Master Swimmer Ch. 05


After Rob has given Sue her training, they just laid there holding each other in bed. She had her head on his chest and he was stroking her hair and back. Her skin was so soft and so silky. The fresh taste of her sex was still in his mouth and he savored it as she asked him, “Coach, have you decided what you are going to do about my sister coach? She is really hot to have you do her.”

He continued to run his hands over her young beautiful body. He especially loved how her ass made a nice hill as he ran his hand up [over the mounds and down to the back of her upper highs. He smiled as she turned her head up to look into her eyes. He said, “Why don’t we plan to have your sister here tomorrow afternoon. It’s Sunday and you can tell your folks you are both going shopping together. Let’s say we meet around 1PM. I’m going to take you down into the basement so you can see what I have plan for you later tonight. Then if you please me I’ll do your sister just like she wants tomorrow.”

They got up and walked to the shower and got into it. Both of them were covered with cum from the stomach down. Sue even had some dripping off the ends of her breasts. She washed him and he washed her slowly making sure each spent a great deal of time and contact with the other’s sex organs!

Soft easy washing was done to both before Rob sucked Sue’s cleanly washed pussy into his mouth bring her to a sweet wonderful orgasm. She bent her back and moaned as the climax flowed over her. Rob’s mouth felt so good sucking her pussy she wished it would never end. But all orgasms fad and finally she stopped pumping her cunt into his face and she just stood there shaking holding the back of his head letting him kiss and lick her snatch until she had completely recovered. She pulled him up and kissed him saying, “I could let you eat my pussy for the rest of my life Coach! God your mouth is fucking unbelievable.”

He smiled and said let’s dry off. As they stepped out of the shower, Sue took hold of Rob’s cock and began to dry it as she made love to it. She dropped to her knees and placed it against her face rubbing it all around. Then she kissed up and down the hard shaft. She lifted the shaft up holding just the head with her fingers and began to lick it up and down as she sucked at the junction where the shaft and ball sack meet. She sucked both of his big balls gently as she squeezed the cock head with her fingers. Rob moaned and Sue looked up into his eyes. They were shinning at her and he smiled. She smiled back with his big dick in her mouth. His hands gently pushed her head back into his cock! She licked the under side of the growing cock shaft up and down again. She made soft gently love to it until he was sure and so was she that he would cum soon.

Rob’s cock was extremely hard, she popped the big purple cock head back into her mouth and licked and stroked and sucked him until he blew a huge load into her mouth. She took most of it and swallowed gulp after gulp. But there was so much cum it dripped out the sides of her mouth. Rob used his fingers to catch some of it. She saw his fingers and took his fingers cleaning them of all the cum on them. Then he held her head and pushed his cock back into her mouth. He wasn’t finished yet. He told her, “Train time now Sue. Training for you to deep throat me.”

She looked up with a question on her face. He pushed his cock straight into her mouth and bent her head up slightly. As he pushed down into her mouth, she gagged as Rob pushed the cock head into her throat. She pushed at his thighs and he backed the cock out of her throat. He told her to relax and let it slid down. She tried but this was her first deep throating attempt and as she gagged her eyes watered and her nose ran. It was her attempt to breathe and to get the cock out of her airway. He held it down her throat for another second and then backed it out. Sue looked up with fear in her eyes. Rob told her, “Relax Sue. You have to relax if you want to learn this Sue. It takes a great deal of practice.”

He told her to take a deep breath. She did and Rob pushed his cock back into her throat. This time she gagged but not as bad. Again and again they tried it and again and again and again she gagged. She was learning! With each thrust of his cock down her throat it was becoming somewhat easier for her. She knelt in from if him as he held her head tilted up and slid his cock down her throat. When she pushed on his thighs he would pull out. But the big cock head never left her mouth. As his cock got as hard as it could get, Rob told her he was going to cum again. He told her to take a real deep breath. She took a it and pulled him into her with her hands on the back of his thighs. He fucked her throat until she pushed against the front of his thighs and Rob back his cock out of her throat. Another deep breath and his cock slid in her throat again. After a few minuets of this Sue was ready out of breath! Rob finally watched as she took another deep breath and he slammed his cock down her throat. As the Starzbet muscles in her throat contracted he began to spew his cum down her throat! She held her breath for as long as she could and finally had to back her head off his cock so it would come out of her throat. She stroked and pumped it as her lips formed a tight seal around his head. She sucked and sucked milking all of his cum out of his cock. As her hand cupped his nuts she squeezed them gently and sucked him until he started to soften. She finally popped his cock out of her mouth and asked, “How was that Coach?”

