Mature Prudish Woman Blackmailed Ch. 02

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This story is part 2 of Mature Prudish Woman Blackmailed. It is advised that you read part one first.

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Two years had passed since I had married and become pregnant by my young lover. In that time I had been incredibly fortunate to conceive and carry another perfectly normal child, before my periods had stopped altogether and I had become infertile.

Those two years were wonderful, not least in the bedroom, as I had caught up on 30 or more years of sexual repression and a puritanical lifestyle.

One weekend my in-laws looked after my babies to give me a rest (or so they said, in fact they just wanted an excuse to indulge themselves of their beloved grandchildren) I had hand-expressed milk for them and also made up formula for them in my absence and packed them off, both reluctantly and excitedly for the weekend.

Jack had been forced to go into work on an emergency, therefore spoiling my first day entirely.

I was pissed off big time and had gone to a friend’s house, where several women gathered and sat around drinking wine and gossiping. I got rather tipsy.

I was at home when Jack returned and I launched into him about him being a bastard and working instead of being with me. He explained all the reasons why he had had to work (which were perfectly reasonable and understandable and basically he was in the right.) This didn’t cut any ice with me, I was being a complete bitch and wouldn’t even consider the fact that his day had been ruined too and that he no more wanted to work than I did.

As the row continued Jack was becoming more and more upset with my attitude towards him, but my wine befuddled brain didn’t want to know. Jack warned me and then warned me again and again about what I was saying to him and how I was treating him. That was when the words that would change things in our life spilled out.

“So what are you going to do about it then? Put me over your knee?” I said in a mocking and taunting voice.

So he did.

The first I knew was when Jack grabbed my arm and pulled me across the room to a high backed chair. I was laid over his knee with my dress around my waist before I knew it.

The first hard and loud ‘smack’ startled me into silence for a moment, until my brain registered what was happening, and when the second, third, fourth etc hit me I became really angry.

“Let me go you bastard, how dare you do this to me? Who the hell do you think you are?” I screamed at him.

Jack remained detached and simply tanned my ass for me.

As I smacked Julie’s selfish ass for her, I couldn’t help but start to actually enjoy it. I looked down at her gorgeous cheeks as they became redder and redder, I grabbed the sexy, lacy panties she always wore for me and pulled them down her thighs, her bum now totally bare to me.

The spanking continued for quite a while until I noticed one very big difference in the situation.

Julie had gone quiet.

Gone were the bucking and writhing and physical attempts to stop me and gone were the verbal obscenities and complaints.

As I smacked her ass I thought I noticed something, and then thought,

“No I was mistaken, but shortly afterwards I thought, There it goes again.”

Julie’s legs were opening, only by an inch at a time, but it was enough to expose her pussy to me. Her hips had started to raise themselves in time with my hand coming down across her bum, again only by an almost imperceptible amount at first, but it was becoming more pronounced each time. After a few more minutes, during which time there was no longer any doubt about my wife’s reactions, I slid my hand down her ass and cupped her pussy in my palm, the middle finger just parting her slightly, just enough to feel her sodden lips.

What happened next was pure instinct on both our parts. We had never studied the spanking scene or been interested in any way with BDSM or the milder dom/sub scene. We were just two people in love who followed our gut instinct.

I pulled Julie off my lap and told her to stand. I ordered her to the bedroom and to stand in the corner. Julie stood like a little girl holding her sore ass cheeks in both her hands, looking at the floor. I went to the bed and got two pillows which I placed on top of each other at the foot of the bed, right on the edge.

I simply pointed at them and Julie instinctively knew what I wanted.

As Jack pointed at the bed I quietly moved to it. I lay across the bed my arms spread-eagle with my face in the sheets. I lay with my pelvis over the pillows with my feet on the floor and my legs spread wide. I had my heels on which helped my position and how I looked. With my panties around one leg and my ass and pussy pushed upwards I was ready, Oh God was I ready.

Without discussing it, we both knew that this was to be a ‘punishment fuck’ it was nothing to do with me, it was simply the man using my pussy for his pleasure. This turned me on even more, years before when Jack had first ever told me to turn over, I took it as an order and it gave me a thrill to realise that Escort Bayan I got sexually excited at the submissive nature of the moment. Now I submissively waited to be taken by him again.

