Masked Ball

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Authors note: This is one of a group of stories between Marcus and Morgan. Marcus is a somewhat shady character who has various underworld connections, Morgan is a legitimate business woman. This is the first story I have published so I hope you enjoy it!

Marcus sat in the water taxi, looking out as his driver stopped outside the palazzo in San Marco. It was an old Venetian building, typical of the district and period but he barely noticed as his bad mood continued to simmer. Once the driver had moored the glass topped boat, Marcus stepped out onto the staircase leading up to the building. Instructing the man to wait for him, he strode up to the main entrance, ignoring the beautiful façade and 18th century marble adorning the building as he made his way inside to greet the host of the party, a business associate of his who usually kept a low profile in Venice due to his underworld connections.

Marcus made his greetings, charming as usual but inside he was frustrated. Morgan was supposed to be with him but her flight had been delayed so he was stuck at a masked ball in Venice, on his own instead of enjoying himself with her. It had been a month since he’d been with her and he missed her intensely.

He grabbed a whiskey from a passing waiter and downed it quickly before taking another. He thought that if he wasn’t with her, he might as well have a few drinks, relax and leave the party when he wanted. He tugged at the black mask he was wearing, he felt uncomfortable in it and the dinner suit he’d put on….he wasn’t a fan of black tie parties but somehow it seemed more bearable if he was with Morgan.

The party was already underway, Marcus scanned the room, spotting people he recognised despite their brightly coloured masks, mostly business acquaintances. He sat at the bar, starting to feel a little less bad tempered as the whisky began to mellow his mood after the first hour. His thoughts wandered to Morgan and he thought about the last time he’d been with her. He remembered waking up beside her and the slow morning fuck they’d shared before she’d left Italy…….he could feel his cock stirring in his trousers so he pushed the memories thoughts of her out of his head and turned back to study the group on the dancefloor.

His eyes wandered around the room, the masked gathering was clearly having more fun than him. His gaze moved up to the gallery and stopped. He saw a woman at the top of the staircase wearing a traditional Venetian mask in gold and black with a plume of black feathers and gold braiding, it covered most of her face but Marcus could tell she was looking at him. His eyes travelled downwards, she was wearing a black evening dress and long black silk gloves that covered most of her arms, as his gaze dropped lower he could just make out her feet, she was wearing strappy sandals with high spiky heels on her bare feet…..just the kind of thing Morgan would choose. Marcus smiled as he thought that, Morgan loved high heels, the higher the better.

He looked back up at the woman and realised she was beckoning him, he knew the party was a safe environment, no enemies, Şanlıurfa Escort no police officers….the host was too careful to make security mistakes as most of his guests were in the same types of business as Marcus. The woman was curling her finger at him, inviting him up the stairs to the gallery…..he was curious as to who she was and if he knew her.

He crossed the room at a leisurely pace, stopping to talk to one or two people on his way……he didn’t know who the woman was and would not give her the pleasure of hurrying to be in her company.

The woman stood in the gallery, watching as Marcus made his way across the room. He stopped to talk to people along the way, occasionally glancing back at her as he took his time. She smiled at this, she knew he liked to be in control and he was making this clear to her.

Marcus started to make his way up the stairs, keeping his eyes on the woman and the small groups of people around her…… he neared the gallery at the top she began to walk away, along the back of the gallery. He was suspicious but intrigued and followed her slowly, watching her movements. She was a way in front of him but he could see her outline, the curve of her hips under the dress, her hair pinned up so he could see nape of her neck, the ribbons criss crossing over her back on her dress and a glimpse of high, high heels as she walked. She wasn’t carrying a bag and the dress was impossible to hide anything under so he was content that she wasn’t a threat.

He saw her turn into an alcove halfway along the gallery, he followed until he stood in front of it, facing a heavy dark red velvet drape that concealed it.

Marcus reached out and pushed the drape aside enough to reveal a small room, he looked back to check he hadn’t been followed by anyone on the gallery level, then he stepped through. The woman was stretched out on a chaise lounge in the small alcove… Marcus joined her she looked up and smiled at him.

His eyes raked over her body, looking her up and down now that she was closer, she had dark hair that had been pinned up off her neck, her firm breasts encased in the restricting black dress that curved in to her waist and back out over her hips. The sheer layers of fabric making up the skirt had risen up and revealed her feet with dark red painted toenails, covered by the spiky heeled sandals. They tied up with long satin ribbons around her ankles

He could only see her lips clearly, they were glossy and full ……the rest of her face was hidden by the ornate Venetian mask, covered in gold and black braid and feathers. He could tell that she had dark green eyes as she met his gaze and he sensed something familiar about her as she smiled at him.

Marcus smiled back at her.

The woman swung her feet off the chaise lounge and onto the floor, holding out one gloved hand to beckon him closer. He walked towards her, looking down as she tilted her head up to stare back at him. Once he was in front of her she slid her hands up his legs to the front of his trousers before unzipping them, smiling again as she realised he Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan wore no underwear, then sliding one hand inside to caress his cock. Marcus was already aroused but the unusual sensation of a hand covered in a silk glove closing around him was so good that he immediately grew harder.

