I waved down the waiter as I finished off my glass of wine. I asked for the check and scanned the room while I waited. The hotel restaurant looked bigger this early in the evening when it was relatively empty. Besides myself there were two other patrons, both male. One looked to be in his late forties. The man at the bar looked to be my age or younger. And he definitely caught my eye. He was about six feet tall with short black hair and a firm tanned body. His suit looked expensive and it fitted his slim figure like a dream. He didn’t seem to be aware of my existence, which was just as well. I don’t usually meet too many guys on the road and after three years with the company, I’d given up my extravagant dreams of having a wild global sex life. At 27, I stand just over six feet tall with a swimmer’s build. My business suits aren’t too flashy but I have them custom tailored. My copper colored hair is always unkempt but somehow it works. My eyes are bright green and they tend to pop out at people.

When I paid my bill I got up and got on the elevator to go up to my room. Just before the doors closed a hand shot through the gap to hold the lift. The man from the bar quietly boarded and gave me a polite nod of greeting. He reached for the panel but saw that I’d already pressed the button for his floor.

“Fourteen?” he asked in a calm tone. I nodded and waited for the box to jolt to life. We got to our floor without any other stops and we both stepped out and headed in the same direction.

“You know I might think you were following me,” he joked. His voice was warm but with an edge. The sound of it excited me, but I kept my cool.

“I got on the lift first remember? For all I know you could be following me.” I replied in the same joking tone. He glanced sideways and looked me over. I thought he was checking me out but he didn’t do or say anything else. Finally we both approached the end of the hallway and turned to our left. He reached for the doorknob next to mine. We both laughed.

“Well if we’re going to be neighbors we might as well know each other’s name. I’m Marshall.” He extended his hand to me and I took it in a firm shake.

“Declan. Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise,” he said. “Well, maybe I’ll see you around.” We both slid our cards into the doors and went into our rooms. Immediately my breathing increased as I untied my tie and sat on the edge of the bed. Was Marshall coming on to me? God I can’t even tell anymore. I hadn’t had a relationship or any contact beyond a booty call or a hook up at the club back home in so long, I forgot what it was like to have a crush on a man whose orientation you didn’t know. I kicked off my shoes and hung my shirt and pants in the closet, lounging back on the bed in nothing but my bright blue and red briefs. I sat against the headboard and crossed my legs, savoring the feeling of the tight underwear against my cock. It started to stiffen up and I ran my hand down my chest, shivering at the contact of my cool hand to my warm skin.

I slid my hand down into the front of my boxers and squeezed my cock as I felt it grow some more in my fist. Slowly I stroked it with a tight grip until it was poking out the side of my undies. I pulled it out the hole in the front and the briefs barely expanded to let it all through. By now the feeling of the smooth material on my ass and hips had my dick full, red, and velvety. I stroked slowly as I rubbed my balls through my briefs. I reached down lower and started playing with my asshole through the thin material and my rhythm increased. I could feel the cum rising in my balls when someone knocked on my door.

“Godddammit,” I grumbled as I stuffed my iron hard member away and slid into some jeans, doing a dance when the rough material grazed across the head of the sensitive cock sticking out the leg of my briefs. I snapped the buttons shut as I reached to open the door. On the other side was Marshall, dressed more casually now in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt that showed off his modestly sized but very shaped muscles, as well as the green and red tribal tattoos on his arms.

“Marshall, hey. I was just relaxing in here. What are you up to?” I asked, propping myself up on the doorway, letting my sculpted pecs and abs define themselves. Marshall’s eyes lingered on my chest for a slight moment.

“I was headed down to the sauna, thought you might want to join me. They’re great stress killers.” If there was any hint of tension in Marshall’s voice he had it hidden under the cool visage he presented to me. The mixed signals were starting to irk me. But I did enjoy a good sauna session. And I did want a chance to see Marshall sans clothes, so I told him I’d be ready in just a minute. I invited him to step inside while I went around the corner to change.

I made sure I was perfectly aligned with the mirror, so he could watch if he so chose, before popping the buttons on my jeans and bending over slowly to remove them. Then, just in my briefs, canlı bahis I stepped over to the bureau and opened the bottom drawer, taking out a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and slipping them on.