He pulled her up and told her, “Marvelous Sue, you were very good! With more practice, you’ll be a great cocksucker. The Coach loves a great cocksucker as his trainee.”

Her kissed her tasting his own cum. They held each other for a long time. When they broke their embrace, Rob told her he was now going to shave her pussy bald. She got very excited. He put a towel on the seat of the toilet and she sat down. He knelt between her open legs and told her to put one foot on the sink. She did and he got the tools he needed to shave her. He trimmed her pussy hair close and then cleaned the short hair with a razor. He rubbed baby lotion on her cunt before using the razor to clean up those places he had missed. As more lotion was rubbed all over her cunt, she moaned and wanted to squeeze her thighs closed and squeeze his hands as he rubbed her cunt. Rob shave all over her lower body holding one of her pussy lips out and opened as he shaved it gently. Then he would do the other one. Continuously touching all those sensitive spots between a woman’s legs, Rob slipped a finger in her hole as she moaned deeply. He pulled it out and licked his finger clean as he smiled up at her beauty. He could see just how wet she was from his hands and the things he was doing to her. It was thrilling and torture! He shaved very carefully and slowly and very, very lightly all around the edges of her pink insides as he kept her cunt opened with his fingers. Around and around her cunt Rob was very careful not to nick or cut her. He took a great deal of time and care to shave her pussy and ass completely.

Sue sat there looking down at his hands as he worked on her. She was going crazy with lust and desire as Rob took more than a half-hour to shave her. During all that time her pussy was touched gently sometimes, other times he would be a littler harder. It was rubbed and squeezed and pulled open but he never stopped stimulating her. She was being fondled in some way continuously as he cleaned her of all the hair she had between her legs both in the front and in the back. She was touched all over her ass hole and pussy hole and it was now driving her wild as her need began to develop again. Sue’s pussy lips were very swollen and puffy, and they were also very opened. Her clit was huge as it stuck out now very clearly visible without any hair around it. Rob lightly rubbed his fingers over her clit as he shaved the finally part of her cunt. At the top he used his skills to trim her pussy hair taking it off around her clit hood and down to the very tip of the clit. Finally Sue couldn’t stand it any longer. She moaned, “Oh My GOD! ROB! HURRY!”

He smiled up into her face and she said, “Please baby! Hurry! Oh Rob! Hurry please, or I’m going to cum!”

He stopped touching her and sat back taking in his work of art. He took the razor and just ran over the one place he had missed. He than said, “I think you are all done She. What do you think?”

He had shaved her pussy and around her ass completely bald, there was not single one hair left anywhere around it. She ran her hand over her naked pussy and under it over her ass and then looked into his face and said, “My Coach it’s so smooth. I think it will help me fuck you faster just like shaving down helps in the water. A shaved pussy must help me fuck you faster let’s get on the bed and we can test it out.”

He laughed and took her hand leading her back into the bedroom. He lay back on the bed told her to test it out and to come up and straddle his head with her thighs. As Sue sat with a knee on each side of Rob’s head she sat back letting her ass sit on his chest. She said, “I know my sister is going to love the way you make love Coach. She wants to be fucked by you so bad she told me she is going to scream if it doesn’t happen soon.”

He said, “Well if you are good for me later tonight, I’ll be good to your sister tomorrow. OK?”

She smiled and said, “OK! Now what do you want me to do?”

He said, “Well first I want you to move your body up closer to my face so I can see your new shaved pussy.”

When she did, he stopped her, as her pussy was about 5 inches from his face. He watched a small drop of cum they had made together earlier, begun to very slowly ooze out from deep inside her cunt hole. As it dripped out of her, he smiled and moved his hand towards it. As it started to run down from her pussy hole to the crack of her ass, Rob took his hand and wiped Starzbet Giriş it off with the tip of his index finger. He showed the drop to her and said, “Lick it! Put it in your mouth and taste it.”

