Meeting My Old Teacher

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I originally wrote this in the Third Party then rewrote in the 1st Party as it makes such a better read. Please excuse any 3rd party errors that you may find. I hope you enjoy the read. It is the story of Jack meeting his busty old teacher. Jack is attracted to her, but the problem is that she is a nun. The story moves quickly, as they both lust for the other.

I was sitting in my favourite cafe. They had an old Italian coffee machine that made the best cappuccino that I have ever tasted. As usual, the place was buzzing. The last free table was mine. I was in my final year at College doing computer programming. This was something I loved. I was also very good at it. I already had five games on the market and was working on my sixth. There was a small apartment close to the college. It had an excellent Internet connection, that was all that mattered to me.

I was drinking my coffee when I heard a woman’s voice ask, “Excuse me, but are you Jack Ryan?”

I couldn’t believe it, it was Sister Mary, my old primary school teacher. My face lit up, then I said, “It is Sister Mary. It’s so good to see you. Would you like to join me?”

“I would, Jack, you have grown into a very handsome young man. Are you still good at sports?”

I stood up and waited until Sister Mary had seated herself opposite me. She was a tall beautiful woman, her complexion was so fresh, god knows how old she was, but her skin was beautiful. She also had an amazing smile. Sister Mary was also full-bosomed. At school, all the boys fantasied about her massive tits, now they looked even bigger.

“I still keep myself relatively fit. I swim a lot. My studies must come first now. I’m in my final year of doing computer programming. Sister Mary, I’m so happy that we have met. I have often thought of you. I heard that the old school was closing. Are you still teaching?”

“I am Jack, but it’s a changing world. I was the youngest nun in the convent. Now I’m the only nun in the convent. It was far too big for one nun to live there. I moved out two years ago, but they used the school part of the building until last June, then we moved to a brand new school where I am the headteacher. I enjoy that, but I will retire in four years. The good news is I get a substantial pension from the Council.”

“Where do you live now, Sister Mary?”

“I have a gorgeous apartment five minutes from the old convent. My parents bought it when they retired so that they would be close to me. When they died, I took over the property. I was a naughty nun. I got my father’s lawyer to rent it out after he died. Thank goodness that I’ve still got it. Jack, please call me Su. Sister Mary is my church name. Most of the time now, I wear normal clothes, but today there was a meeting with the Council and the Bishop’s office, so I dressed in my habit so everyone would be nice to me.”

“Thank you Su, how can a nun be naughty?”

She laughed. She was an extremely attractive woman with a pleasant smile and elegance about her. Su said, “Nobody in the order knew about my parent’s property. I was an only child. The order would have taken over the property if they had known about it. They didn’t, and I earned money and paid taxes on it for five years before I moved into it myself. Now the Council pays my rent and I have another monthly income. I feel very relaxed with you, Jack. No one else knows this. This is our secret, I know that I can trust you.”

I smiled at her then asked, as there were very strong rumours when he was younger that Father Peter and Sister Mary were, shall we say, close?, “How is Father Peter? I must be honest, I’m not at church much, but last time I was at mass there was an old priest that I didn’t know.”

Su had a sad look on her face. She held my hand as she said, “Sadly, Father Peter died six years ago. He was in his mid-seventies when he died. I still miss him a lot. He was a best friend of mine. There’s just old stupid priests left now. There are no young priests coming into the church. The ones that do have usually kinks and are not safe to be with. I am hardly ever in church myself now, so we are both similar in that respect. Jack, I can’t believe how much you have changed. Are you dating anyone?”

“Earlier, I said, my studies must come first. I’m so sorry to hear about Father Peter. I liked him a lot. He always had time for a chat.”

I was enjoying chatting with Su. We were now on our second cappuccinos. She was so graceful and charming. There was something about her I couldn’t put my finger on. Then Su said, “Do have a car, Jack?”

“Yes, I have a Golf. Can I drive you somewhere?”

“I left my car at home and walked to my meeting. I was at my fishmongers this morning and got four beautiful pieces of Lemon Sole. Could you drive me home and go into the supermarket and buy me twelve bottles of Australian Chardonnay? With my habit on, I can’t do it, but if you do it, then I’ll cook your supper for you?”

“No problem Su, I would love to do that for you. I love zayıf gaziantep escort Lemon Sole.”

