Memoirs of a Dreamer Ch. 03



Chapter 3 – Two Lords to Please


Driving slowly, she watched carefully for her next turnoff. She knew it was somewhere around here. Squirming quietly in her seat, she fought to keep her foot from pressing the accelerator any harder. As much as she ached to be there already, she knew if she went too fast she could miss her turn, and then it would take that much longer before she arrived. She sighed softly as she saw the sign for her road and spun the wheel. Not too much longer now, and no more turns for a while, so she sped up slightly and let her thoughts wander again.

The day was finally here; when she would meet her Lord and be able to feel His hands touch her, see His eyes as He looked at her. Her body ached so badly to be within His grasp and control. He had promised a surprise for her and she was eager to find out what He had planned. As she drove, her imagination continued to run wild. She thought about all that happened to her over the past few months, the men she met, her testing and training. She knew she was just beginning and she was so eager to learn more.

Unable to resist, she thought about the other man she knew. The one she affectionately called ‘Master’ because he loved to dominate her and tease her. She wondered just what it would be like to have both her Lord and Master using and possessing her at the same time.

Mischievous Temptress




desires burn

fueled by thoughts

feelings, needs




ache demands

imagination flies

hidden wishes

tickle, tease, entice

abandon inhibitions

set us free

soar on the wind

dance in the rain

let us be

your key

to unlocking

passions surging

deep within

a sigh…

a whimper…

a release…

free she rises

plays in the rain

kissed by breezes

touched by mists

decision made

both shall she take

surrender to

and master

with the fervor

of her hidden


snaring with charms

sensual beauty

fiery touches



and …


Master, in name only, exploring the needs and desires she unleashed within him, she wondered would he be more, could he be a true Master, or perhaps another Lord. She shivered as warmth flooded her body at the naughty, wicked thought. Oh she knew how bad she truly was, and her Lord knew as well. Chuckling softly she finally admitted to herself, her Master knew too. Would she ever share these wicked thoughts with them? She thought, probably not. After all, she only wondered, unsure whether or not she could walk that road, was ready for that road.

The miles passed swiftly as she remembered the way her Lord made her feel. Memories of the intense orgasms He gave her caused her nipples to harden and ache, and the soft silk against her bare skin did not help matters any. She wiggled in her seat, legs clamped tightly together as heat flooded her inner most being and sent moisture seeping out to dampen her thighs. Before long it was time to look for the final turn, only a few more miles and she would be there. Her hands clenched the steering wheel tightly as she longingly thought, so close and then she would free to touch Him.

Spying the sign announcing her turn, she slowed and took the final turn. The heat from the sun faded slightly as she drove beneath the dense trees. Her eyes gleamed with anticipation and she straightened in her seat, forcing her rebellious body back under control. This final leg of her journey, down the narrow lane surrounded by trees and wild flowers was so magical. She could feel the outside world and reality slip away as she entered a new world filled with wonder and new promises.

The trees opened up and she saw a clearing ahead. As she slowly drove into the clearing her eyes took in the only building in sight, a rustic cabin, and the shimmering lake behind it. Glancing at the odometer she realized how isolated this cabin was, miles from the nearest road and deep in the woods with no other building in sight. Trembling, she knew without a doubt that no matter how loud she screamed no one would ever hear her. The thrill of being alone and at her Lord’s mercy sent shivers skittering up and down her spine.

Pulling up outside the cabin, she grinned as her Lord walked out the door to meet her. Quicker than she could think, she got out the car and moved toward him, tears of joy shimmering in her eyes. Slowly she stopped as she reached him, her hand rising to gently touch His face. She ran her fingertips lightly over His lips as He smiled at her and reached to pull her tightly into His embrace, whispering in her ear, “Mine”.

She snuggled closer and felt her body relax completely when His breath Sahabet brushed past her ear. “Yes Sir… all Yours,” she replied softly, sighing with contentment.

“Well My pet, I see you survived the drive. Did you bring what you were instructed to bring?” He asked as He held her away slightly, looking intently at her face.

“Yes Sir,” she quietly replied, her voice already husky with need.

