Matt and Kelly – The Wedding Night


Kelly leaned her head against her new husband’s chest as they slowly danced. It was the last dance of their wedding reception, the quiet end to what had been a wonderful day. The ceremony was beautiful, and they had a great time at their reception, afterwards.

Some color appeared in her cheeks as she looked up at her partner.

“What are you thinking,” he asked? “Just that, even though this day is over, this night is just beginning,” she whispered in return, with a slight smile on her face.

He laughed, and pulled her tight into a kiss. She felt his body press against hers, felt the slight swelling below his waistline, and wondered what tonight would be like. She had never been with a man before, never even seen one naked, outside of the websites she had been reading to prepare herself for what was to come. She knew that Matt had been with a couple girls before, but still hoped that the night would be as perfect for him as she was sure he would make it for her.

She sighed and gave him a squeeze as the song came to an end. The rest of the reception was a blur, hugs goodbye, best wishes from friends and family, and the limo ride back to the hotel.

As they got to the room, Matt unlocked the door, and then swept Kelly up into his arms. She let out a startled laugh as he carried across the threshold inside. He set her down on her feet, and with a sly grin slipped the Do Not Disturb sign over the door handle, then shut and locked it.

He turned back towards her, and their bodies locked together in a passionate kiss. Warmth flooded her body, and she could feel her pulse racing.

Matt broke off the kiss with Kelly as she sat down onto the edge of the bed. He got down on his knees before her, eyes running up and down her body, drinking in all of her beauty. She had never been more radiant than now, her slightly flushed face red against her wedding gown.

“You are so beautiful,” he said. It was the first thing that had been said since they got to the hotel. Kelly’s face flushed a bit further as she turned her head slightly away.

Eager to carry on with the evening, Matt bent forward to remove her shoes. He lifted a foot, and began kissing her calf. Kelly giggled slightly, and leaned back as he slipped his head beneath her dress, kissing higher and higher. He alternated back and forth, kissing her smooth, milky thighs, each kiss above the previous. His hands ran up and down, from her ankles to her knees, and then above. Her legs parted slightly, and with this increased access, his kisses finally reached the top of her legs. She gasped, and tensed ever so slightly, as he planted a kiss directly on her cloth-covered pussy.

Another giggle escaped her as he slid out from beneath the dress. “Did…you find anything that you liked under there?” He replied with a wink, “Oh, I believe that I did, but I think I’m going to have to take a closer look.”

He climbed onto the bed behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. She leaned into her husband as he began kissing her neck. He kissed down across her shoulders, exposed by the strapless dress. His hand came up to brush away a lock of her hair, and he nibbled ever so gently on her ear. A faint moan escaped her, and she turned to kiss him.

Matt ran his hands across his new bride’s stomach, up her sides, teasing close to her breasts, but never touching them. While he continued to kiss her neck and shoulders, his hands came around to start untying the intricate cords that held her dress on. The corseted waist loosed, he slid around beside her, giving her a quick kiss on the lips before Bycasino standing.

Kelly reached out her hands, and Matt helped her to her feet, clutching the now-loosened dress to her. Biting her lip, she looked uncertain about what to do, next.

“Would it help if I were to dress down a bit,” Matt asked? With her nod, he began stripping off his tux, discarding it over the back of a nearby chair. When he stood just in his boxers, he returned to her. He was in pretty good shape, a life of hauling boxes in the warehouse keeping him strong, and his muscles were faintly visible beneath his skin. By this point, he was quite hard, and he grinned as Kelly’s eyes stopped on the tent forming below his waist. “Don’t worry, it won’t bite.”

He helped her lift the heavy gown up over her head, and stepped back, admiring his love. Goose pimples, maybe from the temperature in the room, maybe from his eyes, appeared all over her 5′ 2″ frame. Ribbons of wavy brown hair framed her face and throat, just barely kissing the tops of her fist-sized breasts, still covered by a lacy, white bra. She was in even better shape than he was, with firm legs, belly and arms, and he couldn’t help but notice her brown pubic hair, clearly visible through her white panties.

