Masterbation Fun


It’s a warm day and I open the window to the flat to let the breeze gently flow through the room. My bare feet pad across the wooden floor as I take my purchases into the bathroom. I hold them with excitement. I’m nervous as I lock the door behind me, butterflies flittering in my stomach. Normally getting caught would excite me, but I’m experimenting and I want privacy – not my flat mates walking in on me.

I stand there, on the bathroom floor, wearing a loose cotton T-shirt and my cotton shorts. Holding the cucumber and the condom. I feel empowered. I place them to one side. Taking a deep breath. Finally accepting what I want. Accepting the excitement it brings to put a cucumber into my Cunt. To explore myself. I picked this one specifically, it looked like his girth. My mind is filled with fantasy as I contemplate pleasuring myself.

I lick my lips and close my eyes. I pull my Tshirt over my head and cast it on the floor. I peel my shorts off and let them drop to the floor. I step out of them and kick them to one side. I stand there in my lace thong and matching black lace bra. I wait for a moment, pausing. Picturing his face as I pull off my bra and reveal my perky, large tits, my erect nipples.

I turn around and bend over, exposing myself. Just for fun. Legs slightly parted, I pull my thong down. Letting if fall to the ground. I place my Akbatı escort bayan hands on the side of the bath as I stay bent over. I smile to myself and wiggle my ass, noticing how it feels.

I kneel on the floor, naked. Legs parted. I take the cucumber and grip it around the middle. Flexing my fingers I wrap my hand round the ‘shaft’. I lick my lips and salivate. I slowly insert the cucumber into my mouth. Then I pull it out. I suck on it. Circling my tongue around the end. I slowly pull it in and out of my mouth. Pressing my tongue against it, feeling the texture. I twist my wrist slightly, back and forth, pretending I’m playing with the shaft.

I take it into my mouth, to the back of my throat. I gag myself slightly and grab the hair at the back of my head, just like he would. Wanting me to take as much of him as possible. My imagination runs away with me. It feels so good to give into my fantasy and pleasure myself. I feel the wetness of my Cunt dripping down my leg.

I pull the cucumber out of my mouth. Licking the saliva from around my lips. I take the condom and unwrap it, the sound of the foil excites me. I roll the condom down over the cucumber, all the way. Gliding down it. I shuffle my knees further apart. I place it between my legs, softly stroking the end against my Cunt. Covering it in my sex. I slowly Escort Aksaray insert it in. Feeling every sensation as it pushes my lips apart and enters me. I gasp. It’s not a wide as he is but it’ll do.

I hold it in place with one hand and slowly press my hips down, then up and down again. Slowly feeling it press up against the inside of my pussy as it moves in and out of me. I open my eyes and look around. I’m naked in my bathroom, fucking a cucumber and it feels amazing.

I keep going slowly as I feel the orgasm build inside me. Building and building, my nipples erect, my clit swelling. Just before it starts, I stop. Panting. I want to enjoy this and make it last. I pause, the cucumber pressed up inside me. I let my mind wander into fantasy, absorbing the sensations my body is feeling. I squat lower so the cucumber goes inside me just a little bit further, I gasp. I gently stroke my clit, arousing myself closer to orgasm again. I stop, pulling out the cucumber.

I roll onto my back, I shuffle closer to the wall. One leg angled to the side, one leg at a right angle pressed up against the wall. My mind jumps to images of my leg over his shoulder. I take the cucumber and slide it over my clit, into my Cunt. Out, against my clit, into my Cunt. Teasing myself. I thrust it inside me, fucking myself. Slow at first then Ankara escort faster and faster as I feel myself coming closer to orgasm. I feel the pleasure building. The warmth inside me. I let out a low moan. I fuck myself harder and faster. I moan again as I climax. It’s so intense, it sends spasms over my body. My back arches as it flows through me.

I finish. Collapsing, placing my legs on the floor I sit up, resting against the bath. Panting. I’m so wet I feel it all over the inside of my legs. I take the cucumber out and put it aside. Gently stroking it and smiling. I lay my head back and close my eyes. His purr of pleasure rings in my ears. Pleasuring myself would have made him happy. I start to wonder how he’d finish.

Would he thrust hard and cum inside me? Would he pull out and cover me in his cum? Would he stand over me and demand I wank him, covering my face in his cum? Would he roll me over and fill my ass? I realise as my mind unintentionally wanders that I’m playing with my newly erect nipples. I stroke my breasts, one hand pinches my nipple, one hand strokes my cleavage and I trace a finger along my stomach. Down between my legs. I lay one finger over my clit. I push my hood back, exposing the most sensitive part of me. I gently stroke it. So gently coaxing another orgasm, gently stroking and massaging with my own wetness. I fondle my nipples. They’re so sensitive after orgasming that it makes my Cunt tingle and I feel the orgasm build. I cum again. A softer orgasm but I feel it all over my body, gently intense.

I lay there enjoying the feeling of the after-orgasm as my Cunt pulses in pleasure. All for me. It was all for me.