Maria the Witch Ch. 01


This story deals with both feminization (body changing) as well as magic. Some people don’t like these things. If you are such a person, this story is not for you! Sorry about that!

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I had decided to meet an old friend for coffee. We hadn’t seen each other in a few years. Her name was Maria, she had short black hair, pale white skin, and pretty considerable tits. We had met in high school. I was a fairly shy kid at first, whereas she was always this incredibly outgoing alternative girl. She listened to interesting music, went to concerts, dyed her hair. As a high school student, I had never seen anyone like her before (though of course I would grow up to meet many). This made her so remarkably special. The photos she would post onto her myspace weren’t necessarily provocative to everyone, but they were to me. Maria in a tube top dancing at some 21+ night club, guys rubbing their hands around her tits, that devilish smile on her face. I had no trouble whipping out my cock and furiously abusing myself.

I was always too shy to approach her, at first at least. Like all high schoolers, I grew into myself eventually, and we did become friends. By then, however, I didn’t stand a chance with her. Not only was I never as tall, muscular, or dark skinned as the guys Maria had always dated (she did seem to have a thing for big bulged black men), but Maria the alternative goddess had moved onto women. Back then, I had no idea what a bisexual was, I just knew Maria had been seeing this short curvy girl who went to a nearby college.

Needless to say, this too provided the stimulus for many a self-abusing session. As her friend, I was licensed to go to the mall with her and watch her try on new slim and sexy dresses, to go the beach with her where she wore her tiny blue bikini, and even sometimes out to dinner, where she’d bring along Allison the short curvy lesbian, and the two would always end up with some very public displays of affection at some point during the meal. It became not uncommon for me to think of Maria and release even up to three times a day.

I hadn’t thought too much of Maria in years. I’d moved on, had some of my own sessions with girls, lived a normal life. She had contacted me through facebook asked if I wanted to get coffee with her and catch up.

The moment I saw her walk into the coffee shop, my old associations came flooding back. She wasn’t dressed particularly sexy either; just a somewhat low cut v-neck and some black shorts. However, it had been a while since I had been with a woman, and I couldn’t help but think back to all the times I’d masturbated to her body through the years– she was still so ridiculously attractive!

“Thomas!” she yelled, seeing me and smiling. She gave me a big hug, her breasts soft forced against my chest.

We traded some basic pleasantries, I was still a junior in undergraduate at a university, she had dropped out and was working at a low level position in an advertising firm.

“That’s not the fun part,” she smirked at me.

“Haha, what do you mean?” I asked.

“I’ve been studying some Pysa on the side.”

“Like some online courses? That’s great, Maria!” I told her. She laughed.

“Pysa’s not an online course, silly!” She was laughing pretty hard, “It’s dark magic!”

Oh boy. It was things like this that made Maria so sexy to me in high school. She was so willing to toe the line into things that seemed utterly bizarre and forbidden, whether this was staying out all night to fuck big black men or staying in with another woman and eating out her cunt. Now, however, as an adult, it seemed a little silly.

“How’s that going for you?” I teased.

“Stop it!” she smiled back, “I’m serious!”

I laughed a little more.

“Oh yea? I’ll show you, watch.”

She pulled out of her purse a tiny vial of purple liquid. It was darkly opaque, like motor oil. She opened it up and tabbed just a tiny drop onto her index finger. She then pursed her lips and slipped her finger slowly into her own mouth.

The room got dead silent. All chatter from the employees and other customers completely ceased. No one was making any noise or movement, they had all just trained their eyes right onto Maria.

“Oh my god, how did you do that!” I wanted to say, but I released that I too was unable to speak, just fixed in a trance staring at Maria with her finger dangling sexily in her mouth.

She took her other hand and placed it on my own lips, just touching the outside. Then she removed her finger from her mouth and the noise all came back. It was like someone had hit unpause.

“Holy shit,” I said, Maria taking her finger away now, “Why am I the only one freaking out?”

“Because you’re the only one who remembers, because I touched your lips,” she said, “Everyone else had no idea what just happened.”

I was under no spell anymore, but I was still in Uzun porno shock at what Maria was capable of doing.

“I told you so!” she barked back at me, smiling, “And this is just an easy one. You have no idea how much fun some of the other things are, a lot of it can be really dark and sexual!”

