Melissa Tells All Ch. 4


I look at Mark and can tell he was getting extremely horny now. My own mind is in such turmoil that I begin debating with myself whether or not to relieve his need! What the hell is wrong with me! I begin to get very emotional because Mark is showing me no emotions, only lust. Don’t get me wrong. Lust is a wonderful thing with this man I love so dearly. But what I want so badly right now is for him to show me he loves me for who I am, not for how horny my confession makes him. I have to admit to myself though that I’ve made myself extremely horny from telling him my dark secret. I’m so confused with my own emotions. I force myself to continue telling him all.

I begin by telling him about that Sunday.

During the night while we both slept, I can’t stop myself from dreaming about daddy and I together. The dream seems so real, it begins to dawn on me just how dangerous my seduction and intimacy with my daddy can still be for my family.

In my dream, my daddy and I are waiting for my mom to get home. It’s Sunday afternoon and daddy and I can’t keep our eyes off of each other. We want each other so badly still. But, my mom is the reason it won’t happen ever again.

When mom arrives home and enters the house, daddy stands and makes an announcement to the family that he and I are now the husband and wife of this house. My mom stands there in shock looking at the two of us. My brother and sister are standing with their mouths hanging open. I quickly look up at my daddy, stunned and bewildered. What happened to our promise not to hurt mom or the family!?

Daddy walks to me and picks me up in his arms.

“My new wife and I will be in our bedroom. Caroline, you can move into Melissa old room. Kids, I still expect you to respect your mother but Melissa is now the woman of this house.”

Daddy carries me to ‘our’ bedroom and places me on the bed. He moves his body over me and begins kissing me passionately while his hand finds my pussy wet and ready for him. He begins to fuck me with his fingers while telling me between kisses how much better I am than his ‘old wife’. I look toward the door and see my mom standing there, tears flowing down her face as she watches her husband making love to her own daughter, telling her how much he loves her more than his real wife. My daddy never looks at my mom as he moves between my legs, places his hard shaft between my pussy lips and thrusts deeply into my tight young pussy. My mom stares in disbelief, hurt and anger.

Mom walks over to the bed. I can see the extreme anguish on her face and in her eyes. Before her on her own bed is the man she has cherished for over 20 years and the daughter she gave birth to just eighteen years ago, fucking as if it’s so natural.

She says to daddy, “How can you do this to me James! You can have this little tramp! She is nothing but a shameless slut and always will be one. I never thought you would hurt me like this you bastard! How many other young girls have you fucked over the years behind my back? It serves you right to end up with our whore of a daughter as your ‘wife’ now. You deserve each other!”

Daddy says nothing but just continues to fuck me like a machine. He doesn’t even acknowledge her presence in the room! What is happening to my family?!

“Mom … please don’t leave us. This isn’t what I want. I don’t want you to leave us. I’m so SORRYYYYY!” I cry with my tears running down my face.

“Listen you little bitch, you’re nothing but a cheap slut. You are no longer my daughter … just the little whore that stole my husband from me. I don’t ever want to see you again!” she shouts turning to leave us forever.


I try pushing my daddy off of me. He won’t stop fucking me! His face seems blank. He seems oblivious to the destruction of his own family! I’m just a little slut for him to fuck! I’m the one that seduced him and now he just wants to fuck me instead of saving his family!


I suddenly wake in complete panic from my dream, jumping up out of bed to go after my mom before I realize I’ve only been dreaming. But this is no dream. This is my worst nightmare. Tears flow down my own face as I realize that no matter how wonderful this weekend has been, it can still cause just as much harm as well. My family can be destroyed just this easily because of my seduction. My impulsive nature could cause me to loose what is so precious to me, my family, just because I became horny.

I also fear that I’ll be haunted forever with unfulfilled lust for my daddy. How can our affair just end now? So many conflicting feelings and emotions overwhelm me. I cry softly to myself as I fall back asleep in the darkness of my parent’s bedroom.

With the sun shining into the bedroom, I’m not sure which one of us wakes up first. But I find myself looking into my daddy’s eyes as we lay beside each other. I clinch my lips together looking down at the bed as I realize, its over now. I look down at my body and can see the remnants of our passion dried Escort bayan on my body.

