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WARNING! My story is intended for adults 18 years or older this story contains sexual content. I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. The story you are about to read is true. In order to maintain their anonymity of the innocent in some instances. I have changed the names of the individuals, any resemblance between the characters in this story and any other persons, living, dead, or undead is a miracle. This story is copyright ©2017, by VampirTARA.

Hello, I’m Tara, this is my true story of how I lost my virginity. So I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself to help you understand the story a little better, so sit back and prop your feet up… I’m a 41-year-old mortician / funeral director who operates our family’s mortuary and cemetery.

I’m 5 feet 7 inches; approximately 120 pounds with long raven-black hair and glasses with natural abnormally long top incisors ( K9’s or fangs). I’m in a polygamist marriage (not Mormon). I have three children, two teenagers and a two-year-old, now I have 2 Sister Wives, Toni; that’s a couple of years younger than me, and she is also my biological sister with 4 children of our husband. Then there’s Kathy that is a good bit younger than us, she’s 23 years old with 1 child to our husband.

Well, I’m nicknamed Vampir Tara back when I was in high school, because, I had “Porphyria” nicknamed The Vampire disease. I could not go out in the sunlight and had fangs. So my classmates had their fun with me, I was called, “Lily Munster or Morticia,” until they eventually gave me my nickname. But, they didn’t know all the details of my disease, and that I also craved human blood because with this disease, as my body does not make heme. There’s an article by the New York Times on my authors’ profile that explains some of my disease… There are many articles, but it is hard to find an article that has it all correct, because the scientists and doctors cannot agree on treatments and such for my diseases is rare and there’s no cure for it, they barely understand it.

So moving on, now rewind it to the summer of 1997, when I was a 21 year old-old skinny little virgin geek with the long raven-black hair, glasses and fangs. Well, I was in my third year of college taking mortuary science along with my sister Toni. Me and my younger sister Toni that was 18 years old had taken a little apartment across town, from our parents. It was just a few doors down from our grandfather’s apartment, and across the street from our childhood sweetheart whom we were both chasing. Me and my sister’s apartment was small on the first floor with a nice fenced-in backyard, and a small swimming pool with the upstairs apartment vacant. It may have had one bedroom, but me and my sister didn’t mind sharing it, for we played under the sheets together any ways.

So me and my sister were horny virgin geeks and fighting over our childhood sweetheart and best friend. That me and my sister Toni grew up with as our mothers were best friends. Well, me and my sister were always competing for his attention and getting into some hair pulling, black eye, bloody nose kind of fights. And we would fight until we both got tired. Well for the longest time, me and my sister kept trying to get him to take our virginity. but as far as we could get was giving him a blow job, and we threw him every hint possible. That we wanted to go further, but he never took the offer, and we would not figure out what was wrong. Because we knew for a fact that he screwed a couple of our girlfriend. So we knew he wasn’t a virgin or gay, but we didn’t push it. We heard how he talked about some of our girlfriends that he had screwed. We wanted him to marry us and not think we were sluts like he referred to them. And some will say, well why did not go get another guy to take our virginity. The both of us were in love with him and did not want anyone else.

So it was Saturday, August, 9th, 3 weeks after we had moved in our new apartment. It was around 10 a.m., I was in the kitchen wearing my short black satin robe and my little pair of shiny white satin bikini panties. I was gnawing on an English muffin when my sister Toni walked in the kitchen.

She said, “Tara, daddy gave me a few bucks for us to get some food; it’s going to be cloudy all day so I can go out and grab us a few things to eat.” And by the way, Wilson’s Leather called your black leather boots that you paid for are in. I’m going to Century 3 Mall first to pick them up real quick then shoot up to Walmart.”

“Grab me some Oreo cookies if you can and don’t forget to take your hoodie just in case the sun comes out you never know I’m going to go lounge around in the pool unless you want me to go with you?” I replied back.

“I got it covered, and I’m not that stupid not to take my hoodie I’ll join you in the pool when I get back, and we can have some girl fun and don’t forget this evening Teresa and Kelly, are coming over for us to feed,” she said.

Now our two 18 year-old cousins Teresa and Kelly are two of our Lambs who donate blood to us, for we need and crave. Because as the doctors want to call görükle escort bayan it, how are disease. But we do not see it as a disease; anywho, me and my sister believe the girls do it because they get sexually turned on with the vampire thing. Whatever works! If it toots their flute, it works for me and Toni.

