Masturbation Club at the Lake

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Background. Alice held a Slumber Party attended by about 15 Girls. When the orders were delivered on a Saturday morning five of the girls including Alice stayed behind and tried out their toys. As a result they formed a club and this story is of their fifth meeting.

Attention censors–The characters have not grown younger so they are all well over 18.


The previous story ended as follows.

———————————— As we walked home Lana and I calmly discussed where all this was going. We agreed that we would work hard not to let the situation escalate. We did have families and reputations. We decided that she and I and possibly Jan could ‘spin off’ if need be and go our own way.

I asked also. “Hey Lana, what was with the BJ you were giving my fingers.”

“Nothing I guess. I love giving oral and I guess for a moment I was trying to make your fingers cum.”

I invited Lana in but she declined saying that she felt the need for a real cock in her pussy about now. Since I felt the same way we kissed goodnight and watched other to our respective doors.

So ended week five.

PS– My real cock felt very good. Since the club was started I would feed Brad tid-bits of my activities when I needed to push him and his beautiful cock to new heights of passion and maximum output. (If you catch my drift.)


THE WEEKEND. After much discussion and some ground rules having been established we finally climbed into Gail’s oversized SUV for the two hour trip to the cabin. It was Friday about noon we all having voted for the extra day.

I didn’t really become a reality to me until we arrived at the secluded cabin. We were six for the weekend our newest member, Ann, having been invited to all our joy. She was about 50 but was a very sexy lady with a mischievous manner about her.

The cabin was obviously first class but was designed to be a guys hunting and fishing hide a way. It basically was one big room plus an oversized bathroom. There were six single beds plus two hide a beds.

We each brought food which we deposited in the kitchen and our carryall which we tossed on which ever bed we claimed.

We didn’t bring much clothing as I planned to spend most of the weekend naked.

Gail had several cartons. One she said was reserved to be opened Saturday afternoon. Another she opened and spread out the new items. There were three of each. We read the package teasers and they read as follows.

1. 7th Heaven Vibe

We call this one 7th heaven for a reason. Powerful probe with silicone sleeve with clitoral tickler. It has 7 levels of vibration, pulsation and escalation Plug-in jack for charging or extra power. Glow in the dark one touch activation.

2. Back by popular demand. Experience Flipper’s multi-speed, vibrating jelly covered bullet. The beak-like snout will give you wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

3. Mr. Dependable. A 7″ long, thick jelly dong with suction cup on base. No batteries, no wires. Pitch your rubber ducky and make Mr. Dependable your favorite bath time toy.

There was also larger box which we were informed that contained a strap on harness and several attachments and a ‘double ender’ with a vibrator on both ends no less.

We all looked at Alice as Gail asked. “What’s with the lesbian stuff?

“I know that. But these two things don’t require skin to skin contact. I brought them along strictly for anyone who might be interested.”

“OK. You’re off that hook.” Said I. “But what’s in the big box?”

“That’s something that I know you will all love. But it’s for a grand finale tomorrow.”

“I also brought something else.” With that she opened a bag and spilled out several bottles and tubes of exotic lotions and ointments.

As my mind began to seriously consider the various possibilities this collection of toys, lotions and ointments, and sexy females allowed for I was a mass of horny sensations.

I looked around at the others and I could see a couple of far off stares and knew that I was not alone in my feelings. At that moment I knew that this was going to become a weekend to remember.

We spent about 15 minutes getting everything in order and then drinks in hand set about exploring the property. Apparently Gail’s Grandfather In Law had owned this property as part of a large dairy farm.

After a flood control dam was built and a lake created it left him with a large and valuable Lake front property. Over the years when he felt the need for funds he sold off a piece.

Fortunately his earnings had been well invested. So when he still owned thirty or so acres he split that into three. He kept one piece and gave his only grandson and his only granddaughter each a piece.

One grandson was Gail’s husband Gerry who had built this cabin near the water. There were about eight acres of trees surrounding the cabin. Obviously it made for almost total privacy.