“Mel … lets get cleaned up and get something to eat. We need to straighten up the house this morning before your mother gets home.”

“OK daddy,” I simply say.

I feel very strange with everything right now. I still feel excited over everything that has happened. But I also feel very sad that it is over. I also feel anger welling up in me. I feel anger at my mom. I don’t want this affair to end now. I want this to continue forever. But I have to stop because of my mom. I almost feel hatred for her at this moment. However, I remember the dream so vividly from this morning. Reality finally hits me. Mom is the one who should be angry! Mom is the one that should feel hatred! What have I done?!

“Mel, what’s wrong baby?”

“Nothing … just trying to wake up,” I say to him, meaning more than physically waking up.

“Are you feeling … guilty now?”

“Yea daddy … some. Daddy … have you ever … cheated on mom before?”

“Honey … I can’t say I have been an angel over the years. I have openly flirted often with various women I’ve known. I’ve been to stag parties and strip shows. I’ve enjoyed a few stolen kisses and touches with a few women. But I have never had an affair with anyone. I’ve never been intimate with another woman behind your mother’s back … until now.”

“That’s why I feel guilty, daddy. I know how bad I would feel if I found out my husband cheated on me. Now here I am, the other woman that you cheated on your wife with … my mom!”

“Listen Mel, we can’t act any different around your mother. I know that might be hard for a few days. But we have to act the same around each other like always. Remember, your sister and brother will be here too. You can’t let them notice anything different either.”

“I know. It’s just hard right now. I guess I still want you so bad that I can’t … “

“Melissa! You made a promise to me!” He says very firmly which catches me by surprise and unprepared.

“I did promise … I still promise,” I say meekly. “I know what can happen if I don’t keep my promise,” resigning myself to the idea that it really is over.

He puts his arms around me. A tear forms in my eye, rolling down my cheek. He wipes the tear from my face and holds my chin in his hand.

“I’m sorry I said that so rough to you, baby girl. There is just too much at stake now. Please remember, I love you. I always will no matter what. This weekend will always be special to me. It is something you and I shared that will remain ours forever. Don’t feel guilty. I’ll make it up to your mother in many ways. Just remember that we’re a family and we have to protect our family.”

I look up at him knowing he is right.

“OK daddy. I won’t let you down.”

I realize I need to block out all other feelings and focus on what I need to do now. If I don’t, I know I’ll slip up in front of my mom. I can never let that happen!

I look over at the nightstand and see mom’s vibrator still there from the previous night. I reach over to pick it up.

“I guess we do need to REALLY pick up around the house,” I say giggling and feeling somewhat better now.

He laughs at me saying, “Maybe we SHOULD make sure everything is in its proper place!”

“Hey! I thought you said it was over now?” laughing at the double meaning of what he just said.

“Get your little ass in the shower you bad girl,” he says chuckling and swatting at my cute ass.

After taking separate showers, I fix daddy a quick breakfast. We have much to do this morning to make sure the house is prepared for mom’s return.

We spend the morning cleaning up the entire house. We go room by room to make sure there is no evidence left of our weekend affair. I make sure all the sheets and towels that we fucked on are washed and dried, fresh linen put on the bed. Daddy makes sure that mom’s toys are cleaned and put back in place, out of sight.

After we are both convinced that there is nothing left to do to cover up our affair, we move to the family room and collapse onto separate chairs. I can’t help but look over at the couch where I touched my daddy’s big beautiful cock for the first time as his lover. I quickly push those thoughts from my mind. I can’t let myself think about that. I have to be strong and act normally. I have to keep these feelings for my daddy out of my mind. He is first and always my daddy now.

About mid-afternoon, we both hear mom’s car pull into the garage. Daddy gets up from his chair and moves to the door leading to the garage to greet his returning wife. I can’t bring myself to move from my chair. I just sit and stare blankly at the TV. My brother and sister practically run through the family room on their way to go upstairs. My brother says something to me while going past me but I’m not paying attention to anything at this moment.

I can hear my mom’s voice as she is coming through the door to the family room. She does not talk to me directly but I am aware that she Bayan escort is moving closer to me.

“Must be a good movie, huh?” she says teasingly to me.

I smile brightly at her and move to hug my mom tightly.

