Meet the Danvers Ch. 01

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Jim Danvers sat naked in the circular room, slowly stroking his limp penis. He had already come twice, evident by the two shot glasses on the table next to him, half full with his cum.

In the middle of the room, and completely naked, sat his nineteen-year-old daughter Meghan. She was quite the sight. Blonde, slender, beautiful, a classic cheerleader. Her perky breasts and erect nipples pointed upwards. The sheer arousal on her face was unmistaken. Her eyes filled with hunger as she looked up at the next black man who walked over to her, stroking his huge cock. Her mouth was open and her tongue was out, she just couldn’t wait for the next big load of cum to fill her mouth.

Next to Meghan sat her mother and Jim’s wife Nancy, equally as naked as her daughter. It was clear where Meghan had gotten her looks from. Nancy, a former cheerleader herself, looked absolutely stunning. Long, swirly blonde hair, a beautiful face, a slim body, curvaceous hips and a pair of big and perky double E breasts.

Nancy absolutely loved having a big chest. Though she hadn’t been small before she got implants, which had been a gift from her husband on her thirty-fifth birthday, she wanted to stand out a bit more, especially when she was flirting with black men.

In the room, there was an enticing mixture of smells. Sex, cum, perfume, and cologne. All blended together to form an intoxicating odor.

“Mmhm.” Nancy licked along the long dark shaft of one of the black men. She had just swallowed a healthy load of his cum and was cleaning his cock. She didn’t want to miss a single drop of his semen.

Oh yess… Meghan felt her pussy getting even wetter when the black man came up to her, laid the tip of his cock on her tongue and started jerking off. She looked up at him with her blue eyes hungry for his cum.

The black man was quite heavy set, with a large belly, and not as handsome as the previous black man, but his balls were bigger, so Meghan expected him to have a big load.

“Ah ahh!” The large black man grunted as he spewed his semen into the beautiful blonde’s mouth.

“Mmghm.” Meghan felt one heavy stream of cum after the other hit the back of her throat and instantly knew that she hadn’t been wrong about his big balls.

“Ah ahh ah, yeahh!” The big black man kept grunting as he filled the girl’s mouth full of jizz.

“Mghm.” Meghan felt her mouth filling up with his warm cum, but she was determined not to swallow it before she had it all. She wanted to feel a big gulp.

“Ahh!” As his thick black cock started to drip, the big-bellied man glanced over at the woman sitting next to the girl. He couldn’t help but lick his lips when he looked her big white tits, and the fact that she looked like a complete slut with cum dripping down her perfect chin onto her large breasts made her look even more gorgeous.

“Ahh.” The black man exhaled and looked back down at the beautiful girl whose mouth he had just emptied his balls into.

The girl looked up at him, her mouth open, showing him the pool of cum she had in her mouth, slowly swirling her tongue around in it.

“Yeahh.” He nodded as he gave his cock one last stroke, and dripped one last drop into her mouth.

With an intense feeling of lust and excitement, Meghan closed her eyes and her mouth. She was about to swallow the big load of cum in her mouth, but before she did, she took a second to really savor the taste and feel of it.

“Mmm.” With a big gulp, she swallowed the entire load of cum, feeling the slimy deliciousness flow down her throat. It felt so amazing.

“Thank you.” She looked up with a big smile on her face, licking her lips.

The big black man nodded and walked out through a side door.

With no other black men in around, Nancy scooted over to her daughter and looked at all the jizz she had one her body and face.

“Mmm, so much cum.” She smiled and ran her finger over her daughter’s soft breast and scooped some up.

“Mmm.” She put her finger between her lips and licked it clean.

“How about we have your father come over here now?” Nancy smiled.

“Mm mm.” Meghan nodded.

Jim hadn’t stopped stroking his penis when he saw the two most important women in his life motion to him with their fingers to come over to them.

Knowing the rules, he picked up the shot glasses with his cum and slowly made his way over to them, careful not to spill any of it.

“You look beautiful honey.” Jim looked at his daughter. Her face and breasts were wet with sperm. Being sure to hold onto the glasses, he leaned down and gave her a small innocent kiss on the mouth, as he had always done. As he did, he felt the taste of cum on her lips.

“And you… you look absolutely stunning.” Jim turned to his wife.

“Mmm, come here.” Nancy smiled as Jim leaned down. They both locked lips and tongue kissed heavily.

Jim could feel the cum on his wife’s breath, and even more so, he could taste it with his tongue.