She took my hand and squeezed it in her excitement. I could see I’d made her thrilled by accepting her invitation. “Well, in that case, I’m ready to leave now. How about you, Jack?”

I smiled at her and then paid the bill. We left from the cafe. Once outside, heading for my car, I continued to ogle her tight butt as she moved. It wasn’t a hard movement, more of a slow sensual rhythm, but still very enticing. I felt sure that Sister Mary could be over thirty-five years older than me, but she was making my cock stiffen. I hoped that she wouldn’t notice the massive bulge in my trousers.

We arrived at the supermarket. Su gave me the name and where I would find the wine. She tried to give me forty pounds, but I refused. The wine was no problem for me to find. I bought twelve bottles. I got back into the car. Su gave me a very sexy smile, then said, “I must pay you for this. You’re just a poor student and you must look after your pennies.”

I smiled then said, “Su, you were my favourite teacher. Please accept this wine as a gift from me for giving me such an excellent young education.”

We arrived at Su’s apartment I got out and came around to open the door for Su. Before getting out she looked up at him with that smile of hers, once standing she made her way past me grazing my arm with the side of her massive tit. I felt my cock stiffen. Her massive breast had felt so soft and meaty.

We went inside the apartment, it was so tastefully decorated, Su showed me the lounge and the kitchen then said, “Jack, I will change into my house clothes, could you bring the wine up and put three bottles in the fridge and the rest in this cupboard. Then open one of the chilled bottles in the fridge and I’ll join you in the lounge in a few minutes. I am so happy that we met.”

I did everything that she asked. Her apartment was like a Palace compared to my apartment. I opened the Chardonnay; it was delicious, then waited for Sister Mary to arrive. I was wondering what her house clothes would be?

I couldn’t believe how gorgeous Sister Mary looked when she came into the lounge. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting leggings, her Camel’s Toe looked amazing, her long sex slit looked perfectly formed. There was a loose top on. She definitely wasn’t wearing a bra, as her massive tits were jiggling beautifully.

Her hair amazed me. It was ginger red and beautifully styled. This was the first time I had seen her out of her habit. I had never thought about her hair colour before. “Su, you look gorgeous, I said. I love your hair colouring, your hair suits you.”

Su smiled, then said, “You like a ginger? You know what they say? If you have a ginger, then you will want nothing else. I am so happy that you like it Jack, I have to have it highlighted as there are a few little grey hairs appearing. Do you like my house clothes?”

I couldn’t believe how good she looked. She was a very sexy woman, and she was showing it.

“You have a beautiful body. I love big tits. Yours look amazing.”

Su leaned over to touch my face. There was no mistaking the look in her eyes when she touched me that time, older or not. I felt myself stirring below with the sensation of her delicate, warm touch. She was pushing her massive tits out as her index finger caressed around my lips, she slid her index finger inside my mouth before I replied, as her finger caressed my tongue, I sucked on her finger, Su said, “I’m happy to see that you like to suck, I love to suck. I love my big tits. They hardly sag at all. I am in good condition for a woman approaching sixty. This is an important question Jack, it means a lot to me. Is my age a problem for you?”

I wanted to take her hand and put it on my massive cock, but felt that would be too forward. “We are both adults; I said. I find you very attractive. There’s a natural beauty to you, which I find so enticing. I’ve no problem with our age difference. I also have a very high libido, my preference is a busty mature woman, you tick all the boxes.”

I hugged her and pressed my lips to hers. My hands finding the firmness of her massive breasts through the fabric of her top. As she pressed her pussy against my bulging stiffness, my fingers discovered the warm, hard nipples.

Su’s body arched against me as the pleasure of my touch on her breasts shot through her delicate body, arousing the full world of her sensations. Her tongue gently traced the seal of my lips, positioning my mouth for entry of her long firm tongue.

Like a very experienced lover arousing her partner’s pleasure, her tongue slipped easily into my mouth. She continued her sensual movements against my pelvis as her tongue wrestled with and pleasantly subdued the strength of mine. It was a brief battle. I didn’t have the desire to resist such an erotic creature as Sister Mary.

“Do you trust gaziantep zayıf escort me Jack, to do something if I ask you to?”.

“Of course I do Su. What is it you want me to do?”.

“Strip for me, then come into my bedroom and lay down on my bed!” her voice fluttering as she gave the instructions.

The request surprised me, but I wanted it too. I said as we walked into Su’s bedroom, “Su, I have little sexual experience, but my stamina is very good.”

