Master of Sins

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AN: this story has a lot behind it, characters images inspired by people i have seen and met alike. The story was inspired by ManyEyedHydra’s work Succubus summoning, and uses his “formula” on the connection between worlds and dimensions. If this is his creation then i owe him credit for its dynamic insight.

In later chapters this story will feature some…weird images. I consider it “light erotica” because its focus is more on the story then the sex entailed within. Please enjoy the ride (however you wish to interpret that double entendre ;P)


My Life has been lack luster from the get go. At 18 i was lucky to have my first time, but being so young and naive i thought it was love. 2 years later i had my heart torn from my chest by that woman, 2 more after that before i got out of the funk that ensued.

Now here i am 22, living life lazily. I spend my time exploring the grounds of an old junk yard near my place. I made a cozy little place to just sit down and relax out of some ice fishing huts, I was surprised at how good i was at making it work with what little carpentry i know.

I spend my time in there just doodling random things, laying in a bed i managed to find, and just generally lost in thought. Little did i know this routine wouldn’t last long…


“Demonology” had always fascinated me, especially since the recent rise in sexy demon females in Anime’s. Yes i was a fan of them, sue me. They always made creatures who would more than likely kill you at first glance this ephemeral beauty that would capture your gaze indefinitely. And so it was this fascination that i began to explore with my own hands in my doodling.

I had drawn many things; A succubus, a Yuki-Onna, Goo girl (she was my favorite). I kept these pictures posted around the room. I had a virtual harem of sexy demon girls making taking up nearly every inch of wall space in my little hide away hut.

One day i decided to try and draw an elaborate summoning circle to add to any new drawings i made, something to just add to the “realism” of their demonic nature, and maybe just a bit to follow the fad in all those shows that demons had to be summoned and weren’t just hiding amongst us.

It took several hours to perfect the image, and i admired my handy work for a few minutes before i put it up on the wall with all my other creations. I gazed at everything i worked on and smiled in reflection at all the time “wasted” on them.

“Hell, if you girls were real, i’d love to show you a good time.” I put my hand on the circle after i said it and concentrated on it, pretending i could actually use magic to grant this silly little wish.


Deep in the unknown corners of “Hell”…

Noxica lay in bed, bored out of her mind, flicking her tail slowly and staring at the ceiling of her bedroom. Life as a Misfit Devil was hellishly boring, even for a denizen of the actual hell. She cursed her mixed blood again for the millionth time in her life. She bolted upright and gazed at herself in the reflection of her mirror and smirked at her vivacious good looks.

Standing 5’7″ before her 3″ spiked heels were adding to it, her figure was slim and completely impossible, with a noticeable hourglass figure and F cup breasts, firm round ass that could bounce if she stepped right, and toned abs that could do kegels with enough force to make diamonds. Her long neon green hair flowed smoothly down to her buttocks and off set her deep purple, cat-like eyes. A matching shade of purple adorned her lips while the same green shadowed her eyes. Nails were filed sharp and painted a mix of green and purple. Most noticeably however was her distinct tail, tipped with a large syringe as opposed to the normal spade tip her kind were born with.

Yes, she was a gorgeous succubus, but also a fiery combatant with a will and attitude to match. She loves a good hunt and a fight, but her metabolism followed her lustful side and she is forced to seduce for semen to eat. This fact was what caused her boredom, mix that with her status as a misfit giving her kind slim pickings of contracts to take, and she would surely go insane.

She was about to sigh in frustration when suddenly a portal opened up in her room, displayed within it’s center was a young boy, hand held Bursa Escort against a summoning circle pinned to a wall. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Studying the portal she could sense no details in the contract that was used to summon her, she had complete reign on what she could do and take from this mortal! Jackpot!!

Looking at him again she appraised his looks. He was kinda skinny at first glance, no real muscles but enough to maybe do some light lifting for those special against the wall moves. His hair was kinda scraggy, clearly he wasn’t taking care of his looks too well, he was kinda tall, looked about 6′ even, and those legs looked huge, compared to the rest of his body anyway. Dull brown eyes showed his unassuming nature all too well, and she guessed this summoning wasn’t fully planned or even thought possible to her prey, she was going to have fun with this one…


Back at the hut…

Launched across the room and onto the bed, i hold my chest as the tingling pain slowly fades away. The room is filled with smoke and the air feels charged with energy. As the smoke begins to clear a toned sexy leg appears from within, tipped with a nasty looking spiked heel. Following it up and nearly drooling as more smoke moves to reveal a hip made for grabbing and railing, adorned in a short skirt that was no more than two belts in length, yet covering exactly what needed to be for it to be called “publicly decent”. More began to appear before my hungry gaze, toned abs, a tight looking navel, the bottom curve of large firm breasts covered by a Lycra fabric strapless tube top obviously too small to do its job of covering the abundance of flesh.

