Matthew and Melody Ch. 01

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The first installment of this series has the husband describing what it was like for him to watch his wife have sex with another man for the first time.

My wife is typically very shy and reserved around other people. I in no way forced her to fulfill my greatest fantasy that night. Of course she was very reluctant to do it at first, but since I had continued to share my fantasy with her – as well as my desire to see it fulfilled – she eventually agreed to do it. For me.

Mostly for me.

He arrived at our house late that evening. I welcomed him inside, shaking his hand as if he, by best and life-long friend, were any other acquaintance. I offered him a drink. He accepted. I then accompanied him to our living room where my beautiful wife awaited nervously. She was dressed in a short black evening dress, knee length, with spaghetti straps. It accentuated her slender figure and small breasts. It was both sexy and elegant. That’s why I picked it out for her to wear.

I chose everything for her to wear that night. Not just her dress, but also her black bra and panties, and her matching garter belt and thigh-high stockings. I found them extremely sexy, but I did not dress her to satisfy my preferences.

I dressed her to be sexually attractive to another man, my best friend, who had just entered our home.

She was obviously extremely nervous. Petrified would probably be a more appropriate adjective to describe her mental state. I poured her more wine while refraining from consuming any myself. I wanted to be completely sober during this experience. I wanted no gaps in my memory. I desired to remember every detail of what was soon to come.

The three of us sat together in our living room and chatted. It was all small talk and completely meaningless. I could see his eyes surveying her body repeatedly while she completely avoided eye contact with him. The outline of his large cock was clearly visible next to one of his inner thighs. As I glanced at it repeatedly my resolve to give her to him was only reinforced.

I was the only man that she had ever been with. My penis was the only one she had ever felt inside of her. I knew, however, that her pussy would never be the same after that night. I would forever be inadequate in comparison to this man when we had intercourse in the future. In my mind this was a small price to pay in order for her to experience the level of sexual pleasure she truly deserves.

Eager yet nervous for the night’s events to begin. I took the initiative and changed the subject of our meaningless conversation. I suggested that the three of us retire to our bedroom. We stood, sat our drinks down, and slowly migrated there. My wife’s hands were visibly trembling from nerves. I took her hand and squeezed it gently as we walked. She forced herself to smile, albeit meekly.

The overhead light in our bedroom were off. The only illumination was provided by our bedside lamps. There were also several votive candles that were placed around the room. Their light helped make the mood more romantic. I turned on some music in order to set the mood. They remained standing apart from each other, neither one sure if they should make the first move.

I took her hand once again. I gently pulled her toward him, and their bodies made contact for the first time when he took her hand as I offered it to him.

At my suggestion they began slowly dancing together. I observed their interaction while sitting in a chair. She was nervous, rigid, and kept her body from touching his. He attempted to kiss her at first, but she turned her head away shyly, thwarting his attempt. He started softly kissing her neck instead, and over the course of minutes he finally managed to get her body against his own as they danced slowly.

He was whispering something to her, words that I could not hear and that she will not reveal to me even to this day. As he continued those whispers unknown to me, I saw her began to relax. It looked like she was trying to melt into his body with her own.

Eventually, her defenses weakened, they began to kiss. First the kisses were somewhat innocent, and then I noticed their mouths begin to open and their tongues begin to meet. I could still see the outline of his large cock on the inside leg of his trousers, but it had grown substantially. I stood, walked over behind her, and began to unzip her dress. The straps fell from her shoulders, the dress itself fell off her body and bunched around her ankles. Their kissing was deep, contiuous, and never stopped. It was as if I didn’t even exist.

I took her hand and placed it on his engorging cock that still remained concealed in his trousers. She moaned when she first felt it, and her kisses became even more passionate. Still, she completely ignored me otherwise. I returned to my seat to resume my obeservation.

She was becoming even more confident, even less reserved, and the alcohol she had recently consumed was also beginning to work its magic. With sudden confidence she broke the kiss and güvenilir bahis slowly descended onto her knees before him. She unfastened his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks, and slowly lowered them along with his underwear. That’s when it was revealed just how massive his genitalia were.