Su had stripped naked. I was pleased with her appearance; her vulva was swollen and smooth, her thick cunt lips were gorgeous. Her legs were long and athletic looking. She had an all-over tan. I wondered where that had come from. Su was now stroking my massive cock. She had gasped when she had first seen it. Su looked lovingly into my eyes and said, “Don’t worry about your inexperience Jack, I have been a naughty nun. I have a lot of experience. You have a remarkable cock. I’ve never seen one as big. I will teach you how to use it and I will also teach you how to give a woman pleasure. There will be times you’ll fuck me and there will be times we make love. I haven’t had sex with a man for a long time. I have the feeling that you and I could be sexually compatible. Now lie back and enjoy. I will make your magnificent cock hard.”

Su then went down on my cock, her tongue teasing my banjo string before she licked up and down my stiff shaft. Slowly and delicately, she took the bulbous head of my cock inside her warm mouth, her tongue working in unison with her lips. I had had my cock sucked before, but never as good as this. Su now had three quarters of my massive cock in her mouth and throat. The head of my cock banging against the walls of her throat.

I had moved myself into a position that would allow us to 69; I knew Su had told me to lie back and enjoy, but I wanted this to be a two-way street.

As I kissed her above her sex slit, I felt her fear. She had a shaved mound. I felt her muscles twitch under my lips. I used two fingers to spread her cunt flaps open. Out popped a huge hooded clit. I moved the tip of my tongue onto her clit, teasing it with my tongue as Su’s head was bobbing up and down on my massive cock. I felt Su’s lips tightly holding around the base of my cock, Su was deep throating me.

Su came off and said, “I love my cunt being tongued. We are compatible Jack, everything we are doing feels so natural. In my life, I have had to be dominant or submissive in bed depending on what the sexual preferences the man or woman that I was with were. I love to give satisfaction. As we get to know each other, please don’t be surprised if I go from being submissive to dominant. It will only be me trying to get to know you better.”

I had heard everything that Sister Mary had said. This had aroused me. My total concentration was on sucking Sister Mary’s huge clit.

It surprised Su as my tongue passed over her clit. She gasped in surprise, her body thrusting sharply upward toward my face. I moved lower as she rose with my hot, powerful tongue. It flooded her with pleasure as I worked it in and out of her dripping wet cunt. She then cried out, “Suck my clit and finger fuck me Jack, I am so close, it would tell me so much if you let me cum in your mouth.”

Su froze, her head thrown back, her eyes tightly closed as she shuddered with the invasive impact of my thrust of my three fingers. She loved it. She then slapped me across my cheek.

My eyes were now fixed on Su’s. Relentlessly, I thrust again, harder this time; she gasped and trembled with the unexpected invasion of her cunt and the fantastic sensations coming from her clit.

“You don’t do that without my permission,” she whispered, the sparkle of her eyes looking inquisitively, as her eyes looked into my eyes, trying to assess my mood through my eyes.

Su was still stroking my monster cock. It excited her when she felt the blood throbbing through my blue vein on the underside of my stiff shaft. Then she gently kissed my lips.

“Are you a cock teaser, Sister Mary?” I asked her her.

“Yes, I can be, Jack, and you are going to be thrilled that I am.” Sister Mary’s voice was gentle as she replied.

With a compassionate look on her face, she lowered her mouth to my cheek, where her hot tongue traced the length of my jawline, and then tenderly kissed the stinging red of my cheek.

The shyness of the graceful woman I had coffee with two hours ago had changed into an experienced sex machine. I hadn’t come to terms with this. Here I was, being intimate with my old school teacher. If someone had told me this morning, I wouldn’t have believed that this was possible. Sister Mary was something I wanted to own. I wanted her to become addicted to my monster cock. I wanted to fuck her in every position possible.

“Do you want to fuck me, Jack?” Sister Mary whispered in my ear.

“Of course, I do. How do you want me to fuck you, gaziantep zayıf escort bayan as Sister Mary or Su? Please tell me. If you want fucked as Sister Mary, then I’ll make love to you as Su?”