“That’s My good pet.” His fingers stroked softly over her face, brushing back the stray locks of hair hiding her eyes from Him. “I’m proud of you. Now, shall we unload your packages?”

“Yes Sir,” she whispered, turning her head to brush her lips along His palm in a lingering kiss.

Feeling her trembling beneath His hand, He knew she hot and deep in need. He chuckled as He released her and swatted her on the rump. “Come on, the sooner you are unpacked the quicker we can begin our fun.”

Giggling she turned, only to stop suddenly as from the corner her eye she caught sight of another figure in the doorway of the cabin. Her eyes widened and she gasped as she realized who the man was standing there. It was her Master, but how and why. Puzzled, delighted, and quivering with unknown excitement, she turned to her Lord, “Sir?”

“Yes?” His gaze inscrutable, He watched her face reading the stream of emotions flowing across it.

Blushing, she wavered between wanting to ask and thinking how in the hell it happened. She knew they knew about one another for she kept nothing from either of them, but she never introduced them or shared their online identities, so how did they find each other? Instead of asking a question or answering His ‘yes’, she turned to the car and opened the trunk to begin unloading what she had brought.

“My lady?”

Looking up she saw that her Lord had not moved, watched her still with an enigmatic look, waiting for her to ask her question. She thought, ‘I should have known He would not let me get away that easily.’ “Yes Sir?”

“You had a question? And… are you not going to greet our guest?” He asked her calmly.

“No Sir, no question, and yes Sir.” Sighing she grabbed a bag and headed toward the cabin door.

As she walked past her Lord, He reached out and took the bag from her, “You did not greet Me with your arms full. Do you not think He deserves the same consideration?” His gaze seemed to burn right through her. “You have only been here a few minutes and already you are misbehaving. Are you that eager to be punished?”

“No Sir.” Her voice meek, she lowered her eyes.


The sternness in His voice brought a lump to her throat and she shook her head quickly, struggling to hold back her tears. “Yes Sir, he does deserve the same consideration, and no Sir, I am not that eager to be punished.”

“Well…?” He watched her intently, hearing the tears in her voice and wondering if she would let them go or maintain her control. He knew how sensitive she was and how hard on herself she could be. This week she would learn to let go completely, learn to free the feelings and emotions so they would no longer hurt her, and find joy in doing so.

Quietly, watching the ground over which she walked, she closed the distance to the cabin door. Taking one last step she saw a pair of jean clad muscular legs and hiking boots. Feeling as if time had stopped, she raised her eyes slowly, drinking in the sight of her Master. As her eyes met his, he smiled tenderly at her and held out his arms. With a soft sigh, she walked into the only other embrace she craved, and wrapped her arms tightly around him.

Leaning over, nibbling her ear, he whispered, “Surprise, my little one.” Feeling her shiver and hearing the catch in her voice as she took a deep breath, he bit her lobe gently. “Aren’t you glad to see me?”

“Oh god… yes Sir!” She tried to bury her face in his shoulder when she heard how her voice cracked and quavered, but he pulled her back, tilted her chin up forcing her to look at him.

“Then why the tears and hesitation? Afraid I wasn’t real?” He chuckled as she blushed. “Or were you remembering what I do to you, and worried that it would be different in person?”

“No Sir… yes… oh god Sir, just stunned. I never expected to see you here.” She blushed harder as she realized how easily he could read her emotions in her voice. She was not used to being this vulnerable.

“And you are not going to ask how?” He quizzed her, raising one brow.

“No Sir,” she whispered shaking her head.

“NO…?” He queried sternly, a frown replacing his tender smile. “Did you just say ‘No’?”

Groaning, she answered, “Yes Sir.” Quickly adding, “I’m sorry Sir, I forgot. It will not happen again.” She had forgotten, ‘no’ was one word he would not allow her to use. As she remembered, she realized this was going to be a very, very long week.

“Hmm… First you ignore me, then you tell me ‘no’. I can see it has been too long since I worked with you.” Setting her back from him, he turned her toward Sahabet Giriş the door, and firmly told her, “Inside and undress. Completely! And wait for me by the fireplace. I will help Lord J unload the car and then I will decide how to handle your disobedience.”