“Mmm.” bursa escort bayanlar Nancy gave her husband another wet kiss.

“Do you have something for me?” Nancy leaned back and smiled. She looked at the shot glasses in her husband’s hands.

“Oh… yes.” Jim was breathing heavily from having kissed his wife. He slowly handed his wife the shot glasses whilst also getting down on his knees in front of her.

“Mmm, this one’s almost full.” Nancy looked at the shot glass filled with Jim’s cum. Slowly she swirled the glass around, watching the semen ripple around in the glass. As she did, she saw her husband open his mouth and stick out his tongue.

Nancy smiled. She loved this part. Pouring the glass of cum into Jim’s mouth and watching him swallow his own cum. Though just as she was about to pour the first glass, she glanced over at her daughter and saw how interested she looked.

“Meghan, would you like to give your father one of the glasses?” She raised one of the shot glasses.

“Oh yes…” Meghan eagerly took the shot glass from her mother and smiled. She had watched her mother perform their little ritual so many times, and each time she had wanted to take part.

Jim looked over at her daughter as his wife handed her the glass. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it, though his penis told a different story as it started to stand up even more.

Meghan was so excited. She almost couldn’t believe that she was holding a glass of her father’s cum and was about to pour it into his mouth.

“Now, are you going to be a good boy and swallow all of this cum that you shot when you watched us suck all those black cocks?” Nancy had turned her attention back to her husband and was holding her glass over his lips.

“Y… yes.” Jim breathed heavily. He couldn’t wait for his wife to pour his cum into his mouth.

“Mmm.” Nancy smiled and slowly tilted the glass. A thin stream of liquid began to flow from the glass onto her husband’s tongue.

“Ngh…” Jim felt the familiar taste of his cum being poured onto his tongue. Suddenly there was a lump of it as Nancy flipped the entire glass.

“Mghm.” Jim closed his mouth and swallowed the entirety of the musky and slimy mess.

“Oh yes…” Nancy smiled as she watched her husband swallow his own load.

“Now be a good sissy and open up for your daughter,” Nancy told her husband as he looked over at his daughter and opened his mouth.

Meghan scooted in closer and held up the shot glass.

“Do you want all of it, daddy?” She asked with a smile on her face, knowing that he would say yes.

“Y… yes honey.” Jim’s penis stood straight up as his naked daughter slightly tipped the glass and poured some of his cum into his mouth.

“Mmm, that’s so nice.” Meghan looked at the cum flow onto her father’s tongue and disappear into his mouth.

“That’s it, honey, give him all of his cum.” Nancy looked at her daughter as she slowly poured the rest of the semen into Jim’s awaiting mouth.

“Mghm.” Jim closed his mouth and swallowed the second glass of his own cum.

“Mmm, that was really nice.” Meghan looked down at her father as he parted his lips, breathing heavily, showing both his wife and daughter that he had swallowed all of it.

“Oh yes, your father is such a good sissy, aren’t you Jim?” Nancy smiled and arched her breasts out a bit.

“Y… yes.” Jim gulped when he saw his wife’s big tits, all wet with black men’s cum.

“And now you want to clean these big tits of all of their cum, don’t you?” Nancy knew how much her husband loved to lick the cum from her breasts. It was the only time he got to feel her tits.

“Oh yes.” Jim hungrily looked at his wife’s firm and perky breasts. He licked his lips when he saw her big nipples.

“Mmm, then come here.” Nancy put her hand on the back of her husband’s head and pulled him into her chest.

“Mghm.” Jim immediately stuck out his tongue and started licking his wife’s breasts, tasting the musky cum and feeling her soft skin.

As Jim sucked and licked his wife’s nipples, the door to the room opened, and a naked black man walked in. His big cock stood straight up.

Meghan excitedly licked her lips when she saw him. She thought that she might get to suck another black man’s cock.

Nancy, on the other hand, looked knowingly at the handsome black man. She knew that he wasn’t there for her or her daughter.

“Mmm.” Jim took his wife’s nipple into his mouth once more and gently sucked it. Though just as he flicked it with his tongue, he suddenly felt his butt cheeks being spread by a couple of strong hands.

Surprised, Jim turned his head and saw the big black man that had gotten down on his knees behind of him. Without a chance to even imagine what was about to happen, Jim felt the black man’s bulbous cockhead push against his tight anus.

“Ahh.” Jim’s eyes widened when he felt his ass being stretched. The bayan sarisin escort bursa black man slowly pushed his hard erection deeper into his hole.