She did and he smiled. Then there was another drop and this time he took it. She smiled down at him as she saw him taste this drop. They shared the taste of the jointly mixed cum as it very slowly dripped out from deep inside her body.

He said, “move closer Sue let me smell your musk.”

Sue inched forward until she had her pussy only an inch from his face. She felt his tongue beginning again, but this time he started at the very top of her inner leg where the bones appear when you open your legs wide. Then he licked over the bones pushing up as Sue held her thighs opened as wide as she could get them. The than worked his tongue down the sides of her pussy lips tasting and licking, as he went. She moaned and pushed into him! She tried to contain herself but he was purposely teasing those places that he knew was so the most sensitive and had the most effect on her young body! He licked down the inside of her thigh and then moved to the other leg working his way back up to the top where her pussy lips started. He licked up the lip but not into her cunt. She moaned and wiggled as she felt his tongue so close to her pink insides. He could see the glistening wetness inside her as he kissed it between her legs. Her swollen clit was throbbing a she held his head and said, “Lick my clit Robbie! Oh please it wants your tongue so bad!”

She wanted him to get her off so bad So bad! When she felt his tongue beginning to trace the edges of her pussy she moaned again as she tried to get his tongue into her cunt. He resisted! When Rob licked down the edge of her pussy to the bottom, he stuck his tongue deep into her hole. The feeling of orgasm began to take over her body. Rob reached his hands up and separated her pussy lips as he began to massage the pink insides with his thumbs. He caressed her inner cunt lips now gently at first, but as her body began to rock on his motions, Rob began to apply more and more pressure. Sue began pushing back against his thumbs as she told him, “Oh yes Coach! Oh yes baby! Lick me and I’ll give you my cum! Oh fuck Rob! Oh fuck!! Lick my clit! Oh Christ! Lick and finger me baby! I’m going to cum!”

As Sue began to cum her body shook as she cried out from the feeling Rob’s tongue was giving her clit and his two thumbs were doing inside her cunt. Rob fingered her pussy alternating one thumb going in as the other thumb moved almost out. It was like a locomotive hitting her head on as her climax screamed into her body. She pushed her cunt down on his face so hard Rob could get very little air. As she rotated her cunt on his face she was screaming, “Eat me! Eat me OH fuck! Eat my cunt Coach! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! OH god! C O A C H!!”

She didn’t want the feeling it to ever end. She pushed hard into his mouth as Rob sucked and sucked and sucked her pussy! She loved the feeling and her love and appreciation began to run out of her body and into Rob’s mouth! She was smiling down at Coach as she held his head and enjoyed the after glow of one sensational orgasm! When she finally rolled off of Rob she began to play with his super big hard on. He stopped her and took her hand as he led her down stair to the basement. As he walked down the steps, he was throbbing as his hardness almost hurt. Rob knew what was going to happened when he got Sue positioned correctly and began to use the toys and other wonderful things he had down in his basement. Rob’s lust was very high because he only took special ladies down in his basement. Sue was one of the best very special ladies!

Her heart was racing, as she walked down into the special room. Rob held her hand tight and felt her shaking now as she saw all the things he had down here. She asked, “What do I have to do?”

He asked, “Do you trust me Sue. Do you want me to continue to train you?”

She said, “You know how much I want you Coach! I’d do anything to make you happy. Yes, I want you to keep training me, but I don’t know what to do.”

He smiled and told her, ” Just do what I tell you when I tell you. OK?”

She shook her head as he took her hands and held them as he kissed her hard and deep!

As they broke the passionate kiss Rob asked her, “Are you will to try something I’m sure you have never done before?”

Her breath was shallow and her heart raced as she said, “Anything Coach yes I trust you.”

He said, “Anything? Are you willing to be my slave completely and totally, without question? Are you willing to be my personal sex slave?”

She could not imagine what he could do to her that he had not already done. And, everything he had done felt so dam good and got her off like nothing she every experienced before. Then she started thinking about what Rob had just said, “a completely without question sex slave.” She smiled and Starzbet Güncel Giriş wondered what would she have to do if she were going to be his “sex slave?” She looked up into his face apprehensively and said, “Yes Rob. What would I have to do?”