Well, my sister strolled out the door as I finished my English muffin it was a nice and warm with a thick cloud overcast. I don’t have to wait for the sun to go down to enjoy the pool. Days like this didn’t come around too often, and I was going to take advantage of it. So, humming away, I strolled to the bedroom to change into my new little shiny metallic silver foil string bikini that I bought a couple of days ago. It was shiny like tinfoil, and it was the skimpy classic Brazilian Style bikini. I couldn’t resist it, and neither could my sister Toni; she got the exact same one but in purple. Our boyfriend said, ‘He liked girls in Brazilian bikinis,’ and we both got one.

So I went into the bedroom and stripped off my robe and panties.

I went over to the dresser and picked up the bikini top I said out loud to myself, “I sure hope this fits!” I didn’t get a chance to try it on in the store. Because me, and Toni’s boyfriend was rushing us because he had to get to work. After tying the strings to the top behind my back, I lifted my long raven-black hair and tied it up around my neck, I stood in front of the dresser mirror adjusting the top. I said, “The girl at the store said, ‘This was a classic Brazilian bikini.’ WHAT THE FUCK! It doesn’t cover much of my breasts only two little triangles. It didn’t look that small in the store; I thought it would cover more than that.” Then I grabbed the bikini bottom off of your dresser and slipped it on then once tying each side of it. I looked in the mirror and said, “Boy, it sure doesn’t cover much in the front!” I turned and looked in the mirror to see how it fit in the back, I said, “Damn half of my ass is hanging out; it sure is a lot more ass cheek then my other bikinis ever did. Oh well, it’s his own fault if the guys stare at me and Toni!”

Well, I grabbed my radio and went into the kitchen I decided I was going to lounge around in the pool and waste away in Margaritaville, so I was going to make a “Jimmy Buffett’s Margarita” the perfect drink I needed. I grabbed the big glass picture out of the cabinets and all the ingredients. I threw in 2 ounces gold tequila, 1/2 ounce white tequila, a 1/2 ounce triple Sec, a splash orange Curacao and 1 1/4 ounces of lime juice into the pitcher then stirred it. I got out a tall iced tea glass and twist it around in a saucer of coarse salt. Then I filled it up halfway I put the pitcher in the fridge and grabbed a lime slice of lime. I then grabbed some ice out of the freezer and crushed it up in the blender. I dumped that into the glass hooked, my slice of lemon on the edge, and I was good to go.

I went out into the backyard and after getting nice and wet in our little pool. I laid on the raft floating, drinking my margarita while listening to the radio and thinking about our boyfriend. I slowly slide my hand into my bikini bottom and started rubbing my smoothly waxed pussy, as I thought of him. It was my fertile of the month, and my hormones were driving me crazy. I have never been this horny before, I could have fucked a doorknob, car gear shift or a space alien. I couldn’t wait for my sister to get home, so that me and her can have some girl fun under the sheets. Even though, I knew in the back of my mind, it wasn’t what my pussy was craving, but it’ll have to do. Just as my pussy is about to explode, I heard a knock at the front door.

“Toni, Tara, anyone home?” my grandfather yelled.

I heard my 72-year-old grandfather voice and rolled my eyes and said, “What the fuck, dammit!” So I rolled off of the raft into the water and got out of the pool. I reached down and grabbed my margarita by the edge of the pool. And soaking wet I headed into the house. Well, I set my glass down on the kitchen table and answered the door. “Grandfather, what’s up?” I said giggling as the margarita with starting to take effect and when I drink like usual, I get Giddy and giggle like crazy.

He replied, “Can I use your phone to call your mother to see if she’ll take me to the store?”

“Sure grandfather let me go get it,” I answered back.

“What in the world girl! My grandfather blurted out.”You’re barely wearing anything!”

As I gave my him the cordless phone I said, “It’s my new bikini all the girls are wearing them, you like it?”

“I have handkerchiefs with more material than that!” He said, “There sure isn’t much to the imagination you might as well be naked.”

Giggling, I said, “Oh, okay!” And I reached behind my back like I was going to untie my bikini top. Then giggling I yelled, “Sike, just jerking your chain grandfather, Toni’s got one just like this but in purple!”

“Are you trying to give me a heart attack Tara!” My grandfather said.

Well, my grandfather made his phone call and it turned out, my mother couldn’t come get him for an hour and a half. I said, “Grandfather altıparmak eskort it’s hot over in your house sit on the sofa and wait for the witch here. It’s cooler here with the air conditioning plus you can get away from Grandmother for a while also. Call the witch back and let her know to pick you up here. Would you like a beer? Grandmother’s not around and I won’t tell!”

“He replied back, “What kind you got, ” as he sat down on the sofa.

