Me and Georgina Pt. 03

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I had learned a lot about Georgina Lent since I had met her, and become her mentor. She was 51, dyed blonde hair and attractive, with a good body, and she didn’t mind showing it off, if I was instructing her to do so. She was happy that a young man of nearly 20, had taken the time and trouble to become her friend and possible lover, and she had more or less said to me that she was happy to become my slave and be dominated by me, as long as I looked after her.

To this end, we had both signed a ‘code of conduct’ which I had instigated, and now it was time to bring it into use, so that I could get the full benefit from that superb, mature, shapely body.—I was going to get it to work for my pleasure.

‘Georgina, I hope there are some nice shops where we are going, some that have smart and sexy clothes for you. I want us to get some boots for you first, and then we can build the coloured outfit around the boots. OK?’ We had left her caravan and were just arriving in the city where we had planned to buy some new clothes for Georgina. I parked the car, and we went into the mall where all the other shoppers seemed to be gathered.

I had had another pay rise at work, and things were going well for me there. The bank had given me an overdraft, and I planned to get some things for myself, but they would come later. First I wanted Georgina to look like a classy lady who would show off her body provocatively whenever I asked her to!!

After two or three hours of pacing around the shops, some off the ‘beaten track,’ we had managed to purchase some ideal clothes and undergarments for this wonderful body. There were one or two items that Georgina raised her eyebrows at, but she was gently persuaded, and reminded of the ‘code of conduct,’ and in the end we were both satisfied. I would want her to look classy and refined, but at the same time, I wanted her to have the ability to quickly change into a woman that was displaying and giving her body for the experiences that I was training her for.

We found the long boots after inspecting quite a number, and Georgina was really excited by them. They were maroon, dark suede, high heeled with pointed toes and, best of all, they were very tight to her calves, and came up to just over her knees, even when she was sitting down. When she tried them on in the shop, even the young assistant was drooling, as Georgina was lifted three or four inches in height, and her thighs above the boots looked wonderful.

Finding a similar coloured skirt was easier than I thought it was going to be, and the bonus of this was that the maroon suede skirt had poppers down one thigh, from the waist to the hem, so that the more poppers that were open, the more of Georgina’s shapely legs were on show. The skirt was almost a mini skirt, to about two inches above the knee, but the poppers would make it either half-decent, or downright rude, depending on the number of poppers undone!!

I wanted two thin blouses to go with the skirt and boots -a black one and a white one, and we managed to find two that were thin enough to be almost transparent. Georgina smiled her sheepish smile at me, as she knew that when she wore either of them, whatever underwear she had on would be clearly visible to all around her -if she had on any at all!! Wonderful.

‘It means, Georgina, of course, that we shall have to choose the various pieces of underwear with care, doesn’t it?’ I was being objective and practical, wasn’t I? We could choose the underwear together, but I would guide her and, of course, dominate her choice.

We chose a black, strapless basque initially, the type that cups the breasts high, and really tightens at the waist, and can be worn with or without suspenders attached. We also purchased a quarter cup, dark red bra that would hold Georgina’s firm breasts high and firm, yet still allow her solid nipples to protrude if they were aroused. Three pairs of panties, white, black and red, some coloured, lacy thongs and two pretty suspender belts, and I felt we had sufficient for the immediate future. My immediate future felt very horny indeed!!

I knew Georgina liked to wear stockings on those superb legs, and she knew that I liked seeing her showing off her legs, so we chose the nylons carefully. She didn’t own any seamed stockings, but we both agreed that it was an item that heightened sexual response quite considerably, and so we purchased 6pairs of black seamed stockings, as well as non-seamed pairs in sheer black, tan, and cream. Georgina was becoming quite excited Ankara escort with her knew wardrobe, and I took the opportunity whenever I could to squeeze her bottom as we moved around the shops.

‘These items will be warn as I instruct, Georgina, won’t they?’

‘Absolutely, Paul, absolutely, and I shall enjoy wearing them for you,’ she grinned, but perhaps she wasn’t aware of what they might lead to!! Or perhaps she was!!

