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“You’re early.” She called down from upstairs. He was. He had gotten bored.

“You’re naked.” He had gone for a deadpan response and thought it had come out just about perfect. He wanted to stare but didn’t. “What are we drinking?”

“Rum. Its on the counter. Fix one and come up.” She sauntered her way back up the stairs knowing he was looking. He didn’t try to be coy this time. He stood at the base of the stairs and watched her make her way back up the steps admiring her the whole way, as she crested the staircase she gave a little look over her shoulder at him and gave her ass a little shake. She wasn’t some twenty something with a rock hard ass or anything but it was delicious all the same. As she disappeared behind the oversized door into the bedroom he made his way to the Kitchen to fix a cocktail.

On the bar he found the bottle of Bacardi and half a diet coke. The home was luxurious in ever way. It had to be approaching 5,000 square feet and he knew it to be worth at least two million dollars. Homes like this might even sell furnished and it might have been worth three considering the money she had spent having it professionally decorated. He found ice in the freezer and poured his drink. He took a long swallow and then topped it back off. He didn’t want to dawdle, there was a chance she was still undressed. He didn’t let himself admit it but he was in love with her.

“Where’s Reuben?” He settled himself into a Chaise that stretched out beneath the window. He had thought about the bed but the chair gave him a better view of the room, and more specifically, allowed him to watch through the wide archway that led to the master bath. He could see her in the mirror leaning over the counter. She was applying makeup to her eyes. Her breasts swayed casually. He thought she was intentionally flexing the muscles in her back and legs. He liked it and she knew that.

“He had to take his car in again this afternoon. He should be back about six.”

“Didn’t he take it in earlier this week?”

“Yes. He had to have the Maserati. I warned him.” She was working on her lipstick. She was a bit of a perfectionist.

“What are you guys doing tonight?” He was just making small talk now. Trying to keep his mind off of his ex-wife. He still couldn’t take his eyes off of her. “Does he know we still…?”

“Who the fuck knows. I think he has to. It is some fund raiser. One of those auction things. I Şanlıurfa Escort saw some Jewelry I want.”

“Must be nice.”

“Shut it.” She was done. She swayed out of the bathroom and picked up her drink from the dresser. “Do I look okay?”

“You look spectacular.”

“Don’t mess up the hair.” She hadn’t needed to mention it he knew better. She sashayed across the room. Approaching him she lowered herself to her knees. She crossed the last four feet between them on her knees. As she slid her hands up his legs he parted them for her. Deftly she undid his belt and lowered his fly. With a flip of her head she tossed her short hair out of her face and took his cock in her mouth. His erection had been waiting for her since he had seen her on the stairs.

“What about Drew?”

“Playstation in the gameroom. He can’t hear shit. Now relax.”

She did all the work. She always had. She had grabbed him out of a fraternity party when they were only twenty. Even then, she was good at getting what she wanted. She didn’t branch out very often. She had a routine and just like that night in his dorm room, she followed it through almost to the letter.

She liked to suck cock and and was good at it. Since she had divorced him he had done okay and women today, well, head had become almost as common making out. It seemed every forty something he dated wanted to demonstrate their skills. Marnie though, She truly enjoyed it, you could tell. He was pretty relaxed to begin with so it didn’t take her long. She used her tongue, she didn’t suck so much as lick. That was the difference. He as right at the edge and she knew. She pulled back until just the tip of his cock was in her mouth and she did this thing like she was eating a hard candy. It was perfect and he rolled his head back and moaned as she finished him. She let the flow subside before sliding him once more deep inside her mouth. He moaned again at the sensation and she released him.

“Come on, quick.” She moved to the end of the bed. She took a position on her knees sliding her long arms out across the bed and lowering her face and chest down against the duvet. He moved quickly up behind her. “God, I love that you can come and go right away.” She giggled. “like the gas station.”