I replied back, “Coors Light.”

My grandfather said, “Oh that piss water, ok I’ll take one anyway, make it two.”

I went to the refrigerator and got his beer, a few minutes later, the phone rang. I answered it, “Hello!”

“Yeah Tara, I just missed the bus I’m waiting on the next one. I got you, your Oreo cookies and your boots,” said my sister Toni. “Who’s that!”

“That’s just grandfather, he’s waiting for the witch to pick him up to take him to the store,” I reply back giggling. While my sister went on babbling about everything, she bought at the store. I strolled into the kitchen and grabbed my margarita off of the kitchen table. After taking a sip of my drink, I whispered into the phone I said, “I can’t wait for you to come home. I’m so mega horny that I needed to get off bad it’s driving me crazy!”

“Well, we can’t do anything with Grandpa there!” She replied back.

The witch going to pick him up in about an hour and a half,” I said. Well my sister continued to Babel on the phone as, I sipped on my drink and strolled into the living room. after a while of listening to my sister babble away, while pacing back and forth. I noticed my grandfather that was sitting on the sofa was staring at my little round ass. He couldn’t keep his eyes on the television, his eyes were glued to my ass, as he drink his beer. While I continued pacing back and forth in my skimpy Brazilian bikini. I thought to myself, “What a dirty old man, staring at his own granddaughter’s ass.” With the phone wedged between my shoulder and the side of my face and taking a sip of my margarita. while I leaned down to grab my cigarettes off the coffee table, my eyes opened wide and my jaw dropped open. I started choking on my drink in shock that at his age, my grandfather had a erection in his pants.

My sister asked me, “What’s wrong Tara, are you still there.”

Giggling and choking, I replied back,”Oh nothing, I’m still here!” After clearing my throat and taking a sip of my drink. I went back to talking on the phone. I can’t explain why, but I couldn’t kept from glancing down at it, as I continued pacing back and forth talking on the phone. After a few minutes my sister got off of the phone, and I went out into the kitchen to get my grandfather another beer. I don’t know where it came from, but suddenly, as I was headed into the kitchen. I thought to myself, “He’s 72 years old and I’m 21, what a sight that would be, my grandfather, a old man like that with a scruffy beard and a big pot belly, between my young skinny legs, fucking me. God I can’t believe, I just, OH NO YUCK! that Margarita must be really setting in.” A chill ran up my spine and I pushed that thought out of my mind, as I headed over to the refrigerator.

Then as I was leaning into the refrigerator to get the beer, I thought to myself, “Our boyfriend that stupid idiot, it’s all his fault. That I’m horny like this I’ve been offering him pussy for years. God, in the living room my grandfather has a nice hard penis in his pants. He may be 72 years old and my grandfather, but his penis will do. I’m horny as a jackrabbit and I need to get laid.” My hormones took control and kicked in my primal instinct to get fucked and I didn’t care by who or what. I grabbed the beer out of the refrigerator and walked back into the living room shaking my little round ass in my skimpy little Brazilian bikini. Standing in front of him as he sat on the sofa I handed the beer to my grandfather. And giggling said, “Grandfather when’s the last time you had a piece of that ass?”

He looked at me oddly and said, “It’s been about 38 years, long before you were born, is when your grandmother shut that department down.”

Giggling, I replied back, “Because I seen you staring at my ass,”

Nervously my grandfather replied, “I’m sorry-“

Giggling, I interrupted him and said, “It’s ok grandfather; I’m not mad. What the fuck you got an erection in your pants. I didn’t think at your age you could get it up; I want to see it!” Then I set my drink down on the coffee table and I knelt on one knee on the sofa beside him, “Come on I want to see it!” Giggling, I said.

My grandfather replied, “Have you lost your mind!”

Giggling, I said, “How would you like, to get your hands on my ass that you’ve been staring at; I’ll let you fuck me! No one will know I promise!” I knelt down on both knees on the sofa beside him. Then reaching up under my long raven-black hair, I pulled the string to my bikini top. And the front of my bikini top dropped revealing my breasts. My grandfather’s eyes were glued to my breasts and pink nipples. While he stared at my breasts, I reached up behind my back and untied nilüfer escort the remaining strings to my top. My bikini top fell on the sofa cushion in front of me. I grabbed it and tossed it on the coffee table.

My grandfather yelled, “Tara put the top back on! You shouldn’t be doing this; you’re my granddaughter!”

