Master Ron , slave kim Ch. 03


Kim Preston strained against the bonds holding her in place. She had begged to be in this position. She had confessed to Ron that she loved to be abused and treated like a slave and he took her at her word. They had a long talk and she consented to everything he would do to her without reservation. The safe word was always at the back of her mind, but she had vowed to herself that she would never use it.

The bit between her teeth kept her from making any recognizable sound. Her long red hair was piled up on top of her head, her green eyes covered by a mask, her bare body covered in a sea of whip marks, her pussy juice leaving trails down her thighs as the beating continued.

Her tormentor was her best friend and house mate Ron Michaels. He stood beside her, wearing only a black leather g string, whip in hand and enjoying the display his slave put on for him.

The last week had been incredibly hectic. The football season had started and classes were in session. They had not had the chance to play for five days and now, as always, Kim was incredibly horny and needed to be abused to calm down.

This was the way all their weekends went since they had confessed their needs to each other. While moving each other’s rooms into the new house, they had learned exactly what the other wanted. Kim had found Ron’s pile of bondage magazines and Ron found Kim’s video diary of her wishes to be submissive, as well as her footage of her putting herself in bondage.

That had been 3 weeks ago; now at college they had moved into a house together that Kim had acquired from her wealthy parents. Once the move was complete they discussed the arrangement of Ron being her master. Kim was thrilled and delighted to be his slave and vowed to do all she could to be worthy of her Master. They converted the basement to a dungeon for their games, and spent most of their time there when they were home. It had gone long past just after classes, now Kim craved abuse by Ron almost hourly and Ron used that very craving against her. She would beg and plead to be tied and beaten, abused and fucked, and Ron would force her to commit the most degrading acts in order to get him to beat her. Always Kim obeyed every order.

Ron reached over and picked up the vibrating nipple clamps and attached them to her distended pierced nipples. Kim screamed through the bit at Ron tightened the clamps one crank more than usual. He was determined to make her pay this time. During the last session, she had caused an electric shock to be transferred to his balls. The charge had brought him off. He enjoyed the orgasm, and wanted Kim to have the same feelings.

With the clamps in place, Ron stepped back watched as Kim writhed and screamed through her bit. She hung from the foot of the four poster bed, arms attached to the top of the posts, feet connected to the foot board at each corner. Ron smiled viscously and picked up the 8″ vibrator and rammed it up her ass and switched it on. A larger vibrator was already working her over stimulated pussy. Ron had used surgical tape to hold it in place and used still more to hold the one in her ass steady. He had left her clit untouched though, and Kim shook and quaked in her need for orgasm. With no stimulation on her clit, she couldn’t cum and Ron knew it.

Ron slapped her ass and told her he would be back in a while and left the room as she screamed incoherently through the bit. Ron went to the kitchen and made himself some lunch and ate leisurely while he did some homework. He also made a new device to torment her with. After 2 hours, he returned to the bedroom and found Kim twisting and shrieking through her bit as she fought to cum. He slid a basin between her legs, knowing what she was about to do. She did not notice his entrance until he attached the alligator clip to her clit and closed the circuit to the small battery.

The result was instantaneous. Kim convulsed as the low level current shot through her and came with such force that she sprayed her pussy juice all over the floor and lost control of her bladder and piss shot out of her. He turned the dimmer switch up and smiled as she arched her back and hit her second orgasm before the first finished. She lost consciousness and hung twitching limply in her bonds as Ron shut off the vibrators, the electrical current and removed them, before undoing the ankle cuffs and then undid the wrist cuffs. Ron gently lowered her onto the bed, removed the bit and covered her with the blankets.

She woke an hour later to find Ron lying next to her watching TV. She smiled lazily up at him and reached out to grasp is throbbing dick. Her mouth slid down his cock and winced as the nipple clamps twisted, Ron had not removed them, but had added weights. Kim licked and sucked his cock gently and Ron caressed her hair before he pulled her up and sat her down on it. Kim sighed deeply as his dick entered her dripping hole and she started to rock her hip back and forth as they met his pelvis. Her bald pussy rubbed against his course pubic hair and brought her off Sahabet again.