(In all the months and years to come, whenever I was punish-fucked by Jack I never failed to orgasm. I was always so turned on, that I was way ahead of Jack in readiness to cum. I hid this to the best of my ability because it wasn’t about me, it was about him using me and if I took any obvious pleasure from it, it would ruin the scene we had created.)

The fuck lasted nothing more than a few minutes, I was rock hard and so turned on as I watched my cock stretch that pussy to its limits. The sight of her ass cheeks red raw and already starting to show the makings of several bruises sent me over the top. I fucked her like a bitch on heat, I didn’t care about her needs or anything. That pussy was mine and I used it.

We lay in each others arms not speaking for ages until Jack moved from me. I was laid face down then suddenly flinched in fear as he touched my bum cheeks (it was too soon for another spanking) but then I felt his hands gently caressing my rosy mounds. Jack had got some cream from my dresser and was gently and tenderly applying it to my rapidly bruising cheeks. The fire in my bum abated a little as he applied to cold cream and I felt myself snuggling into the bed and actually making appreciative noises like I was purring!

Although things like this needed to be spontaneous, the extreme (for us) nature of what had happened and what would undoubtedly happen again, needed to be discussed.

Julie and I talked about what had happened and how much we were both turned on by it. However there needed to be boundaries, safe words for Julie when she wanted me to stop, that would let me know she wasn’t acting. Julie would also need recovery time, this was not hardcore BDSM and neither did we want it to be. I did not want to cut or hurt my baby any amount above the mild spanking I had given her. She would however be still bruised for a while afterwards and we had to decide how often she wanted/needed this to happen.

We needed to learn as we progressed as we were simply amateurs following instinct. We realised that we had to be very careful.

The most surprising element of the direction we had taken hit me long after the actual event. As my bruises came out on my bum I realised that they were actually giving me great pleasure. As I walked or sat or moved around I could feel the soreness in my cheeks and I loved it. I found myself standing and re-sitting more than was necessary, just so I could get that painful/pleasurable ache as I sat. I became very aware of my ass and the pain it brought me was exquisite.

After a couple of weeks I had recovered and I was starting to miss that constant pleasurable feeling my sore ass had given me.

I asked Jack to punish me again.

I prepared myself for our first planned session, shaking, nervous and a little excited. I had been wearing stockings and garter belts for Jack almost constantly and knew how turned on by it he was. However I knew that this time it would be THE time of all for him. I knew that dressed as I was, in the situation we would be in, would blow his mind.

We decided to change the method for Julie’s punishment and tonight I was going to use a belt and a cane (to an agreed level) on her poor ass.

I was nervous and excited as I waited for Julie to enter the bedroom and when she did I was stopped dead. She looked stunningly sexy, but when unprompted she lay herself over the pillows and lay face down on the bed, I nearly came in my pants.

Julie had bought a shelf bra which presented her tits to me so sexily as she walked across the room, she looked gorgeous, when she bent over the bed in her black stockings, lacy suspender belt, her shapely legs sculpted by the most outrageous pair of black stilettos you have ever seen, she looked as good as any woman could ever have looked.

This was the hottest sight I had ever seen in my life, and she was mine!

I lay in nervous anticipation, but Jack made sure my anxiety wasn’t prolonged. The first swish of the belt cracked across my buttocks and made me groan.

It was beautiful.

For the duration of my discipline I was lost in myself and the blissful torture of the moment. I squirmed and writhed and ground my tits into the bed as my lover used a belt and then a cane on me. The rhythmical sting of the cane as Jack punished me was so pleasurable that for the first time in my life I came without any sexual activity.

I don’t know if the cane caught my pussy and I was unaware of it (I highly doubt it, as it would have been seriously painful) but something suddenly started to spark between my legs. My vagina was convulsing and twitching unaided as I had the most explosive orgasm you can imagine without even being touched there.

Jack suddenly stopped caning me and simply fucked me. I don’t know how quickly other women can orgasm in quick succession, but as Jacks Bayan Escort huge cock plundered my pussy and I felt the exquisite pain as he grabbed my ass cheeks in his hands and squeezed them violently, I had another body wracking orgasm, screaming and wailing as my body and my vagina reached new heights.

