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Stephanie and Tina had known each other since high school. They had shared life’s journey together. The first loves, the crazy university years, climbing the career ladder at the same company and eventually marriage and children. Those that knew them best would swear they were sister’s, despite their physical differences.

Stephanie had classic Mediterranean features, long dark hair, olive skin, dark smouldering eyes and fairly tall. Tina, on the other hand was fair, brunette and green eyes that you could swim in.

It was a typical day at work for them both, battling deadlines and IT system issues. It was just before lunchtime Stephanie stood up, stretched and looked over the partition to Tina.

“Tina, did you see the staff Christmas party email?” she asked.

Tina’s fingers rattled across her keyboard, “Um, yeah.” she mumbled.

“Did you see how much partner’s tickets are going to be?”

Tina’s typing stopped and she looked up.

“Yes!” she exclaimed, “One hundred and fifty dollars!”

“Well, it is a black tie masquerade ball at The Ivy in town.”

Tina stood up, grimaced at her computer screen, “I suppose, let’s get lunch. That fool in IT is annoying me!”

Picking up their handbags, they headed to local food hall and grabbed a sandwich. Navigating through the already crowded food hall they found some seats.

“Tina, you know this Christmas party?” Stephanie asked tentatively.

“Yes?” Tina replied, between mouthfuls of sandwich.

“I was thinking,” she paused, considering her words carefully.

Tina’s attention was now fully on Stephanie, watching her as she choose her words.

“I was thinking, maybe we get the guys to babysit the kids. Get them a case of beer that will keep them happy. And maybe we could pool the money from not taking them to the ball and stay in town for the night. What do you think?” she asked.

“Well, you have been thinking!” said Tina with a smirk.

“Just a little.” admitted Stephanie.

“Okay, I will talk to hubby tonight and give you call.” Tina said winking.

“Guess, I better dust off the little black dress.” she added with grin.

Finishing up their lunch, they headed back to the office and continued battling the deadlines.

Later that evening, Stephanie was busy getting her children ready for bed when she heard the phone ring.

“Steph, Tina for you!” her husband called out.

“Dylan, I am with the kids!! Can you come and do story time?” she called.

Dylan wandered into the kid’s room and passed Stephanie the phone.

“Hey Tina! Talk to hubby?” she asked excitedly.

“Yes. Yes, I did. We are a go for Plan Girlie Night Out!” said Tina.

Stephanie punched the air in excitement, “That is great, Tina!”

“I know! I am so excited! I have to go Steph, sounds like one of kids is trying to flood the bathroom!” Tina hurriedly said.

“Go, will talk about it at work! Good Luck!”

“Thanks, Steph. See you tomorrow!”

The next day at work Stephanie and Tina organised the Christmas party tickets for themselves and decided on a nearby hotel. Choosing an executive suite as a little Christmas present to themselves. Before settling into sorting through their emails from overnight.

Tina suddenly grumped, “That fool in IT is going to be the death of me!”

Stephanie smiled and got on with the day, quietly glad she wasn’t going to on the receiving end of one of Tina’s emails.

The day of the Christmas Masquerade Maltepe Escort Ball arrived, Stephanie and Tina arranged for their husbands to drop them at work with their outfits and overnight bags. Like woman possessed they ploughed through the day’s work in their usual efficient manner. Both them noticing around midday a steady stream of people leaving the office with waves of, “See you at party!” By 3pm the office was practically deserted and neither had received a phone call or email for about thirty minutes. Their boss wandered over with her own handbag and outfit;

“Okay girls! See you at the party!” she said before heading for the exit.

Taking their cue, Stephanie and Tina signed off their workstations, grabbed their bags and walked to the exit. Hailing a taxi outside the office, they were soon checking in at hotel they had chosen. Excitedly, they headed to their appointed suite.

Tina opened the door and walked in, “Oh my god! Steph this place is bigger than that dodgy apartment we stayed at near the uni!”

Stephanie threw herself on one the large king sized beds, crying “Dibs!”, as she flew through the air.

Tina laughed at her friends’ behaviour.

“They are the same size dopey!” as she launched herself into the air and landed on her bed.