“Oh yes, take his big black cock in your ass.” Nancy looked down at her surprised husband.

“Ah ah ah…” Jim began to grunt as the black man slowly started to slide his cock in and out of his ass. He had watched his wife and daughter take a black man up their butts many times, it was something he loved to see, but Jim had never dreamt of experiencing it himself. Though his wife had used a black strapon on him quite a few times, it hadn’t been anything like this.

The black man was so much more powerful in every way. From the way, he gripped his hips with his strong hands, to the way he plunged his rock hard cock into his ass. It was so different than feeling Nancy’s feminine hands on his hips and her small thrusts with the dildo.

Even though it felt a bit uncomfortable, it also felt very natural for Jim to surrender his ass to a black man like this. Jim had always been very submissive, and the first time he saw his wife Nancy in bed with a black man had been the best day of his life.

“Now get back to cleaning me you sissy.” Nancy pressed her chest against her husband’s face.

“Mghmm ahh mgmm.” Jim groaned as he licked cum from his wife’s chest and at the same time got pounded by the big black man behind him.

“Mmm…” Meghan slowly rubbed her slit and lightly squeezed her breast as she watched her mother enjoy her dad’s tongue, at the same time as her dad got fucked by the handsome black man. She wished that she had a man like her father who would lick her cum splashed breasts just like him. Luckily she had met someone who she hoped could be that guy.

“Ah ah ah ah.” The black guy had a firm grip on Jim’s hips as he slammed into him. His big black balls slapping against Jim’s soft buttocks.

Nancy looked over at the black man. She found him so hot and sexy. A part of her wished that he was fucking her ass instead, but she also loved seeing and hearing her husband getting fucked by a black man.

“Oh yes, fuck my sissy husband.” She looked up at him with hungry eyes.

“Fuck him with your big fat black cock!” Nancy called out which made the black man pound Jim’s ass even harder, and with one powerful thrust, he buried his entire length inside of Jim’s virgin ass.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Jim groaned like never before, tilting his head back, his lips wet from licking cum. The feeling of knowing that a black man was fucking him, and the sensation of his black cock in his ass, as well as licking cum from his wife’s breasts, was too much. He was cumming. His half limp penis spurting cum onto the floor beneath him.

“Oh god.” Meghan caught a glimpse of her father’s penis just as sperm shot out of it. She knew exactly how he felt, she had orgasmed the last time a black man had fucked her in her ass too.

“Mmm, now you know how good Meghan and I feel when black men fuck us in our tight asses.” Nancy smiled at her husband who had such a dreamy look on his face.

The black man looked at the two beautiful and slutty women in front of him as he slowly slid his big cock out from the white guy’s ass. Once he saw the tip of his cock make its way out of Jim’s ass, he shoved it back in and started fucking him again.

“Ah ah ahh.” He looked up and held onto Jim’s hips as he pounded him. Then, with a satisfying look, he glanced down at his big black cock and enjoyed the way it kept disappearing into the white guy’s ass.

“Ah yeahh.” The black man felt so empowered. After a long hard day, working for a stuck up white man, this was the life. Fucking a white man in front of his wife and daughter, whilst they, in turn, were ready to do whatever he wanted. That thought brought him just over the edge.

“Fuuckk, come here!” He gripped his cock hard, so not to come, and pulled out his ten inches from Jim’s gaping ass. He was going to empty his balls on the women’s faces.

“Oh yes, give us your cum.” Nancy scooted up next to her husband’s butt, as did her daughter Meghan.

“Oh yess.” Meghan looked down at the man’s big and beautiful black cock. She couldn’t wait for it to burst and cover her face with sperm.

Jim slowly crawled forward on all fours to give more room for his wife and daughter. His penis still dripped cum, and his butthole felt so stretched as he sat up on his knees and turned around. He didn’t want to miss the black man spraying his wife and daughter with hot semen.

“Ah aahhhh!” A manly grunt came from the black man as a big chunky load of cum shot out from his big cock and landed straight on Meghan’s forehead.

“Oh, mmm!” Meghan moaned with excitement when she felt the warm cum land on her face.

“Ahh!” Another big wad splashed across Meghan’s face, this time right across her nose and cheek.

“Mmm…” Nancy leaned in closer to her daughter. She wanted some of that hot cum bayan esmer escort bursa as well.

