Meeting Jessi Ch. 01


Kelly and Michael wanted to try involving another woman in their play for several months. They talked about it… teased each other about it… fantasized about it… even went as far as to try phone sex with another woman while she listened to them fuck.

The phone threesome was fun and while a real threesome was something both really wanted, it seemed that it would never happen. It wasn’t that either of them didn’t want to do it, rather it was more of an issue of finding the right person… someone who would enjoy and understand their particular type of play… someone who would click.

Just when it seemed that this fantasy was going nowhere fast, Kelly called Michael to say that she found a woman who lived close and who was “more than a little bit interested” in meeting them, but not yet making any promises until they all got together.

According to Kelly, her name was Jessi and she was aware that they liked to play various forms of D/s, seduction and role-playing games. Kelly related to Michael how Jessi never played any of their types of games and was a bit apprehensive, but curious none the less… and even more curious as to what it would be like to witness an example of Kelly’s submission.

Blah, blah, blah… finally after a few emails, chat conversations, picture exchanges and phone calls, the date was set. Jessi was to meet both Kelly and Michael at Kelly’s apartment on Saturday night.

That day, leading up to Jessi’s arrival, both Kelly and Michael were in a state of high arousal. Early in the morning, Michael put Kelly on her knees in front of him while he sat back on the couch and let her suck his hard cock… just sitting back as she took him into her mouth and sucked until he allowed her to make him cum.

When he was finished he simply said, “Stand up for me please Kelly.”

“Yes sir” she replied, as she wiped her lips and stood before him.

Michael stood up and looked at his fucktoy… taking in her beauty and gazing into her lust filled eyes, as she stood before him in a white t-shirt and satin pink panties. Reaching down to her panties, Michael felt her wetness already soaking through the thin material, “Your pussy is wet sweetheart.”

“Yes sir, it is wet and I’m quite sure I will be more wet later for you.” replied Kelly with a coy smile.

“And why is your pussy so wet my darling?”

“Because I just sucked your cock and because I’m thinking about later tonight.”

Michael smiled… he could feel his arousal building, even though he had just cum in Kelly’s mouth. “You’re thinking about Jessi, aren’t you?” asked Michael.

“Yes sir, I am. I’m thinking about how exciting it would be for you to use me while another woman watches.” Kelly replied breathily as Michael continued to rub the wetness on her panties.

“You seem very turned on right now Kelly and I wonder if you’ll be able to make until later.” Michael commented. “Would you like to cum Kelly?”

“Yes sir I would. I don’t know if I can go the entire day without cumming. I’m so turned on now and every time I think about Jessi coming over, I become even more aroused.”

Michael looked at Kelly for another long moment before speaking, “I may allow you an orgasm darling. Would you like that?”

Kelly was very aroused now, as the thought of another woman (a stranger!) witnessing her submission fed the desire that burned within her. Plus, Michael’s fingers knew exactly what they were doing… he knew just how to manipulate her sensitive clit and pussy, whether to make her cum hard or just to tease her and keep her on edge. Over the last year he worked to became nothing less than an expert at making her panties wet, which was a state he liked to keep her in at all times. And in her mind, Kelly knew that if he wanted, Michael could make her cum in an instant, even just by rubbing her through her panties. It didn’t help matters that Sahabet his voice was taking on that teasing Dom tone she loved so much.

Kelly forced herself to talk, “Yes sir. I would love if you allowed me to cum for you.”

Michael smiled, “Then go get the pink vibrator and bring it in here.”

Kelly smiled and hurried off to the bedroom. She was back in a flash with a smile still on her face and the pink vibrator in her hand. Kelly liked this vibrator, although it wasn’t her favorite. It was smaller than most, only about 5″ long and very thin. She knew that Michael purposely chose this vibrator as it would make her cum, but not give her the full satisfaction her body craved and needed. No, she thought, that would have to wait until when he allowed it later.

Dropping to her knees, Kelly looked up into Michael’s eyes and presented the vibrator to him, “Here it is sir”.

“Very good darling” answered Michael as he took the vibrator from her. “Now Kelly darling, I want you on your knees on the couch, facing away from me.”

Kelly knew exactly how Michael wanted her and she wasted no time in kneeling away from him on the couch with her head down and ass thrust outward for his use.

