Maya , Tarik – Them Pt. 03

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—–III —–

Friday passed mostly uneventfully for Maya at the hotel as the men were still on punishment and not allowed to touch her. She decided to make their punishment even worse and went about her entire day in the suite, completely naked. Maya knew exactly how to drive them wild with her soft body and gentle curves. The men sat in the living room either watching TV, reading or working, and couldn’t keep their eyes off her.

She did her stretches naked, worked at the desk naked, and made them all lunch naked. The men walked around with tight bulges in their pants all day, turned on by her teasing. Maya forbade the men from getting undressed or touching themselves without her permission, and she teased them mercilessly with the crop, a paddle or some of their other toys.

In the evening as they settled in for a movie, she laid on the couch with one leg draped over the back and the other splayed out, her soft pussy on display for them to ache for. While Number Three sat next to her rubbing her feet, Maya played with her pussy, pulling out her vibrator and pleasuring herself until she orgasmed, her foot planted in his lap massaging his bulge while she masturbated. Extra punishment for him.

After she finished, she allowed the men to pleasure themselves in front of her, long awaited relief for their aching cocks. Number One sat in front of her on the floor masturbating, the sounds of his orgasms so loud, he drowned out the TV. He was always such a macho show-off about how hard he came. Maya and Number Three caught each other rolling their eyes in irritation at the extra noise, sharing a quick smile and a laugh between them.

Number Two jerked off in the kitchen as Maya watched from her perch in the living room, urging him on while she played with her breasts. Maya retired to bed later that evening, giving each man a kiss on the forehead as they waited outside of her room before they all took up their sleeping arrangements throughout the suite. Number Three went to his usual spot in his sleeping bag on the floor at the foot of Maya’s bed. She dangled one foot over the bed for him to suck on while he stroked his cock, cumming quietly before kissing Maya’s foot and falling asleep.

Now, it was Saturday morning, and the men were helping Maya prepare for her date with Tarik. She was so excited as she had missed Tarik terribly and couldn’t wait to see him. To be in his arms and kissing him was all Maya could think about. She knew that they were now bonded more tightly than ever. Without him there, she felt empty and lonely, even though there were always three men desperate to please her nearby.

Maya entered the bathroom of the master suite where a fresh bath was waiting for her. Number Two always loved to be in charge of Maya’s special baths. On this particular morning, he drew her a bath filled with essential oils, Epsom salts, and rose petals. He helped her into the giant tub that sat in the middle of the bathroom, and she eased into the steaming and fragrant water. Number Two and Number Three knelt across from each other next to her.

The men were naked except for their underwear. Number One in tight black briefs, hugging his soft but well-defined waist, and showing off his firm ass. Number Two wore a pair of loose gray boxers that helped cover his soft belly and thighs. Number Three was tall and lean and his tight bright green boxer briefs showed off his athletic physique.

The men washed every inch of her body while Maya luxuriated in the warmth and the steam of the scented water. Being washed like this was always a turn on, and as the men’s strong fingers stroked her body, she felt her pussy grow warm. Number One knelt behind her and soaped up and played with her breasts and massaged her neck and shoulders, leaning over her, her head resting on his chest.

Number Two shaved and washed her legs, rubbing her calves, switching sides every so often to give each leg equal attention. Maya reached back, grabbing Number One’s neck and shoulders, and pulled him close, whispering in his ear. He smiled and nodded and as he washed her breasts from behind, slowly worked his hand down her soft belly to her pubic area. He worked his index finger into her lips and found her clit.

He slowly ran his finger around it, putting light pressure on it. Maya looked over at Number Three who was washing her feet, but also watching intently as Number One pleasured Maya. She gave Number Three a slight nod of her head and glanced down at her pussy. Silently and slowly, he reached into the water and worked his hand in between Maya’s thighs.

He gently slipped a finger inside of her and felt her tightness, exhaling with relief as he felt her warm canal on his finger. This was the first time any of them had been able to really pleasure her this weekend. Given how much her pleasure and being able to please her meant to them, this part of their punishment had been incredibly difficult to endure.