There bursa escort were two boats plus a Jacuzzi which was enclosed inside of a large Gazebo build near the water. There was also a tennis court and areas set aside for various outside sports. The lake bottom was sandy and made a large water play area and a sandy beach for sunning ones self.

As we took the tour we began to know our newest member. She soon told of having belonged to a similar club several years before while a Navy Wife. She explained that it helped keep the girls marriage vows intact while their husbands were at sea.

(See Navy Wives Club)

The tour convinced us all of the total privacy offered by the location and soon we were all naked. We grabbed towels and headed for the water. As might be expected this group of horny women with a history of intimacy the swim session soon developed into frolic.

Also as might be expected the frolic was used as an excuse to explore the bodies of others in the group. Ann was immediately involved and gave as good as she got. I could attest to the fact that her body was as well constructed as the best of us.

After about fifteen minutes Janet said to us all. You guys can stay if you want but I intend to go back and try out some of the new goodies. With that she picked up her towel and began drying herself as she walked to the cabin.

Within a minute or so we were all following. I looked over the display and was immediately attracted to a bottle labeled ‘Passion Fruit – an edible and warming body massage lotion.

A message on the package said. “You and your partner will enjoy trying to hold on to the other’s slippery body parts as you and they are warmed by the lotion.”

That did it for me. I opened the bottle and immediately coated each breast with the oil. It began warming them right away and my nipples got most of the heat. I tried pinching my nipples and the oil was so slippery that I couldn’t get a good grip.

Next I massaged some into my mons and then between it’s lips. Again the effect was almost immediate. My eyes were closed as I enjoyed the sensation and I was caught by surprise as I heard.

“May I try that? From the look on your face it must be pretty good.”

I thought I recognized the voice as Ann’s but I didn’t open my eyes but simply held out the bottle for her to enjoy. After a few minutes I again heard the voice say.

“Now I see why the expression on your face. This stuff is wonderful.” I opened my eyes and sure enough it was Ann standing about a foot away with a far away exotic look on her face. She was trying to grip a nipple with her left hand and her right was massaging her slit with three fingers.

“I think that you’re about to come in just about a minute.” I said to Ann. She just nodded and kept going and I continued to watch. Sure enough in just about a minute her body began to tremble. She seemed unable to support herself and she glanced around seeking support.

Janet was directly in back of her and obviously in a similar state. They backed up to each other and gave support to the other as they each came to their own mutual but separate orgasm. It was a beautiful sight.

They finished and I was calm enough to select a toy from those available. I chose ‘Flipper’. He looked like a fun toy. Just for added interest after I checked the batteries I lathered him liberally with lotion.

He slipped into me without effort and brought a warmth to my cunt that I had never felt before. I turned him on full and had to fight to keep myself from an instant orgasm. His snout was producing extra special sensations to my clit and the lotion had both clit and cunt nicely heated.

About then I detected a whiff of my favorite perfume. The scent of female arousal. As I let that enter my conscious mind I also began to hear the sound of vibrators buzzing and of little moans and other orgasm sounds. I looked around and there were five other females in various states of pre orgasm, orgasm or post orgasm enjoyment.

It was a beautiful sight that would, if photographed would be an instant best seller. It was enough to overcome my resistance. I gave my body permission to orgasm and it instantly responded. And a wonderful response it was. Right up there ranking high where so many had been since we started this club.

CLAP-CLAP – I heard the sound come from somewhere. “OK ladies. That’s enough for now. It’s supper time.” It was Gail speaking.

Eventually were got our minds on supper and we milled around and carried on some as we put together something which resembled supper.

After supper it was still light but getting cooler as we sat around the Jacuzzi which was near the water and inside of a nicely sized Gazebo. We were all still naked now being warmed by heat the hot water emitted. Gail read the temperature. “104 she said. Perfect. Who is going to join me and we’ll check out the jets.” She entered slowly letting her body adjust to the temperature of the water. I followed and was soon settled bursa escort bayan in enjoying the heat and the pulsing water and the closeness of the five other bodies.

