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I have two major fetishes, one is for panties, and the other is watching women strip. Recently I found myself home, alone, my wife out of town, and I was horny as usual. I spent a fair amount of time surfing the web for porn, and although the porn was good, it really wasn’t satisfying that desire that I had. I needed something more, the more that I looked at the porn, the more that I realized I wanted to see these women in the flesh. Soon I found myself in the car headed toward a strip club. After driving for about an hour I found myself pulling into the parking lot of Club Orleans in Topeka. I had never been there before and didn’t quite no what to expect. I went in and as it was early there weren’t too many people there yet. I found a seat near the stage and sat back to enjoy the view. Most of the girls were cute, but when I’d see one that I found to be hot, I’d make sure to tip them.

It wasn’t long before a gal named Heather came out onto the stage. She was a tall, blonde girl and had an awesome body. She danced, and I tipped her as I’m a sucker for blondes, after the dance she found her way to my table. Unfortunately her personality wasn’t nearly as good looking as she was, and I found myself annoyed with her trying to chat me up. Sensing that she wasn’t planning on leaving I asked her for a lap dance and she took me toward the back of the club where it was a bit more private. She moved me to a couch and sat me down. She then took my glasses off, and then her top and began giving me a dance. Occasionally she’d bury her tits in my face. Sure I got turned on, but since I’m blind without my glasses it was relatively boring. She finished up her dance, and I put my glasses back on and returned to my seat.

I continued to sit watching girls as they came on the stage, and soon I had another girl that grabbed my attention. She went by the name Mercedes and was a small framed, brunette, small bust, but had a look in her eye that I really liked. I tipped her some, and once again when the dance was over she joined me at my table. She sat down and we started chatting. Mostly just small talk, but we really talked about a lot. She told me about some stuff that was stressing her out, an issue with her babysitter, and money. She told me that this was her second day working there, and before that she had been at a casino. We chatted for quite a while and finally I asked her for a lap dance. She agreed and soon took me to the back of the club. She gave me some tips on how to sit so that it would work better and soon she had started. She removed her top and then she climbed onto my lap. Straddling me grinding her pussy against my crotch. She would rise up onto her knees and drag her nipple across my face, and across my lips. Occasionally she would get up and turn around and start grinding her ass against me. As my cock was tucked under in my underwear there wasn’t much friction against it, she moved herself so that she was sitting on one of my legs, and using her knee she slowly worked my cock into an upright position. Trabzon Escort Soon she was back on me again, this time grinding her pussy directly on my cock.

She would alternate facing me and having her back to me, each time she faced me she would drag her nipples across my lips. She would lean into me breathing into my ear. I was so hot from what she was doing that I couldn’t help myself, and my hands started moving. She didn’t seem to mind, and as she sat on my lap grinding against me, I had my hands on her waist grinding with her imagining that we were having sex. She let me get pretty frisky with my hands, and I sat there, hands on her ass, or hips as she ground against me. She continued to grind against me and I couldn’t take it any longer. Soon, my cock was pulsating and I began Cumming, my cock jerking against her. She continued grinding against me until the end of the song, and then I tipped her. I got up and as she was putting her top back on I started toward the door, she turned toward me, and with a glint in her eye asked if I had to go. Something about the way she asked it made me feel that she wanted me to stay.

For the rest of the night, unless she was onstage dancing, Mercedes sat by my side, chatting and teasing with me. The night quickly came to an end, customers cleared out, and most of the dancers were on their way out too, when I decided I needed to go. Mercedes asked me to wait for her as she packed up. She soon returned and I walked out with her. Once we got outside it seems that she completely changed into a different person. She suddenly seemed energized and playful. She invited me to come over to her place for a while and hang out, to which I quickly accepted the invitation.

I followed her to her place, and we went in, she told me she needed to go take a shower and asked me to make myself comfortable while I waited. She didn’t take long, and about 10 – 15 minutes later she returned. She came out wearing a half length, silky robe, and looked wonderful. She came over to me and sat down on the couch next to me. We started chatting, but quickly our chatting was thrown out the window when she started kissing me. We began kissing, soft at first, but as we continued to kiss, our passions grew and our kissing got more aggressive. Soon, she was unbuttoning my shirt, and she climbed onto my lap. I reached down and untied the belt holding her robe closed, as her robe came undone, and opened up for me, it revealed to me that she was wearing light blue corset, with matching g-string. I grew instantly hard, and she slowly started grinding against me.

As we continued to kiss and grind, my hands got to do what they had wanted to at the club, explore. My hands were all over her body, running the length of her silky smooth legs, and along her sides. Cupping her tits through the material of her lingerie was incredible. I slowly started to undo the clasps down the back of her corset, but before I could finish, she stood up, taking my hand and led me down the hall to her Trabzon Escort Bayan bedroom. As we arrived in her room, she let me make quick work of removing the corset and she was left in just her g-string. She approached me and slowly released my belt, and soon, my pants were in a heap on the floor.

