Meeting a Stranger

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“Ready?” Tony asked her, smiling.

“Ready,” Rachel answered, climbing into the front passenger seat of his car. She was dressed in a short, sleeveless polka-dot dress. They’d met some months before on an anonymous discussion site, swapping secrets with strangers, before the conversation had taken a decidedly sexual turn.

Stranger: so what sort of things are you into Rachel?

You: Being controlled, mostly

Stranger: oh?

Stranger: usually don’t see that coupled with a high IQ

Stranger: but not a bad thing :]

You: Haha, I know. It’s why I don’t let people know I’m into it

You: I don’t go for getting hit hard and such, but being tied up and blindfolded is pretty much my ultimate turn-on

Stranger: what about being watched?

You: I don’t think I’d mind

You: Never thought about it

Stranger:hands bound, being forced to suck on my cock in front of a few people at a park?

You: If there weren’t kids around, that would be kind of awesome

The conversation had gone this way for a while, discussing turn-ons and secrets and anything else that came to mind. Rachel had sent him a few titty-shots: one where she was propping them up, one with a spray bottle between them, and one with her mouth around her tit. Her I-cup breasts were plenty large enough to let her suck on them. Tony had told her it was a shame he couldn’t cum on them, and that watching her lick his cum off her own chest would have him ready to fuck her brains out. She answered that after doing that, she’d be ready to have her brains fucked out.

And now they were meeting. Tony was in Virginia for a software conference and they’d arranged to meet up at her college where she was studying chemistry and psychology. They hadn’t seen each other’s faces before, only bodies, and Rachel had been nervous about how he’d take her. She definitely had a good hourglass figure – one of the benefits of having tits three times the size of the average woman and hips to match – but she knew her face was cute on a good day. She needn’t have worried. His face had lit up as soon as he’d seen her.

Tony was lean and fit, pale from his job as a professor of computer programming. He glanced over at her and smiled, making her pussy spasm. She had masturbated earlier, but been interrupted before she could finish. Her libido pulled at her, demanding release. She held herself in check, knowing that she would be sated as soon as they got to the hotel.

Tony stopped at a red light and put his hand on her thigh. She pulled her skirt up slightly and his hand followed. It dipped under the hem to circle lightly on her inner thigh before the light turned green and he withdrew.

She Ataköy escort put her hand over the bulge in his pants and rubbed. Feeling his get hard, she felt small flutter of anxiety in her chest. She’d never been with a man before. She’d never even kissed anyone. Now here she was, at the ripe old age of nineteen, going off with a man she’d only spoken to online to get fucked. She nervously fiddled with her long blond hair, falling in waves halfway down to her back, as she wondered if she was doing the right thing.

Tony noticed her anxiety, and at the next light, he didn’t put his hand on her. Instead, he told her, “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Tell me and I’ll stop. I’ll turn around right now if you aren’t sure you want to do this.”

Rachel took a deep breath. She was nineteen and horny, and she was sitting with a gorgeous guy who was clearly into her and who respected her enough to make her own decision. She’d be mad not to continue.

“I’m sure,” she said, smiling at the older man. She did want to do this. She wanted to get laid tonight, even if it would hurt at first. Coming this close, only to pull back and have to fondle herself to sleep tonight, would be unbearable.

Tony pulled into the hotel lot, parked, and pulled a black duffel bag out of the backseat. “I already put my clothes inside,” he told her. “This has some toys for tonight. Sure you want to do this?”

In answer, Rachel climbed out of the car and started walking slowly toward the building. Tony caught up with her and led her to his room.

As soon as the door was shut behind them, he was kissing her fiercely. She kissed him back, feeling parts of her body roar to life in a way they never had before. She reached down to undo his pants and sank to her knees.

“I want to try everything tonight,” she told him, looking up at his face with her big blue eyes. “Everything.” She finished pulling his pants and boxers down and his cock sprang free. She looked at it for a moment, considering. She remembered reading somewhere the average length was six inches, and this looked slightly longer than that. It was definitely fat, though, and she wondered if it was normal for dicks to be so wide.

She decided to start slow and stuck her tongue out, licking the tip. He sucked in a breath; she looked up and giggled at the look on his face. She moved in a little closer and put the head in her mouth, swirling around it with her tongue. She pulled away and put her face right next to the base and licked her way up one side and down the other, then pressed her tongue to the underside and slowly moved back to the tip. When she reached it, she put her mouth around it and started Ataköy escort bayan bobbing her head, putting a little more of it in her mouth each time she came forward. When it hit the back of her throat, she took a breath and swallowed it down. When her nose was nestled against his belly, she looked up. He was looking down at her with a look on his face she couldn’t place.