Sister Mary smiled, which told me she had liked my reply. Sister Mary was very pensive. Her smile had turned to a thoughtful look, then she said, “Jack, in my life, I’ve only been fucked as Sister Mary. A Sister Mary, whose primary aim was to give pleasure. Father Peter, in the last years of his life, we perhaps made love. He never once made me climax. I had to give myself relief after I had made him cum. The things that I had to do for him were not Su. They were Sister Mary at her dirtiest. I can only orgasm as Sister Mary. I have the feeling that, in time, you may be the person to give Su an orgasm as we make love. Time will tell, but at the moment, I want to be Sister Mary and give you mind-blowing orgasms.”

“Su, until we get to know each other, I want both of you. I look at your gorgeous body, my cock stiffens, looking at you. You’re so gorgeous. Between us, we will get there.”

The smile reappeared on Sister Mary’s face. She took me in her arms. We kissed lovingly and passionately for several minutes, then Sister Mary said, “Are you going to be rough with me, Jack? Fucking me until you feel my creamy spunk dripping on to your heavy balls? I want you as my lover? There will be no one else. I only want you.”

“Sister Mary, you’ll beg me for my monster cock before I fuck your brains senseless. Did you have to tease a lot as Sister Mary?”

“Yes Jack, you’re teasing bitch, your whore, your cum slut, but you want me, don’t you, my love? You can fuck me in all my holes.”

Leaning over me, Sister Mary kissed me lightly, starting a run of short circular movements against my massive cock with her powerful hips. I loved it. She was teasing me now. Then she stopped and kissed me again.

“Stop teasing, make your lover cum!”

“No, you’re not ready yet,” she whispered softly. She moved to my side, staring at my monster cock, a smile on her beautiful lips.

I strained to see her now, her eyes sparkling with mischief, her red hair loose and free around her neck. Sister Mary lowered her mouth to the bulbous head of my monster cock. She nibbled the head of my cock lightly with her teeth.

“Shall I kiss it Jack, will you forgive me for teasing you? If you do, I will be so kind to you?” she teased.

I was thinking, what a woman she is. I was loving what she was doing to me. My next sensation was that of warm, wet mouth wrapping itself around the head of my massive cock, her tongue circling slowly. Her soft velvet of her mouth stimulating my entire shaft. She had pivoted and straddled my legs, never releasing me; her mouth was heavenly as she worked me in and out of her soft warm mouth. Deeper and deeper she went, when at last her lips were wrapped around the base of my cock. The bulbous head was hitting the soft walls of Sister Mary’s throat.

I watched intently as the red ring of her lips rose slowly up and down on my shaft. I felt her deliberately dragging her teeth against the underside of my monster cock, sending sensations I had never experienced before.

“Fuck Sister Mary, you know how to suck cock. How many cocks have you sucked in your life?”

She didn’t answer. Down again she went, her sweet, fiery feeling of her mouth; hitting her lips at the base once more. Their eyes met as she paused at the base and swallowed, her throat muscles squeezing my cock head beautifully.

Sister Mary pulled her mouth off of my monster cock. She moved up my body to lean down and kiss my mouth; she was very good at this part as well. The tip of her tongue traced the surface of my lips.

“Did you enjoy that, Jack? I have sucked a lot of cocks. I never counted, but it’s a lot. Yours is easily the biggest cock that I’ve ever sucked. I don’t need another cock if I have yours. That was Sister Mary sucking there. I know Su can do it better when she makes love to you.”

“I loved it. Your heart was in it, it was beautiful.”

She raised herself above me, reaching back with her hand and aligned the mass of my bulbous head against the swollen lips of her sex slit. She moved down against me, teasing herself as my bulbous head teased her nub of a clit.

Sister Mary rocked her hips against the smoothness of my hardness, her heavy breathing getting heavier, as she pushed her dripping cunt against him. I pushed hard against her, making her gasp loudly.

“Jack, slow down. Do you know what you’re doing to me? You are making both Sister Mary and Su so horny.”

“I’m so happy to be doing that. I feel so relaxed and comfortable with you. I’ll try to slow down with you. The next time will be so different.”

“Yes, my lover, I will make sure of that.”

She took my lips, and tongue kissed me passionately, her urgency pleasing me, as she continued to rock her hips against my cock. The sounds coming from her throat as she kissed me lovingly.

“Bring your gorgeous cunt up to my mouth, Sister Mary.”

She instantly moved to comply, coming up my body until her wet, swollen lips hit my mouth. I pushed my tongue between her folds and teased her trembling clit as my hands squeezed the firm cheeks of her gorgeous ass.

“Please Jack, please make me cum. It’s been so long!” She gasped intensely.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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