Kim collapsed onto Ron’s chest, heaving for breath as Ron held her. He pulled her off his cock and kissed her gently as he raised his hips slightly and pushed her down on to his cock, it settling deep in her ass. Kim groaned into his mouth as he invaded her backside and started to fuck her deep. He had broken her ass in some time ago and she never tired of feeling him there. Sitting up she started to flick her clit in time to his fucking and just as she felt him explode in her butt, her ass muscles locked around him as she came.

Falling forward again she left his dick in her butt and snuggled onto his chest. Ron covered them up again and they drifted off to a pleasant sleep, each knowing that the punishment she would receive for cuming with out permission would be severe.

The next morning dawned bright and clear and Kim was up first and in the shower before Ron even stirred. They both had class in the morning and Kim liked to start the day early. She had already had her work out and was still massaging her joints in the hot shower when the water turned ice cold. Screaming in shock Kim hopped out of the shower to see Ron standing there smiling at her. She reached for his cock, but he slapped her hand away and got into the shower himself, the toilet having filled, the water in the shower was quite comfortable for him.

Kim quickly dried off and ran to the kitchen nude. Being naked was something she loved and had gotten used to quickly. Living at home had prevented her from going naked when ever she wished but here both she and Ron rarely wore clothes in the house. She just served breakfast as he entered and they sat and ate together. After breakfast Ron went to the weight room and had a quick workout while she cleaned up the kitchen. Afterward she was just starting to get dressed when Ron entered the bedroom.

He told her he had a surprise for her and produced a pair of white silk panties from behind his back. Kim looked surprised by this. She rarely wore panties unless she was cheering at a game. But Ron turned her around and had her lean over the bed and spread her legs. He knelt down behind her and licked her pussy. Kim shivered and pushed back against his tongue only to feel something small and hard enter her snatch. The cold feeling told her it was a vibrator. Now she understood the panties. They would help keep the vibrator in place. Ron slapped her ass and told her to get dressed. As he spoke the vibrator twinged inside her.

They left the silent house Ron took her keys and pushed her to the passenger side of her car. They entered the car and started the engine and the radio came on. The vibrator started to work again, in time to the sound surrounding her. Clutching the seat Kim shivered as the vibrator worked her pussy. Ron smiled evilly and switched radio stations from the soft music to hard rock and turned it up. Kim convulsed as the vibrator went into overdrive. It had her on the edge of orgasm in seconds but without her clit being touched she could not cum. Ron snapped off the radio and the vibrator dropped back to a soft gentle hum as it accompanied the engine. Smiling at her Ron said that he thought he should drive today and reminded her that the game was tonight and she was not to cum or remove the vibrator, which was sound sensitive until they got home.

Class was more difficult than usual with her pussy vibrating all day. But the teachers were the only noise in each class so it was not too bad; changing rooms after each class was difficult. The noise in the halls made it work faster, but still not at top speed. The game however, had nearly killed her. As Captain of the cheer squad she was expected to lead all cheers and be on top of the pyramid. Her pussy had soaked through her panties and shorts she wore under her cheer uniform. Her juices ran down her leg all through the game and the noise from the crowd when the team scored and then won had driven her right to the edge and held her there.

Ron watched her throughout the game and knew that she was approaching her limit, so right after the game he took her home. At the house, he pulled into the garage and closed the door before either got out of the car. Kim was panting and writhing in her seat as he had the same hard rock blasting through the car for the short ride home. At his command she stripped her uniform and tossed it with his into the washer and then he sent her for a shower. The water raining down upon her kept the vibrator going but the sound was not as bad as it had been at the game or in the car.

Ron entered the bathroom and ordered her onto her knees in the shower. The big stall had enough room for both of them to lay down in it so there was no problem. Ron asked her if she had learned her lesson about cuming without permission. Kim wept and nodded vigorously begging him to let her cum. Ron continued to ask her questions about her cuming and she promised never to do it again without permission if only he would Sahabet Giriş let her cum now. Ron gave her permission and she flicked her clit once and lost control. Between the game and crowd, the classes and the car ride, she had been on edge for hours again. She once again lost control of her bladder and pissed all over the tile in the shower. She convulsed and Ron caught her just before she would have hit the floor as she lost consciousness.

