Mating with Mom

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What?! A wholesome firebird68 story? Inconceivable! Hey, peeps, welcome back. I hope you all enjoy this story. This is a nice, wholesome, happy ending story from yours truly. I think the most shocking thing is that this is my first true incest story, other than some lesbian scenes from an old story a few years back. I’m surprised I haven’t written more. Anyways, quick tag warning for futa on female. If you don’t like that, click away or suffer your own doom.




Jennifer lugged her suitcase up the steps, huffing as she hefted the bulky bag. She reached up to knock on the door, but before her knuckles could tap the wood, it opened and swung inward.

“Hey, you’re here!” Sue exclaimed, a big smile on her face.

“Hi, mom!” Jennifer replied, dropping the handle of her suitcase to give her a big hug. Their breasts mashed together as they embraced, preventing them from getting close, and making them both laugh. Sue looked down at their substantial bust, Jennifer’s D-cups a bit smaller than Sue’s own E’s.

“Well, you definitely take after me.” She chuckled. “I guess girls like us aren’t exactly built to hug.”

“Well, we can hug from behind, I guess.” Jennifer offered.

“Yeah, that’s thinking outside the box.” Sue said.

She turned around to face back into the house.

“There we go. Hug away.”

Jennifer laughed and wrapped her arms around her mom, pulling her in. Her crotch pushed into her mother’s plush rear and a jolt of panic went through her as she felt her cock begin to stir in her pants. She quickly released her mom and reached down to grab her suitcase again.

“See?” Sue turned back around. “That works a treat.”

“Yeah.” Jennifer rolled her eyes. “Next time you can hug me instead. Now, are we gonna stand out on the porch all day or can we go inside? It’s freezing out.”

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!” Sue teased, blocking the door. “It’s more than fifty degrees! That’s like desert weather around here for December.”

“Yea, well, it’s like Antarctica weather for Los Angeles.” Jennifer grumbled. “New York is somehow way colder than I remember.”

“Then you’re losing your memory, honey.” Sue said, dropping her arms and walking into the house. “It was in the thirties last year. And the year before. And every other year as far back as I can remember.”

Shivering, Jennifer hurried inside, shutting the front door behind her.

“When are you going to move somewhere warm?” she asked, hanging up her jacket.

“Hmm. Let me think. Never?” Sue called from the kitchen. “Yeah, that sounds about right.”

“Oh, come on.” Jennifer left her bag by the stairs and joined her mother in the kitchen. “Florida’s really nice this time of year.”

“New York is really nice this time of year, too!” Sue complained. “Well, except there’s no snow this year.”

“Sounds like a plus to me.”

“Are you kidding? I love the snow. What’s that song again?” Sue snapped her fingers. “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. Right? Well, all you can do is dream about it in Florida because Christmas is all green down there.”

“Green Christmas is the kind I like. New York can keep the snow and the frigid weather.” Jennifer said. “Anyways, I’m gonna unpack and take a shower. It was a long flight.”

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Sue called as she walked off. “You room is a little…well, it’s full of boxes at the moment.”

“What?” Jennifer popped her head back in the door. “Why?”

“Sandy from down the street is moving.” Sue replied. “I’m letting her keep some things here until she can get all moved in. She’s downsizing to an apartment now that her kids are all moved out.”

“So where am I sleeping?”

“You can sleep on the couch or you can share my bed.”

“Couch? No, thanks. My back’s already killing me from the damn plane.”

“All right, then you’re bunking with me for a couple weeks, hon. Sorry about this.”

“No, it’s fine.” Jennifer sighed. “But I still need a shower. What time are we leaving for dinner again?”

“Our reservation is at six.” Sue looked at her watch. “So, you’ve got two hours.”

“Sounds good. What’s the attire?”

“Formal. Just wear a dress or something.”


Jennifer dragged her bag upstairs into her mom’s room and turned on the shower, ready to enjoy the hot water on her shoulders. A couple hours later, she was downstairs in a short, red dress that hugged her slim, curvy body well, waiting for her mother. She turned off her phone when she heard Sue’s heels clicking down the steps and looked up, whistling as her mom came into view. She was wearing a beautiful, sleeveless, purple dress that came down to mid-thigh. The tight material clung to her slender waist and wide hips and the V-neck dipped low, showing off a substantial amount of her impressive cleavage.

“Wow, looking good, mom.” Jennifer praised. “Trying to impress someone?”

“Hey, you never know where I might meet a new husband.” Sue smirked. “There could be some rich, lonely bachelor bursa eve gelen eskort bayan at the restaurant tonight just waiting for a beautiful woman to come walking through the door.”