Soon there was a lot of sexual activity going on which was concealed by the bubbles and the darkening sky. For example I had my left hand on Lana’s thigh and my right on Janet’s and each of them had a hand on me.

Ann was to Janets right and Alice was to Lana’s left and Gail was in between Ann and Alice. Gail looked as if something was tickling her clit. I was not sure if it was a water jet, her fingers, her neighbors finger or some combination.

Actually I really didn’t care. Earlier I had heard Janet ask Ann if she would partner with her if the double dildo and the strap on were brought out. Ann had agreed but commented that maybe they might want to experiment with more than one partner.

“Interesting.” I thought and for the moment I was struck with disappointment at the fact that I did not have a sister to share my love with.

At that moment Ann looked at me and saw that I had heard the her last comment and gave me a wink. I winked back and it occurred to me that maybe we had entered into a contract.

A tremor passed through me as thoughts flashed by in my mind of the types of possible encounters between us girls. I recalled some subtle but real exchanges and that produced mental images that were exciting to say the least.

I have to admit that over the last several weeks that my lesbian hormones which I thought had petered out from lack of fulfillment were beginning to demand attention again. The thought of a direct sexual encounter with any of the various girls present was very exciting to me.

The three of the most interest at that moment were of course Lana and Jan and as of today Ann. Suddenly Jan squeezed my thigh and I looked to my left to see what was happening and I saw Jan’s face take of a slight blush and her eyes become slightly glazed.

“Something’s happening to her pussy.” I said to myself. I had seen her face take on that exact look many times during our masturbation sessions. It was a face of a lady in orgasm.

I looked beyond her at Ann who again winked at me. I knew that it was she who was doing pleasurable things to Jan their activity hidden by the bubbles.

About then I heard another familiar sound and I knew that Alice was also having an orgasm. I looked and sure enough her body was moving as if she was fucking one of the water bubble jets.

A few minutes later Lana apparently got into the same rhythm and she came also but less obviously than Alice. I knew because I could feel her bodies react through my hand. I began to gently squeeze her thigh in time with her bodies reaction.

The timer picked that moment to turn off the bubble maker and everyone took that as a sign that it was time to go inside. We were soon drying ourselves as we quietly and chastely walked to the house.

It was cool and we all quickly found need of some kind of a warming garment. Janet had brought some Fish House Punch which always broke down any tendency toward shyness and soon we had each picked out a new toy to evaluate.

This time I felt the need for a good fuck and I grabbed Mr. Dependable. There were two of each toy and Jan took the second MR. Dependable. She laid back on the floor and began doing herself with long but slow strokes.

I was anxious for a better view and I took mine over and used the suction cup base to stick it to the floor directly in front of Jan. I kneeled over it bent forward with one hand supporting me and the other holding my precious dildo.

I aimed it at my cunt and they found each other. I then slowly lowered myself until it slid easily deep inside of me. How good it felt. Hard. Very hard. I leaned forward and repositioned myself until it would touch my clit on every stroke. Then I was fucking it. I was fucking it hard until my first orgasm overwhelmed me.

Then I allowed myself to relax and to do what I had moved to this particular spot to do. I wanted to watch Jan close up. I wanted to watch her toy slide in and then slide back out glistening with her juices.

Meanwhile I began to hear and smell the eroticism of six horny broads who were satisfying themselves to their hearts content. As usual if one could capture, preserve, and market that scent it would sell for hundreds per ounce.

I was close enough that I could see each little ripple of the skin and fold of Jan’s pussy as her dildo slid in and our of her juicy cunt. I could smell her juices and my own movements on my dildo speeded up. I humped it and each time it filled me I felt each of it’s ridges and valleys. My cunt was gripping it so tight I was concerned that the suction cup would let go before I exploded into orgasm. But it did hold and I did explode into orgasm.

It was marvelous to watch Jan’s body react as she watched my orgasm. I saw the twitches and the little contractions increase and her juices leak around her dildo. Then her ass started escort bursa to lift from the floor. Just a little at first. Then with increasing frequency and each time a bit higher.

