Meeting My OnLine Lover

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I got us a room at a hotel and got there first. I took a shower and was just in a robe when you knocked on the door. I opened it, you came in the room and before the door even had a chance to close you had pushed me against the wall and were kissing me. Sucking on my tongue and lips and making my head spin. While you were distracting me with your mouth your hands found the opening of my robe and you began playing with my nipples–pulling and twisting them.

As my nipples grow harder and harder and you continue to suck my tongue deeper and deeper into your mouth, my robe is completely opened as you press your hardness against me and hold me tighter and closer. As we continue to kiss and you fondle my nipples. You kiss your way over to my earlobes and down on the nape of my neck as you walk me over to the bed, gently lay me down on the bed with my legs hanging off the foot of the bed. You kiss your way down my neck and onto my hard, fully erect and sensitive nipples as you twirl your tongue around each one of them, gently kissing and sucking them at the base. You hold my nipple in your teeth and flick it with your tongue up and down and side to side as I softly begin to moan and sigh. You move from one nipple to the other as they grow harder and harder with each kiss. You trail your kisses down my stomach and french kiss my navel as you work your way all the way down. You kneel on the floor between my legs, pick them up and place them onto your shoulders.

You begin to kiss and lick and nibble my legs from my ankles, up my claves and onto my inner thighs. Kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling my inner thighs from my knees to HEAVEN. As you spread my lips with your thumbs, I lift my hips up and you slide your tongue all the way down… licking up the inside of one side of my wet lips and then the other. You go back down and start up the middle, sliding Sivas Escort your tongue slowly inside me as my moans get louder. You hear my breathing get heavier as you start to stroke your tongue in and out and in and out…deeper and harder and faster. You feel my hands on the back of your head pulling you closer and holding you tighter against me as I lift up and thrust against you to meet every stroke of your tongue. You can feel the wave of spasms building inside me as I pull me even closer and squeeze your tongue inside me and pull it in deeper. As my spasms start I thrust upward to meet your tongue, holding the back of my head. You feel my juices begin to flow into your mouth and down the back of your throat.

As I come down from the pleasure of your tongue you slowly kiss your way back up to my mouth. We kiss for a few minutes and I finally realize that your still hard. I pull you onto the bed and roll you onto your back. Now it is my turn. I kiss you and suck on your tongue, giving you an idea of what is in store for you. I move down and lick and suck on your nipple while my fingers play with the other one. I lick my way across your chest and repeat the pleasure on your other nipple.

I start to kiss and nip and suck my way further down your body. When I come to your hard cock I just look at it for minute, thinking about how it will feel and taste. I reach out my hand and run my fingers slowly up and down, around and around, barely touching you. My hand reaches lower and I start to play with your balls, gently squeezing and caressing. I finally lean over and lick your head. MMMM I taste the pre-cum and can’t wait to taste the whole thing. I slowly take you all the way in my mouth and sllloowwwlly pull back up. I lick around and around the head, like a creamy yummy ice cream cone. You seem to be getting even harder, Sivas Escort Bayan if that is possible. I lick my way down and then suck a hard ball into my mouth. You jump a little at that and that makes me think that you like it. So I release that one and move to take the other one in my mouth. You are panting and your hands are everywhere in my hair. I love teasing you, seeing how much you can take. I work my way back up to the head and, without warning, I take you all the way in my mouth and suck hard! You jerk your hips off of the bed and moan my name. I start sliding your hard cock in and out of my mouth, licking on the way down and sucking on the way up. I feel your cock twitching so it seems that you may be ready to cum.

Your balls begin to fill with cum and your cock gets even harder, wanting to explode. My hands gently massage your balls while I continue to suck your hard cock deeper and deeper inside my mouth, both of us feeling the foreskin slide back and forth over the head with every thrust. You reach down and grab the back of my head and drive your cock all the way inside my mouth until you feel the back of my throat and your balls are resting on my chin. I feel your balls begin to pulsate and the first squirt of hot cum explodes inside my mouth. I swallow and keep your cock tightly clamped inside my mouth, working my tongue up and down the entire shaft. Squirt after squirt, your balls pulsating as I continue to swallow every drop. Your balls slowly calm and the squirting ceases. I slowly come up off your cock and look up and smile at you, licking the shaft and making sure I get every drop of your cum. As I raise up and kiss you, I slide my tongue deep inside my mouth and you taste your cum on my tongue and lips. Our bodies quiver in delight.

We lay there in each others arms, kissing and caressing for what Escort Sivas seems like hours. We slowly get up and head to the shower where we we both get in and kiss and hug under the pulsating water as it drenches our bodies. You kneel down and slide your tongue as deep inside me as you can get and my legs get weak. I moan louder and louder as your tongue goes in and out, in and out, deeper, faster and harder until I grab your head and squat over your face and cum again inside your mouth.

As my spasms subside, you raise up and kiss me. We rinse our bodies and step out of the shower, grabbing a towel and drying me completely. As I head back to the bed you dry yourself. When you get to the bed you crawl up between my legs and we start kissing again. I can feel your hard cock against my hot wet pussy as I shift around, trying to make better contact. We kiss for a while and then you gently lift my legs over your shoulders and this time you spread my lips with the head of your hard swollen cock as you slowly start to slide it deep inside of me. My muscles squeeze your cock, pulling it deeper and deeper inside me. The foreskin slides back and forth inside me as you pump in and out, deeper, harder, faster. As the waves build inside our bodies I thrust upward to drive your cock as deep as possible inside me as I squeeze and hold it tight, feeling it pulsate as your balls fill with cum. You lean down and kiss me, looking into my eyes. Neither of us can hold back any longer and our bodies start to release I hold me deep inside me.

As our bodies start to tremble and grow weak, we hold each other close. Your cock slowly goes limp and slides out as we comfort each other, kissing and hugging while savoring the moment. Our bodies shudder in pure delight and we cherish the cherish what we have just shared. You get up and help me out of the bed so we can go to the shower once again and enjoy the waning moments of being together. After you dry me off and we dress, we go out for a nice meal and a few drinks before we say our “until later” because we are not going to say good-bye. We want this to happen again, somewhere, sometime, some place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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