“Holy shit!” i thought to myself. “It actually worked!?” As expected of her type, when her face was visible it was displaying a smirk of playfulness as she locked onto my eyes.

“Oh my my, Such a hunk has summoned ME of all the succubi in hell? I should feel honored…” She spoke smoothly as she walked one foot in front of the other to make her hips sway seductively. I would of choked on my tongue if i wasn’t used to such blatant flirtations already.

“Ha! Good one, trust me you could spit and find a hotter guy then me, demon.” My pessimism always escaped my lips before i could think of anything better to say,

“Oh? someone has been hurt by a heartless human have they? Don’t worry, I won’t hurt your wounded little heart, trust me, I’m only here for exactly what you think i am…” Her voice was dripping with desire, and it was clearly affecting me as my jeans became tight at the crotch.

My sense of humor was usually always a close second to my pessimism when reflexes came into play, and they didn’t fail me here. “Oh thank god, this place is a mess, and a maid is too expensive, thanks for volunteering to clean it for me.” I smirk to make it look like i was serious, but as i should of expected from her kind, they come with the ability to read minds, that or a good sense of humor.

“Oh hohoho, good one, but if you’re really into a maid then…” With a snap of her fingers her wardrobe changed from a street walkers into the classic french maid dress, complete with feather duster and frills. “I’ll get right to cleaning up…Master” she added a dripping intent to the last word, which sent a shiver of excitement through my whole body.

I watched intently as she got to work, dusting the corners of the room, my make-shift table, making my bed. I was waiting for her to make the obvious move of leaning over far too much for the task at hand, but she kept a very professional work ethic surprisingly. I noticed she hesitated as she found the wall plastered with all my various drawings, and i could of sworn i saw a look of panic in her eyes.

“You like them? I didn’t think a demon would be interested in any art form that wasn’t out of the 16th century when bibliographic portrayals were all the rage.”

She reached up and pulled one down to inspect it closer. It was the Yuki-Onna i had made months ago. I loved it for it’s, as most would say “voluptuous” figure, but i say it’s proportionate, She was large chested, I estimated a G, but she was certainly built enough to lift it without complaint. Her pale white almost clear skin was attempted to be made to look like her body was somehow made of ice, the bright Bursa Bayan blue reflective eyes accenting that fact. She was adorned with a traditional Japanese Yukata, depicting a snowy mountain peak.

“How…” She barely spoke, clearly somehow this picture frightened her and i didn’t want to get on the bad side of a demon.

“I just doodle, the image came to me about a month ago, i swear i don’t do anything weird with these.” I held my hands up defensively as i tried to back away slowly. Unfortunately the bed was behind me and i fell back onto it, giving her just the opportunity she needed.

Before i could even blink she was on top of me, her maid uniform, just shreds of fabric in the air, as i now beheld her naked form. If not for the 4 inch horns protruding from her temples i’d of called this woman a goddess at the sight of it. I expected a forked tongue when she pressed her blazing lips to mine but was surprised at the human like qualities it possessed. She raised a hand high into the air as her lips separated from mine, i opened my eyes just in time for her claw like nails to come at me with killing intent. I’d like to say i didn’t shriek like a little girl at this but i have a tendency to do that…mostly when i’m splashed with scalding water but i’ve never had the opportunity to be clawed to death so i wouldn’t know if it also came out then.

Her giggling laughter came soon after, and when i finally realized i wasn’t bleeding to death, i slowly opened my eyes again. She looked deep into my eyes with a look of burning need and desire, that kind of look you expect from a submissive woman who suddenly decided she was going to take what you playfully denied her.

“I’m not going to kill you, you have my word master.” She made an X motion across her heart in a gesture anyone who has ever been 5 years old would know. I don’t know if i said it in pessimism or humor but my response came as this;

“The last time someone trusted the word of a demon they bit an apple and ruined god’s design, forgive me for having doubts.” I don’t know why i added a playful smile after speaking, but i’ve come to learn my confidence gets the better of me at the times when i should just shut up and take what’s coming to me before i make it worse.

“They were trusting a demon of treachery, I am a demon of lust. The only thing my kind wants is to get off. And yes, sometimes that’s too much for a human to handle, But be honest, do you think your not good enough for me?” She was reversing the role, I didn’t expect this. Yes, i’m used to looking down on my self, but i’m in the middle of faux confidence here.

“I’m not just good enough, I DESERVE THIS!” and with that my decent into hell began,

I rolled us over, and pinned her down, and took a breast into my hands and kneaded the oddly warm flesh. I adored breasts for their constantly chilled temperature, like an always cool pillow at the ready for a tired head. But i guess her body is different then a humans. I enjoyed the new sensation none the less, and attached my lips to her nipple and bit and sucked hard.