He took her from behind. He was never a fan of this position, it was so impersonal. Once he had discovered, well, the truth about her, he understood. He Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan moved slowly at first until she matched his rhythm. She was a good dancer, she knew how to follow a lead. She hummed softly at first. Once she he was hitting the right spots and had the rhythm and pace she liked the humms changed to a gently chant of “oh-yes, right-there.” She repeated it quietly. As she started to get louder he knew the signal to go faster. He picked up the pace until her ass made slapping sounds against his hips. He had always wished he had a longer cock. Maybe if he would have had a longer cock he would and been better at this. Probably not, he thought. “Now!” puff, puff, “Now!” she chanted and like pavlovs dog he understood it was time. As he came, her pressed himself as deeply as he could into her. Once, twice, again. One last time. He held the position, like yoga. He felt her twitch and pulse around his cock. She was back to a gentle hum again. She would be the one to lean forward and break loose. He held her hips and pulled her back to him as long as he could. Finally, she did move, sliding forward flat to the bed.

“Mmm. Thank you.” She said. “That will probably get me through the night.”

Probably not, he thought.

He took his place back on the sofa as she slipped off the bed. She went straight to the chest of drawers and pulled out a pair of panties. He liked the way she shifted her hips back and forth as she pulled them on.

“fuck, you had a lot.”


“Shut up. You know I like it.”

He watched her as she retouched her make-up. They talked youth Lacrosse and the inconvenience it would be if Keith made the travelling team.

“I don’t know, we sure had fun at the San Diego Tournament last year.” They had played house for three days and those three days had been fun, the next two months had set him back years.

“Marn’, are you happy?”

She was sliding a slinky blue dress over her long lean body. “Do you want me to answer that? Do you think I need a bra?”

She wouldn’t have worn one if he’d said she did. The gentle sway of her breasts was more or less her trademark. I think you look spectacular. “You look spectacular.” He was being honest.

“You are the best.” She made a long smooth motion, it started with her leaning down to him to gently kiss him on the mouth. It was so small and gentle it wouldn’t mess her freshly reapplied Escort Şanlıurfa lip gloss. The move continued with her sliding her body over him, her breasts intentionally brushing his arm, until finally she was seated next to him, the end of his drink sliding out of his hand into hers. “You asked me to leave, remember.”

“I remember.” He remembered all too well. He had walked into his boss’ office to find her pressed down onto his desk in exactly the same position he had just taken her. As the fight had progressed, she had admitted it had begun in the same fashion as well. He hated that the memory had come back so vividly.

“There’s something wrong with me, I know.”

“I guess its not a problem if you are happy with it.”

“You never could have dealt with it. Reuben, well, Reuben just ignores it.”

She had seen a counselor after they split. She had told him she wanted to stop it. She wanted their life together back. She was told she was a sex addict. They didn’t really call women Nymphomaniacs anymore. The truth was, If a man offered, she would say yes. It was never long term, hardly ever the same guy more than once. She loved their cocks, she loved the impersonal fuck afterward. She would probably suck off a caterer at the event that night. It was just her thing.

“You know, I still imagine us, settling down as a little old couple in one of those townhouses like your mother had. Remember. Wouldn’t that be nice? Keith bringing his kids by.”

“They have Viagra now. You would probably just set up at the golf course and catch the horny old dogs as they made the turn.” It sounded meaner than he meant it to. He had really just meant to break the tension.

“God, you are probably right. I am such a slut.”

“You know the difference between a nymphomaniac and a slut, right?”

“Oh, god. You told me before. I forget.”

“A nymphomaniac sleeps with everyone. A slut sleeps with everyone but you.”

“I just slept with you. So I’m not a slut.”

“No, you are still a slut, but I love you anyway.”

“Stop it. I have to get ready. Go get Keith.” She was up and off to the bathroom.

He gathered up their son and was waiting in the kitchen to tell her goodbye when Reuben pulled in. He and Reuben talked shop, He was still Reuben’s accountant, when Marnie came down. She had on heels now and it made her strut that much more pronounced.

“Bet you were still hitting that, don’t you, big man.”

“Reuben! Stop it.”

He smiled at the ridiculousness of it all. He shook Reuben’s hand. He hugged his ex wife, and he took his son out the door his hand on his shoulder. He hoped Reuben would be gone the next day when he brought Keith home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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