“Do you need a towel?” I asked reaching for one and seeing he didn’t bring one with him. Maybe that was intentional?

“Nah they have plenty down there.” He replied. I just nodded and left the towel. Maybe it was all in my head. Maybe he was just a run-of-the-mill skirt chasing straight guy. Maybe my desire was inventing the looks I though I kept catching out of the corner of my eye.

We got down to the pool facility and Marshall punched a code in to get into the sauna. Once inside he went over to the lockers and took off his shorts and tee shirt. I tried my best not to sneak glances over my shoulder as I did the same. I dropped my briefs and put them in the locker with my clothes, grabbing a towel to wrap around my waist to hide my still partially engorged member. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Marshall in a pair of loose-ish black boxer briefs and my blood really started to pump. But instead of taking them off he grabbed a towel and went straight into the sauna. Slightly disheartened I followed him.

In the room we sat on the wooden benches across from each other. Marshall spread his arms and legs and let his head dip back and his eyes close. He let out a sigh of contentment as my eyes took in the view. Now’s as good a time as any, I thought. I’ll make my move now and if he’s not gay, then what have I lost? But the idea of him rejecting me froze me in my seat for the few moments it took for him to start talking. Over the next hour we got to know all the standard superficial facts about each other. Where are you from, what do you do, how often do you travel? As it turns out we both traveled almost non-stop for our jobs and it left no room for a real personal life. By the end of our talk we were both starting to prune and I’d lost all hope in having a fling with Marshall. My one condolence was that I’d finally get to see him naked, unless he was planning to shower with his damn boxers on.

But when we stood up and exited the sauna he started putting his clothes back on. I was starting to think he was just weird; One of those people who never fully undresses. With a little more small talk we ended up back outside our doors, both heading to bed for the night. My cock was perpetually half swollen and I had no prospects other than myself to get off tonight. Maybe it just wasn’t my night.

I got inside and booted up my laptop to get a little work done then find some porn to put me to sleep. While it started up I went to the mini bar to pour myself a nightcap when I heard the same knock from earlier on my door. Dammit this was getting me confused. I opened the door and Marshall was standing there with a towel tossed over his shoulder and a sheepish grin on his face.

“The hot water in my shower isn’t working and I’ve just got to wash off before bed. I know it’s weird, but do you think I could use yours?” he asked, almost timidly. I thought I saw a mischievous spark behind his eye but I chalked it up to imagining things again.

“No problem,” I said. Maybe I’ll finally get to see that tight ass of yours, I added in my head. He thanked me and I led him inside, telling him that he could throw his clothes on the ironing board so they’d still be dry when he got out. He thanked me again and striped immodestly then ducked into the bathroom. When I heard the water start up my cock grew to its full seven inches again. This sexual roller coaster was killing me. I massaged the organ through my shorts but to no avail. It wasn’t going anywhere. Thankfully my shorts were baggy enough and my briefs tight enough that I didn’t have to worry too much when I heard the water shut off. My immediate plans after Marshall left involved getting in that shower myself and beating off furiously before bed. Marshall emerged in nothing but the towel, holding his boxers in his hand. Finally, he was actually naked under the towel. He thanked me again and gathered up his clothes and left for his room. I stripped off my shirt in a hurry and started to fumble with my shorts when, for the third time that night, I heard that knock.

I opened the door again, frustrated but composed. Marshall was standing there in the towel with his clothes bundled in his hand.

“Can I come in again? I locked my key in my room and I don’t want someone to walk by and think I’m a streaker or a flasher.” I laughed and showed him in again.

“I’ll call the front desk and make us some drinks while we wait. Whiskey and coke?” I asked.

“That’d be great. I can’t thank you enough Declan. I must seem like such a hassle.” He said, sounding embarrassed, but once again, I thought I caught something in his voice.

“It’s not a problem at all. Anything you need, just ask.” I said, silently adding a long list of services I would be happy to provide.

“Actually, betwoon now that you mention it…” He held out his soggy boxers. “I don’t really want to put these back on. If you had a pair I could wear I’d give you a few bucks for them. I mean…”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. I’ve got plenty of pairs. They’re all briefs though. Is that okay?” I asked.