“Ah ah ahh!” Even with his intense climax, the black man had no intention of missing out on shooting his load on the other white woman as well. Still cumming, he bent his rock hard cock over to the side. Just as he did, another few heavy streams of cum splashed right across the older woman’s tongue and into her mouth.

“Mghmm…” Nancy felt the hot cum land on her tongue and run down into her mouth. She loved it. Greedily she leaned in and wrapped her lips around the tip of the man’s black cock, and felt as her mouth filled up with his hot semen.

“Ohh.” Meghan enviously licked her lips. Her mom had her lips around the black man’s cock, and Meghan could tell by the expression on the sexy black man’s face that he was still cumming hard.

Oh yess… Nancy was in heaven. She had a black man’s cock in her mouth and he was cumming. Some of it she swallowed, but most of it she tried to keep in her mouth. She knew exactly what she was going to do. She planned on kissing her husband in the most sloppy way possible.

“Ahhhhh!” The black man exhaled and bucked with his hips as the climax subsided.

Yeahhh… He smiled to himself as he looked down at the big tittied white woman who had just taken his big load in her mouth.

“Mghmm.” When Nancy felt that the handsome black man had finished, she looked up at him and attempted to give him a smiling thanks, though with her mouth full of his cum, she only barely managed to smile.

With such naughty and horny thoughts, Nancy turned to her husband. At the same time, she gave her daughter a nod in the black man’s direction.

It didn’t take Meghan but a split second to figure out that her mother wanted her to suck his cock. With an eager smile, Meghan walked over to the man. A few feet in front of him, whilst keeping her lustful eyes locked on his, she paused for a moment. She gave him a few more moments to both catch his breath from having come so hard, as well as give him a good long look at her naked body.

Meghan felt herself getting wetter. She just loved standing naked in front of a black man like this. Having his hungry eyes wander up and down her nude body. And with one more of his breaths, she leaned over, pressed her perky breasts against his chest and kissed him passionately.

“Mmm.” Meghan leaned back just an inch, looked into his brown eyes and licked his upper lip just before sinking down onto her knees.

Though his impressive erection had now gone limp, Meghan was determined to get him hard once more, and this time she would be the one who got that delicious load sprayed in her mouth. With her arms around his waist and her hands on his quite big buttocks, she took his flaccid black cock into her mouth.

“Mmm…” Even now in this state, it had quite the girth, and she could taste a few drops of cum dripping out from the tip.

Jim, still on his knees, looked up at his busty wife as she sexily walked over to him. He could see by her balloon shaped cheeks that her mouth was filled with cum. With the mischievous look on her face, Jim knew exactly what she wanted from him. With his eyes on her, he sat up a bit more straight and parted his lips.

Hmphf… Nancy smiled to herself. Her husband was such a wimp, and she loved every second of it.

Now standing over him, Nancy looked down at the sissy that was her husband and slowly she parted her lips. At first, only a few drops of cum left her mouth and fell down into her husband’s mouth. Shortly, however, the drops turned into a thin stream that quickly formed a small pool of semen on his tongue.

“Mnghh.” Jim felt the familiar taste of sperm. Black men’s cum, he had always found, to taste a lot more potent than his own, more virile and stronger.

Before he had even time to swallow it, Jim felt his wife’s lips pressed against his. And within seconds his mouth was filled with cum and the sweet sensation of his wife’s tongue. Whilst Nancy furiously kissed him their tongues bathed in the black man’s cum.

“Mmm, yess… show me.” Nancy’s wet lips left her husbands.

“Nghh.” Jim tried to part his lips as much as he could without swallowing the huge load of cum.

“Mm, you look like such a wimp with a black man’s cum in your mouth.” Nancy felt so horny and turned on when she looked down at her husband. Not even giving her husband a second more, she dove right back down and stuck her tongue down her husband’s mouth.

“Mngh…” Almost without noticing, Jim had come once more. Drops of cum dripped from his penis as he and Nancy both swallowed the man’s semen.

“Mmm, that was nice…” Nancy licked her lips, her heart beating strong as she gave her husband another kiss.

Jim breathed heavily. His breath smelled like cum. He looked up at the stunning woman who now had gotten up in front of him. Her beauty and the love he felt for her was unmatched.

“I…” Jim took another breath. “Love you.” He sat there naked with his limp penis still dripping cum, having just taken a big black man’s cock up his bum and having had his wife kiss him with a mouth full of the man’s cum, feeling so grateful for being married to such a loving woman.

“Mm, I love you too you little cuck.” Nancy smiled lovingly down at her husband.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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