Mc Life Ch. 01

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This is a story of a guy who is in a motorcycle club. Some are true. Some are fantasy. Of course all names and locations have been changed. This will be a series with multiple stories.

Its January and it’s one of our club sister’s (megan) birthday, so a group of us plan her a party. We go out to a local bar and are having a few drinks and getting set up.

She shows about an hour later.

Dressed to kill in a nice slutty dress, she has her hair and makeup on point, and speaking of on point…megan is like 5’8″ and 135 pounds. The dress she is wearing is clinging tight to her body, barely covering her ass and she looks so amazing. Her ass is perfect, tits look perfect and every man is drooling over her.

We all give megan hugs and wish her happy birthday. She sits down and we have some drinks. The more we drink. The more we have to get on to her because her skirt is so short her ass keeps showing, we would grab her skirt and pull it a little to make sure she wasn’t showing off on accident…

We had gotten feeling good and decide to head to another establishment for more drinks… we all get situated at the new bar and are really starting to get hammered.

She is telling me about her tattoo on her ass… of course I’m a pervert and would never miss the opportunity to see. So I tell her I don’t believe her. She grabs my hand and leads me to a private meeting room…

Once inside the room I go ahead and lock the door. She pulls the skirt up and bends over. Showing me her tattoo… and to my surprise she isn’t wearing panties…

I can see her pussy lips, And they are glistening from her juices. I take and smack her ass hard a time or two… and she seems to like it. I look and notice it has made her even Sinop Escort wetter… I feel my cock start to harden. So i decide it’s her birthday. Might as well make it memorable.

After i smack that ass. I push my fingers down across her pussy and between those lips. I hear her moan. So i ask her if she liked that. She don’t say anything so I smack her ass again. Asking her one more time if she likes it. She shakes her head yes.

Then she starts to stand back up straight… I push her back down and grab her hair. Pulling her head back as I push my fingers between her lips again. She is now soaked, so I push 2 fingers in her pussy as deep as I can. She moans and says oh fuck, and I pull my fingers back out and shove them in her mouth telling her to suck her juices off like a good little slut.

She sucks on my fingers like a cock. Running her tongue around them and getting every drop. I pull my fingers back out and tell her to stay bent over Or she will be punished. I pull the top of her dress down so her tits are now free… and rub her nipples before pushing her hard against the table so her tits are pressed against the cold top, then I squat down behind her and start kissing on her ass cheeks. Working my way down to her pussy.

I spread her lips apart and slowly lick and suck on each lip as I tease her. Her clit has to be throbbing. Because its sticking out all hard and ready…

I flick my tongue across her clit some And she is moaning louder, I then run my tongue into her pussy as deep as I can and she reaches behind her grabbing the back of my head and trying to get my tongue deeper.

As I tongue fuck her soaking wet pussy I reach around and grab her clit between my finger and thumb. And pull on Sinop Escort Bayan it some before rubbing it. I feel her pussy tighten around my tongue and she pushes my face harder against her. She says oh fuck I’m about to cum…

I stop and pull my hand and face away. Telling her she has to ask permission before she can cum. She whimpers And says yes sir. Then asks me “can I please cum sir” i tell her no not yet. And that she needs to suck my cock.

She says yes sir and drops to her knees reaching up and undoing my pants and pulling my throbbing hard cock out. She slowly strokes her hand up and down the shaft and licks her lips. She looks up at me with her sexy eyes as she opens her mouth taking the head in.

She can only take about half of it and that’s not gonna do it. So I grab her hair and force more down her throat. Making her gag and her eyes water.

I hold her hair as I fuck my cock deep down her throat. Making her rub her clit and finger her pussy as she gags on my cock. Reaching down and rub her breasts. Grabbing one of her nipples and pinching it. I can tell by the way she is moaning on my cock she is getting ready to cum.

But as I said. She has to ask permission. She obviously forgot.

So I pull my cock out of her mouth and stand her up… I grab her by her throat and push her against a wall… holding her there. Lightly choking her I lean down and start to lick all around her nipple as it starts getting hard I lightly blow on it.

The coolness of my breath and the air makes it rock hard. And then i suck it into my warm mouth. As I do I make her spread her legs. And i push 2 fingers deep in her.

Curling the tips so that with every stroke I hit her g-spot. She is moaning Escort Sinop loud and saying “please sir, please let me cum” I tell her she can. And I pick up the pace.

Slamming my fingers in and out as my palm smacks her clit. She let’s out a scream. Yelling she is cumming.

Her pussy gripping my fingers and I don’t slow down. Her body goes weak and kinda limp as she cums so hard. Her pussy starts squirting all over me.

I pull my fingers out and smack her clit a few times she is still leaned against the wall using it for support because her legs are weak. I ask her if she is ready for my cock and she shakes her head.

I smack her clit again and tell her I want to hear her say it. She says yes sir. Please fuck me. Please make me your slut for tonight.

Taking her hand i lead her back to the table and bend her over it. Rubbing the head of my cock up and down them lips and smack her clit with it. Then I line the head up with her hole. Slowly pushing it in as I watch her pussy spread to take me.

Its stretched all around the head.

I just tease her for a few. Only pushing a little in and out. I tell her to rub her clit. She says please give me more!! Please!! I want it hard and deep!! I grab her hair pulling her head back and push it all in at once. She says “fuck yes, it’s so deep!!please fuck me!! Make me cum on your cock!!”

I slam my cock in and out of her. So deep and hard. Making my balls bounce off her clit. After about 10 mins of it. She says “fuck your cock feels so good, I’m about to cum, can I please cum” I tell her yes. To cum all over my cock and I smack her ass a time or 2.

Grabbing her hair again I feel her pussy tighten around my shaft. And feel her warm cum covering it as she is having a hard orgasm. That sends me over the edge and I’m about to cum.

I pull out and spin her around. Pushing her back to her knees. She grabs my cock coated in her juices and sucks it hard. My cock explodes shooting rope after rope of my cum down her throat…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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