Her eyes widened in disbelief as my best friend’s cock jutted out menacingly toward her. She laughed softly to herself and murmered as if to herself, “You have to be kidding.” She looked over at me and soundlessly mouthed the words “Oh my God,” her eyes were wide with excitement, yet her expression conveyed apprehension. Despite being a married woman who was no stranger to sex she was unsure what to do with it at first. Sensing her trepidation he took his cock into his own hand and pressed its swollen glans against her closed lips. She took the hint. She knew what he wanted. She slowly parted her lips, stretched her jaw open as wide as possible, and slowly admitted his glans into her mouth.

She looked so damn sexy with a man’s cock in her mouth, even if it was another man’s cock and not my own. Especially because it wasn’t my own.

I was also taken aback by the size of his erect cock. Having known him all of my life I knew he was large, but not THAT large. I felt my own penis, already erect in anticipation, become even harder in my pants. Every aspect of his genitalia outclassed my own. His erection was longer, thicker, and veins stood out prominently on its shaft’s surface. The glans of his cock had to be as large as a plum, its wide crown made it visibly distinct at the end of its shaft.

Strangely enough, what made me feel the most envious of him were his large testicles. They hung pendulously between his legs. I had no doubt that they were swollen with sperm, sperm that would soon be included in his insemination of my wife.

She was obviously in no hurry. We had all night after all. As she performed fellatio on my friend I watched her transition from shyly licking and sucking his cock to the state of complete abandon. Her inner slut quickly emerged. She began worshiping his cock and balls with her mouth and tongue while frequently looking over at me during her oral servitude of him. Like a true slut she looked me directly in the eyes while she rubbed his cock all over her face. She had always told me that she loves sucking my dick. It was obvious that she loved sucking his as well. She was enjoying showing off for me.

While watching them interact during this time I realized that we had made the perfect choice in selecting him to do this with her. He softly stroked her hair with his fingers as she gave him pleasure. He touched her cheek tenderly. He never attempted to fuck her throat or degrade her verbally. He simply stood in place and enjoyed her attention.

I then began to disrobe as I watched her fellate my friend while on her knees before him. My erect penis sprung forth into the cool air of our bedroom revealing my own sexual excitement to both of them. Neither of them even noticed.

Watching my wife worship his large cock and balls with her mouth did not invoke one bit of jealousy in me. I only felt pride. Pride, and lust.

Eventually he pulled his cock away from her mouth. She almost seemed disappointed. She looked up at him with a sulrty expression as he prompted her to stand. He began disrobing her further, first by removing her bra. Then he began licking and sucking her long pink nipples. This elicited deep moans of pleasure from her. She encouraged his attention to her nipples as she caressed the back of his head, her eyes closed, lost in the sensations from his tongue. She was in another world, a world where I did not exist.

Then, as if reading my mind and needing to prove to me that I did indeed still exist to her, she looked over at me and smiled. But it was not a warm, loving smile like she typically gave me. It was a smile of lust and satisfaction. It was the smile that only a slut would convey.

I think I just stared back at her, expressionless, lost in my own lust for her, lust for both of them.

Suddenly he reached down and grabbed her panties. Finding that the garters she wore hindered him from lowering them all the way down, he ripped them off of her body effortlessly. The act in no way frightened her. Instead she thrust her lips to his own and sought his tongue with her own once more. He began fingering her drenched pussy. Only her thigh-high stockings and garter belt remain on her. Sensing that her sex was more than ready for him, he guided her to our marital bed where she assumed a supine position. Her knees bent, her legs spread, he crawled between them and began assaulting her married pussy with his mouth and tongue.

Until that moment in time no other man had ever tasted her but me. No other man knew how delicious her feminine nectar tasted. The smell of her feminine musk began to permeate the air.

I moved toward our bed and lay beside them, my head on the opposite end of hers. I propped myself up on my elbow while güvenilir bahis siteleri laying on my side. I faced them so that I could watch everything up close. That was our pre-arranged agreement.