We managed to purchase a tight fitting jumper in black, and a sleeveless black suede jacket, and we finished the ensemble with a pair of high heeled, dark red stilettos, with open toes, to match the skirt. I then took Georgina to the photographic shop, where I spent too much money on a good camera and loads of colour film. She knew she was going to ‘pose’ for me, and her excitement continued to grow. I wanted a video camera, as well, but finances dictated that I would have to wait until at least the following month for that luxury.

On the drive home, I kept caressing Georgina’s thighs, and made sure she had pulled her skirt up so that I could enjoy the sexy sight next to me. She loved the feel of the new clothes as she fiddled with them in the shiny bags that all shops seem to give you nowadays. She pulled a skimpy thong from the bag and stretched it across her tummy as we were driving along, and it looked brilliantly sexy -I couldn’t wait to see it on, as well as the other items.

‘Shall I get fish and chips, Georgina, then we can eat them at your place and I won’t need to go back to the digs.’ I knew she’d go for this, and so we got two cod and chips and finished them off in the caravan. She was cuddled up to me on the sofa, and was dying for me to tell her to get changed, but I wanted to prolong her excitement, and mine, a little longer.

‘Have you ever been spanked Georgina, you know, over someone’s knee?’

‘Oh Paul. No, no, I haven’t -but I’ve often thought about what it would be like,’ and her legs squirmed together with erotic pleasure.

‘Well, Georgina. If your ‘trial’ goes OK, then I think we can expect to give you a number of lessons in going over my knee and learning to be a good girl, don’t you?’

‘Trial? Trial? What trial, Paul?’ and Georgina was smiling at me again, and I squeezed her thigh on the sofa.

‘You have a two week trial, starting tonight, and if you pass OK, then we’ll have a weekend away, as I promised. No point arguing, Georgina. Two weeks, starting tonight,’ and I got up and made for the caravan door. I saw the panic in her eyes.

‘Where are you going, Paul. Don’t go. Please don’t go.’

‘I’m going to get a bottle of wine, Georgina. I’ll be gone half an hour. You have a quick shower, and then put on your new clothes. OK?’

‘Which ones, Paul?’ and the excitement had returned to her voice.

‘Skirt, boots, basque, black stockings and black shirt. Half an hour, Georgina,’ and I went out the door without looking back. When I got back, it was obvious she was still in the shower or getting dressed, but I only had to wait for a few minutes before I heard the bedroom door open and the heels ‘clicking’ along the caravan floor. My God, she looked sexy, stunning, fuckable and sluttish but in such a classy way, and she was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Georgina’s face was made up with mascara and lipstick, and the clothes looked really, really good on her. They fitted her like a glove.

The boots were worn over the black stockings, and the tops of the suede boots clung around Georgina’s thighs, just above her knees. All the poppers on the skirt were still intact, but the black basque, holding Georgina’s shapely and full breasts in place, was clearly outlined under the thin, black blouse, buttoned up to her neck. I watched her move across the floor with ease, and then she came to stand in front of me as I languished on the sofa. I reached out and ran my hand up her thigh, under the suede skirt, and I felt the flesh above the stockings. My God, it was wonderful—the skirt material only just covered her flesh before the suspenders and stocking tops came into view, and as Georgina moved, the sway of the skirt revealed little glimpses of the taut suspenders -a sexual thunderbolt, but so refined.

My hand went further up, and I felt the wetness of Georgina’s cunt slipping around the lacy thong that hardly protected anything of her vagina. I slid two fingers right up into Georgina and watched her as she sighed, her eyes flickering and her breasts heaving wonderfully in the basque.