Kim awoke and realized that she was bound. Ron had carried her to bed, bound her wrists and ankles together and covered her up. It was dark out and Ron was next to her asleep. Kim rolled over and put her head on his shoulder and went back to sleep, curious and excited about what Ron would do to her tomorrow.

The next day dawned clear and sunny as usual and Kim awoke with the dawn; however she was still bound wrist and ankle. Ron had left her that way all night and now her bladder was signaling that it was a good time to go. Kim started to squirm and writhe in the bed as she fought to hold her bladder. She slipped beneath the covers and licked Ron’s nipples. This always got him going and he jerked awake.

Kim pleaded her case and Ron relented, undid her cuffs and sent her to the bathroom. Kim showered quickly and returned to find Ron standing in the bedroom waiting for her. She smiled as she dropped to all fours and crawled to between his legs and licked his throbbing dick. Ron grabbed her head and shoved his cock deep into her throat.

Kim relaxed her throat and accepted him as he fucked her face. She closed her eyes and reveled in the sensation of being used as a fuck doll. Ron treated her exactly as she needed and she loved him for it. While he thrust into her mouth, she worked her tongue and teeth for him, scraping them along the sides of his cock and tonguing the head when he pulled back. She felt him shudder and sighed as he shot his morning load of cum down her throat. It was Saturday and they had all day to play.

When Ron finished breakfast, he lead the naked Kim down to the basement and she shivered at the thought of what was about to happen. Ron only took her to the basement when he was in the mood for a long session. The basement had the serious equipment, the Saint Andrews Cross, the rack, the cage, the whipping bench; it was amazing what you could make from plans on the internet.

Ron stopped in front of the work bench equipped with the toys they used and picked up two vibrating eggs, and a pair of cuffs. These steel ones she would not be able to get out of. Ron led her over to the pole holding up the house beam and pulled her back against it. He cuffed her hands behind it and then inserted one egg up her ass and the other up her cunt. He also attached a large bull dog clip to each nipple.

Taking the long leads on the remotes, Ron put them in her mouth and went back to the work bench. Coming back to where Kim could see him, she saw that he carried 2 rolls of packing plastic wrap. Kim started to twist and squirm as Ron wrapped her left arm a few times then proceeded to wrap her entire body from under her breasts to ankles in the plastic, leaving only her pussy open, stopping only to slap her to stay still and change rolls.

In a few minutes, Kim was completely immobilized and starting to sweat. Ron had left her blindfold off and made sure she was facing the large screen TV. Ron inserted the ring gag and then hit the remote for the TV. Instantly an image of a redheaded girl being double penetrated appeared on the screen. Ron put a strap around her head to hold her to the pole and then turned on the remotes for the eggs. Kim jerked as the eggs started to vibrate insider of her and the porno playing in front of her only made it worse. Ron leaned over to kiss her once then told her to enjoy herself as the movie had about 3 hours and 45 minutes to go and she was not allowed to cum till he said so. Ron flicked each clip and laughed as he walked out of the basement to Kim’s grunting pleas’ for release.

After 2 hours Ron returned to the basement and found Kim in almost the same condition he had left her. She was now covered in sweat and forcibly humping thin air to try and get any clitoral stimulation to make her cum. The sweat had pooled at her feet and run freely down her body under the plastic. Her eyes were glazed over and she was barely conscious as the torture had her nearly out of her mind. Ron checked the movie and smiled as he noted that the film was at the point where the main characters were engaged in an all out orgy.

Ron stepped to the work bench and picked up the ultra violet wand. Kim hated this device, but always performed so well when he applied it to her. Moving quietly Ron stepped up to her and laid the wand against her left nipple. The charge carried by the bull clip and the sweat that covered her body had Kim dancing in shock. She had not heard Ron come in during her torment and the contact of the wand shocked her back to where she was.

Ron smiled darkly and applied the wand Sahabet Güncel Giriş to her other nipple a little longer. Kim convulsed in agony and was left breathless and panting when he removed it. Ron continued to apply the wand to various parts of her upper body and watching as she danced for him. Finally Ron applied it to her cunt lips and she shrieked in pain and delight but still did not cum. Ron shut the wand off and walked out of the basement leaving her panting in bondage, closer to orgasm than ever, but still just short.