“Who’s dreaming of a green Christmas now, huh?” Jennifer snickered. “Let’s go before we’re late.”

They took Jennifer’s rental car and drove off to the restaurant. It was a fancy place and Sue had had to book a spot weeks in advance.

“Good evening, miss.” The concierge greeted them. “Do you have a reservation?”

“Yes, it’s under Sue.” Sue replied.

“Ah, yes.” He picked her name out on his list. “Reservation for two. Right this way, ladies.”

He led them to a table and a waiter stopped by moments later to take their orders.

“Hello, ladies, you look beautiful this evening.” He said, pouring them cups of water. “Our specials are at the top of the menu. We have a lamb chop dish, a fresh halibut, and a prime rib. Can I start you off with something to drink?”

“Yes, can you bring us a bottle of wine, please?” Sue said.

“Certainly.” The waiter nodded. “Do you have a vintage in mind, or would you like the sommelier to select something for you?”

“Surprise us. Something red maybe?”

“Absolutely. Take a minute to look over the menu and I’ll be right back.”

“What the heck is halibut?” Jennifer whispered when the server had walked off.

“It’s a type of fish.” Sue answered.

“Oh, yuck.” Jennifer wrinkled her nose. “I guess I’ll try the prime rib.”

“Well, I’m going with the salmon.”

The waiter came back a couple minutes later with their wine and poured them both a glass.

“This is a Chateau Bordeaux.” He explained. “The sommelier highly recommends it. Are you ready to order?”

“Yes, I’m getting the cedar plank salmon.” Sue responded.

“And I’ll have the prime rib special.” Jennifer followed.

“And how would you like that done?”

“Medium well.”

“Very good, I’ll have that out for you soon.”

They both sipped on their wine as the waiter left again.

“Wow, this is good.” Jennifer said. “I’m usually more of a white wine girl.”

“I should hope it’s good.” Sue raised an eyebrow. “It’s a hundred-dollar bottle. And remember, you only get one glass.”


“Yep, you’re driving.” Sue grinned. “We can drink more when we get home.”

“Fine.” Jennifer grumbled.

“So, have you met anyone yet?” Sue asked.

“Nope.” Jennifer answered flatly.

“Why not? You’re a beautiful young lady. I’m sure any girl would love to date you.”

“Yeah, but not every girl would sign up for a woman with my…hardware.” Jennifer said, referring to her penis.

“Oh, you can’t think like that.” Sue waved her hand. “You need to get yourself out there or you’ll never know, right?”

“Maybe.” Jennifer wasn’t convinced. “What about you? Any luck on your end?”

“No, not yet.” Sue admitted. “I’ve been out of the dating scene for a long time. I don’t think I have the game I once did.”

“Are you kidding?” Jennifer scoffed. “You’re still gorgeous.”

“Stop, you’ll make me blush.” Sue giggled.

“It’s been four years since dad died.” Jennifer reminded her. “You should start looking again.

“I know.” Sue sighed, leaning across the table. “That waiter’s pretty cute. Maybe he’ll take me home tonight.”

“Mom!” Jennifer complained, her face flushing red as Sue laughed.

“I’m kidding, relax” she chuckled. “Seriously, though, he is a hunk.”

They chatted about random stuff for a while until their food arrived and they dug in. It was excellent, of course, and they cleaned their plates. By the end of the meal, Sue was on her third glass of wine.

“Gees, slow it down, mom.” Jennifer noticed. “Wait until we get home at least.”

“All right.” Sue relented. “Let’s get the check and we can leave.”

They flagged down the waiter and paid before getting their jackets and heading home.

“So, should we see if there’s any Christmas movies on?” Sue asked, as they walked in the house.

“Sure, sounds like a plan.” Jennifer replied. “You didn’t drink all the wine on me, did you?”

“Nope.” Sue held up the bag containing the remainder of their bottle. “Plenty left. Plus, I’ve got a dozen more bottles down in the basement.”

They changed into some pajamas, Jennifer wearing some loose cotton shorts and a t-shirt and Sue put on a robe before meeting downstairs. Sue grabbed a couple glasses from the kitchen and joined her daughter on the couch in the living room where she was already flipping through channels.

“Let’s see…” Jennifer mused. “The Santa Claus…Charlie Brown…Christmas With the Kranks…Die Hard…”

“Die Hard?” Sue looked up from the glass she was pouring. “Die hard’s a Christmas movie?”

“Well, it’s set during Christmas so I guess you could call it that.” Jennifer shrugged. “Is that what we’re watching?”