“Not what I usually wear but who am I to turn down a helping hand?” I grabbed a pair of bright orange and green briefs that were still in the packaging. I tossed them to him and turned to mix our drinks and give him some privacy. Neither of us seemed to bring up that I hadn’t called the desk yet. I turned back around with our drinks and Marshall was once again fully dressed in his shorts and shirt. I hadn’t put my shirt back on.

I handed him the drink and he took a big sip then made a face.

“Well, it seems someone’s trying to get me drunk,” he laughed. I avoided the response I wanted to give.

“Hey, if you can’t drink like a man you should’ve told me first,” I laughed back. He laughed again and sat in one of the chairs by the bar.

“Man these things feel great. No wonder it’s all you wear. I think you may have just converted me. And they’re so stylish too!” he added on to the end, jokingly.

“Yeah I really like the way they feel. When I’m alone they’re all I wear around.” I said, taking another big sip of my drink.

“Hell, don’t let me stop you. I’d hate to think of you putting yourself out on my expense.” He said, sounding fairly serious.

I took another big sip of my drink, letting the whiskey give me a little courage, and just went for it.

“Okay,” was all I said as I undid and dropped my shorts, kicking them off. I was now standing there, nearly hairless from the eyebrows down, in very good shape, in my bright red and blue underwear, with half a hard on. I swilled down the rest of my drink and saw Marshall’s was almost empty too. “Care for another?” I asked.

“Sure,” he said, handing me his glass. I went over to pour the drinks.

“Come here,” I said when I was done pouring them. He got up and I grabbed the glasses, meeting him halfway. Without a word I quickly set the glasses on the table behind him and pulled him into a hot, sensual kiss. Immediately his body wrapped around mine as our chests, legs, and hardening cocks pressed against each other. His hands explored the muscles of my back as mine pulled his shirt over his head. He smelled clean, fresh. I buried my face into the base of his neck and inhaled, then kissed my way up to his lips again. Marshall had the softest cheeks and lips; kissing him was like kissing a Greek god. My hands ran up his muscled arms and around to his lower back.

I began to massage his lower back, moving down to rubbing his ass through his shorts as his fingers played flirtingly all around the band of my briefs. My fingers made their way around to the front of Marshall’s shorts as I undid them and slid down his chest, pulling them down as I went.

I was now face-to-face with his brief-clad cock, bulging against the fabric and elastic. I licked up the shaft of it through the material, to the sensitive underside of his cock head. He shuddered visibly and pushed his crotch into my face. I lightly scraped around it with my teeth, letting my tongue go all over it.

“I’ve got to say, Marshall. These briefs are a good look on you.” I smiled coyly up at him.

“And being down there looks reeeally good on you Declan.” He moaned out.

With that I hooked my fingers under the band of his briefs and pulled them down about two inches. The pressure caused his cock to spring free and hit me in the face. I grabbed it and dove down onto it, not trying to deep throat it yet, but trying to lick as much of the shaft and head as I could. Marshall was incoherent by now, his only sounds moans and grunts, depending on what I was doing. After only a few minutes of ravishing his loins, with my own cock poking out of the top of my undies, Marshall stopped me and guided me to my feet. He kissed me again, passionately, hands running all over my chest. The head of his cock rubbed against the under side of mine and I went weak at the knees. we walked to the bed, me going backwards until I was sitting on it, Marshall’s cock directly level with my face.

My god what a beautiful cock. At just under 8 inches long it was the perfect size for me to suck and ride. It was thicker than average, but still proportional. His head swelled perfectly away from his circumsized shaft and was currently pulsing a light purple color. A glistening drip of precum dribbled out the perfect slit and I leaned forward, extending and flattening my tongue. I scraped my tongue up the underside of his head, then up some more to flick the drop of nectar into my mouth. I grinned up at Marshall with a naughty grin and he pushed me down on the bed, falling on top of me.

We were kissing with fire. Our warm bodies betwild were writhing across each other as both of us experienced insane pleasure from our tonguing, nibbling, licking each other’s neck and chest. His fingers wrapped into my briefs and he yanked them off, standing up in one motion. I lay there, my breath quivering like a young virgin, unable to move, mesmerized by this Adonis in front of me.