Stephanie looked at her watch, “We have a couple of hours to get kill and get ready. Fancy some room service? Maybe a bottle of bubbles?”

“Wouldn’t be a Girl’s Night Out without bubbles now would it?” Tina replied.

Stephanie reached over for the menu and grabbed the phone, ordering the room service. Tina flicked on the TV and surfed through the channels until she found a music channel. Getting off the bed, Tina started getting organised for the evening’s festivities. Stephanie finished the call and started getting organised as well.

“Tina, I have something for you.” Stephane said carefully pulling a package out of her bag.

“What is it?” Tina asked walking over.

Stephanie carefully opened the package, “You know how I have cousins in Venice?”


“Well, I asked them to send over a couple of masks. Here is yours!” Stephanie smiled as she passed an intricately painted mask to Tina.

“Wow that is amazing! Thanks Steph!” said Tina throwing her arms around Stephanie and giving her a hug.

There was a knock at the door as the room service arrived. Stephanie and Tina broke their hug and spent the rest of the late afternoon eating, drinking and getting ready.

Arriving at the Ball, Stephanie and Tina soon found themselves at the centre of the party. With their Venetian masks and little black dresses, they rarely had an empty drink long. Both found that the masks allowed them a certain amount of leeway in their interactions with the other party goers. Both male and female party goers made advances on the pair. As the night drew to a close Stephanie and Tina staggered back to their hotel suite.

Stephanie again launched herself onto the bed, this time her landing wasn’t as gracefully as earlier.

Tina again laughed, shaking her head.

“Steph, fancy a nightcap?” Tina asked, as she watched her friend crawl about the bed looking for a high heel shoe that had gone flying.

“Sure, why not? More bubbles please!” cried Stephanie as she waved her lost high heel above her head.

Tina picked up the phone and ordered up some sparkling wine, while she flicked the TV back onto the music channel that was now playing all Cevizli Escort night party music. With music going they started to dance around the room, laughing and carrying on. The room service waiter was quite surprised when he was met at the door by pair of masked, slightly raucous females. Dispensing with glasses Stephanie and Tina passed the bottle between them and kept dancing.

Taking the sparkling wine Tina sat down on the end of the bed and watched while Stephanie continued to dance. Katy Perry “I Kissed a Girl” started playing on the TV.

As she watched her friend dance Tina, suddenly felt flushed and blurted out, “Steph, have you ever kissed a girl?”

Stephanie mimicked the words for the song, “Yes, I kissed a girl and I liked it!”

Tina flicked off the TV, a sudden silence descended on the room, as Stephanie spun around and faced Tina. The realisation of her admission settled across the room.

“You have kissed a girl?” Tina asked again.

“Yes and I liked it!” Stephanie replied almost defiant, her eyes flaring behind the mask.

Tina mouth dropped open, her mind trying to comprehend what she had she had just heard.

Stephanie softened her look, “Tina, I have been bisexual since uni.”

Tina took a swig from the bottle of wine, her mind reeling from the information she had just received. Underneath it all she had the recurring thought, “Why didn’t she kiss me?”

“Does Dylan know?” Tina asked quietly.

“Of course, haven’t you ever wondered why the kids spend so much time with my parents? Dylan and I are playing together with other women.”

Still the thought, “Why didn’t she kiss me?” keep coming to the front of Tina’s mind.

Tina’s thought finally found its voice, “Why didn’t you want to kiss me?” she asked in a whisper.

Stephanie looked down at her friend, “Because I didn’t want to lose you as a friend.”

“You wouldn’t have!”, Tina replied.

Stephanie straighten up, reaching behind herself she unzipped her little black dress, letting it fall to the floor. Tina looked at her friend standing before her. Her full breasts barely contained by her black strapless bra, her smooth olive skin seeming to glisten, black lace panties, suspenders and stocking completing the outfit. Tina reached out running her hand down Stephanie’s smooth stomach, her hand jerking away as it passed over the suspender belt. Tina reached out again, this time her hand didn’t jerk away as it trailed down, Tina felt the warmth emanating from between Stephanie’s legs.

“Would you like to kiss a girl Tina?” Stephanie asked.