I gazed down at my wife’s beautiful ass, all red and purple with bruises and dozens of lines across her cheeks where the cane had hit her and I watched her screaming and panting in ecstasy, having the first double orgasm that I had ever given her. I watched my cock fuck her sodden cunt and I simply exploded. Incredibly powerful jets of cum erupted from me, more intense and strong than ever, what an orgasm!

Julie lay over the pillows for a while as we both ‘came back down’ from the experience. My God what a sight, black stocking clad legs, garter belt and those great legs in those outrageous stilettos. She eventually stood (very gingerly due to her stinging ass) and moved onto the bed properly. As she lay face down I moved to her and tenderly and lovingly poured soothing oil onto her bum and very carefully massaged it in for her.

God how I loved her, I was going to have a problem reconciling that fact with the fact I was getting great sexual pleasure from hurting her.

I was trying to balance things out somehow later that night, when I made love to Julie in the gentlest way and with the most tenderness that I knew how.

A few days after the spanking had passed and my bruises had really come out now. Jack and I had put the babies down for the night and had started to ‘get amorous’ on the couch. We were both horny and the sex rapidly turned into one of those frantic, grabbing, grasping fired up kind of desperate fucks. We were tearing at each others bodies acting like dogs in heat. Jack was toying with my nipples squeezing them and pulling at them, when in his frantic excitement he pinched and pulled them at the same time, a little too hard.

“Ouch, oh that hurt baby,” I yelped.

Jack was mortified he had hurt me so and started to apologise profusely. I leant my forehead against his and whispered,

“Oh baby, please do it again.”

Startled Jack seemed to look into my face for confirmation,

“Please Jack, do it to me again, I need it” I whispered.

We then proceeded to have a wild and frantic fuck, Jack pulling, pinching and squeezing my breasts. He would pull my breasts by the nipples to the fullest extent then pinch the hard aching buds at that point.

As I said before this was not violent, abusive BDSM, this was us making love. Jack just seemed to know instinctively what the cut off point for my pain threshold was. It was painful but only to the point of being pleasurably so.

Julie’s tits had always been exactly how I love them, then her pregnancy elevated them into a whole different league. Now however, with her breasts still swollen and heavy with breastfeeding and always having hard, purple, bruised and constantly erect nipples, they were out of this world.

A few days after our spanking night, I was walking in town pushing my babies along. I had enjoyed the soreness in my body since we had started this new adventure, but it was just then that the whole aspect of what I was feeling hit me.

I was suddenly so aware of myself and my body, I could feel my bruised bum with every step I took. My nipples were incredibly tender yet I was doing everything I could to stimulate them. I would deliberately pick out a bra with no padding at all, so the harsh rough lace would scrape against my nipples and stimulate them. Sometimes I would go out braless, not in see-through or revealing tops (This was about us not anyone else) but in blouses that would enable my breasts to bounce as I walked, to jiggle and to sway from side to side (especially in my heels, which I seemed to wear almost exclusively for this purpose) The stimulation of the fabric against my nipples as I walked excited me and my whole body seemed to thrill with the exquisite pleasure that soreness gave me.

Due to the bruising of my nipples and the way I acted towards them, it meant they were permanently erect, engorged and stimulated.

I felt so ALIVE.

I was trying to keep what figure I had after giving birth twice. I was swimming at the local pool regularly (or as often as two babies would allow) I had to be very careful depending on the condition of my body, for instance, if I had received my punishment recently then I would be marked and bruised. In those times I would make sure I was alone before undressing, leaving my shower until I got home and quickly putting my dress on to cover myself again.

I had not had a spanking from Jack for a couple of weeks and the bruises had all but gone. I went to the pool and after swimming I joined the other women in showering. After doing this for a few days I started to notice one of the women looking at me, I tried to ignore it but after taking a sneaky look in the wall mirror I could plainly tell, she was looking at my tits and my ass.