“Like what?” I was curious.

“Well, sometimes when I’m with a woman, I can make myself grow a cock,” she said nonchalantly. “A big one. Boniking girls with my very own dick is fun, I fucking love it!”

I laughed, but very a little stirring in my own pants at the idea of Maria plowing away at some young lesbian.

“I can make tits bigger, I can make cocks bigger, I can make loads of semen spew for hours out of some poor guy’s balls. The trick I just showed you was really only half of a trick; if I had played around with my finger a little more in my mouth, every guy in the room would have felt the exact same sensation on his hardened little cock!”

I was unable to speak.

“So, that’s my life, what have you been doing?” Maria joked.

I laughed very much at that.

“No, no, I’m serious, sorry, yes, I stole any thunder you had away with the magic, but trust me, when you play around with it to much, it does get a little boring. Tell me how you’ve been doing!”

So I did.

“I’ve been fine. Classes have been hard but I’m hoping to get a degree in poly sci soon.” et cetera, et cetera.

We finished our coffee and Maria suggested we go see a movie.

“It’ll be like old times!” Indeed, Maria and I had seen movies together in the past, often whatever bimbo she was fucking at the time. I wondered if Maria had been able to grow a cock to fuck them back in high school too.

“Yes, that’d be fun,” I answered. We both got into Maria’s car and she drove off to the movie theater.

“Remember the time we saw the James Bond movie?” she asked me.

“Yes, I do! It was raining really badly and my mom had to come and pick us both up.”

“Yes! That was such a fun day. Not even just because of the movie, but because of the second part.”

“What?” I asked, “When my mom picked us up?”

“Yes!” she answered, “I always found your mom super sexy!”

I wasn’t sure how to answer that.

“You had a crush on my mom?”

“Well duhh!” she said, “Like everyone at school did!”

“Are you serious? I had no idea!”

“You’ve got to be kidding. Everyone in our entire class wanted to bone your mom silly!”

I really had never known that. My mom was young, that much was true. And objectively, yes she did have some dark complexion and shapely breasts. I hadn’t known she was an object of desire for my entire high school, however.

Maria licked her lips sensually.

“Seriously, Thomas, if I could have had at your mom back then, I would have been in heaven. She’s still my dream woman, buddy!”


“No, I’m just messing with you, I’m not going to call up your mom and try to fuck her,” she said, “Even if she has some of the best tits on any woman I’ve ever seen.” She laughed.

“You look like her, you know,” Maria said to me.

“People say that,” I responded.

“Yea, you have the same hair, the same skin.” She peered around me. “You even have the same butt!”

I laughed.

“Yeah, Thomas, if you were a girl, you’d probably look just like her! Damn, if you were a girl, I would fuck you silly Thomas!” Maria laughed.

I should have realized at that point that Maria had already made up her mind what she was going to do. However, we proceded to the movie, bought our tickets and some popcorn, and sat down in the back row.

The movie was some immature comedy about guys trying to have sex. There were a lot of naked big titted women on screen, getting their bikinis ripped off by animals and falling around generally. It was pretty dumb, but entertaining enough.

Maria excused herself to go to the bathroom about halfway in. When she came back, she was carrying a pack of cookies I assumed she had bought at the concession stand. If I had been paying more attention to Maria rather than to the exposed breasts on the screen, I would have noticed that the cookies were unwrapped on not of any kind you would buy at the concession stand of a theater.

She handed me one, which I ate pretty quickly. It tasted delicious. By the end of the movie, I felt something was wrong, but I couldn’t tell what.

In the car, Maria smirked at me. We were just sitting in the parking lot without starting the car.

“What?” I asked.

“You notice yet?”

“What do you mean?”

She laughed.

“Look down, buddy,” she said. I did.

It was clear now what she had down. Maria the Witch had put something in that cookie, or maybe it was just the cookie itself, that had made my body change intensively. In looking down, I realized I couldn’t see much because of my gorgeously large breasts. I reach down into my pants to find that was gone too; I had only a smooth virgin cunt.

“What’d you do?!” I Öğrenci porno yelled, to find my voice had changed to that of a woman’s. It was a voice, indeed, that did remind me of my mom’s voice. My hair, too, had grown long, like a woman’s.