Giggling, I said, “No and I don’t care,” then I lean forward and started unbuckling his belt. As he was trying to push me away, I yelled, “Now let me see that old wrinkled penis of yours!” I managed to get his belt unbuckled and his pants unbuttoned in the midst of him trying to push me away.

He yelled, “Now stop that Tara, not only am I your grandfather; I’m too old for you!”

I yelled back, as I finally got his zipper down, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m 21, and you’re 72, and you’re my grandfather. So what I don’t care you got a penis, and it will do!” He still kept trying to push me away, as I reached my hand into his grey plaid boxers. I wrapped my fingers around his penis and pulled it out of his boxers. Then without hesitation, I quickly slid my lips over the head of it. Once my grandfather felt my lips around is penis, he stopped resisting as I started sucking on it.

“Oh yes Tara, your soft lips feel so good!” My grandfather yelled out.

I held his penis with my right hand and gently rubbed his balls with my left hand. While I bobbed up and down on his penis and swirling my tongue around the head of it a couple of times. Then I took it out of my mouth and started teasing it with my tongue. I thought to myself, “Holy fucking shit! I can’t believe I’m sucking an old man’s penis, and it’s my grandfathers.”

A minute later, I slowly slid my lips over the head of his penis and down the shaft of it, then I slowly slid my lips off of his penis. I didn’t want my grandfather ejaculating yet, and I leaned up and sat back on my knees. I looked at my grandfather giggling as I got up off the sofa and stood in front of him. Then, with both of my hands, I reached to my hips and slowly pulled the strings on both sides of my bikini bottoms. My bikini bottoms dropped to the floor, revealing my smoothly waxed pussy to him.

Then, I laid back on the Sofa and spread my legs, exposing little pink virgin pussy to my grandfather. Giggling, I said to him, “Take me grandfather,” he got up and knelt down on the sofa cushion between my legs. Next my grandfather placed the head of his penis between my little pink pussy lips and leaned down over me. Then slowly he pushed the head of his penis in a bit until he hit my hymen.

“Tara you’re a virgin,” My grandfather said.

Giggling I said to him, “Yes, you’ll be my first, pop my cherry grandfather, take it!”

My 72-year-old grandfather gave a hard thrust with his old penis. I cried out, “OWW OUCH!” as he broke my pussy. I could feel the blood from my broken hymen running out of my pussy, down between my ass cheeks on to the sofa cushion. The head of my grandfather’s old penis slowly started parting the walls of my virgin pussy. I thought to myself, “My 72-year-old grandfather’s penis is the first to ever be inside my pussy. I gave our boyfriend so many chances to have my pussy, but the stupid ass just didn’t take it. Now my grandfather took my cherry, and his penis is all of the way in me. And it felt so good to feel at last of what it was like to have the warm flesh of a penis inside of me.

The Springs of the sofa started squeaking loudly squeak, squeak, squeak, as he started slowly sliding his penis in and out of my little pussy. I wrapped my legs around my grandfather, as he started balling me. I was moaning like crazy from the pleasure of getting fucked. My young little pussy was enjoying every minute of my grandfather’s old ass penis. It took only a few minutes for me to go nuclear; I dug my nails into the sofa, my head snapped back, as I my back arched. And cried out loudly, “OOH YES GRANDFATHER FUCK ME WITH THAT OLD PENIS OF YOURS!” As I started to orgasm, my grandfather’s old wrinkled penis was buttering my little young pussy real good. My body trembled; I could barely catch my breath, my pussy muscles started contracting wildly as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through my body. The room was filled with the wet sloppy sound of his old wrinkled ass penis sliding in and out of me and the old Springs of the sofa squeaking loudly.

Moments later, my grandfather started ejaculating his semen in me, as I laid with my legs wrapped around him. With my eyes glossed over and unable to speak, I laid there in blissful trance from my orgasms. Once my grandfather was done ejaculating his semen in me, he pulled his penis out of me. My grandfather got up from between my legs and put his penis back into his pants. I said to him, “Grandfather, are you are you done My 72-year-old grandfather gave a hard thrust with his old penis. I cried out, “AWW OOOUCH!” as he broke my pussy. I could feel the blood from my broken hymen running out of my pussy down between my ass cheeks on to the sofa cutpurses. The head of my grandfather’s old penis slowly started parting the walls of my virgin pussy. I thought to myself my 72-year-old grandfather’s penis is the first to ever be inside my pussy. I gave our boyfriend so many chances to have my pussy, but the stupid ass just didn’t take it. Now my grandfather got my cherry; he slid his penis all the way into me. It felt so good to feel at last of what it was like to have the warm flesh of a penis inside of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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