Number One and Number Three worked Ankara bayan escort on Maya’s pussy while Number Two continued to massage her legs, growing excited at her pleasure. Number Three gently put another finger in Maya’s pussy, and Number One pushed on her clit harder, pulling the hood above her clitoris up, the warm water swirling around it. Maya pushed her pussy onto Number Three’s fingers as he worked them faster and faster.

She grabbed the back of Number One’s neck, pulling him close to her as she approached her orgasm, her breath and moans soft on his cheek. Maya felt her pussy clenching on Number Three’s fingers as she came, crying out in pleasure as she gently bucked her hips. Breathlessly, she released Number One from her grip and settled back into the tub and let the men finish bathing her.

When they were finished, she stepped out of the bath, and Number Two began to dry her off. This was his favorite part of Maya’s bath as it allowed him to see and touch every part of her. As he gently finished drying her, his eyes strayed onto Maya’s breasts. She knew he wanted to suck them, that he had been desperate for them all weekend.

She nodded at him and he slowly lowered his mouth onto her right breast, kissing it softly before taking the nipple in his mouth. He moaned in pleasure and relief. Maya let him nurse at her breasts for quite some time, sitting on the edge of the tub as he knelt between her legs, suckling her.

As usual Maya had requested a massage table be brought to the room before they arrived, and Number One and Number Three set it up in the bathroom and covered it with warm towels. Seeing that it was ready, Maya pulled Number Two away from her breasts and lay down on the table. Number Two set-up his massage oils on the table, gently warming some in his hands. As a trained masseuse, this was his other favorite task. Maya always wanted a full body massage during their visits, and being that it gave him another excuse to touch and look at her, he did not mind one bit.

He started on her back, working oil all over her body as he massaged her sore muscles. He could feel her body soften underneath his strong hands, the oil melting into her skin, and her muscles relaxing. She turned over and he continued to work her muscles, massaging her breasts especially well. Maya opened her legs slightly and looked at Number Two before nodding downward. He got the message immediately.

Number Two slowly opened Maya’s legs to see her pussy and gently licked inside to open her soft lips. He quickly found her clit and began to lick and pulse it with his tongue. Number One and Number Three stood waiting in the corner of the room, and Maya gestured for them to come over. She pointed at her breasts, and they moved to opposite sides of the table, kneeling as they took Maya’s breasts in their mouths. Number Two worked skillfully on Maya’s pussy, and she moaned loudly in pleasure at so much stimulation. This was the part that she liked best.

Number Two worked his tongue in Maya’s pussy and drank in her juices before sliding two fingers in to stroke her soft canal with his fingertips while he furiously licked her clit. Maya bucked her hips as Number One and Number Three bit and sucked at her nipples and neck, massaging her breasts and running their strong fingers along her body. She grabbed Number Two’s hair and pulled him deep into her pussy, grinding against his fingers and his tongue.

As he worked her clit with his tongue, he moaned into her, and Maya came hard on his hand and mouth. The other two men slowly and gently released her breasts from their mouths and kissed her chest and torso. Number Two gently ran his fingers along Maya’s body, finishing her oil massage as she came down from her orgasm.

After her massage, Maya opened the box that Tarik had brought, curious to see what he wanted her to wear that night. Inside the box wrapped in soft bronze tissue paper was a black and gold dress, as well as some sexy lingerie. Tarik clearly knew those were her favorite colors, and he really outdid himself with this outfit. Maya smiled at the thoughtfulness of his choices for her. They were perfect.

The men helped her slide on the panties, stockings, garter, and bra, the fabric sliding against her smooth skin. They pulled the dress up around her and it fit perfectly, hugging her in the right places and showing off her curves. She put up her hair and applied makeup while Number Three and Number Two gave her a quick pedicure and Number One sat intently watching her. She put on Tarik’s favorite perfume as Number One helped her with her shoes. Before getting her coat and purse, the men sat on the bench, waiting for instructions.

“Just hang out or whatever. But make sure you take a shower, eat and drink water,” Maya advised, “We’ll be back at around 7:00, so be ready,” she said before heading to the door.

Maya emerged from the penthouse elevator and found Tarik waiting for her. He stood in awe of her as she Escort bayan Ankara stepped out in the dress that he selected for her. It was a tight black and gold mini dress, with an opaque floral pattern that came in at the right places to accentuate Maya’s hips and waist. The material was a soft velvet and was thick enough to allow Maya to feel held in by the dress, but not too thick that it made her look bulky. It was long-sleeved, with a mock turtleneck and hit just above her knee.