When the movie ended Ron returned to the basement and quickly cut Kim down from the post and let her drop to her knees in exhaustion. Being that close to orgasm but not coming had taken all her strength. Ron ordered her to clean up the mess and left the basement again. Kim struggled to her feet and began to follow her orders. At no time did her fingers stray to her over wrought pussy. Her Master had not told her to cum and after Friday at school and the game, she was not about to make that mistake again.

It only took about half an hour to clean up the dungeon and Kim crawled upstairs like the whipped puppy she longed to be. Ron was waiting for her in the living room, with her friend Monica. Kim screamed through her gag at being displayed this way, but Ron called her over and Kim crawled to him, stopping by the side of his chair. Ron stroked her head as he would a dog and continued his conversation with Monica.

Ron noticed the glances that Monica kept shooting at Kim and Ron told her to go to Monica and make her feel at home. Kim was totally humiliated, but had no choice but to obey. Kim crawled across the living room rug and stopped at Monica’s feet; she stuck her tongue out of the ring gag and began to lick Monica’s toes. Monica giggled at the sensation, but did not move to stop her best friend from working her way up Monica’s dark legs.

Ron continued to talk to Monica as if nothing was unusual. By the time Kim had reached Monica’s inner thighs, it was obvious that Monica was not paying attention to anything but Kim’s tongue. Ron snapped his fingers and Kim returned to him. Monica looked up disappointed but smiled as Ron removed Kim’s ring gag and sent her back to work. Monica stood and removed her thong and pulled her skirt up to her waist before Kim returned and spread her legs even more as Kim took up where she left off and worked her way into Monica’s dripping pussy.

Monica moaned and sighed as Kim drove her tongue in deep and began to lick and suck the moist flesh presented to her. The eggs still inside her were working overtime and the taste and smell of her friend took her to a plateau even higher than before but still did not send her over the edge. Kim felt Ron’s presence and grunted as he stepped behind her, thinking he was finally going to fuck her, but she felt him straddle her back and heard Monica moan in delight as Kim also heard a wet slurp. Ron was letting Monica suck his cock. Kim was humiliated and outraged. Ron’s cock belonged to her. She paused in her licking and received a sharp slap on her ass. Ron was still watching her and reminded her that he was her master and she had to take what he gave her.

Monica sucked and slurped on the dick presented to her. She and Kim had talked about Ron and Monica was glad to see for herself that Kim had not lied about how well Ron was hung. His cock more than filled her mouth and throat and Monica hummed in delight as he slid even deeper in to her throat. Monica could feel her own release approaching and sucked harder. Ron gripped her head and drove all the way into her mouth as he shot his load directly down her throat into her stomach. Monica groaned and shuddered as Kim brought her off at the same time and Monica sprayed Kim’s face with her own musky juices.

Ron pulled out of Monica’s mouth and sat down again. Monica let Kim clean her pussy up and then pushed her away. Kim returned to Ron’s side and sat like a dog beside him as he and Monica continued to talk. Kim twitched and twisted on the floor as she needed to cum, but could not. Ron smacked her twice to keep her still and then decided that she needed more control. Inviting Monica to join them Ron led Kim back to the master bedroom and proceeded to tie her upright at the foot of the bed again, only this time facing the bed. When he had her secure and the gag back in place, Ron climbed on the bed and asked Monica to join him.

Monica quickly removed the last of her clothes and dove on the bed with Ron. The couple entwined and kissed passionately, their tongues dueling. Her hand slid down his body to grasp his rising erection as Ron licked and sucked his way down to her pert black breasts. The darker nipples were hard and delicious. His hand slid down to her dark furry mound and spread the lips. Monica humped her crotch at his invading fingers and groaned as he slipped two fingers in deep, his thumb rubbing her clit.

Kim was beside herself with rage and impotence. She could do nothing but watch as her master and her best friend got ready to fuck on her bed. She needed to cum so badly that she was physically shaking with need, but nothing could get her off till someone or something touched her clit. The bull dogs on her nipples were still tight and she could feel them move with her body, but it was not enough.