Rob smiled down at her beautiful young face and said, “You’ll find out soon enough.” He took her hand and walked to the sofa. He said, “If we are going to train you right Sue, we need to know your limits. I don’t want to hurt you so bad you won’t enjoy it or you’ll stop training. I want you to keep training and learning from me! So in order for us to know what your tolerance is, we need to develop a “safe word”.”

She said, “A safe word?”

He said, “Yes a word you will used only when you absolutely can’t take any more of what I’m doing and you want to stop. No! You’ll use the word when you have to stop! But use it only as your last resort! Just don’t say it when you feel fear, or to much stimulation good or bad. Use it only when you can’t stand it any longer. I hope you will never have to use Sue. I want you to grow stronger each time we are together and build up your tolerance for pain and pleasure. Because you are going to find out that a little pain along with pleasure with increase that pleasure 10 fold! Do you understand?”

She said, “Yes! Yes Coach I understand. A safe word, that I use only when I can’t take it any loner and want to stop. I am only to use it as my last resort.”

He smiled and said, “Right Sue! Absolutely right now what shall the word be?”

She smile and said, “How about. . “

Before she could say anything Rob told her it has to be a word that most likely won’t be used with their love making, so it can’t be stop them as they pleased each other. It can’t be anything like yes or no or stop or anything like that. Then he said, “Hey how about Terri, your sister’s name?”

She smiled and said, “Well I won’t be yelling it that’s for sure. OK Terri it is. Our safe word is Terri! Good now show me what you want or what you’re going to do and show me.”

He laughed and picked her up in his arms like she was a feather and asked me, “Now do you trust me completely Sue?”

She said, “Yes!”

He said, “Do you trust me to do anything I want with your body?”

She smiled again and said, “Yes Coach! What did you have planned to do to my body? I trust you as long as we have the safe word I trust you to do anything to me you want Rob.”

He asked, “Anything?”

She looked at him with a question in her eyes and on her face. She said, “What exactly did you have in mind Rob?”

He laughed and said, “Good answer, logical and smart! I love you baby and I’m going to love training you!”

He kissed her and said, “Trust me enough to blindfold you?”

She smiled and said, “Sure Coach.”

Rob took out the sleep blindfold and placed it around Sue’s face covering her eyes. He asked, “Can you see any light?”

She told him no.

He said good. He kissed her and then walked her across the room. He could see her nipples sticking out hard with her excitement. He asked, “You OK?”

She told him, “Yes, I’m OK What’s next?”

He kissed her again and told her she would know soon enough. Rob lowered the supports and had Sue sit in the long sling, which reminded him of a kid’s swing in the playground. It was made of rubber and was 7 inches wide held up to the ceiling with chains. He sat her nude body down on it. Next he took her legs one at a time and placed them in separate slings. Her feet went through the loops and held each of them.

Rob pulled the chains and the foot supports opened and separated until her legs were pulled wide open. He then placed the other supports under her thighs just above the knees. She sat in the swing with her legs wide apart as Rob moved up to her arms which were hold the chains as if she was sitting on a swing. He took her left arm and connected it to a sling similar to the ones at her feet. He secured it and then walked around to her left arm he secured that arm with another sling. He then used the last support to place under her back and slowly laid her back. She asked, “No Coach I’ll fall!”

He said, “Sue! Trust me you won’t fall baby! You’ll train!”

He laid her back until she was horizontal. He then tightened all the slings security to her body. She hung there completely horizontal and firmly secured at a height level with his cock. Rob pushed her and she sung back and forth. She cried out feeling like she would fall at any time. But the slings held her and she continued to swing back and forth. He stopped her from swinging and asked her, “Can you hear me Sue?”

She said, “Yes!”

Rob said I’m now going to take away your hearing too!”

She hung there as Rob used the ear plugs and soon she heard nothing, saw nothing and was swinging freely as the supports held her tight. She couldn’t touch any of her other body parts. She was held like that for a few minutes as Rob stood there letting her feel the lack of senses and only the rubber slings and supports.

He took out the small ball and kissed her one last time before he inserted the ball and gagged her. He wrapped the cloth around over the ball so she couldn’t spit it out. Now she was his.