Her legs looked incredibly sexy in the sheer black stockings, and even though she was mostly covered, Tarik loved how the dress outlined and accentuated the shape of her hips and breasts, teasing him. With her black and gold shoes and black jacket, and the sheen of the gold foil on the dress shimmering in the light, she looked phenomenal. Her makeup matched perfectly, and instead of the dark smokey eye that she had on Thursday, she had done incredibly soft gold eye makeup and blush that brought out the sparkle in her eyes and skin.

Tarik also looked fantastic. He was dressed sharply in a crisp black suit, a textured black tie with a thin gold clip, and black shirt. His shoes were black dress boots with a faint black and gold brocade that echoed Maya’s dress, and in his suit pocket was a tiny gold pocket square. Maya immediately appreciated the detail he put in to make sure that they complemented each other. She also loved that he spent so much effort in picking out an outfit that she loved and felt looked good on her. Looking at Tarik’s face, she immediately knew that he loved the way she looked tonight.

As Maya walked toward Tarik with a broad smile on her face, he strode toward her and put one hand on her cheek, with the other on her hip, stopping her in her tracks.

Without saying anything else, he said, “Maya, I love you. I’ve known I loved you since the first day I met you. I wanted to say it Thursday night so many times but didn’t. And yesterday and today, all I could think about was how much I wanted to tell you that. That I love you more than I ever thought I could love someone.”

Maya was a bit taken aback and it showed on her face, as she looked down. Tarik looked terrified and quickly started to apologize.

“Oh no, I’m sorry. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. I just…I felt so overcome seeing you step off the elevator…I just couldn’t stop myself.”

Maya placed her hands on Tarik’s, kissing his right palm and bringing it up to cradle her face. She looked up and kissed him, smiling as she pulled away.

“Tarik. I love you too. I have since the first day we met, and there has never been any doubt in my mind about it. I’ve never felt this way about anyone, and I wanted to say it so many times on Thursday too…when I felt it more strongly than ever.”

She looked at him and he smiled, exhaling deeply before pulling her to him and kissing her neck and cheek.

He whispered in her ear, “Maya you are such a gift to me, and I thank God everyday for you. I love you so much.”

He pulled away and looked her in the eyes, his smile meeting hers. They kissed deeply before Maya took a step back from Tarik, grinning at him.

“Come on,” Maya said, “You’re going to ruin my makeup, and we’ve got dinner reservations. I’m starving.”

She laughed, pulling Tarik’s sleeve as they started walking toward the lobby. Tarik grabbed Maya’s hand and held it tightly, feeling like the King of the World.

Dinner was amazing. Tarik and Maya talked and laughed for hours as they enjoyed their meal and the company of each other. After dessert, and a glass of tequila for her and a glass of brandy for him, Tarik took Maya’s hand across the table and looked deep in her eyes.

“I meant what I said that I thank God every day for you. Especially since I almost completely fucked it up,” Maya started to say something, but he squeezed her hand and whispered softly, “Please, let me continue, I need to tell you.”

He looked down at the table for a minute, but then looked up at Maya and said, “I love that you’re a dominant woman, I could sense it right away when I met you and I felt so intimidated by you. And after I came to see your research and then after the first time we got coffee, I was so blown away by how brilliant you are, how funny, and kind.”

“And while I thought you were attracted to me, I was so afraid about being able to keep up with you, that I just bailed. I should have gone with that instinct from the beginning, that you liked me, maybe as much as I liked you, but I was afraid. That’s why that night that you first kissed me, I was so relieved but terrified at the same time,” Tarik said, his eyes drifting down to look at the table and voice cracking with emotion. He didn’t normally express his feelings this way, but he needed Maya to know how he felt about her.

Maya squeezed his hand and said, “You were? Why?”

Tarik continued, “Relieved because I had wanted to kiss you so badly that night, and Bayan escort Ankara was so happy that it finally was happening.”

Maya squeezed Tarik’s hand again and felt herself blush at this.