“Welcome home mom. I missed you.”

“Did you stay out of trouble while I was gone?”

“Yea mom …,” cringing mentally at what is obviously a horrible lie. For a few moments I feel overcome with the guilt of being involved with my daddy’s infidelity against my mom. But, I keep my composure.

“Well it looks like you helped your father keep the house looking nice. I’m proud of you.”

She leans to kiss my lips in a motherly way. An image pops in my head. As she pulls her lips away, in my mind I see daddy’s throbbing cock approaching my lips. I quickly curse myself mentally for letting that thought happen. I must control myself!

Daddy helps mom unload the car and moves things up to their room. I have a sudden panic attack as I try to remember if everything is as it should be in their room. Again I curse myself for not controlling my thoughts. I can’t let her see me act any differently than before.

The rest of the day and night pass without any problems. My mom acts the same way when we’re around each other. This helps me to relax and keep my own thoughts under control.

It’s now past midnight. I’m alone in the family room for the first time today. My parents have already gone upstairs to go to bed. I sit in the same chair I was in when mom came home staring at the TV once again. After flipping through the channels and finding nothing of interest, I decide to go up to my room. As I reach the top of the stairs, I see the light shining from under my parent’s bedroom door at the end of the hall. I pass by my room and quietly walk to just outside their closed door. I want to know if they are talking about me. Is my mom suspicious of anything?

As I put my ear close to the door, I don’t hear voices. What I hear is my mom moaning in obvious pleasure. Daddy is fucking her. Sounds like he is fucking her like he has not had sex in days! I feel a sense of excitement that they are together as they should be. They should be fucking each other. Then I remember that for the past two nights, I was the one in that very bed getting fucked wonderfully by that same man. I hear daddy moaning as well. He must be having an explosive orgasm inside my mom’s pussy. Filling her cunt with his sperm just as he has been filling mine the past few days. The sounds coming from their room are so recognizable to me at this moment. I can’t help but let my hand touch my own pussy. God, I am soaked! I quietly walk back to my bedroom.

After I throw myself onto my bed, I can’t help but reflect about where I’d been the past two nights. My mind instantly floods with memories of my daddy’s gorgeous cock. I see myself holding, kissing, licking, sucking and fucking his magnificent shaft. I try not to think about my feelings though, just the images. I just let the images roll through my mind.

One particular memory seems to stick in my mind at this moment. It was Saturday morning after our first fuck. I’m in my brother’s room looking for any trash that needs to be thrown out. I see tucked under the bed one of his dirty magazines that a friend of his had given him some time ago. I pull it out and flip through the pages. This one has pictures of young cheerleaders getting fucked hard by horny older men with big cocks.

“I didn’t know you liked that type of reading material,” daddy says slyly standing at the door.

I jump momentarily from the surprise of his finding me looking at the nasty pictures inside my older brother’s dirty magazine.

“Well it’s NOT my magazine daddy!”

“I know sweetheart. I figured Sam had a few of these stashed away somewhere for his personal use.”

Pointing at what appears to be dried cum on a page, “Yea, VERY personal use,” we both laugh at each other.

Daddy walks over to me and looks over my shoulder at a blonde cheerleader getting fucked by a football coach as she leans over his desk in his office at school.

“That looks like fun. Don’t you think, little one?” he says with lust in his voice. His hands are feeling my ass cheeks as he stands behind me.

“Mmmmm daddy … can I be your little cheerleader?”

“Baby, you can be anything you want … but right now I want you to lean over this desk and let me fuck your little pussy just like that coach is fucking that cheerleader.”

I lean over my brother’s desk and daddy quickly moves to line his waving cock up with my dripping cunt. He teases me for a few moments with his cock head, rubbing it along my wet slit before pushing it slowly into my willing pussy. He begins to drive his thick shaft into me long and hard with a steady rhythm. We both feel extremely naughty to be fucking in my brother’s room, on his desk! Daddy can’t resist asking me some naughty questions about my brother and me.

“Have you ever … done anything nasty with your brother?”

I turn my head to look back at my daddy, Escort surprised at his question as he continues to fucks me intently.

“Daddyyyyy … why are you asking me about Sam? You don’t think I would be fucking anyone in my family? Do you?” I say with a devilish but cute grin.