When Kelly shifted slightly, perhaps to try and cover her underwear-clad body, Matt stepped in and scooped her up into his arms. She yelped and laughed as her deposited her onto the bed, climbing in next to her. They kissed, deep and long.

His hands explored her body, touching legs, stomach, face. His fingertips brushed the waist of her panties, the underside of her bra. Not lying idly, her hands ran across his chest and back. The tips of his fingers ran lower with each pass across her shoulders, dipping into her cleavage. When his hands traced the strap of her bra and unclasped it, she broke off the kiss, and drew herself up into a kneeling position.

“Are you okay,” he said? With a smile that lit up her sky-blue eyes, she replied, “I don’t think there’s any way I could possibly be better.” She reached up and slid off her bra, revealing her pert breasts to him. Even without the support of the undergarment, they stood out from her chest, the surprisingly small nipples like pink thimbles, as hard as rocks. She tossed the bra aside, her eyes never leaving his face as he admired her chest. “So, do you like them?”

He slid forward, cupping a mound in each hand. “My dear, you have the most perfect set of breasts mankind has ever known.” She flushed again, leaning forward to kiss him once more.

Matt pressed against her, lowering her back to the bed. His kisses traveled lower, across the top of her chest, moving down her cleavage. He kissed across her belly, her collar bone, the underside, sides and tops of her breasts. His tongue and lips circled around her chest, gradually getting closer to the red buds at the center. Her breath caught and her hand came up to his head as his kisses found her nipples, tongue circling first one, then the other. She pulled him back up to her, their lips meeting again.

The kissing and touching went on for an endless, wonderful eternity, before his hands once again found the elastic of her panties. Her eyes opened, and she looked deep into his eyes as she raised her hips. He slid the garment off, revealing for the first time her fully naked body.

He looked down at her, seeing her slightly puffy, red lips shimmering with moisture. He ran his fingers through the light fur that surrounded her sex, and spread her legs apart a bit more.

She tensed up again, Bycasino giriş and he said “Relax, love, I would never hurt you.”

He began kissing her all over her body, until he came to her pussy. He looked up into her eyes, and then kissed it again, this time, without the undergarment covering it. A gasp again escaped her lips, and she pressed her hips upward as his tongue traced across her lips. He pressed on, tongue going deeper, and he sucked gently on her clit. His tongue flicked back and forth, parting her lips.

Kelly writhed on the bed, moaning softly. She grabbed at his head and shoulders, and her body was wracked with a shudder as he reached up to fondle her breasts once more. Her legs clenched around him, and she gently pushed him away. “Too…too much for now,” her face a shy smile, “But, you most definitely can do more of that later.”

He drew up and kissed her, the first touch a bit hesitant, as she licked her lips and tasted herself for the first time. Kelly, emboldened by the hormones running through her, reached down and ran her finger under the waist of his boxers. “I believe that someone is still wearing too many clothes.”

She grabbed at his underpants and slid them off, his now-freed cock bouncing up to slap against his belly. Her fingers brushed it, then pulled back, as she finally saw a man naked for the first time. Matt smiled, “Go ahead,” and she reached out to stroke it, faintly at first, and then with more certainty. He hugged her, his rock hard manhood pressed between them as they kissed.

Matt laid her back down onto the sheets. Her breathing quickened as he slid his body between her legs, positioning himself. “Are you ready?” “Never more ready, ” she replied.

He placed the bare head of his member against her slick pussy, rubbing it against her lips. She closed her eyes, savoring the feeling. As his tip slowly pressed inside her, he leaned forward to kiss her.

When his cock met the resistance of her virginity, Matt opened his eyes. Kelly looked back at him, and then closed her eyes with a flinch of pain as he took her deeply. Matt didn’t move, letting her get used to him. When she opened her eyes again, smiling softly, he began to slide in and out.

Kelly breathed heavily and moaned, enjoying the new sensation of a man inside her. They both reveled at the sensation of skin on skin, her own lubrication allowing them to move freely, despite her tightness. He shuddered as he felt the texture of the inside of her pussy on the head of his penis, loving his wife even more.