She climaxed rapidly, frequently, almost continuously against his mouth. Her nipples were as hard as I’d ever seen them. Her chest was flushed a brilliant shade of crimson. The slurping sounds he made betrayed how wet she was. Eventually she looked down her body toward me in her state of lustful abandon and whispered, “I want him. I need him inside me. Please let me have him inside me.”

I then mustered up the words that I had wanted to say for so very long to another man. I asked him, “Please fuck my wife. Please make her feel the way I can never make her feel.” The slurping sounds ceased. My friend looked up at her as he maneuvered himself up her body. She pulled her knees all the way back to her chest to fully open her sex to him. I interrupted their initial coupling by asking, “May I have the honor of placing you at her entrance?” He agreed by only nodding his head yes as he stared into her eyes.

Any prior inhibitions I may have had about touching another man’s cock had dissipated from my psyche. I wanted to somehow participate in their pleasure together. I wanted to satisfy my curiosity and stimulate my sense of touch in addition to what I had already seen, already heard, and already smelled.

As my own aching penis poured pre-cum onto our bedding, I reached over, first cupping his large, low-hanging testicles in my hand to feel just how much larger and heavier they were than my own. I took a few brief moments to roll then between my fingertips, to feel their firmness and excessive size compared to my own. I remained astounded by them. Sensing my fingers might be fondling them a little too long, I began slowly sliding my hand down the length of his veined cock. My fingers wrapped around his massive girth and I began to tease and rub his glans up and down against her slit and her clit. It soon glistened with her wetness. Sensing her eagerness once more I placed the well-lubricated head of his cock at her entrance as I re-positioned myself to better witness its insertion.

The glans parted her tender pink petals as it slowly disappeared between them. I heard her audibly gasp as it entered her most sacred space to me. “Please go slowly. I’ve never had anything this large inside me before,” she whispered to him. I do not believe she intended me to hear it. It gave me shivers of arousal nevertheless.

He was both patient and considerate as he slowly worked his cock into her. “God, you’re so fucking tight,” he whispered to her, “I’d fuck this pussy every night of my life if it belonged to me.” While he continued to allow her to get used to his large sizes, his determination was by no means diminished to touch the depths in her that I had never reached. I think she was surprised when she felt his pelvis finally press against her own. She had taken every inch of him inside her. His balls were resting against her ass. Her lubrication was flowing plentifully. I never had any doubt that she was woman enough to accommodate all of him inside her.

Then, having the perfect means to see their genitals joined up close, I watched…

I watched as he began to fuck her in earnest. First he fucked her slowly, deliciously, and then rapidly, alternating between the two speeds. Her labia began to collect the white froth of her lubrication made by the friction of their fucking. Her anus glistened with it. The sheet beneath her was soaked with it as well. His testicles slapped her anus incessantly. For the first time during our marriage together I saw the violent contractions of her pelvic floor muscles as she climaxed while a large cock was inside her. Her pussy must have felt as tight as a vice around his cock. I thought milking contractions would send him over the edge, but he had the sexual prowess and endurance of a god. Unlike me. I watched him make her cum again, and yet again…

I listened…

The wet sounds of his cock pistoning inside her, the sound of his large balls slapping her ass, were extremely arousing to me. What most aroused me were the moaning sounds she made. I’ve never heard her moan and scream in pleasure the way he made her scream. My penis is incapable of ever doing so. Then there were her words that she muttered between their deep, lustful kisses. “You’re so big inside me. I’ve never been stretched so wide, so deep. I could get use to this. Please cum inside me, I beg you, please fill my womb with your seed.”

I almost lost it. Despite keeping my hands and fingers away from my own erect penis I almost ejaculated upon hearing her lustful words to him. I still don’t know how I managed to avoid climaxing.

Then the most erotic site I’ve ever seen occured before my eyes. He plunged the entire length of his cock into her, stretching her as wide and deep as he possibly could. His large testicles ascended upward toward his body. His perineum and iddaa siteleri anus then began to violently and rapidly contract. I knew very well that each of those powerful contractions was sending rope after sperm-saturated rope of his hot cum deep into my wife. She emitted a low, almost gutteral moan of lust and pleasure as he filled her with his own seed. Her legs wrapped around his torso so tightly as he was finishing inside her, as if she wished his cock would never depart from inside her.

