May Ch. 08

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Jack and Mags showered then walked to the nearby Italian restaurant for a late lunch. Mags was glowing. Mags said, “After lunch could you drive me to the Clinic as I would like to unpack all the things that they gave me. I can’t wait to get started.”

As they were leaving the restaurant Mags phone beeped, the message from May read, “Welcome home darling and congratulations on your new title. I have messaged you as I thought that maybe after the long flight you might have needed a sleep or you also could have been otherwise engaged. Darling, I am in a wonderful boutique with Dot. What are you going to wear at the funeral on Saturday morning? I have just bought a beautiful outfit, maybe a little risqué, but it fits me like a glove. They have another which is quite similar to mine in your size, would you like me to get it for you? If you are free then give me a call and we can get things sorted out. Love mum xx.”

Mags phoned her back and said, “Hi mum, thanks for messaging me, I have had a hectic morning. I have a black suit that I was thinking of wearing but if you like the outfit then buy it as I can always trust your judgement. I slept on the plane and didn’t feel tired at all. What about my car? Dad said that he was going to sell it and get a new one when I get home. Jack can drive me today, but I will need a car tomorrow when he is at University. Could you also get me a pair of self-supporting black stockings as I have only flesh coloured ones.”

May replied, “No problem, I will get you those, and I am sure that you will love the outfit. Dad got a new Mercedes six weeks ago. I think that you should use it. It’s the very latest and so comfortable. It’s in the garage, and the keys are in the drawer of the hallway dressing table. Get Jack to drive you over for it. I’m staying with Dot tonight, and I will be back at Jean’s tomorrow night. Tim’s intimation is in the newspaper tomorrow morning then the house phone will get very busy. I will bring your new outfit to Jean’s tomorrow night.”

Mags said, “Mum, that’s super. Jack will drive me now as we are on our way to the Clinic. Jack is wonderful; I have no problem with sharing him with you. How’s that with you?”

May replied, “I am happy with that. I’m looking forward to getting to know you a little better tomorrow night. Thanks for saying that, I appreciate it. If you need anything else message me.”

Mags then kissed Jack; it was a hot kiss then she said, “I am glad that it has worked out like this. I think mum is happy that there was no big song and dance about it. Tomorrow will be fun.”

Jack then drove Mags to her house and picked up the car. The car was beautiful, and Mags loved it. They then drove in convoy to the Clinic. Jack carried the suitcase into Mags Consulting room. She soon has everything put away. Jack went to the sex izle kitchen and made them both a coffee. He then sat in Her consulting room as she added all new medications to her computer. Jean came in and gave Mags a big hug. Jean said, “It is so good to see you, I have missed you and congratulations, Professor, I was so happy for you when I heard that you were getting the title. Shall we order an Indian takeaway tonight as that would be the easiest option, and the food is excellent.”

Mags and Jack both agreed on the Indian takeaway then Mags said, “I think that we should arrange a seminar to explain all the new medications, so everyone has a proper understanding of each of the products. Perhaps we should have an evening next week and also include an Indian takeaway. What are your thoughts on this?”

Jean replied, “That’s an excellent idea, I will get Val to check out Monday night and see if it were suitable and coupled with the Indian food it should be good. How long will your presentation take?”

Mags answered, “Maximum, one hour, there’s a pamphlet which describes everything and is a great reference point. We could start at five and have the meal served at six. It would be great that everyone will be able to mingle and chat afterwards.”

Jean replied, “Yes, we will do that, I will speak to Val and then let us all go home for a glass of wine.”

They left the Clinic five minutes later in three cars. They arrived home, and Jean got a bottle of wine and three glasses. She said, “You two get comfortable, I’m going to take a quick shower, I will be back with you in a few minutes.”

She left the lounge, and Jack poured the wine as Mags stripped. She had a fantastic body; her tits were perfect. Her flat stomach then her smooth swollen vulva looked appealing as ever. Mags said, “Darling, I would love to have your mum first when she comes back. I know how to make her so hot for you. I will prepare both her holes for you. I know what she likes and how to make her hot. Then I want to watch you fuck her. Are you comfortable with this?”

Jack replied, “That would be fun, I will let you handle it the way that you suggest. Make sure that you lube her ass well.”

Jean arrived back wearing a red silk dressing gown. Mags stood up and took her in her arms and nimbly undid the belt of her dressing gown. Mags then put both her hands under the dressing gown raising it then the dressing gown slipped off her shoulders revealing her voluptuous body. As Mags took her massive tits into her hands, she said, “I have missed these beauties so much, let me suck on them before I lick your hot wet cunt.”

She then sat Jean on the sofa and started sucking her nipples as she played with her massive tits. Jean loved it as she moaned loudly with pleasure. Mags left hand moved south, and Jean alt yazılı porno spread her legs open in anticipation. Mags took two fingers of her left hand and placed one of them on her ass hole and gently pushed the nail inside. Jean said, “That’s wonderful but lube me then give three fingers.”