Michael smiled at his fucktoy… loving both how beautiful she was and how obedient she was. He knew that Kelly loved submitting… loved showing her body… loved to be instructed. He thought about later and still couldn’t make up his mind about his game plan. Obviously he would have to wait in order to feel out Jessi, but he was sure that one way of another, his fucktoy was in for an unforgettable evening.

He walked up to her and pulled her panties down so that they were around her thighs. Then grabbing her hair, he gently, but firmly pushed her head down to the cushion of the couch… letting her feel his control over her. He put each of his hands on her hips and pulled her ass out and up even further… making her the perfect presentation piece. He loved her in this position and told her to stay still for a moment while he went into the kitchen.

Kelly waited and in a moment heard Michael come back to the room. She was not at all surprised by the flash of his camera and hoped that perhaps there would be more pictures later that evening.

“Kelly baby?” asked Michael in that playful voice she loved so well, as his camera shutter clicked.

“Yes sir”

“Would you still like to cum for me?”

“Yes sir, you *know* I do!” Kelly exclaimed.

Michael couldn’t help but smile, “I don’t know anything darling! It’s up to you to let me know if you want to cum… if you *need* to cum. Tell me slut, *do* you need to cum?”

Kelly felt the flushness cover her skin… she loved when Michael talked to her… loved how he made her tell him how her body was reacting… loved how he would get her to use words and phrases that would never have crossed her mind before they met.

“Yes sir… my pussy really *needs* to cum. To cum only for you sir! Please let me cum for you sir?” Kelly asked as she unconsciously wiggled her ass in the air.

Michael was standing directly behind Kelly… she could feel his power over her as he pressed his hand on the small of her back just above her ass. She was always amazed at the little things Michael could do to arouse her… right now just the feel of his hand pressing gently on her back was enough to reinforce his dominance over her… to reinforce her submission. She loved it. Craved it. How she wanted nothing more than to be taken by him… used like a wanton fuck toy.

Then she felt his fingers on her… from behind… rubbing her bare pussy, already wet and aroused. Kelly moaned as Michael gently rubbed her cunt… pressed his fingers into the folds of her pussy only to them slide them out. She knew he was opening her up… getting her ready and she knew that with each stroke Sahabet Giriş of his finger, her pussy was leaking more and more of her cream.

Michael quietly took the vibrator and lubed it up by sliding it over her slit. It wasn’t turned on, but Kelly shuddered as she felt the cold plastic on her lips and clit. Damn, he could tease her just by lubing up a vibrator. She wanted to feel it filling her even though she knew such a small toy would do little to quench her desire. Michael then granted her wish and slid the vibrator deep inside her pussy… Kelly took a deep breath and moaned as the hard plastic filled her as much as it could.

“Keep still Kelly!” Michael ordered, “I want you perfectly still darling and make sure you don’t cum until you have permission! Remember sweetheart, you are my fucktoy and you will follow my direction.

Kelly was not about to incur any punishments today… she wanted to be the perfect little slut for lover, “No sir… I won’t cum.”

Michael turned on the vibrator and stepped back. He didn’t need to tell Kelly that she was to remain still and not drop the vibrator, as she knew the rules, but he did anyway. He loved watching her struggle with this task, even though she was now trained quite well at it. He briefly thought back to their earlier training sessions and how it was so difficult for her to hold it in her pussy. Kelly actually dropped the vibrator the first time as she came without permission. He was pleased that she had come along so well.

Picking up his camera again, Michael took a few more pictures. “Perhaps we’ll share these with Jessi later on,” he teased. “I’m sure she’d like to see how well trained my little slut has become.”

Kelly shivered at his use of the word slut… again, she marveled how there used to be a time when she would have punched a guy for calling her a slut, but now hearing it from Michael brought her nothing but pleasure. She did want to be a slut. *His* slut. In fact, the thought of being “his slut” never failed to arouse her.

Kelly was very worked up now and Michael knew it. He knew that while this short play-session was nothing more than foreplay, Kelly was ready. Her breathing was very deep and very steady… her voice had taken on that quality he loved… one of severe arousal and submission. Her body, beautiful as she knelt in her t-shirt and panties, was covered in sheen of sweat and her skin had taken on a rosy glow that further revealed her desire.

Michael moved behind Kelly on the couch and reached around her, pulling her up towards him, but keeping her in a kneeling position on the couch as he held her from behind. Taking each of her nipples in his hands through her t-shirt, he whispered hotly in her ear, “Cum for me baby. Show me how you cum!”

Kelly moaned out load at his words and immediately tried to thrust her ass back into him.