Because Escort of this unwanted attention, I couldn’t help but start to look at her in return. To cut a long story short one day it finally hit me – she too had the marks of being disciplined. Other women would not notice, as none of us were models with flawless complexions, we all sported the marks and blemishes of real life. But to someone involved in the same sexual activity, it was all so clear. I could see the slightly black marks underneath the surface that were indicative of old bruises that were all but gone.

One day we caught each other looking, and looked up at the same time. We exchanged a slightly embarrassed, but knowing smile.

A few days later and my body was having withdrawal symptoms from being spanked and disciplined, I was very horny yes, but my body was aching more for the pleasure a little pain would bring, as much as simply having sex.

I waited for everyone to leave the changing rooms and in desperation I went around the corner into a little hidden area of the L shaped room. I couldn’t stop myself, I needed to feel alive again, so I stood, naked and pulled my nipples. I pinched and pulled and stretched and squeezed myself, longing for the exquisite feeling of blood rushing into my nipples, engorging them and for the gentle ache/pain that would follow.

“Shall I help you with that Dear?”

It stunned me and brought me out of my dream like state. Before I could even react or respond, the woman who I knew shared my tastes stepped forward and shocked me into silence when she harshly slapped the side of my breast.

“What the?… How?… Why are you?… were the only incoherent things I managed to emit, during which time she had slapped my breast twice, three times, four. The woman was older than me and bigger in height, body type and breast size, I found myself meekly lowering my arms to my sides and submitting to her as she slapped my tits from one side to the other quite harshly.

This unexpected ‘assault’ had me stunned into inactivity and by the time a few minutes had passed, my tits were bright red. She slapped the sides, slapped down onto them and hit them with what could only be described as an upper cut in order to strike my sagging nipples full on.

What would have happened if we had been undisturbed I will never know, but the sudden bang of the double doors and the echo of chatter coming down the corridor broke the spell. The woman turned to leave and I rather pathetically whispered,

“Thank you.”

“That’s all right dear she said, I have lived the life you are doing for years. I simply recognised a soul mate and I knew your need. She continued, I only wish I had had someone to turn to at times, I was just happy to help. Who knows she said as a parting comment, you may be able to return the favour someday.” She simply left.

The nearing voices shook me from my inactivity and I instantly realised I needed to get some clothes on before they rounded the corner. I rushed to my hook, put on my tiny white panties, grabbed my light summer frock and pulled it down.

The journey home was so exciting, and so illicit. Braless I felt the new experience of my whole breast aching, rather than just the nipple to be incredibly stimulating. As I walked along, my breasts swaying and bouncing wildly against my dress, I marvelled at what had just happened. We were not lesbians, this was not the start of a same sex affair, the woman had simply recognised a ‘Kindred Spirit’ and on a once only basis, had both helped me and taught me, how to take my sex life a little further.

Julie undressing before me that night gave me a major shock, her tits were red and swollen and bruised. My first reaction was an obvious and reasonable assumption to jump to, she had been with another man and indulged her needs with him.

I don’t need to recount the conversation, suffice it to say, as I was told of the days shocking proceedings, I at first became nervous of what she was about to tell me, then amazed by what had happened and slowly but increasingly excited, not on my own behalf, but on Julie’s. As she told me the story I could see her slowly becoming agitated, she began to flush and I could tell the excitement in her voice, she seemed to be coming alive right in front of my eyes.

Whatever happened to my wife today had had a profound impact on her.

I so desperately needed Jack to firstly accept my behaviour, secondly appreciate it, and thirdly fuck me into oblivion!

I slid to the floor in front of him and in an agitated and frantic state I sucked his cock for him like a cheap whore. I needed him inside me desperately and told him so.

“Please Jack, use me like a slut,” I begged

He lay on the bed and simply said

“Help yourself,” with a grin on his face.

I climbed on the bed and slung one leg over him, reaching down I took his rock hard cock and guided in between my legs. I sat back on him and felt that oh so familiar sensation as my vagina was forced open. Due to being used by this big cock for a couple of years now and the birth of two children I no longer had the tight virgin like channel Jack had enjoyed at first, he had stretched me out. I was still small enough down there though, that it didn’t stop the feeling of my soft wet walls being forced apart deep inside me.

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