Mags then put the two fingers at the base of Jean’s long sex slit, she was wet, and the fingers slipped inside her cunt quickly, using her two fingers she spread Jean’s thick and long cunt lips open and out popped her huge hooded clitoris, Mags said, “I’m going to suck that beauty until you fill my mouth with your hot cum. Would mummy like to suck Jack’s cock while I eat her pussy,”

Jean nodded in approval and Mags went down on her as Jack put his hard cock in her mouth. Jean was soon deep throating by aligning her throat and mouth in the same angle. She never gagged once, and Jack felt the head of his cock banging against her throat. Mags was now fisting Jean as she sucked her huge clit. Jean loved it and was moaning with delight. They kept going in these positions for the next twenty minutes then Mags said, “Mummy is ready for you, and her other two holes will take your majestic cock. I would like to watch but if there’s anything that I can do to give you more pleasure then ask.”

Mags then gave Jean a long and passionate tongue kiss. They were both glowing. Jack decided to take Jean on the armchair with Jean on top. He sat down, and she smiled and knew immediately, what was going to happen. She guided his cock by holding the base positioning the head directly on her ass hole. She then pushed down, and his full length slipped entirely inside her ass. Mags had done her job of lubing correctly. Jean soon had a powerful rhythm going as Jack rubbed her clit with the same tempo. Jean was hot, and she was pounding her ass with his cock relentlessly.

In the next twenty minutes she had three powerful vaginal orgasms, her cunt was squelching noisily, and Jack could feel the warmth of her cock juices on his intrusive fingers. She then raised herself off him then guided his rock hard cock into her hungry cunt. She then took all her concentration into giving his cock pleasure through her cunt and how she gripped his cock with her powerful cunt muscles. She pounded her cunt, with the same relentless determination that she had used when his cock was in her ass and was now in her cunt. Thirty-five minutes later they both climaxed simultaneously.

Jean was very noisy when she came. She leaned over and kissed as she tightly held his cock inside her. She said, “I loved that, it was so intense, between you and Mags I don’t know how many orgasms that I have had, but there were many. I am looking forward to tomorrow night with May; I think that it will be exciting.”

Jean’s phone altyazılı sex izle beeped, she had a message from Val which read, “Monday night is on, everyone is available, and they all want the Indian takeaway. Would it be okay if I attended too as I would love to know about these new medications? Kind regards, Val.”

Jean said, “Monday night is on, and everyone is coming. That’s good news; I think that the Indian food has been a decider. I will order our meal now, and I will order Thali for three with some Naan bread. If it’s good, then we can have it on Monday.”

She ordered the takeaway then replied to Val; it read, “Great news, we are having an Indian Thali meal this evening, and if it’s good we can have the same on Monday evening. No problem, please come along on Monday evening, it will be very informative for you. Kind regards, Jean.”

The meals arrived, and the Thali was excellent. All three of them thought it would be a great idea for Monday. Jack asked, “Is it possible that I could attend the seminar on Monday too, I would just come for the Thali?”

Mags and Jean laughed then Jean said, “It would be a good idea if you did attend as it would give you a deeper insight into what we do. I want some legal advice as I believe that we can expand the Clinic and add more bedrooms. I want to expand the pampering of women aspect of what we do as I believe that there is a lot of money to be made there. The gynaecology and urology are the bread and butter but the lucrative side of the business but if we can cultivate the pampering side of the business then we are on a winner.”

Mags replied, “Everything that you say is true. The majority of our patients are on the National Health Service, where we receive a set amount for each patient. We can offer so many services that people will willingly pay money to have. On Monday evening I will offer a question and answer session in the Seminar, and then you will get the feeling what the correct way forward is. Apart from Jean and mum, I have had no real contact with any of the other doctors apart from Dot who sent me a birthday greeting. You will enjoy Monday evening.”

They went back into the lounge, and Jack started on Mags, who was very aroused, at their first kiss and touch. Jean just relaxed on the sofa with a glass of wine and watched. Mags was wet; she asked Jack to ass fuck her first. He lubed her ass then they started. Forty minutes later Mags was well and truly satisfied. They had both climaxed within seconds of each other. Mags said, “Tomorrow night with mum, is it possible that I could have her first alone, that would allow me some time to get to know her. Jack, you and Jean can have some time to yourselves when I am with her and afterwards we can all party together. I feel it would be better for both mum and I if we did it this way.”

Jean replied, “Mags if you do to May what you did to me tonight then she will love you to bits. Don’t be nervous about it, I am sure May will be a little nervous too, but I do not doubt in my mind that you will get on sexually with her like a house on fire.”

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