“Shut up,” Maria said to me seriously, and leaned forwards onto my body. Her lips were centimeters away from mine now; I could feel her breath against my face.

I felt her pudgy hand grope over my shirt at my breasts; it was a new sensation, Maria was enjoying herself immensely, letting her hand sink into my flesh.

She stuck out her tongue and licked the outline of my lips; I was tingling all over now. She was teasing me, feeling all over my body and licking my lips without actually kissing me. Then she pulled away in an instant and buckled in, ready to drive.

I just leaned back in my chair and didn’t say a word.

When we got to her apartment, I rushed to the bathroom to see myself in the mirror. Maria just smiled and slowly followed me in. I did look a lot like my mom; I had the same big eyes, long black hair, big taut breasts and tan stomach. My first impression was wrong; Maria hadn’t turned me into a girl version of myself. Maria had turned me into the very image of the mom she had wanted to bang in high school!

Maria came up from behind me and slipped a hand into my pants. She moved the finger up and down my slit, again without penetrating me, and I felt another hand reach around and grope at my breast again.

She lifted off my shirt and turned me to face her. She cupped both of my breasts in her hands and stuck her face between them. She kneaded them, pressing them up against her face, licking my nipples with her pink tongue.

It was clear that Maria was in charge. I didn’t dare move my hands onto her body; she would tell me when that was allowed. Instead, I focused my eyes down the neck of her v-neck, watching her own breasts dangle as she kneaded mine.

Eventually, she slid her hand down to my behind, which she felt up thoroughly for a while before scooping me up and brining me to the couch. She laid me down flat on my back on the cushions and stood on her knees at the base of the couch, hovering tall over me. She undid the button on her shorts and slide them down with her pink panties; her bare pale cunt was open and exposed.

Maria waded over to the head of the couch where I lay my head and straddled my face unexpectedly.

“Eat,” she commanded, and I obeyed at once, “And don’t be shy about getting the back door too.” The moment she said this, I licked a big stoke down to her asshole and began tonguing it immediately. My own cunt was flushed. I was enraptured with the way Maria was treating me; she was in such complete control that I would do whatever it was she commanded of me.

Maria rocked back and forth on my face, giving out slight moans of pleasure. I alternated between pleasuring her slit and cleaning her behind with my tongue. After a few minutes, she came, wet and sticky, all over my face, but I just kept licking. When she finally felt, satisfied, she climbed off me and went into the other room.

I lay there with my body just in complete preparation. I was tingling all over. The image of the half naked Maria, bare from the waist down, floated in my eyelids.

She was talking to someone on the phone, and soon enough there was a knock on the door.

“Don’t move,” Maria commanded, “You will say nothing unless addressed directly, do you understand?” I nodded. She walked out of the other room, redressed in some jeans, and went to the doorway.

Maria opened the door and from my position on the couch, I could see that it was a big black man who had come to visit.

“Girl, what was so important that you rushed me over,” he said to Maria.

Maria began to speak but he interupted.

“First off, show me some titties at least.”

Maria lifted up her shirt and shook her chest at the visitor. From my position, all I could see was the shirt bunch up her back.

“Nice, nice, now I’m in a better mood,” he said.

“Remember that MILF I told you I wanted to fuck, the one from back in high school?”

“Yeah, yeah, your friend’s mom, the one with the fucking rocking titties.”

“Check it out,” Maria said, gesturing to my topless body on the couch.

“Damn,” the man said, “You’re banging your friend’s mom?”

“Sort of,” Maria smiled. I knew better than to speak.

The man walked over the couch and immediately put his hand on one of my big breasts.

“Damn those are fucking great,” he said.

Maria came out and stuck her finger between my lips. I licked it all around with my tongue.

“You got this bitch trained well,” he said. Maria smiled.

“This is Titus,” Maria said to me, “You’re going to listen to him just as much as you listen to me, got it?”

I nodded.

Maria smirked and got down on her knees in front of Titus. She undid the button on his jeans and slid them down, whopping out his monster cock into her hand. Maria licked her lips before slipping the cock between them, swallowing it down the slippery confines of her throat.

The sight was incredible. I thought back to when I had a cock and dreamed of Maria’s sensual lips wrapping around my tool. I was of course never as big as Titus, but the ferocity with which Maria attacked this penis excited me to no end.

