“I hate you!” Larissa screamed at the top of her lungs as she stormed out of the bedroom. His reaction when they had finished their reflections on the day. Jeremy sat there in awe, Larissa was a normally very quiet and in control submissive. He wasn’t sure what he said wrong, but whatever happened today seem to have sent her over the edge. He sat there for a moment giving her some time to calm down. He had never seen her this angry in the three years that they had been together. She was still obviously fuming as he walked out of the bedroom after slipping on his satin boxers. Tears stained her cheeks as he moved toward her. She looked completely helpless.

“Kitten, shhh I’m sorry.” He slipped down on the couch beside her and pulled her into his lap. Tears still streamed down her cheeks and she started to sob the moment she found herself in his lap. She buried her head in his chest and clung to him. His fingers lifted to trace that very delicate collar that encircled her neck. He had replaced the first one he bought with that one on their wedding night. She got very quiet feeling his fingers tracing the cool metal. Her breathing finally slowing and the sobbing came to a stop. It was like a sweeping calm that made everything bad go away. She wasn’t ready to talk yet, so that head stayed buried in his chest.

After a few moments she finally lifted her head and look into his eyes. “Master, it’s not your fault the clients tore me apart today.” Teeth chewing on that bottom lip as she spoke softly to him. Her eyes gazing into those dark gray eyes. Every time she had ever looked into his eyes, she knew the look was only for her. It was like the calm before the storm. She swallowed hard and lifted her body to turn herself around to face him. It was the worst day she had ever had. She was finally calmed and content as she stared up at him. “Please forgive me, Daddy. I don’t hate you.”

A look of contemplation traced his eyes and face as he listened to her words. “Hmmm, kitten you can’t allow these things to get to you so badly.” That left hand at her cheek wiping away the stray tears on her cheek. “I’m not your enemy. I do forgive you, but you have earned punishment. I am not angry, but I can’t have you Starzbet yelling things like that at me.”

A solemn look came over her face as he spoke of punishment. It had been two months since she had earned her last punishment. The result of it, sitting uncomfortable for the entire weekend. Her ass has been reddened to the point where she was squirming every time she sat down. It stung for hours afterwards, even with his after care. This time would be worse, that word hate was used and he never deserved that. She just nodded her head looking to him, trying to hold back more tears, but she understood.

“Go down to the dungeon and put out my crop and my paddle. You will also need to put on your cuffs and put out a good length of rope.” He spoke softly and clearly.

She was quiet as she stood up, but turned back around looking right to him as she spoke. “Yes Daddy.” She took herself down to the dungeon quietly. She opened the cabinet where they stored all the implements and other supplies. Cuffs sat on the shelf and were lifted and placed on the bench first. She knew to get all four, because he would cuff her ankles as well as he always did. Crop and paddle were taken out and placed on the table next to the bench along with the rope. He had never used rope on her, but she would wait to see what he planned. She went to the other cabinent opening it and pulling out a small basket. It contained things to tend to her once he was finished. The basket was placed on the bed knowing he would tend to her after. He never had to ask her to place that out. She knew every time there was punishment or some sort of session with spanking, that the basket was necessary to sooth the pain. She was placing on that last cuff as he walked into the dungeon quietly. She nodded knowingly and bent over the bench.

He moved toward her quietly and cuffed her hands in place on the bench and then her ankles. He moved around to her front and kissed her forehead softly. “You did a very good job getting ready and taking everything out, my kitten. I am very proud of you for accepting that you would be punished so well.” He moved behind her and ran his hand down her bottom gently. One finger gliding over that very wet Starzbet Giriş entrance, teasing slightly.

She smiled feeling that kiss to her forehead. Her breath stopped for a moment as she felt that hand run across her bottom. She bit down on her bottom lip feeling him tease her slightly. “Ugh.” The word escaped before she could think, next thing she knew there was a crack of his palm across her bare rear with warning.

“You will count tonight, little one. Starting with that one since you think that you have permission to make a sound from my touch.”

“One, Daddy.”

He smiled very pleased as he drew his hand back and found that same spot on her rear again.

“Two, Daddy.”

He was starting out slow, to build up to the punishment that he felt she deserved. Hand drawn back and the other side of her rear was found. Same impact as the previous two.

“Three, Daddy.”

Another crack in that same spot.

“Four, Daddy.”

He stopped for a moment admiring the soft redness that was starting to show on her bottom. At that moment his hand reached over to his little table and the paddle was lifted free. That first spot cracked with more power than he had behind those smacks with his palm. She almost whimpered as she felt it hit it’s mark.

“Five, Daddy.”

As he drew back for the next swat, silent tears streamed down her cheeks. She continued to count as he cracked each side of her bottom with that paddle for a total of 2 swats to each side. After those were completed the crop was taking into his hand. He repositioned himself, he listened to her soft sobs with each crack of that crop. She had lost count at about ten and was sobbing each time that crop was felt across her flesh. He stopped when he had got to twenty strikes and admired his handy work. She was still sobbing softly as he stopped. Crop was laid down and he moved around to kiss her forehead. She didn’t look up, but the sobbing slowed. She had taken her punishment so well. He thought he’d reward her for that. He was very turned on looking at what a good job he did. Her ass perfectly reddened. Boxers were slid down as he moved behind her. He heard her groan softly as he rubbed that tip against Starzbet Güncel Giriş her entrance. She was still very wet, even after the punishment. He spoke softly as he pulled his hips back and slide his entire length into her with one movement. “You are still under punishment, so you are not allowed to cum without my permission. You will wait for it and if I decide not to give it, you will deal with it, little one.”

She just nodded her head and closed her eyes letting her body to adjust to him being inside of her. She shuddered the first time he pulled back and started to take her. It was not gentle. Everytime he brought her to the dungeon, he was not gentle. She was already moaning softly as he slid himself in and out with much fervor. He was grunting softly feeling her muscles tighten as he took her. He took a deep breath in and concentrated solely on his own pleasure. He knew from this angle if he let her cum, it would be hard and a major rush for her. His face plastered with that devious grin. In and out, she was squirming underneath him after about twenty minutes of those hard strokes. She was having trouble holding on now. She was moaning loudly and her nails were digging into the wood of that bench. He was growling now as he continued to take her. His breath coming in short pants. He pulled back and slammed himself into her another time or two. As he pulled back that last time, he spoke. “You may cum.”

As soon as he finished speaking he pushed back in with all the strength he had. He leaned down holding onto her, his body pressing against her reddened ass. She cried out feeling his hot cum coat her insides. She felt her muscles tense as well and she was shaking underneath him as she came harder than she had in a very long time. He held onto her as he was still spilling his own release. He was breathing hard and his eyes were closed. After about five minutes of holding onto her, he pulled back. He smiled as he moved around and uncuffed her. He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed where the supplies lay to tend to her bottom. She looked up at him in a daze as he lay her on her stomach. He pulled a few bottles free and rubbed a bit of each one on her bottom. She was still in that daze as he finished. He pulled her back up into his arms and carried her back to their bedroom. She was asleep by the time he reached there. He smiled laying her down and tucking her under the covers. He curled up beside her and held her as she slept.