She led me to the bed, and had me sit down on the edge, spreading my legs, she got down on her knees in front of my and started kissing my legs. As she did this her hands were massaging my cock through my underwear. She kept getting closer and closer to my cock with her kisses, and soon she was kissing my engorged member through my underwear. Hooking the elastic with her fingers, she gingerly pulled my underwear down exposing my cock to her. She slowly started licking it, starting at the base of the shaft, and dragging her tongue teasingly and slowly up the length. Soon she circled the head of my cock with her tongue, and returned the way she came. She teased me like this for a while, and about the time I thought I couldn’t take her teasing anymore, she opened up, and let my cock slide into her warm mouth. She massaged my cock with her mouth, sucking on it, and circling it with her tongue. The feelings of an orgasm were growing rapidly between my legs, and soon I was on the edge and about to cum. I warned her I was about to cum, incase she didn’t want it in her mouth, she looked up to me, locked eyes and continued to pump her mouth over the head of my cock. My cock began to twitch and spasm, and soon it was pumping loads of cum into her mouth, she smiled at me with her eyes, never breaking the seal of her mouth, and slowly worked me until the last pulse of my cock.

She climbed back up onto my lap and started grinding her pussy against my softened cock. I kissed her, and as I did, I turned her around to lay her on the bed. Whispering in her ear I asked her if she’d like me to return the favor. A quite moan, laced with ecstasy was all she could manage, but it was enough to know that she wanted me to.

I slowly climbed down her body, kissing every inch of exposed skin that I could find. I spent a few minutes, just kissing and sucking on her breasts. I took each nipple into my mouth, and circled it with my tongue feeling it as it grew hard. I kissed across her stomach and soon, my kissing found the waist band of her panties. I slipped my fingers under her panties, and slowly pulled them down exposing her pussy to me for the first time. I wanted to tease, but so much of my body wanted to dive into her right then. Her lips were together, clean shaven, and looked so good. The aroma coming from her panties had me turned on. I held strong and kissed lightly over her mound, and then down her leg, tracing the path of her panties as I removed them. Soon they were off, and I started my assent back up her legs. Soon my kissing reached her inner thighs and the aroma of her sex invaded my being. Soon I found my kisses grazing her lips and slowly I started to lick her.

I started with her lips, Escort Trabzon gently on the outside, letting them know that I was coming in peace. As I continued to lick, I could see them flushing, deepening in color, and spreading ever so slightly. Before long, I could see the small nub of her clit shyly peeking through. I slipped my tongue gently between her lips and tasting her fluids slowly brought my tongue up and over her clit. Mercedes shifted her hips against my mouth grinding her clit against my tongue. I continued to lick, my pressure growing more with each lick, and soon I began making out with her pussy. Sucking on her clit, circling it with my tongue, her hips began a rhythmic grind with my mouth as if she were kissing me back. I reached up below my chin with my hand, and found her pussy dripping with desire. She offered no resistance as I slipped a finger deep inside of her. Slowly pumping my finger in and out of her. Soon she had her hands locked to the back of my head, and from her moans I could tell she was nearing climax. I continued to suck, and lick, and soon, I could feel her body tense up, her back arch, and a low guttural moan escape her mouth. I could feel her pussy clenching down on my finger begging it to keep moving. I could feel her orgasm in her stomach and her thighs pressing against my head. Soon, the waves of her climax faded, and she pulled me by my head back up to her mouth.

We kissed, hard, the taste of each of our fluids on the other. My cock dancing at the lips of her pussy, now fully hard once again, waited, begging to get to go inside. As we kissed, she reached down, and guided my cock into position, and then slowly pulled me tight against her. Her pussy felt incredible, warm, wet, tight, and as my cock slipped inside of her, I could feel it holding on to me, wanting me deep inside. My cock was fully encompassed by her folds and we laid there for what seemed like hours, just enjoying the feeling of our bodies being locked together. I don’t recall who started moving first, but before I realized it, we were pumping against each other. My cock pulling out of her pussy only to be pushed back in again. The feeling of her lips opening for me each time I would touch them with my cock, the feeling of her insides as they slid along past my shaft each time I’d penetrate her. Our fluids mixing, making a warm, wet, playground for each other’s enjoyment. We moved from position to position, some I’d never tried before, some she hadn’t, and some we made up ourselves. Somehow she read me, and as our orgasms were closing in on us, she flipped me on my back, and climbed onto me. She began riding me, fucking me for all she had, her hands on my chest, mine on her tits, her hair hanging near my face, and it happened, my cock erupted, the convulsions pumping cum deep inside of her pussy, my throbbing massaging her inner walls, and soon, she was in the throws of her orgasm as well. Her back arched, her nails dragging down my chest, her moans of pleasure filling the room.

As our orgasms calmed down, she looked down to me, our eyes locking, and she fell back to me as we embraced and made out. We fell asleep like that, my cock slipped out as it grew soft, her body relaxed into mine, and both of us sleeping a peaceful sleep, the desires of our bodies having been fulfilled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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