“Sure, why not?”

Sue handed her daughter a glass and bursa eskort bayanlar settled back on the sofa as the movie played. By the time it was wrapping up a couple hours later, they were draining the last of the bottle into their glasses and both very pretty tipsy, Sue more so than Jennifer.

“Hey, go get that merlot in the basement.” Sue slurred, swallowing the remnants of her drink.

“You sure?” Jennifer asked. “We drank a lot.”

“Well, we have nowhere to be tomorrow, so why not?”

“Okay, if you say so.”

Jennifer stood and let her equilibrium steady for a moment before going into the basement, taking the stairs slowly. She thumbed through the bottles her mother had on the shelf down there until she found the merlot she had mentioned and returned. Unsurprisingly, her mother was passed out when she got back upstairs. Jennifer sighed and removed the empty glass that was still clasped in her hand and set it on the coffee table. She sat back down and changed the channel to another movie, but she could feel herself nodding off as well. Before the next commercial, she was asleep, too.

She woke up sometime later and saw that the movie she had fallen asleep to was almost over. Feeling a warm weight on her thighs, she glanced down and saw that her mom’s head was resting in her lap, still sound asleep. She ran her fingers through her mom’s long, black hair, smoothing it down over her shoulders. Sue sighed in her sleep and moved her head slightly, rubbing her cheek into Jennifer’s crotch. A tinge of panic ran through Jennifer as she felt her dick responding to the contact with her mother’s cheek. It steadily stirred and came to life, despite Jennifer’s best efforts to will it back down.

Terrified that her mom would wake up and find herself using Jennifer’s erect penis as a pillow, Jennifer stayed perfectly still. Well, as still as she could with her mom’s face pressing into her sensitive shaft. Her breath caught and her body twitched occasionally. She found herself moving her hips to feel her mom’s cheek rub against her more. When Sue stayed dead asleep, she became braver and braver.

Raising her mother’s head ever so gently, Jennifer slid her shorts down her thighs, the elastic band stretching to get around her hips, until her dick was free of the cotton confines, and they dropped to the carpet. She lowered her mom’s head back down and with no barrier in the way, her soft, warm cheek pressed against Jennifer’s stiff cock. She was hesitant to go any further, but it had been so long since she had had sex. She was always scared to flirt with girls and so she rarely got any action. In the end, it was her mom’s warm breath against her penis that broke her willpower.

Turning and raising her mom’s head, Jennifer hefted her cock and aimed the tip at her mother’s mouth. She inhaled sharply, feeling the warm air dance across her cock head and she rubbed her tip along her mom’s soft, plush lips. Gently nudging her way inside, she rested just inside her mom’s mouth, making sure that she would not wake up before continuing. When she was confident, she began moving her hips up off the sofa, carefully fucking the head of her dick into her mom’s mouth.

As she became hornier, her thrusts got deeper and deeper until her head poked at the entrance to her mother’s throat. Jennifer was shocked to find that there was no resistance there and her tip started to slide into it. She realized that, with her mother asleep and completely relaxed, she was in the perfect state to do what no girl had ever done before; deepthroat her. Holding her mom’s slumbering head in both hands, she gradually lowered it down, gasping as she felt the thick head of her penis slide into her tight throat and continue downward. Inch after inch disappeared between her lips until, at last, Sue’s lips were pressed against the base of Jennifer’s cock.

Not wanting to suffocate her mother, Jennifer made sure not to block her nose and breathed a sigh of relief when she felt the gentle, warm air current from her mom’s nostrils against her crotch. Biting her lip to contain her moans, she basked in the hot embrace of her mom’s throat. She forced herself to remain perfectly still for a couple minutes, but her squirming became more and more erratic until her hips were involuntarily thrusting up against her mom’s face. Caution was now being thrown to the wind in the ocean of her unrestrained lust.

Sue awoke to a slight presence bumping against her face. As the drowsy haze cleared and her vision focused, she realized with a shock, that she was staring at a pair of bare thighs and, between them, identical heavy balls. The sensual moans floating down to her ears informed her that they belonged to her daughter, and that it was her daughter’s cock that was buried to the base in her mouth. As the final dregs of sleep lifted from her mind, her eyes widened, realizing that that meant that there was about nine inches of dick down her throat. When her brain processed this, her throat reflexively constricted and görükle escort bayanlar convulsed, Sue choking and pulling her head up hurriedly to relieve the pressure on her neck.