“Yes Sir.” Trembling she walked into the cabin. Followed closely by her Lord.

“Sounds like you are to be punished after all.” Her Lord spoke calmly, as He walked in and set the bags down on the table. “You can undress by the fireplace so you don’t catch a chill. Just place your clothes on the chair.” He paused a moment at the door, “ I noticed you did not pack a large suitcase, does that mean you were expecting to spend most of your time without clothes on?” Grinning and chuckling as He saw her blush bright red, He continued, “This is going to be a very interesting week.”

As Lord J walked out, Master D walked in, carrying her suitcase in one hand and other packages in his arms. “Well little one, what are you waiting for? If I have to undress you, your punishment will be just that much worse.” He frowned at her and the dark look in his eyes sent her quivering fingers quickly to the buttons on her dress. He watched intently as she released the first button and then the next, revealing satiny flesh and the fact that she wore no bra underneath her dress.

Passion flared in his eyes as she undid the next button and her soft creamy breasts came into view. Fingers fumbling as she realized he would not leave, she released two more buttons and a faint blush tinted her pale flesh. He had yet to see her completely naked, and she worried that he might not find her desirable. She knew some men did, but most did not seem to, and she wanted so desperately to please him.

Lord J walked in as two more buttons came free and the dress began to slip from her shoulders. He too paused to watch as she undid the last few buttons necessary to let the dress slip completely free of her soft full figure. She had slimmed down and lost quite a bit of weight in the past few months, but, as she joking told someone once, she would always be soft and cuddly. With a shiver and a sigh, she let the dress fall from her shoulders to the floor and stood quivering in nothing but stockings and heels.

Not daring to move, she waited as two sets of eyes burned feverish trails across and over her bare skin deepening her blush to a dusky rose color. After several minutes, when neither man spoke, she stepped out of the dress, stooped down to pick it up, and folded it before placing it neatly on the chair. She seemed completely unaware of how gracefully and sensuously she moved.

“There is a package for you on the bed. You may bring it in here and open it now if you like.”

“Thank you Sir.” She knew from the husky quality of his voice that Master D was not unaffected by the sight of her, and it pleased her to know that he was not like most of the others. She moved to the bedroom and saw the package. A few quick steps and she retrieved it and returned to the main room. Carrying it to the main room she laid it on the back of the couch, and with a quick look at Master D and Lord J, she opened it. Inside the box she had unwrapped lay a soft, satiny, deep purple robe. She gasped as she picked it up and realized just how beautiful it looked and how warm it would keep her. She looked at Master D and grinned.

“Thank you Sir. It’s beautiful.” Her fingers gently caressed the soft fabric as she ached to feel it about her.

“Yes, my little one… you may put it on.” Master D told her quietly, pleased that his gift made her happy. “As a matter of fact, it is the only thing you will be allowed to wear in the cabin. But only when both Lord J and I say you might.” He turned to Lord J, “Is that correct Sir?”

“Yes Lord D it is. I had already told her she would not be wearing her clothes while in the cabin, but the robe will be good when it gets chilly.” Lord J replied.

About to speak, she paused and looked at her Lord, the bewilderment easy to read on her face. “Yes My pet. I know you have been calling Him ‘Master’, but He is not truly a ‘Master’. After the long conversation we had, I realized you had in fact found another ‘Lord’. I asked Him if He wanted to travel that road and He said yes, so this week will be a learning and training period for both of you.”

“I see my Lord,” she replied thoughtfully wondering what all exactly they had discussed.

“Lord D… thank you. And thank you as well Lord J, “ she quickly replied, slipping the robe on and tying the belt about her waist. She spun once in the robe, reveling in the feel of its softness against her bare skin, and then ran and hugged Lord D. Wrapping her arms around Him, and going to her toes, she captured His lips in a deep passionate kiss. Releasing Him she turned to go to Lord J but He had already left to get the last of the packages.

Lord D grabbed her and pulled her back into His arms. Once more kissing her deeply He reached inside the robe and caressed Sahabet Güncel Giriş her breasts, tweaking her nipples and making her moan softly against His lips. After one last pinch, He released her and swatted her on the butt, “Now… I believe you have some unpacking and cooking to do. You have two hungry men to feed.”