The woman remained seated in front of him, she freed his hard cock from his trousers and ran her gloved finger from his balls to the tip before cupping his balls in her hand and squeezing…then she leant forward and ran her tongue along his shaft before closing her mouth over his cock and sliding it down him in one long movement. Marcus breathed in sharply, her hands were squeezing his balls, her tongue rubbed along his length and he could feel the head of his cock sliding towards the back of her throat. Her full lips were closed tightly around him and he could feel his whole cock being engulfed by her mouth. She held him there, sucking, biting lightly and squeezing him….he looked down at her……and watched as the masked woman sucked his cock passionately.

Marcus hadn’t been with Morgan for a month, the urge to bury himself deep in a hot, wet pussy was overwhelming and he grabbed the woman’s arms, pulling her to him to kiss her. He forced his tongue into her mouth, kissing her deeply………then he pushed her back against the wall of the small alcove, hearing her gasp with surprise at his quick movement.

He ran his hands up her legs, pulling the soft layers of the dress up roughly over her thighs and using his knee to spread her legs apart. He kissed her hard again, sucking her tongue and nibbling her bottom lip as he held her against the wall with one hand and ran the other up her inner thigh to her pussy. He was surprised but turned on to find that she wore no panties and had a shaved pussy. He ran his fingers over her bare lips, they were already wet and he slid one between them to stroke over her clit. She moaned at that and he kissed her again to muffle the noise from the people outside on the gallery. She pushed her hips back against him and he slid his finger lower, resting it against the entrance to her pussy. Marcus could smell her arousal, this woman was soaking wet, as horny as hell and so ready to be fucked. He plunged a finger into her pussy, as deep and hard as he could, testing to see how easily his cock would slide into her……she was tight, her pussy gripped at his finger but he added a second to stretch her and moved them in and out, enjoying her obvious pleasure but desperately needing his own release.

Marcus heard the music change tempo downstairs, the party was becoming wilder and louder, matching his mood.

He removed his fingers, licking her juice off them as she watched him, then he turned her around to face the wall. He spread her legs apart with his knee and pressed against her so he could rub his hard cock along her pussy, parting her lips with it then moving back to rest the head of his cock at her entrance. He held his cock and guided it into her, just a little way…….then he pushed her arms up above her head against the wall Escort Şanlıurfa and placed his hands over hers, holding them flat. She was pinned against the cool marble wall with nothing to do but allow him to control her as he held her in place. Once he was ready, Marcus pushed a little more into her, feeling the head of his cock stretch her and slide into her wet pussy….then he thrust forward in one hard movement, filling her and burying his whole cock inside her til their bodied met and his skin smacked against her bare ass.

The woman moaned long and loud when he surged into her but it was masked by the music. Marcus ground his hips against her, moving his cock slightly inside her to rub her g-spot. He moved her hands together above her head, holding them with just one of his then moved the other one down to stroke her clit. He pressed his finger between the lips of her wet sex and rubbed over her hard clit firmly then began to pump in and out of her body, fucking her deep, hard and fast. As he fucked her hot, soaking wet pussy and rubbed her clit he bent down to suck and bite her shoulder…….he closed his eyes, focusing on the feeling of her pussy gripping his rock hard cock. Images of Morgan filled his head, memories of fucking her the last time he’d seen her………and he felt his cock swell, the woman he was buried in was moaning constantly and he felt her clamp down on him as she began to orgasm……she tightened on him and he felt his hot come racing from his balls, through his cock and into her hot, wet pussy surrounding him.

Marcus moaned Morgan’s name, still seeing her image in his head……he leaned against the woman’s back, placing his hands back on the wall so he didn’t crush her against it. His breathing was fast and deep, he could feel his heart racing and his cock beginning to soften and slide out of her. He stepped back and zipped himself up then turned the woman around……….he couldn’t see much of her face as her mask was still in place but he could see her lips were swollen and she was breathing heavily. He knelt down in front of her, raising her left leg over his shoulder…..then he leant forward and began to run his tongue along her pussy, licking their combined come from her as it trickled out of her. Marcus continued with slow soft stroked until she grabbed his hair and held him in place, shaking as she came one more time, a short and noisy orgasm onto his tongue.

He gently placed her foot back on the floor, pulled the dress back down over hips and legs..then he stood, pulled the drape back a little way and stepped back out into the gallery.

Marcus made his way back downstairs, he didn’t look back but mingled for a while, catching up with friends and the host. Finally he decided to make his way outside, he’d told the man to expect him at midnight as he hoped he’d see Morgan soon after.

He strolled outside and began to make his way down to the water, it was a warm night and he could see the water taxi waiting at the mooring at the foot of the marble steps. He stepped into the boat and settled back in the soft leather seat before turning to look at the other passenger next to him. He smiled as Morgan slid across to rest her head against his chest and wrap her arms around his neck. The black and gold mask resting on her lap slid to the floor as she turned in her seat to kiss him and he could clearly see the mark he’d left on her shoulder where he’d bitten her.

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