Maria slurped down the cock diligently as Titus pushed her face back and forth onto his lap. I was still under orders not to move, so I stayed just as diligently still on the couch and watched. After a while, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Maria working; she was an expert. Finally she shoved it deep deep down her throat and released, Titus’s cock coated in Maria’s pro-saliva.

Titus grinned at the blowjob girl on her knees in front of him, and then he turned his sights on me. I looked at Maria for reassurance and she only smirked deviously. I had no direct interest in sucking any cock, but if Maria was going to command me, I wasn’t going to disobey.

Sure enough, I felt the thick black rod slam down my feminine gullet. I let my tongue and throat do as much work as they could; Titus thrust my head deeper and I just let it happen. Meanwhile, I felt Maria crawl onto my stomach and finally reach down into my pants. As Titus held my head by my long hair and groped at my big breasts, Maria stretched her fingers deep inside my virgin pussy and began and exploration of her own.

I was still sucking down Titus’s cock when I came for the first time. Maria’s expert hands had been running at my clit and now I arched my neck back, tried to moan but was gagged, and felt a rush of endorphins swim through my blood stream. Maria smiled and grabbed my tits a few times.

Titus came soon after. There was a hotness at the back of my throat as his cock pulsed and shot loads and loads of semen down into my stomach. With Maria at my tits and Titus shooting down into me, I was completely under control of the two. Titus removed his cock from my puffy pink lips, leaving a drip of his semen down my chin.

Maria lept onto me to lick it off, her own sexy lips pressed against mine. I had swallowed so much of the semen that there was little for her, but she let her tongue explore the inside of my mouth, searching for any trace of salty residue.

Titus held his cock in his hand and rubbed it against my tits. Maria kissed me more and took off her own shirt now. For the first time, I could see her breasts, firm and pale, and she pressed them up against my own tan breasts. Our tits and stomach pressed together, Maria lifted her behind straight up in the air, which Titus saw clearly and approached.

Titus slid himself inside Maria as she lay on top of me. As he pumped back and forth with his cock, Maria’s tits rubbed up and down my own, and I watched the sexy sight with immense pleasure. After a few good hard pumps, Titus unexpectedly pulled own of Maria and shoved himself right into me.

I had never been penetrate before, but Titus’s fuck stick navigated me just fine. Maria shoved her tongue down my throat now, and Titus pumped into me and switched and then came back to me.

Maria’s perfect behind in the air, Titus’s cock thrusting deep inside me, I rolled my eyes back into me head and smiled goofily in ecstasy. My big tits pressed against Maria’s, her puffy lips exploring mine. I didn’t care that she had stolen my cock, I didn’t care that she was fucking my mom through fucking me. I just wanted it to keep going.

Finally, Titus pulled out of both of us, and I followed Maria’s lead and got down on my knees in front of the black stud. He pumped his cock onto the two of us, coating Maria and me in a white sticky glaze of his man seed. Maria swallowed most of hers, but mine spread all over my tits, which Maria was quick to pounce onto and lick away.

Titus took a phone out of his pocket and took a photo.

“We really nailed her good, didn’t we,” Titus said to Maria.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this,” Maria said. “Me neither,” I responded.

Titus packed up his clothes and left, and I lay naked on the couch with Maria.

“You realize you really do look just as sexy as your mom,” Maria told me, “She’s a seriously fine piece of ass, and so are you now.”

“Will I ever go back?” I asked Maria, the question having been in my mind from the start.

“Of course,” she told me, “If that’s what you want.”

She gave my big tits three good squeezes and smeared some green liquid over them. Within minutes, I was back to my male self.

“Maria, today was incredible,” I told her.

“Eh, it was okay,” Maria responded.

“Just okay?”

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to bang your mom. She’s the sexiest creature I know. And as hot as you were when you looked like her, I’d love to get a chance at boning the real thing.”

“Uhhh, I don’t know what to say. I don’t really want you banging my mom.”

“Fuck you,” Maria said, “After I gave you the fuck of your life, you have no right.”

I frowned. Maria had tons of tricks up her sleeve; what could I do?

“I’m just messing!” Maria said, laughing. Though she was smiling now, there was a part of me that felt that the vicious Maria was the more sincere one.