Tina nodded, leaning forward Stephanie placed her hand on Tina’s cheek, her lips brushing over Tina’s. Tina gasped as her body surged with pleasure.

Stephanie pulled back a little, “Would you like more?”

Tina nodded again. Stephanie placed her lips fully on Tina’s lips and Stephanie’s tongue darted out searching. Tina responded her hand reached up around Stephanie’s neck, their kiss now deep and passionate. Stephanie pulled away again and stood up. She released the front clasp of her bra. Her bra joined the little black dress on the floor. Stephanie held out her hand to Tina, taking it Tina stood up. Tina couldn’t help but look at Stephanie breasts mounted with two dark erect nipples.

Stephanie gently turned Tina around and helped her out of her dress, it too joining the discarded clothing on the floor. Tina felt Stephanie step up close behind her. She felt Stephanie’s Atalar Escort breasts press against her back. Tina dropped her head back as Stephanie embraced her, Stephanie kissed her neck. Her hands cupped Tina’s breasts, teasing at her nipples through the lace of her bra. Tina sighed in pleasure. Tina could feel a hand move down over her stomach, down between her legs, a palm pressed against her labia.

Stephanie gently propelled Tina forward, pushing her onto the bed. Tina crawled onto the bed and turned around to face Stephanie, her legs opening up naturally. Tina watched as Stephanie stripped off her panties, a landing strip of hair above her pussy. Stephanie looked back at Tina, her hand running up her body, brushing over a breast before she traced her fingertip across her bottom lip. She joined Tina on the bed. Kneeling between her legs she ran her hands down Tina’s inner thighs. Tina closed her eyes as waves of pleasure cascaded over her. Tina felt Stephanie’s long hair brush against her skin as she moved her head further down between Tina’s legs. Tina could feel her long held secret desires for Stephanie being unleashed. She wanted Stephanie to teach her, to pleasure her, to show her what she had been missing all these years.

Tina opened her eyes and saw Stephanie push her panties to the side and felt her moist pussy being gently opened by her fingertips. Stephanie lifted her eyes to Tina, her tongue circling Tina’s clit, a finger sliding inside. Tina let out a sigh of pleasure and continued to watch Stephanie pleasure her.

Stephanie lifted her head momentarily, “Are you enjoying yourself? Do you want to go further?”

Tina just nodded and smiled as Stephanie lowered her head again and slid a second finger inside her. Stephanie’s mouth now fully over her clit, sucking and teasing with her tongue, fingers working in and out. Stephanie moved her kisses up Tina’s body, her fingers still probing deep inside her. Tina pulled her bra to the side freeing a breast allowing Stephanie to suck on her nipple. Tina could feel an orgasm tantalisingly close to the surface. She had never gotten so close so quickly. She willed herself to hold on, her body betraying her, as her back arched and her pussy pulsed around Stephanie’s fingers.

Stephanie looked at Tina, “That was quick!” she said smiling.

Tina smiled weakly, her body still surging with little jolts of pleasure.

“I don’t like being left behind!” Stephanie said pouting.


“I am sure we can work something out!” Stephanie said as she straddled Tina’s body and moved her pussy towards Tina’s face.

Tina lifted her head and ran her tongue the length of Stephanie slit.

Stephanie let out a gentle moan, “Are you sure you haven’t done this before? You are a natural!”

Tina smiled and parting the lips of Stephanie’s pussy with her fingers she let her tongue dart in and out. Stephanie squirmed in pleasure her mouth back on Tina’s soaking pussy. Their passion now fully alight, Stephanie and Tina sucked and tongued each other. Their bodies writhing together, moans and sighs of pleasure the only sounds heard. Stephanie pushed her hips down wanting more of Tina’s tongue. Their movements became more lustful, their breathing short and gasping.

“Oh Tina!” Stephanie moaned when she felt Tina suck on her clit.

Stephanie’s body jarring as her orgasm took hold. She rubbed Tina’s clit frantically, Tina gasped in pleasure as her second orgasm seemed to fire every pleasure centre in her body.

Stephanie rolled off Tina and lay panting next to her, she looked over at the bedside clock.

“Lucky we have late checkout!” said Stephanie.

Tina leaned over to Stephanie and giving her a passionate kiss, simply nodded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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