Gasping in air, she coughed, her throat feeling a bit scratchy, and sat up on the couch. Looking next to her, she met her daughter’s terrified, shame-filled eyes, and her heart swelled in her chest. She cupped her daughter’s cheek and pulled her into a hug, squishing her head in between her breasts. Pulling her to arm’s length by her shoulders, Sue looked into Jennifer’s eyes.

“I…I’m so sorry, mom.” She muttered. “I don’t know what came over me. It was just that your head was there, and the wine was affecting me, and I got excited and…”

“Shhh.” Sue shushed her, placing her finger to Jennifer’s lips. “It’s okay, sweetie. Don’t worry.”

She looked down between Jennifer’s legs and beheld her daughter’s huge and still erect cock sticking straight up.

“Wow.” Sue breathed. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it. You’ve gotten so…big!”

Jennifer squirmed as her mother reached down and cupped her sack, hefting the round orbs in her hand.

“And look at these balls.” Sue continued. “Jesus, they’re so heavy. No wonder you lost control. When’s the last time you had sex?”

“It’s…been a while.” Jennifer admitted.

Sue’s mouth watered, her eyes locked on the throbbing shaft, still slick with her saliva, her own self control breaking down by the second. Her hand absentmindedly gripped Jennifer’s cock and rubbed it.

‘What could it hurt?’ Sue thought to herself.

“Lay down, sweetie.” She ordered, pushing her daughter to lay lengthwise on the sofa, leaning against the armrest.

Jennifer stared in awe as her mother stretched out, forcing herself between her legs, and stroked her penis, her face no more than a couple inches away from it. When her mom leaned forward and captured the tip between her lips, she threw back her back and moaned loudly. Sue bobbed her head down, taking another couple inches into her mouth. Her hand jerked the remainder of her long dick, her saliva providing more than enough lubrication to allow her fingers to slide up and down the engorged length.

Diving her head down, she pressed the tip against the back of her mouth, gagging as it triggered her reflex. Pulling back and blinking away some tears, she tried again in an attempt to match her earlier feat that she had managed while she was asleep. She jammed the tip against her uvula, trying to break the barrier of her tight throat repeatedly. With her now awake and her muscles and reflexes in gear, however, she found herself unable to force it any further and reluctantly gave up her attempt, retreating off of the dick, breathing hard, and stroking it.

Looking up through watery eyes, she saw her daughter’s awestruck face and her lips curled into a smile. Following her daughter’s gaze, she realized that her robe had come slightly undone in the commotion and Jennifer was staring at her visible cleavage. Laughing, Sue shucked off the robe, revealing that she was completely topless underneath, much to Jennifer’s delight. Lifting her large breasts in her hands, Sue grinned and inched forward, falling onto her chest in her daughter’s lap.

Jennifer gasped as her mother wrapped her huge boobs around her stiff cock, trapping her length in her cleavage. Squeezing her tits together with both hands, Sue started moving her bust vertically, giving her daughter an expert level titfuck. Her enormous E-cup breasts provided a perfect valley for Jennifer’s cock and she began humping up to meet her mother’s movements. The sound of flesh slapping soon drowned out the television, the loud, lustful noises bursting forth with each collision of Sue’s boobs against Jennifer’s groin.

Pausing momentarily, Sue pursed her lips and let out a long string of saliva. It stretched out, sensually, from her lips until it drizzled into the warm pocket of her cleavage. With the additional lubrication, Sue resumed tittyfucking her daughter. Jennifer moaned and whimpered, in utter heaven as her mother’s smooth, milky breasts stroked and massaged her shaft. Her hips bucked up off the cushion, fucking her mom’s pillowy boobs from underneath and making them jiggle and bounce in Sue’s hands.


Sue looked up, reducing the speed of her paizuri, to meet her daughter’s eyes.

“Yes, honey?” she asked.

“Can I…” Jennifer hesitated. “Can I fuck you?”

Sue faltered, knowing that this was a big step up from oral or some titfucking. Her pussy was dripping, and she was hornier than she had been in years, though, and she found herself warming to the idea until it was all she could think about.

‘Yes! Please, stick me with that thing!’ she thought.

“Okay, sweetie.” Was what she actually said.

Laying on her back on the opposite end of the couch, Sue spread her legs, revealing her silk panties. Sliding them to the side and baring her wet entrance, she smiled and beckoned her daughter toward her. Jennifer didn’t need to be told twice. Her eyes shining and her mouth agape, she crawled down the sofa and between her mom’s legs. Her dick slapped down heavily against Sue’s pussy and stomach, making her mother whimper. Wrapping her arms under her mom’s legs and lifting them, Jennifer rubbed her shaft along Sue’s slick lips, making her the one to squirm for a change.

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