His climax eventually subsided. They lay there together, their bodies motionless while entertwined, his cock still erect and inside her. The continued their tender, erotic, post-orgasmic tongue kisses with each othat as I marveled at what I had just beheld.

Finally he began to slowly retreat from her innermost depths. He rose and moved his body upward until he was straddling her chest with his knees. In that position she could once again take his slightly deflated cock into her mouth. She slowly licked and sucked him clean of their combined sexual fluids. She was physically exhausted. Her chest was completely flushed, her body covered with a sheen of sweat, her hair drenched with it. I noticed how red and inflammed her pussy was. It was gaping and completely open before my eyes. I noticed a bead of my best friend’s pearlescent white cum emerge from her entrance and slowly descend down and across her anus.

I was overwhelmed with lust and desire for her. I had just witnessed the woman I love so very much receive the most sexual pleasure she had ever experienced. My friend could have any woman he wanted, conquer any woman he desired, yet he chose to give me the honor of inseminating my wife instead. Because he desired her, too. As she continued to casually suck on his cock I moved my face toward her pussy and began to assault it with my tongue. The taste and smell of their combined climaxes made my erection harder than it had ever been. Her hands grasped my hair and the back of my neck, pulling me as close to her sex as possible. When she climaxed, her lover’s cum flooded into my mouth along with her own. I greedily consumed it while noticing how much more of it he produced than I typically do. I could taste how much more potent he is as well.

That’s when I noticed he had moved. He was sitting on the side of our bed, watching me.

My lust was then uncontrollable. I mounted her and pressed my penis into her. I felt no sensation whatsoever of tightness around my erection, only warmth and wetness. Yet it was enough to make me climax. My ejaculations were so powerful my perineum ached afterward. My orgasm was so moving I begin to weep. I collapsed on top of her. We began to kiss and caress each other lovingly as my best friend dressed. He left our bedroom without making a sound and showed himself out of our house.

We fell asleep shortly afterward. The next morning we both woke with the taste and smell of another man’s cum in our mouths and on our breath. I fully realized that, even though I attempted to consume and swallow as much of his cum from her as possible, much more of his remained in her womb than mine. I wasn’t even sure that any of my own even made it inside her. Yet that satisfied me, because even though she was still filled with his cum, even though he gave her so much more sexual pleasure than I ever had or ever could, she chose to wake up next to me that morning.

“Are you awake?” she whispered in my ear while snuggled against me, her mouth directly against my ear. Hearing her words brought me out of my slumber, and I felt her hand caressing my morning erection. I slowly opened my eyes and looked down my body. I could see that she had slept in her stockings and garter belt. Her lush pubic hair was visible in the early morning light. Her nipples were hard against my body.

“I am now,” I murmured in response as she continued to stroke my erection.

“Last night was the most amazing night of my life,” she said seductively, “Thank you for giving me that experience.”

“I knew you would enjoy it.”

“I did indeed. Did you enjoy it as well?”

“More than you can possibly imagine,” I confessed.

“Promise me that you’ll never hold what happened last night against me.”

“Why would I? It was my idea. It was my fantasy that you fulfilled,” I explained.

“I know, and I’m glad that you enjoyed it, too. But something happened to me last night, something that I can’t really describe.”

“In what way?” I asked. She continued to caress and stroke my morning erection.

“I don’t really know. The only thing I do know for sure is that I’m different now.”

“Something changed inside me as well,” I said.

“Yeah,” she whispered softly in response, “I thought it might have. So, what do we do now? Where do we go from here?”

“What do you want to do? Where do you want it to go?”

“I’m afraid to tell you,” she said.

“You can tell me. You can tell me anything as long as it’s the truth. You know that.”

“I know,” she replied. She went silent for a short time. She continued to manipulate my morning erection with her hand and fingers during that silence. Finally she resumed speaking, “Last night ruined me. You understand that, right? You had to have known that would happen.”

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