“No Kelly!” Michael ordered. “Be still and cum on the vibrator… just let me play with your nipples while you cum.”

Kelly wanted desperately to push back… to force that all too thin vibrator deeper into her wet pussy. Actually what she really wanted was to ride Michael… to straddle his legs and feel his hard cock thrusting up into her wet and obedient pussy. She briefly thought of asking him to fuck her, but then decided to submit and let him do what he wanted. She had a hunch (correct) that her obedience and patience now would pay off for her later.

Michael continued to pull on Kelly’s nipples and whisper in her ear, “That’s it baby… feel that vibrator in your pussy. In *my* pussy… come on Kelly, cum all over that vibrator for me. You *know* you want to, don’t you baby?”

Kelly could barely speak as she replied, “yes sir… I want to cum for you.” In her mind she knew that cumming via such little stimulation would be intense and she did her best to be still for him.

Michael Sahabet Güncel Giriş knew that dirty talk would make her cum hard, “Good girl… you know you love to cum for me… just like my little slut should. Now cum while I squeeze your nipples baby… Cum for me now! Come on slut! Cum for me!”

Kelly cried out as she felt her orgasm begin to wash over her, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh.”

Michael held her tight, feeling her body tremble as she started to cum… he continued his assault on her nipples as his lovely pet came for him, “that’s it darling… cum for me.”

“Oh dammit Michael… I’m fucking cumming hard for you!” Kelly cried out. She felt her body stiffen and then all was lost as her pussy contracted on the vibrator… relentlessly buzzing in her pussy… making her cum like a wanton slut.

Michael pulled Kelly close to him and ground his crotch into her ass… adding pressure to the vibrator and exciting her by letting her feel his cock, “that’s it baby… cum hard for me.”

Kelly pushed back and came, as Michael held her in his arms. She tried desperately to add stimulation to her clit as she came, but Michael held her tight… denying her clitoral stimulation, yet making her cum all at the same time. For now she would have to enjoy the feelings deep in her pussy. Her full release would not be granted until later. He held her tightly, closely and gently rocked her body as she cried out and came for him. He kissed her neck from behind and gently bit the skin on her shoulders.

When she was finished, Michael removed the vibrator and stood her up. Kelly looked into his eyes and blushed… she loved the brief embarrassment she always felt right after losing control for him. Michael looked into Kelly’s eyes… deep and blue. He took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply… gently. Both he and Kelly moaned into each other’s mouths as their tongues darted back and forth. He tasted her lips and could smell the undeniable scent of sex on her breath.

After several moments, Michael broke the kiss, “Kelly please kneel for me sweetheart.”

Kelly again dropped to her knees and knelt before him, her t-shirt wet with perspiration and outlining her well teased nipples. Her panties were still around her thighs and she was still breathing with arousal. She looked up at Michael with wide eyes and watched silently as he unzipped his jeans and released his hard cock.

Michael began to stroke his cock right in front of her, “You like watching me stroke my cock, don’t you slut?”

“Oh yes, I do. I would love to suck you again Michael. Would you like to cum in your slut’s mouth?”

Michael continued to stroke… he was using his right hand and the precum made it easy for him to slide over his sensitive cock, “No Kelly just watch baby. Watch how I cum for you.”

Kelly just stared. She loved when Michael masturbated for her and it was not something he did very often. She loved how much his cock would leak pre-cum and loved seeing him aroused. She was captivated by watching him… seeing his hand slide all over his… teasing her.

“Kelly, open your mouth.” Michael ordered.

Kelly obediently opened her mouth and waited for Michael to cum. This was another task that turned her on immensely… letting him cum in her mouth. It was so taboo, so sexy… just sitting patiently waiting for her Master to cum in her mouth… to use her as his cum toy.

Michael moved right in front of Kelly and stroked his cock right into her mouth… he began to cum… shooting stream after stream into her waiting mouth, purposely allowing some to miss so that it dribbled on her face and lips. When he was finished, Kelly remained still.

“Show me slut” Michael ordered.

Kelly smiled and opened her mouth to show him his cum, allowing him to see what an obedient fuck toy she was. When Michael nodded his approval, Kelly swallowed his cum and began to lick the rest off her lips and face.

Michael smiled at Kelly, “Better rest up darling. We have a long night ahead of us.”

Kelly smiled warmly as she walked to the bathroom to prepare herself for the evening that lay ahead.

To be continued…