After a few minutes of lovemaking, Kelly began to loosen up, and their bodies moved in unison. Matt pumped in and out of her, burying himself to the hilt, and then moving back until the tip of his cock was just inside her lips, and then back again. He moved quickly, slowly, deeply, and lightly. Kelly’s legs wrapped around his waist, and her arms scratched lightly at his back.

A tingling, building at the base of his balls, brought Matt slowly out of the reverie. Kelly gasped as her husband began taking long, fast strokes. Her eyes opened and her back arched. Soon, the tingling became a pressure, and the pressure was released as he came inside her, spurting with each erratic stroke.

He slowed, and relaxed on top of her, his now-drained member still inside her. He propped himself up on his elbow, looking into her eyes. With a flushed face, she looked back. “I love you so much.” “I love you too,” he replied.

She made a sad noise as he withdrew from her. With a grin, Matt replied “Oh, don’t worry, Bycasino güncel giriş there will be plenty more of that in the future.”

He rolled onto his back, and she curled around him, head on his chest, and sleep rapidly took them.


The next morning, Kelly awoke first. A smile touched her lips as she remembered the previous evening, and she ran a hand across her husband’s chest. He stirred, but did not wake. Her eyes drifted below his waist, and she remembered some of the things she read online. She rubbed her fingers across his soft penis, and was surprised at how quickly it began to stiffen. With a glance to see if he was still asleep, she slid down the bed to get a closer look at his hardening manhood. She leaned in and kissed the shaft gently.

As she stroked him softly, she noticed a bead of precum forming. With a tentative lick, she tasted it, surprised at the saltiness. Emboldened, she took him into her mouth and started sucking. His dick grew even harder, filling her mouth as she bobbed.

Matt’s hips began shifting against the bed, and his eyes fluttered open. “What…oh, that’s a great way to wake up.” Kelly smiled around his cock, and redoubled her efforts.

His hand slid over and pinched her nipple, then moved down to part her thighs. His fingers found her already moist lips, and he slipped one up inside her, stirring around in her juices. A muffled moan escaped her, and when his fingers found the bud at the top of her pussy, she bore down onto this hand, her previously rhythmic sucking becoming more erratic.

As her husband touched her most intimate parts, Kelly felt a strange new sensation. She reveled in the warm, tingling tension that flooded her body. Her breathing became heavy, and she was finding it difficult to concentrate on the shaft in her mouth. It slipped out of her mouth as the muscles in her pussy contracted hard around Matt’s fingers, juices squirting out down around his hand. In the midst of her first orgasm, she collapsed onto him, her hips grinding, unleashing a loud moan.

When she recovered, she reached again for his manhood, but he had other ideas. He grabbed her about the waist and lifted her on top of him, his raging hard dick slipping easily into her dripping hole. He began thrusting upwards as she rode him, and she found herself moving in harmony. His hands grasped her breasts, molding them, pinching her nipples.

She felt him thrusting faster and faster, and soon the warmth of his cum blossomed inside her. She collapsed on top of him, and their lips met for the first time that morning. They lay there, reveling in the feel of each other’s naked body, neither willing to be the first to get up.

Matt was the first to move, standing from the bed and pulling Kelly towards the bathroom. He turned the shower on, letting the water warm up, while he kissed his bride some more.

They climbed into the shower, and Matt was thrilled by the site of the water running down his wife’s naked body. He began to shampoo her hair, watching the suds flow down her shoulders and between her tight breasts. Kelly, in turn, grabbed the body wash and began lathering up his body, rubbing the soap everywhere. As she reached the top of his legs, his cock sprung to life, and she began sliding her hand up and down the shaft. His breathing quickened, and he turned to place her against the wall, one hand bracing himself up, the other exploring her body. Soon, he came, with ropes of semen splashing against her belly.

“Whoops,” she giggled, “I guess it’s a good thing we’re in the shower, I’m a mess!”

Somehow, between the touching and the kissing, they managed to get clean, and finish their shower. After getting dressed, they packed up their things and headed downstairs. Their wedding night was over, but their honeymoon was just beginning – and neither could wait.