She took one of her hands and cupped his balls. He moaned and leaned his head back. His hips thrust slightly. Rachel let his dick out of her throat slowly, moving her tongue around the sides as his shaft slid out of her mouth. She leaned down to lick and suck on his balls.

He grabbed two fistfuls of her hair and dragged her head back up. The pain in her scalp flooded her underwear. She opened her mouth and let him fuck her mouth. She felt the dick slide in and out, over and over, wetter each time, letting it push the tip of her tongue back so the underside slid along the bottom of his cock as it came in and unfurling her tongue as he pulled back out.

He let go of her hair suddenly. “I don’t want to come just yet,” he told her. “Stand up.” Rachel obeyed, climbing back to her feet from the kneeling position she’d been in for – she checked the clock – close to half an hour.

Tony moved behind her and brushed her hair over her shoulder, revealing the zipper running up her back. He slid it down and pulled the dress over her head, leaving her standing there in nothing but her black strapless bra and her red lace panties. He leaned forward to suck on her neck where it met her shoulder, undoing her bra without looking at the catch. Her breasts sprang free as her bra tumbled to the floor.

He spun her around and kissed her hard on the mouth. She returned his passion, throwing her arms around his neck and opening her mouth to give him access.

She was barely aware of walking backwards. She only realized she was moving when the back of her knees hit the bed. He gently untangled her arms and said, “Lay down.”

She obeyed, her hair spreading out around her head like a halo. Tony ordered, “Spread your legs and lift your hips.” When she did, Tony took hold of her underwear and pulled them down her freshly-shaved legs to reveal her neatly-trimmed pussy. He moved to stand the foot of the bed and looked her over. She felt his gaze like a physical object as he looked her over from head to toe, pausing on her round tits, small waist, and moist pussy.

“I believe,” Tony said at last, “I told you I wanted to fuck your tits.” She nodded, getting excited. He climbed onto the bed and straddled her chest, careful to not put so much weight on her she couldn’t breathe. He put his hands over hers escort Ataköy and pushed her breasts together around his dick, completely encasing it in her flesh. He started to stroke back and forth. “Keep your tits exactly like that,” he ordered. He took his hands off hers and started to pinch and pull at her nipples, drawing small yelps of pleasure and pain. Suddenly he pulled one tit from her grasp and pushed it upward. “Suck on yourself,” he ordered. Rachel took the nipple into her mouth, holding it there with her teeth as she lashed it with her tongue. She opened her lips so he could see exactly what she was doing as he continued to fuck her chest, the other tit bent sideways overtop of his dick.

That proved to be his undoing. He came all over the tit she wasn’t sucking on. When he was finished, he lay next to her and told her to clean herself off. She sat up – it was a better angle to lick herself – and pulled her heavy breast up to her mouth. She tasted the fluid covering her body and discovered its salty bitterness. She licked and sucked herself clean, rubbing what she couldn’t reach into her skin. While she was occupied with that, Tony started fingering her. He thrust a finger inside and she gasped at the sudden intrusion. He added a second finger, pushing in and out of her as she sucked on her tits.

“You’re wet,” he told her. “You’re a little slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Rachel whispered, feeling Tony add a third finger. He withdrew.

“Lay flat,” he told her. When she did, he continued, “Now, my little slut, you’ve proven yourself when it comes to sucking cock and getting tit-fucked. It’s time for you to show me you know how to actually fuck.” Rachel felt herself getting even more turned on as the tip of his cock ground against her virgin opening. He thrust himself inside and she cried out as he ripped through her hymen. He moved slowly through her, letting her ride out the pain, for about a minute before he started fucking her in earnest. Tony rode her hard, bouncing her so hard her tits smacked her in the face. She cried out each time he pushed himself into her.

“I want to see your titties bounce,” he said, suddenly rolling them over so she was on top. “Show me how you fuck, you whore.”

She started moving herself up and down, impaling herself on his pole. When she hit bottom, she ground against him, feeling his dick hit all of her walls. She moaned, enjoying the sensation, and reached up to pinch her nipples.

With no warning, he rolled them over again so he was on top, thrusting into her hard. She moaned in pleasure every time he hit bottom. “Oh, you like that? You like that, you slut?” he hissed. He pulled out of her and walked out. She sat up and opened her mouth to ask him what he was doing and found him rummaging through the black duffel bag – the one he’d told her was full of toys.

Her pussy clenched in anticipation. All her anxiety had melted away. She knew exactly what she wanted him to do to her – and she knew he would do it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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