She bent and moved in a way that made it seem like i hot a nerve just right. I was too lost in my desires to think she was faking it and doubled my efforts. Hands caressed flesh all over her, lips kissed tender areas, playful nibbles accompanied whispers of naughty promises. This demon seemed really into this, I really don’t think she was playing the role of demon seductress, I think she was actually getting off. But that’s when the shit hit the fan…

I felt it pierce my neck, and i was paralyzed, not by anything she injected me with, but i’ve always hated needles, and now the one attached to her tail was right there. She had that playful smile of a woman who planned on getting pregnant with your seed and stealing all your money in the upcoming court battle, I really don’t know how to describe that look in one word.

Warm flooded in from the syringe, and my body felt like it was on fire. That heat then flowed toward my crotch and the hardness of my cock became unbearable. Something inside me told me it would feel better if i rammed that thing deep inside her pussy, and i didn’t have the time to argue. With a hard thrust that actually knocked the air out of her i entered that sweet sucking slit. And that Escort Bursa impulse was right. That burning heat turned into a gentle warmth that almost made me unload right away.

At this point i think something primal woke up inside me, cause i lost all coherent thought…

(POV switch)

I felt it, that twitch of animalistic release. That Essence of Primal Lust injection did the trick. That false confidence wouldn’t fade away now, and he wouldn’t care if i was faking ti or not. All that mattered to him now was ramming that cock raw and those balls dry. And with several spare doses of Repurpose Vigor Ichors to inject him with, i may just liquefy him in his blind need to fill me with cum.

One thing about humans i love is their constant need for positional change. Within the first hour i think he moved me into 6 different positions, cumming twice at least within each one. Each hour explored new avenues of pleasure the kid knew nothing about. And he was pounding me like he had always been a master of each one. It was five hours in before i had to inject him with the first dose of Ichor.

I don’t know when we started, but the evening light was on us when that dose failed to produce more semen for my savoring. I was about to hit him again when i suddenly felt something inside me. It’d felt like it bubbled at first, like…i don’t know, like his dick farted inside the swamp of cum resting inside me wait to be absorbed…Wait…Why wasn’t i absorbing it? He wasn’t cumming like a wave in a monsoon so i know i could ingest it rather quickly, yet i could feel it resting inside me, burning and boiling.

Something wasn’t right, I could feel my strength waning, the cold Earth air around me actually sent a shiver across my body and put goosebumps on my skin. I don’t what it was but something was blocking all my magic power! I had to get off this guy before whomever was sealing my magic got away with whatever he’s trying to do.

But my prey was too far gone, his savagery was too much for my weakened state. He spun me around and mounted me like a bitch in heat, pinned and powerless to do anything but lawl my tongue out in rapture. I didn’t know what else to do…I had to swallow my pride…

“Please…” I begged, it felt like it physically hurt me to say just that word. “Please…let me go…I…don’t want to…to die…” A tear rolled down my cheek…then it all went blank.

(Neutral POV)

Something shattered. It sounded like glass, but neither party seemed to hear it at first. The young man was too busy trying to get that last rock off, and the demon was an unwilling yet pleased partner for the ride. All around them the blue sky seemed to light on fire, clouds were sucked up and out a hole in the atmosphere, stars burned brightly, blinding those who were caught looking up at this marvelous tragedy. Gravity took a loop and suddenly building started to crumble and fall towards the sky, people and animals came next. It was like the scene of a Hollywood production of an apocalypse.

Piece by piece the world began to fall apart into chaos, destruction, and death. And the only two not screaming their heads of in panic and fear kept rutting.

It was the loud unmistakable screech of steel rubbing against steel that awoke the man from his drugged up state of euphoria. Peering out the small window in his hut he saw cars and all manner of heavy equipment start floating up towards the now pitch black sky. He quickly looked at the digital clock in the hut and saw it was on the fritz, counting time like it was a stop watch’s millisecond counter.

The hut around him shattered apart and he felt himself being pulled up off the ground. Panic was the only thing on his mind now, even when he was still balls deep in the best pussy he could get. Shaking the girl he now noticed seemed comatose, he tried to get an answer out of her. Life came back to her for only a second, enough for her to look up and get a horrified expression. Weakly she muttered “We’re both dead…”

And he felt it, a sharp biting chill surrounded him. The vacuum of space was chilling him to the bone, and he felt it begin to crush him and expand the air in his lungs. He closed his eyes, Embracing the end that was to come…

The end felt oddly silky…


I have no betas or anyone helping me so sorry for any “tense” issues or grammatical errors. This is not a one shot, i do plan on making more, but my writing schedule is erratic, so i don’t know when the next one will be. Please take time to vote and review.

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