feeling the heat and wetness seeping through. Losing himself in the eroticism of the moment.

He soon started sucking on her toes harder and rubbed the hot flesh beneath the soaked material. Losing control of himself very fast. Feverishly rubbing her little clit through the sodden panties and sucking her toes more intensely as time went on.

He removed his hand from her womanhood, suddenly. Took her other leg in his hand and lifted it up towards her shoulders as well. Looking down at her crotch and back at her eyes, he moved his head down; keeping direct eye contact with her the whole time as he did so.

He took the first lick on her special place. Then a second, then a third. Slowly licking through the thin material. Moved the panties to the side and continued licking her soft flesh directly. Running his tongue through her folds. Licking her slit from top to bottom. Bottom to top. Sucking on every crease and fold. But avoiding her little pearl.

She gasped and moaned. Enjoying the stimulation. She moved her hips. Almost in a strategic way to get his tongue on her little clitty. But he refused the temptation. Instead deciding to spread her legs wider and slipped his tongue into the depths of her warmth. Sawing his thick tongue in and out of her opening. In and sarışın gaziantep escort out. As deep in as he could get it to go. He took his tongue out, looked at the red faced beauty, and gave her a devilish smirk. Spreading her vulva, opening her pink love petals to his hungry gaze. Going in once again after giving her a cheeky wink. But instead of going for her little bundle of nerves, he started kissing her inner thighs again. She let out a groan of frustration and grabbed him by the hair, trying to pull him back towards her crotch. Mashing his face against her lady bits but she succeeded only in rubbing her clit against his nose. Which was nice, but not quite the right stimulation she was looking for.

He let out a little chuckle and started licking her again. Licking from her perineum to just below her clittie. He didn’t want to give in just yet. Only licking around it. Breathing over it. Never directly on her clit. She squirmed around, moved her hips, and pulled his hair. He could tell she was losing a bit of patience.

He pulled on the hood and let her clitty out completely. She started bucking her hips. Ready for his assault. And so, he went in. Licking directly over her little pearl. Very slowly. Very gently. He could hear her intake of breath and continued his licks. Running little circles over her clit. Over and over and over again. She could barely move. Hardly breath. He continued on and decided to pick up the pace a little bit. She started moaning again. Louder and louder as he went faster. A problem soon started arising, his tongue. It was starting to grow tired. So, he got his lips involved and sucked. Which sent her into complete overdrive. Her moans became louder and her hips started bucking again. Involuntary this time.

She let out a sobbing wail and her body suddenly went slack. He continued to suck on her clit but with more added vigor. Her lower body was still twitching somewhat. But she got her breathing under control and took his head in her hands and forced his head upwards. Staring at him for a moment before pressing her lips against his. Devouring him. Tasting herself on him. But she couldn’t care less. She was completely overcome with lust and love for her boy. Slipping her tongue in his mouth she got a better taste of herself. Both of them were kissing each other deeply and intimately, sharing their intimate, taboo desire for each other.

She got on top of him and rubbed herself against the hardness of his shorts. Grinding herself against him in force. The grinding soon became more forceful until it resembled more of a humping motion. She fucked herself against him essentially.

She motioned to pull down his pants but he pulled her off him and flipped her on her back instead. He then started kissing her neck and sucking on her sensitive skin, while she groaned her approval. Locking her legs around his waist and bringing him in closer. Thrusting her hips upwards desperately. He met her humping with powerful thrusts of his own.

He moved his attention from her neck towards her earlobe and nibbled and blew on her ear with his hot breath.

“I want you so fucking bad”, he whispered in her ear before kissing his way back down her neck toward her collarbone.

She reached back to unclasp gaziantep sarısın escort her bra strap but he intercepted her. Took her hand in his and pinned it above her head while unhooking her bra strap with his other hand. And then he froze. His eyes locked upon her breasts. Taking in every magnificent detail. The little bumps on her areola. The hard, pointy nipples, a perfect shade of pink. The big natural, slightly droopy breasts themselves. All so perfect.

He went in closer to inspect them with his lips. Starting on the underside of her left breast and kissing her there. Softly, sensually. Taking his time. Making sure to pay close, special attention to the entirety of her full breast. Except for her nipple. He soon switched over to the right one and did the same to it. Exploring her breast with his lips but making sure to avoid her nipple. She started grabbing her own breast and pulled on her nipple in frustration. Squeezing and twisting it hard. He smacked her hand away lightly and gave her a little smirk. Kissing her breast once again before switching over to the next one. He soon started ramping up the intensity even more which caused her gasps and moans to become even louder. His tongue started encircling her nipple, causing her to grit her teeth and clutch the sheet in anticipation. And then it happened. He wrapped his lips around her nipple and sucked. A deep guttural moan escaped her throat then. The end of his tongue licked her nipple while he sucked on her engorged nipple. His hand wrapped around her other breast. Cupping and squeezing it fully in his hand. Fondling it softly at first, which quickly led to nipple pulling. By the moans, she gave he deduced she was wholeheartedly enjoying his attention toward her nipple.