“Yes Sir,” she answered giggling, then bobbed her head and skipped off to the kitchen. Glancing back over her shoulder, “I only hope I have enough to satisfy the appetites of two grown active men.”

“Oh… I’m quite sure you will manage something,” Lord D grinned back at her and winked.

Lord J carried in the last of her packages and she unpacked and stored all the provisions she brought with her. First she found an unpacked the cider; she quickly prepared a batch of hot cider with cinnamon to help the men warm up while they waited on lunch.

When the cider was ready, she fixed each man a mug and carried it out to Him. She handed Lord J’s His first and as He took it from her with one hand, He reached inside her robe with the other and quickly found the dampness between her legs. She stood very still, trying hard not to shake and spill the other mug, as He slipped a finger between her swollen pussy lips and stroked her clit. He chuckled when He realized just how ready she was and asked her, “So what are you fixing for lunch My lady?”

“Hot chowder Sir and chef salads,” she answered softly, the barest hint of a whimper evident in her voice. His fingers continued working over her clit causing her to shiver, as they talked.

“Sounds good My pet. I believe Lord D is waiting for His drink.” He said as He slid His fingers out of her hot pussy and held them up. She leaned over to lick His fingers. Stopping just short of them, she glanced at Him for permission, and when He nodded, she took each finger into her warm mouth and cleaned them with her tongue. “Good girl,” He praised her when she finished.

“Thank you Sir,” she said softly, blushing slightly. She walked over to Lord D and handed Him His drink. He too took in the drink one hand, the other going beneath her robe. This time she was prepared, and had her feet braced, but when He thrust three fingers quickly and suddenly, deep into her dripping pussy, she jumped and gasped in surprise. Grinding His fingers deeper, His thumb found her clit, and He stroked it hard. Her breath quickened and her muscles tensed as she felt herself beginning to peak.

“Don’t cum My pet,” Lord J said softly. “No matter how or when you are touched, you are not allowed release without permission.”

“Yes Sir,” she groaned, clenching her muscles tighter and struggling not to climax.

Lord D chuckled and worked His fingers harder and deeper as her juices began flowing quicker. He could feel her fighting to hold back, and just when she might have lost the battle, He gave one last stroke and let her go. Her legs buckled and she fell to her knees. Hands clenched tightly in her lap she shook as spasms of need wracked her body. When she could breathe again, she reached for Lord D’s hand and licked His fingers clean. When she finished, He reached out and stroked the hair from her face, then placed a finger beneath her chin and tilted her head so He could see her eyes. They were still glazed over with lust. Grinning He told her, “I’m still hungry little one.”

“Yes Sir,” she said softly, standing on her still shaking legs.

Returning to the kitchen, she quickly prepared lunch. She set two places at the table and hesitated over whether or not to set a third when she heard Lord J behind her.

“Yes My lady, set a place for yourself this time. I want to talk with you while we eat.”

“Yes Sir.” She set the other place, and then put a salad before each chair and the soup tureen in the center of the table with bowls.

# # # #

After a quiet meal where her Lord asked about her week and her drive up, the men retired to the main room again. As she cleared the table, she could hear their voices softly talking but could not make out what they said. She smiled quietly; glad to know they got along and eager to find out what they had planned. After washing up and returning everything to its place, she fixed more hot cider and placed the mugs on a tray. Once she made sure the kitchen was in order, she picked up the tray and took it to the main room. Setting the tray on the table she handed each man His mug, took her own, and settled on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Lord J sat busily preparing His tackle and lures for the next days fishing, but she could still feel His eyes on her every now and again. Lord D flipped through a book on fishing that Lord J had brought with Him, pausing every so often to ask Lord J a question or two. He too would glance up often and wait until she met His eyes before smiling gently and returning to the book.

She sat curled up warm and cozy, gazing into the flames of the fire when she heard her Lord’s voice. “Aren’t you getting a bit warm My lady?’ He asked softly.

Shivering she glanced over to Him, “No Sir.” She knew why He asked, and she knew that very soon now she would lose her robe. She was not quite prepared to do that yet, but knew her Lord would give her no choice.