“Its OK baby … I can’t very well be angry with my own cock buried in your tight little pussy at the moment.”

“Well … if you must know … we have … played together alittle.”

“What have you two done together baby?”

“We’ve … touched each other. I used to jerk his cock off sometimes while he liked to finger fuck me. Sometimes he would put his cock on my pussy and rub it against my mound … I … sucked him off a few times too. All of this happened a few months after I turned eighteen.”

“You’ve been a very bad girl.”

“Bad only for you now daddy.”

“I bet your brother wishes he could be right where I am right now!”

“Daddy, what would you say if you caught me fucking Sam now?”

“I’m not sure, Mel. I think I would wish I could be fucking your gorgeous young body at the same time!

“Oh daddyyyyy … you’re fucking me so good right now! Fuck me harder daddy …ohhhhh yesssss … right here in Sam’s room! Imagine you’re watching Sam fuck me right now! Oh Godddddd yesssss!”

Daddy begins slamming hard into my body. I feel his cock jerking as he begins to fill me with his hot cum one more time. The image of his daughter sucking off and fucking his son takes daddy over the edge.

“Ohhhhhhhhh dammmmmmmmmm yessssssssss! I could fuckkkk youuuu foreverrrrrrrrrrrr!” he says loudly.

Returning to the present, lying in my own bed, my mind remembers how great it felt when daddy’s cock was filling my pussy to overflowing with his sperm. My fingers are buried deep in my throbbing cunt as I experience a tremendous orgasm of my own. It isn’t surprising that I fall asleep after fucking my pussy with my fingers, imagining it was my daddy again deep inside me. I’m physically and emotionally exhausted after what has been the wildest weekend of my life so far.

After that Sunday, the new week goes by without incident. I actually am able to push my feelings for my daddy out of my mind most of the time. The erotic images occasionally fill my head. But it is becoming easier for me to deal with the emotions and lust that those images generated. The guilt of being involved with my daddy is slowly fading. I still play with my pussy remembering the past weekend though. I begin thinking though that it would soon fade into the recesses of my mind as well.

During the week, I ask my daddy several times if he thinks mom is suspicious of us.

“Do you think mom … suspects what we did over the weekend?

“She isn’t acting any different and neither am I when I’m around her. You are doing a good job too, sweetie,” he says pushing the hair from my face. This simple act of his revealing my face to his gaze stirs memories of our intimacy. We were true lovers. I can remember how he looked at my face so lovingly. He was in love with me then. Maybe he still is? Maybe he still wants us to be lovers?

Several months pass though without anything happening between daddy and I. My mom never suspected anything from what I could tell. Occasionally, I would find myself remembering that weekend and wishing for more of the same. But I don’t act on my impulses. Several times I find myself cuddling with my daddy only to notice him get an erection, but this has happened before over the years a number of times. I don’t act on my impulses no matter how strong they are at times. But as time passes, my impulses grow stronger and stronger. The guilt of that weekend fades to the point that it does not preoccupy my mind. I begin getting friskier around daddy to tease and try to arouse him, if only innocently. Daddy starts to become more physical with me also. This only encourages me to tease and flirt with him more and more as time passes.

My mom can see some of this playfulness between daddy and I but it’s nothing alarming or new to her I’m sure. We’ve always been very close as a father and daughter. If anything, my mom seems to be happy that daddy and I are so close. I think any jealousy she may have is directed toward my daddy instead of me. I think mom misses not being close with me like daddy. Mom and I have never been really close because of our personalities. She still intimidates me like no one else can. I find myself being very careful what I say and do out of fear of getting a lecture from her on why I shouldn’t do something. It’s different with daddy because he lets me get away with so much.

One evening a few months after our sex filled weekend, daddy and I find ourselves alone for the evening. Mom is out of the house at some meeting and my bother and sister are at friends’ houses. We have not been alone together for an extended time since that weekend. We’re nude as we usually are in the evenings when there is no one but our family home. A movie is about to come on that we both want to watch. I run to the kitchen and microwave a bag of popcorn. After grabbing the freshly popped bag, I run back into the family room to sit on the couch with daddy. I tease him by tossing pieces of popcorn at his mouth. It becomes a game for each of us.