He kept sucking on her teat like his life depended on it until she forcibly moved his head towards her other breast. Almost forcing her whole thick nipple in his mouth. But he wasn’t complaining. And so, he continued sucking and playing with her nipples.

His fingers soon grew a little bold. Stroking their way down, very slowly. Which she noticed as well because her hips were soon lifting up again in anticipation. She didn’t need to wait too long before his fingers reached her honeypot. He too was foaming at the mouth to dig up some of her honey. He stroked in between her folds trying to gather some of her juices on his fingers. Which wasn’t too hard considering she was soaking wet. Dripping with desire. So, that was what he did for some time. Just stirring her pot getting his fingers nice and slick. Teasing her just a bit more. And then he suddenly slid his fingers upwards through her folds, towards the little clitty.

He started slowly rubbing very small circles on her clit and held the same pace consistently, while she kept moaning her head off all the while. She also started manhandling her breast again and pulled on his hair. Delirious from the pleasure she was receiving. He too was getting into a state of delirium. Slobbering all over her breast and quickening the pace on her clit. Adding more fingers and rubbing the circles faster and faster. Egged on by her moans and screams.

“Fuck me! This feels sooooo fucking good! You’re going to me make me cum. Do you hear ME!? You are gaziantep sarışın escort bayan going to make your Mommy CUM!”

He just kept rubbing and sucking as she reached her peak. She let out a loud scream and her hips started bucking like crazy on his fingers. She grabbed his hand trying to get it off. Her poor clit was way too sensitive at this point and could not take any further abuse. He did stop moving his fingers, understanding the situation but kept his hand on. Cupping her entire vulva lovingly in his hand.

She decided at that moment to take his head which was still diligently sucking on her breast and pushed it upwards towards her face. Meeting his lips with her own in a deeply sensual kiss. A kiss that wasn’t rushed but loving yet intense at the same time. A true, lover’s kiss. While that passionate kiss was raging on, she started pulling down his pants. He didn’t stop her. More than ready to receive his own release. He helped her with his pants and her panties as well. Throwing them somewhere on the floor. Too horny to care. Kissing all the while. Not being able to keep their hands or their tongues away from each other.

She soon decided to take hold of his penis. Jerking him in a slow, sensual corkscrew motion. Up and down. Up and down. Her hand turned into a blurring motion very quickly though once he started stimulating her clit again.

“No baby, stop. Come, lay down. Mommy will take care of you now.”

He immediately laid down and waited for the moment he had been waiting for. For a very, very long time. She hovered above him and sat down with her womanhood pressing up against the length of his penis. Teasing him and herself.

“Are you ready baby?”

All he could do was nod as she lifted up, lining herself up with his penis.

“I love you, sweetheart.”

And then, she sat down, taking his entire penis in with one smooth motion. There was no struggle and no pain. All she felt was the pleasurable stretch of his thick tool; all he knew at that moment was the pure warm blanket of pleasure he was surrounded in. She bottomed out completely and just sat there on him. Experiencing the feeling of warmth spreading throughout her body. Feeling this warm, living thing inside her body attached to the person she loves most in the world. Her son. Her only boy. And now her lover. He could not comprehend the feelings he was experiencing. The love, the pleasure. Everything. It was just too much for him to handle. And then, she moved.

All he could do was keep his eyes shut. His face contorted in a look of pure pleasure.

She saw the pleasure etched on his face and could hear the grunts coming from him. Which motivated her to move her hips even faster. Taking him in deeper. Her son reached the brink of his release. His mother’s walls working their magic on his manhood.

“I can’t… Mom, I’m gonna… uh, uh, ungh, Auggggh! Ah fuck yeah. I’m sorry. Fuck. That feels… Jesus. I’m sorry mom.”

“Mmmmmh, It’s okay, baby. That’s it. Let it out, right inside Momma’s pussy. That’s right. Good boy. Doesn’t that feel amazing?”

“Mom… I-I’m sorry for uhm… finishing so fast.”

“Shhhh. Don’t even mention it. Come here, baby. Mommy loves you so fucking much. You can not even imagine how much.”

She took him in her arms and gave him a warm embrace. Taking in his scent. Breathing him in and feeling happier than she felt in a very long time. Probably ever.

“You know this is your pussy now, baby. Right? You filled momma’s baby maker with your cum. You claimed it. It’s yours now. Anytime you want.”

The blood flowed straight to his penis after hearing those words and just like that, he was ready to claim his mother once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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