‘Oh… Paul, Ankara escort bayan that feels…so…so…oh God, so… wonderful, you feel so wonderful up inside me. Do you like the outfit—I feel so sexy in these boots, Paul. You’ve really made me feel like a new woman—and on Monday I promise I will get a mobile phone, so that you can keep in touch with me all the time,—I do so want you to look after me, Paul and I’ll obey all your orders, I promise. I really will,’ and Georgina turned and bent down to give me one of her delicious French kisses. Her mouth opened and I fought with her tongue as my hand was inside her thong, pushing up into her cunt and enjoying the feelings of the mature, shapely, submissive woman who was bringing me so much pleasure at my young age.

‘Let’s celebrate with a glass of wine then, Georgina.’

‘Oh yes please, Paul.’ I stood up and poured two glasses of red wine, and then I sat down again, and caressed my fingers up between Georgina’s legs again. She was absolutely soaking, and my fingers slid into her body like a knife through hot butter, and she moaned and sighed, appreciating the way I had come to excite and abuse her sexy body. I passed her glass of wine to her, and then spoke.

‘Georgina, the other day you told me about the experience you endured at the hands of your ex-husband in Turkey, when he allowed other men to use your body. I don’t want you to have to go through that again, but I would like you to tell me a little about your life when you were a young woman. Will you bring one of those dining room chairs a little closer, there’s a good girl.’ She looked a little taken aback but I held my fingers in her cunt, and just gently caressed her clit with my thumb, and Georgina sighed and was like putty again.

‘What do you mean, Paul?’ she asked, but I just indicated the chair, and repeated my request.

‘Georgina, just get the chair. Don’t worry. Just remember that a week on Friday, we could be going away for the weekend, to spend every minute together where people don’t know us -you’re looking forward to that, aren’t you, Georgina?’

‘Yes, yes I am, Paul,’ she smiled, and she took a sip of her wine.

‘Well, Georgina, I have wonderful things planned for our weekend -would you like a little taster -you would, wouldn’t you?’ I could see her smiling face starting to blush, so I instructed her again. ‘Put down your glass, Georgina, and turn round. Will you lean your body over the chair?’ It was an instruction and not a request. ‘Just lean over and rest your arms on the seat of the chair, so that you’re comfortable.’ I watched her turn and lean over, and I saw the little skirt slide right up the back of her thighs to reveal the stocking tops, the suspenders, the gorgeous white skin of her thighs, and the tufts of pubic hair poking out at the sides of the skimpy thong.

The suede boots looked fantastic on her legs, going right over her knees, and then the black, seamless stockings gave her thighs a sheen feel to them, and such a mature and wonderful texture to her stunning thighs.

‘Georgina, this evening I was going to take lots of pictures of you with my new camera, you know, really sexy pictures of you. However, instead, this evening, I want you to tell me about when you were younger, and about exciting moments in your life. When I fucked you like a dog in the car park the other night you got excited didn’t you? Didn’t you Georgina?’ I reached up the back of her thighs and pushed my fingers into her soaking cunt again.

‘Yes, yes I did, Paul–it was fantastic, I really loved it.’

‘You loved the thought of the old landlord watching you as well, didn’t you?’ I opened my fingers inside her, and the walls of her dripping vagina stretched wide, her thighs opening a few more inches to let me explore her. Georgina was giving in again.

‘It was so exciting, Paul. While you are looking after me, Paul, anything is possible. I feel so protected, I’ve told you. To think that I was exciting the landlord while you were making me ‘cum’ at the same time was magnificent…oohhhhhh Paul, yes, that feels lovely, do it some more, please.’

‘Well, Georgina. I’m going to take loads of photos of you on our little holiday, both inside the guest house, and in the car, and out in the fresh air, on the sands, on the cliff tops, on the ferry, all over the place, Georgina, and you’re going to pose just how I ask you, aren’t you?’ I stood up behind Georgina, now, and slowly pulled her thong down to her knees. ‘Open wider, Georgina.’ Escort Ankara She opened her knees as wide as possible, and the thong was stretched right across her knees, over the suede boots. It was a wonderful sight for my young eyes, and I wanted to push her submission to even greater limits.

I took the half empty bottle of red wine and pulled another chair behind Georgina, and sat down.