He knelt down, propping my legs up on his shoulders, and started to give me the slowest, wettest, warmest blow job I’d ever gotten. When the head touched the back of his throat he started humming and my hips bucked. I held my cum back and gently pulled his head off a little bit. He licked around the shaft and head, lightly pumping me, and his teeth brushed across the whole underside of my cock. I jumped in ecstasy again but he moved on his own.

Marshall continued his slow pumping as his tongue traced down the middle of my hairless ball sack. It dipped underneath them and continued downwards, tickling me a little but thrilling me ten times more. His tongue reached my asshole and instead of diving right in, he flattened his tongue out and slowly licked up it. I shivered. He did it again. And again. When his rhythm became steady he stuck his index finger in his mouth, tracing it slowly around my hole while he continued licking. He slowly but steadily pushed his finger in as his tongue pointed and began probing at the ring around the finger. I was writhing and moaning like a little cock whore now. And trust me, I was fully prepared to be Marshall’s little cock whore tonight.

When he had been playing with my hole for a few minutes I reached my limit. My ass muscles tightened around his finger and my body started shaking. I was moaning like a slut and started panting. Marshall came up from between my legs, looking a little frantic.

“You didn’t cum did you?” he asked, a little worried. “I’m not ready for you to come yet.”

“No, baby. Well yes and now. I had an orgasm, with my ass, but I didn’t cum yet.”

He grinned wickedly and dove back down to my ass with a renewed fervor.

“Marshall, I’m not a fucking virgin. I just want your cock right now.” I growled, bestially but effeminate. He quickly slid up my chest, bringing my thighs with him, until the tip of his cock rested on my asshole and he was kissing me again. We continued making out as I gently grabbed his cock and guided it into me.

It slid in in one smooth motion, lubricated by Marshall’s spit and my anal orgasm. On the first thrust he buried it all the way to the hilt in my ass. I moaned in ecstasy and clenched my muscles around his cock. He moaned and started to fuck in and out slowly. I let him go easy for a minute or two while I adjusted, then grabbed that marble ass of his and started pounding him into me. We were both panting and moaning and screaming at times. I reached up to kiss and lick his chest. I took one of his nipples into my mouth and sucked and tongued it before biting down hard on it. He bucked especially hard a couple of times before swinging me over him as he rolled over.

Looking down on him from the cowboy position, I was in complete control. I ground my ass all over his cock while I bounced up and down on it, squeezing my ass shut every time his cock was going out, then impaling myself when it went forward again. I pinched both of his nipples as I rode him and he slapped my ass, hard. I screamed in pleasure and he spanked me again.

“Oh yes! Yes! Give it to me! I’ve been bad.” I moaned, slapping my ass on his thighs as I bounced up and down. He huffed and puffed and slapped me again. I bent down to kiss him again and the new angle set off another anal orgasm. My ass muscles clenched shut tighter than ever and Marshall’s cock exploded in my ass. Spurt after hot, thick, creamy shot fired into me as we both shook, quaked, moaned, groaned.

When we came together it was like a tsunami of incredible light in my head. I slipped into darkness for a split second before the light filled everything, expanding, morphing. It was beautiful. The warmth started in my ass and spread to every inch of the universe.

We lay there like that, me on top of him, for a few minutes, glistening, panting, feeling each other, kissing. When Marshall regained his strength he crawled down my body, taking my pulsing cock into his mouth. He sucked and moaned and licked and in seconds I was going to cum. I tried to pull him off but he just pulled himself back on tighter and I exploded in his mouth. My orgasm went on and on and Marshall swallowed once or twice before I finished. Finally he slurped the last drop off of my head and crawled back up me, mouth closed. He went in for a kiss and when our mouths parted, my cum flowed out of his mouth into mine. We shared that cum-filled kiss until all the cum was gone, then we laid together on the bed for almost twenty minutes, lightly brushing our fingers over each other, planting light kisses on each other.

Finally Marshall got up and headed back into the shower. I followed him. We washed off in the hot water, regaining our strength.

“So should we call the hotel about your key now?” I asked him, teasingly running a finger down his chest. He laughed.