From around the room I could hear the squishing of pleasure instruments sliding in and out of sopping wet pussies. I could hear from a couple in addition the thump of a hand meeting crotch as the stroke bottomed.

I could hear the little moans and gasps of pleasure and on occasion the uh-uh-uh as an orgasm struck with it’s indescribable pleasure. I could smell too, smell the odor that I loved more than the odor of any food, the odor of a female body in lust.

Somehow my face had found it’s way between Jan’s knees. I noticed the nearness and began to kiss the inside of her left knee as she approached her orgasm. Then it penetrated my dull senses what I was doing and how close I was to licking her pussy.

That sent me back off into my own world of orgasm after which I was finished for the night. Later I found my way into one of the beds and later still I awoke in near total darkness to feel myself being covered with a light blanket.

Someone, I think that it was Ann, blew gently into my ear and whispered. “I’m looking forward to tomorrow.” I had what a man would call a ‘wet dream’ when I awoke I was soaking wet as was my sheet even though I had no cum to ejaculate.

Then I settled down to awake with quiet chatter all around and the smell of a cooking breakfast in the air. I did my morning ablutions and finished with a shower and joined the group at the buffet set up on the kitchen counter.

After about 15 minutes of idle chapter Gail wrapped a glass with her spoon for attention and said.

“First I want to thank everyone for the wonderful day I had yesterday and last night. If anyone didn’t suffer a whole bunch of great orgasms it’s ‘shame on them’.” We all applauded and she went on.

“I propose that we use the morning to let our pussies recover and to tour the lake. Perhaps if you have not already it will also provided a chance to choose partners for the double stuff should you decide to open that box. Or maybe I should say ‘Open your box for that’ ha-ha.

“How about a tour, then lunch, then swim and jacuzzi then sex at about 3:00 PM?”

We all signaled our approval and began cleaning up. Soon we were touring the lake in the 22 foot pontoon boat which had been tied to the dock.

We toured the lake for about 2 hours stopping to gas up and pick up some cold drinks. Then Gail found her way to a cove almost hidden by two small islands. She beached the boat and then told us why she had stopped there.

“The whole bottom is sandy and it’s only waist high most places. It’s a great spot to skinny dip.”

“It’s a great place for sex too.” Those words came from Ann.

“I’ve been here before, long ago. We were with another couple and we anchored our house boat her. We had a great time, all of us.”

“More, more.” Several of us cried out together.

“No. I’ve pretty much said all I plan to say except that everyone pretty much enjoyed everyone else before the trip ended.”


Ann refused to say more and soon we were all naked and frolicking in the water. We were copping feels and wrestling with each other even more than usual. There were several erotic moments.

One for example came when Gail and I started some horse play which ended with her behind me and holding my boobs, one in each hand. I simply relaxed and we sank down under the water where our bodies were concealed.

Gail continued to play with my nipples which grew hard as she blew in my ear. I reached behind me between our bodies and began to finger Gail’s clit. Hard to tell where that would have gone until Ann and Alice attacked us.

Ann whispered her apology saying that she thought that we were becoming too obvious and that Alice seemed like she might be upset with us.

Soon after we got back aboard and cruised slowly back to the dock with me wondering just what might happen later if we did break out what might be thought of as Lesbian toys. I also considered how far in that direction I was willing to go today.

Actually I already knew ‘how far’ if it came to that. What I was really wondering was ‘with whom’ it would be. I was pretty sure that it would not be Alice. But insofar as the other three were concerned I would happily ‘be with’ any or all.

We made ourselves a delicious lunch and then partook of the Jacuzzi which this time seemed to make us all sleepy. At least it did me. I curled up on my bed with a light blanket and napped for about two hours. I guess I was building a reserve for what ever was to come.

I awoke slowly and I found myself wet and horny and ready for whatever might develop. While still in that half awake stage I heard various remarks and light laughter. Various erotic pictures of what might be going on flashed through my muddled brain. That only increased the wetness and my horny state.

When I was fully awake I found that I was in the midst of what might be called orgy preparations. There was punch made. There were toys laid out neatly. The double ender and the strap-on were absent but there was something new.

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