‘Just pull your skirt up your legs Georgina.’ She took the hem at the back and pulled it right up over her ass, so that the tops of her stockings were completely exposed along with the two meaty, luscious cheeks of her wonderful ass. ‘Stay leaning over the chair again,’ I instructed. ‘You will pose just how I want you to, won’t you, Georgina?’

‘Yes, yes, Paul. You know I will. I’m looking forward to our little break so much–it’s years since I went on holiday, even for a weekend. I’ll do whatever you ask Paul, I promise.’

‘Right, Georgina. When you went to school, were you a clever little girl? I bet you were, weren’t you? I bet you were a naughty little rascal as well, weren’t you? Tell me about when you were naughty at school, Georgina.’

‘I was quite clever, Paul, usually in the top three in my class—that’s why I wanted to be a teacher.’ I ran my fingers up into her open cunt again, and Georgina sighed quietly. ‘I can’t say if I was a naughty rascal, though, as you so quaintly put it. I was curious like all school girls, and I wanted to find out what the ‘birds and bees’ were all about, but I was no worse than most of the girls my age.’ I placed the neck of the wine bottle at the entrance to Georgina’s cunt, so that she could just feel it tickle her lips. I pushed a fraction and then withdrew again.

‘God, Paul, what are you doing?’ She knew what I was doing, but pretended surprise.

‘Tell me, Georgina, and I’ll make you feel very naughty again, come on Georgina, you know the rules. Being naughty at school?’ I pushed the wine bottle a little more up into Georgina’s cunt and she shivered. ‘Good Georgina. You like that don’t you?’

‘Christ, Paul, you are awful—it feels lovely, just be gentle please. When I went to youth club, especially on dark nights, well… Well sometimes…’

‘Go on Georgina—remember the rules, and remember our little holiday.’ I started to slowly push the whole neck of the bottle gently up into Georgina’s cunt and then ease it out again to her lips. She moaned and sighed and the bottle slurped wonderfully in her vaginal walls.

‘If I fancied a boy at the youth club, I usually enticed him outside and round the back of the hall, to a grassy footpath with a few trees either side. We snogged and that is what I really liked. I liked to kiss, especially with open mouths -it was really sexy and erotic, but I knew that older boys wanted more.’ The bottle was sliding in and out of her cunt quite easily now, and Georgina had started to move up and down in time with the weapon going up and down into her body –she was hooked and wanted a good fucking with the bottle. I moved in for the kill.

‘What else did they want, Georgina? Tell me, Georgina, and at the same time, fuck yourself on the bottle. It looks fantastic going in and out of your cunt, Georgina, go on, you know you want it!’ I knew I should have brought my camera tonight, but there would be plenty of opportunities, there was no doubt. She started to move with more purpose. I had told her to fuck herself, and that’s all the excuse she needed.

‘Oh Paullllll, ohhhh it’s wonderful, it feels wonderful, right up inside me. They wanted to get into my panties, Paul. You know that. They wanted to push me against a tree and finger me between my legs, so that they could feel me all wet. It was lovely but it was terrible all at the same time. Oh Goddddd, Paul, Paul, harder, harder.’ Georgina was almost sobbing now as I pushed the red bottle up inside her. She was sucking in air and pushing down as I pushed the shapely tool into her. I knew she was going to ‘cum’ very quickly and I wanted to push home my advantage.

‘This is fantastic, Georgina. You look really stunning. When we go away, I want you to pose very sexily, just like this, I want to show your wonderful body off, I want to fuck you outside, and I want you to do just as I say. OK?’ She was lunging up and down onto the bottle and would agree to anything.

‘Yes, yes, Paul, I’ll do anything for you. Oh Chrrriiiiii…yes, yes, harder, harder, Paul…,’ and then she slumped over the chair, and I held the bottle right up inside her while her orgasm exploded all around her body. She was on the tiptoes of her wonderful boots, and I could see the lips of her vagina convulsing round the orgasm -what a magnificent sight—I looked forward so much to our weekend away together.

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