“But I was so afraid that you would be mad or not trust me because I had ghosted you before. I wanted to pursue you more, especially when I found out you lived next door. But because I had messed up before, I was afraid to make the first move, so I just wanted to spend time with you,” Tarik continued, feeling relieved to say all this to Maya and at ease in her tender company.

“Even if it meant just taking things slow and trying to spend time with you, I would do whatever it took, no matter how long I had to wait. And I knew that you were essentially giving me another chance by coming over to the porch that night, so I had to be careful not to fuck it up. I was afraid that otherwise, I’d lose you completely.” Tarik stopped speaking, almost breathless at this outpouring of emotion.

It was quiet for a minute, and then Maya broke the silence.

“Was it worth it? The waiting?” she quietly asked.

“Oh, Maya,” Tarik gushed, “You have no idea. That first night together was more incredible than I could have imagined, a night I had fantasized about for so long.”

“Really? I fantasized about you all the time and thought I was being crazy. But, you fantasized about me?” Maya replied in disbelief.

“Of course. How could I not? You’re so smart and funny and just so…sexy! You’re the whole package. I could see you coming and going from my bedroom window and always looked for you. Just seeing you made me so happy, even though I was afraid to pursue you.”

“So you spied on me instead?” Maya interrupted, laughing.

Tarik smiled at Maya for calling him out. “You’re right, I was spying. So what? You are like a magnet. You radiate brilliance and beauty and charm and I…I still can’t believe sometimes that you’ve picked me. But I just try to enjoy every second that I’m with you. And honestly Maya…,” Tarik trailed off.

“Yes…” Maya whispered.

“I am yours completely. I belong to you for however long you’ll have me. You are the most perfect and amazing woman I have ever known, and I am just lucky that you’re in my life. I have never felt so safe and loved with someone and I will do whatever I can to make you happy for as long as you’ll let me.”

Maya blushed again and looked down at the table. Tears were starting to form in her eyes. No one had ever said things like this to her before. Her heart was swelling with emotion and love and she felt like she would burst. She felt Tarik’s eyes on her face, and she lifted her eyes to meet his, hers shiny with tears.

“Oh, Tarik,” she said, her voice wavering with emotion. “Whatever needed to happen to get us here, together, I’m so glad it happened. I love you so much and am so grateful that you’re in my life. You have no idea.”

She leaned forward and kissed him across the table, the distance making it a little awkward, causing them both to laugh. Tarik reached up and gently wiped the corner of Maya’s eyes, careful not to smear her makeup.

Maya placed her hand on Tarik’s wrist to look at this watch and saw that they needed to get back soon.

“Well, it’s just about 7:00. Are you ready?” she asked Tarik with a mischievous grin, “The boys are off punishment.”

Tarik smiled slyly back, “Oh, yes Maya. I am ready. Let’s go.”

Maya and Tarik got up from the table and returned to their car in the parking lot, walking hand in hand into the warm evening. Tarik opened Maya’s car door and pulled her in his arms again, kissing her. He was so happy at this moment and was ready for a lifetime more of these moments with Maya.

They arrived at the hotel and made their way to the penthouse elevator. They looked out over the lobby as the elevator rose, Maya’s arm wrapped around Tarik’s waist with her head leaning on his shoulder. She sighed happily as he looked down at her, giving her a small kiss on her head, breathing in her scent from her hair.

Maya looked up at and gazed at Tarik and as the lobby lights faded behind them and put her hand on his cheek. Looking deep in his eyes and said, “You have no idea how happy you make me. I don’t think I could ever put it into words and I don’t think I could ever live without you now.”

Tarik pulled Maya close to him in a deep kiss, sighing heavily as he pressed her body into his. He murmured as he reached one hand deep into her hair and another rested firmly on her lower back. They breathed heavily into each other, both overcome with emotion. The elevator dinged as it reached their floor and they smiled at each other as they pulled apart waiting for the doors to open.

As they approached the door to the suite, Maya grabbed Tarik’s hand and looked at him. She smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, entering the suite first. Maya was immediately back in character as she set her things down on the foyer table and went into the living room, her softly swaying hips hypnotic in that dress. The men were still on the bench, waiting for her. She went to the kitchen and got a glass of water and leaned against the counter, Tarik watching from the doorway.

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